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This DnD Kenku name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Kenku in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Kenku name.

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Kenkus are feathered humanoid creatures that wander the world as vagabonds or burglars. They live on the low edge of human society and a common sight with bands of thieves and bandits. They have an evil reputation and are driven by greed, but they are proven to be valuable allies in certain situations.

Kenku exists in another realm of existence. They once held wings on their backs and dominate the skies. But they betrayed their master and covet one of his sparkling treasures. Their plot against their master, however, was thwarted before they could get their talons on the treasure itself. Due to their treachery, their master bestowed upon them three curses: the removal of their wings so they will forever be bound to earth; exclusion of any spark of creativity from their souls; and banishment of their voice so they could never retell any secrets.

In this guide, we’ll get to know more about Kenku’s racial traits, nature, and abilities. You will be introduced to some of our Best Suggested Names Kenku. Not only that, we’ll introduce a list of some of our Best Class-Specific Kenku names and some Funny Kenku names. There’s also a ranking of our Top Kenku Names Suggestions at the end of this guide.

Exhilarating and exciting! Why not venture forth to our D&D 5e Kenku Name Generator for quick name suggestions for your Kenku character?

Flightless Minions, Plagiarist, Adventurers

Kenku always wishes to regain their flying ability, even a newborn. They have a strong desire to grasp the air on their feathers. This attracts them to seek knowledge about flights. A spell that can make you float, or a flying carpet, or a magic broomstick similar to witches, or any kind of object that lifts you in the air, the Kenku have a great desire to acquire them.

A group of Kenku is called a flock. A flock is governed by the oldest and most experienced Kenku. This leading Kenku has the widest knowledge among the flock and is called a Master. Despite Kenkus lacking the spark of creativity, they have a talent for learning and memorizing—to the last details. They can precisely reproduce any sound they hear without any stain of degradation from it. Any animal sounds or noises from inanimate objects can be perfectly replicated by a Kenku. They also have an exceptional ability to memorize, allowing them to replicate ideas or plans created by other creatures. However, they cannot improvise in cases that a plan fails and they cannot create their original idea.

Despite their creativity limitations, a Kenku may take a job as a follower or a minion to another master. They happily serve as messengers, spies, or lookouts, or whatever jobs that greatly appreciate their talents. Messages relayed by a Kenku messenger are precise and accurate, even imitating the voice of the one who sent the message. They can also use animal sounds to warn other Kenkus of danger or use it as a ‘go’ signal for their thief companions.

Their imitation capability is not only limited to copying ideas and sounds. They can also duplicate written works, drawings, and crafts in the same detail as the original. Therefore, some Kenkus are hired as scribes or writers to reproduce written news or announcements. Others, however, became plagiarists and were hired to forge documents and signatures. Although they find these kinds of work unsatisfying and tedious.

Few grown tired of living a life of thievery or a scribe. Some chose the life of an adventurer wandering alone or with a companion to uncover the secret of their curse and how to break it.

Below is the summary of Kenku’s racial features and traits.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Kenkus are dexterous and light creatures. Thanks to their bird-like physique, they have a +2 bonus on Dexterity. Their mimicry talent grants them a +1 bonus to Wisdom.


Kenkus live shorter than humans. They reach maturity at 12 years and can only live up to 60 years.


Kenku is, by nature, chaotic and would prefer to fend for themselves first before anyone else. They are Chaotic Neutral despite most of them being involved in thievery and banditry.


Medium-sized. Kenku’s average height is around 5 feet and weighs around 90 to 120 pounds.


Kenku’s base walking speed is 30 feet.

Expert Forgery

Kenku’s natural ability to copy written works allows them to duplicate other creature’s handwriting and craftwork. Kenku has an advantage on all checks made to produce forgeries or duplicates of existing items.

Kenku Training

Kenku’s deftness and agile features allow them to be proficient in any two of the following skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Stealth, and Sleight of Hand.


Kenku’s voice imitation allows them to mimic any sound and voice they heard. A creature can only tell that those sounds are imitations with a successful Wisdom (Insight) check as opposed to your Charisma (Deception) check.


Kenku can read and write in Common and Auran, but they can only speak through their Mimicry trait.

Suggested names coming up! Take a detour and jump to our DnD Kenku Name Generator for more name suggestions.

Three Categories of a Kenku Name

Kenku names are drawn from noises and phrases they imitate. Their names fall into three categories and they do not have a distinction between male and female names.

The first category is for those who become thugs or warriors. They are a small minority of Kenku who participate in battle and conquest. They adopt noises based on weapon sounds; a smashing sound of a war hammer, or a clang of a mace, or cracking bones. Non-Kenku people describe them with words like Smasher (for a smashing sound), Clanger (for the clanging mace), Slicer (for a slicing sound), and Basher (for breaking bones).

The second category is for Kenkus involved in thievery or rogue-like activities. They adopt animal noises to conceal themselves during their rogue operations. Since what they mimic is the animal sound itself, they are mistaken as some random animals in the area. Non-Kenku people address them based on the animals they mimic. Examples are Rat Scratch (for rustling rat sounds), Whistler (for whistling birds), Mouser (for a mouse squeal), and Growler (for a growling dog).

The last category is for Kenkus who turned their back on crimes to push legal and legitimate jobs. They adopt noises based on the things that they do. A sound of sail when they become sailors, a sound of the clanging of a hammer when they become smiths or artisans. Non-Kenku people refer to them based on the trades they do like Sail Snap, Hammerer, and Cutter.

Best DnD Kenku Names

Check out some of our best-picked DnD Kenku Names below with some descriptions.



For Kenku characters who imitate bat sounds. They often live in isolated caverns and learned the screeching sound of the bats to communicate with another Kenku. Your nickname is ‘Screech’.


This Kenku name is for characters who imitate the rustling sound of leaves or tree branches. They use this sound to divert enemies who try to pursue them while doing espionage and spying activities. Commoners call you ‘Rustle’

The Chipper

This Kenku name is for characters who imitate loud applauding sounds or clapping and cheering sounds. The Chipper uses this sound as background effects when his Tiefling friend is performing stand-up comedy. It adds a funny effect to the performance and you get paid for it. Your Tiefling friend calls you ‘Chip’

Tree Thwack

This Kenku name is for a rogue character who uses the thwacking sound of a tree to signal his companions during a raid. Most soldiers are fooled by this sound and assumed that it came from a nearby lumber camp.

Loud Thud

You are an expressive Kenku when using this name. You use a loud falling sound effect to express what you feel and imply to others what you want to say. Some people simply call you ‘Thud’.

Ragged Buzzer

You are a wandering Kenku adventurer. You wear a ragged robe and hood and you are very familiar with alchemy and directions. You imitate the buzzing sounds of insects and most Non-Kenku people call you ‘Buzz’.


You are a craftsman’s apprentice at a city’s district when using this Kenku name. You work as a manufacturer of pipes and trumpets and your master uses your talents to tune his instruments. He calls you ‘Trump’.


You do not necessarily imitate the sound of a hummingbird, but rather, Non-Kenku people call you this name because you often imitate a bird’s hum or chirping. They call you ‘Humby’ for short.


You belong to a band of bandits when using this name. The bandit leader assigns you in ambushes and deceptions. You mimic the loud sound of falling arrows to scare unwary patrol guards in your territory. They call you ‘Arrow’ for short.


You belong to a group of talented Orc and Hobgoblin raiders. You do not fight on the front lines, but rather use your ‘stomping’ voice to imitate enemies as if there are more hordes of Orcs and Hobgoblins marching.

They often call you ‘Top’.

More name suggestions from our Kenku Name Generator. Visit our page for more information. There’s a vast collection of ready-made Kenku names waiting for you.

Class-Specific Names for Kenku

There are a total of 12 available classes to choose from when creating your very own DnD character. This is an exciting part of character creation and the class we choose for our character greatly affects the name we bestow on them. For this section, we are feeling a bit generous and will provide suggested names for Kenku under the Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, Monk, Bard, and Warlock class. Read on!

The Kenku Wizard

Everything about the arcane arts, expect the Wizard to know. They live and die by their spell; the rest are small and unnecessary for them. Kenku benefits well from the wizard class for their ability to copy spells and transform them into their book. However, they are at a disadvantage if they didn’t hear how the spell should be cast via words. In the meantime, let’s focus on some suggested names in case you will consider the Wizard class for a Kenku character.


Staff Tapper

You are a powerful Kenku Wizard who uses staves and charms in the fighting. You were called Staff Tapper by non-Kenku due to your mimicry of a tapping sound when you use your staff and hit the ground. Your nickname is ‘Tap’.

Tome Flipper

You often mimic the flipping of books and the rustling of the papers around your arcane laboratory. You are a scholarly Kenku Wizard who reproduces numerous tomes and scrolls as an honest trade. Your non-Kenku colleagues call you ‘Flip’.


You mimic the sound of a quill when you scribble to blank tomes. You are a quiet-type Kenku Lizard who spends most of your time creating unique spells that activate through scribbling sounds. Non-Kenku people call you ‘Scrib’.

Strong Fizz

You are a Kenku Wizard who likes to experiment with concoctions and remedies. You earned your name from the fizzing sound you usually imitate when talking with your peers. They most often call you ‘Fizz’.

Thunder Clap

You imitate lightning noises and thunders. You are a brilliant Kenku Wizard who has a strong affinity with lightning spells. You’re yearning to fly made you believe you can use lightning to soar the skies again.

The Kenku Rogue

Rogue is not a new class for the Kenku race. It complements them well, especially that Rogues are centered on Dexterity and Intelligence. Kenku races are also stealthy, having the ability to move with finesse due to their lightweight and bird-like characteristics. We’ll leave it to the players to check and explore more about Rogue traits that fit well for a Kenku character. Let’s check out some Kenku Rogue name suggestions below.


Viper Hiss

You are a sinister Kenku who hisses like a snake when using this Kenku Rogue name. You are often exploited to do espionage and deceitful missions. They call you ‘the Hiss’ or sometimes ‘Viper’.


You are a master of deceit when using this Kenku Rogue name. You mislead your pursuers by using different murmuring sounds; as if they hear voices of ghosts or lost people. Your nickname is ‘Murs’.

Wolf Howl

Obviously, you mimic the sound of a wolf howl when using this Kenku Rogue name. Your howls vary from every canine sound you wish to mimic. They sometimes call you ‘Wolf’ or ‘Dog’.

Leaf Chatter

You mislead people by imitating leaf chattering sounds so that predators or hunters may leave your territory in peace. Your friends often call you ‘Chatter’.

Serpentine Slither

You imitate the slithering sound produced by a moving snake. You make sure such sound is so loud that your enemies think there’s a giant snake nearby. Your friends call you ‘Slither’.

The Kenku Cleric

Kenku as Clerics is not a bad choice for your character. You can core your character on Wisdom followed by Strength or Constitution. Kenku can memorize incantations or spells so they do not have any problem casting spells. But like the Wizard class, they also need to hear and learn each spell before they may be able to use it. A player can explore further how this class may benefit their Kenku character, in the meantime check out some of our suggested Kenku Cleric names below.



When using this Kenku Cleric name, you imitate the sound of a talisman covered with different metallic charms and used when casting divine spells. Your Cleric brotherhood calls you ‘Chime’.

Bell Clangs

You imitate loud bell sounds as if coming from the towers of the church. Although you do not usually talk in this manner, people named you ‘Clang’ because you’re so good at imitating the bell sounds.


You are an intimidating and quiet type Kenku Cleric when using this name. You produce small bell sounds that are frightening. Your foes immediately fear your intention to exorcise them with your divine spells.


A straightforward Kenku Cleric name. You often hear the ringing bells of the church at certain periods. You sometimes use your mimicry to fool your cleric brothers that it is already lunchtime.


You copy the sound of a drizzle when using this Cleric name. You feel at peace during meditation when hearing a drizzling sound. This also helps your cleric brothers to focus during meditation periods.

The Kenku Bard

Bards are masters of songs, speech, and magic. They use the rhythm of the music to create enchanting skills that are unique in every aspect compared to the other classes. In-game, they are commonly played as side support to cater supportive magics for the team but they can also be dangerous in combats. A Kenku character may find the Bard class a fitting choice. With their ability to mimic scriptures and ancient songs, they can use it to their advantage against enemies or help their companions. Feel free to explore more about the Bard class and see more appropriate traits that can complement your Kenku character. Check out some of our suggested Kenku Bard names below.



You are a Kenku Bard who uses deep sounds as if it is coming below the ground. Your viewers enjoy the rumbling experience as they watch you sing with your lute. Non-Kenku people address you as ‘Rumble’.


You are a unique Kenku Bard who does not have any musical instrument. Instead, you have a hard boot and a stomping voice. You do an enticing ‘Tap Dance’ and your foes and audience are enthralled.

String Pluck

You are a Master Kenku Bard who carries a 24-string lute. You are a common sight in taverns performing lute music while singing memorized songs you do not even understand. Commoners call you ‘Pluck’.


You are a Fiddle-carrying Kenku Bard. You have exceptional offensive skills in using your fiddle, combined with your eerie high-pitched fiddling voice. Your enemies are sure to succumb to the noises. Non-Kenku people you meet in the district call you ‘Twang’ and they consider your normal music as melodramatic.


You are a Timbrel-carrying Kenku Bard. Your lively music involves dancing and memorized poems. Enemies are confused at your movements when you perform your acts. What makes it weirder for them are the poems you say that is not even related to whatever is happening in the battle. Your friends call you ‘Poem’.

The Kenku Warlock

The huge distinction of Warlocks to the Sorcerer and Wizard class is their association with dark magic. Often they deal with fiendish pacts or demonic rituals to achieve supernatural powers. We may find it odd to choose this class for a Kenku, but D&D does not limit the players in doing so. You may core your character in prioritizing Charisma and Constitution instead of Dexterity. Feel free to explore further about the Warlock class from the Player’s Handbook. In the meantime, check out some possible warlock names below.



You are a powerful Kenku Warlock who uses pyroclastic spells you learned from a demonic entity. Your slaves often address you as ‘Lord Dis’. Voices you speak are often loud and you sometimes mimic volcanic explosions when getting mad.

Dark Whir

You mimic random but continuous sound when using this Kenku Warlock name. Your incantations are inaudible and people do not understand what you say. Commoners call you ‘The Whir’ and do not wish to hear any of the words you say.


You are a quiet Kenku Warlock. You dislike talking and often grunt when asked questions. You memorize spells requiring gestures and movements instead of spells requiring incantations and words. Commoners call you ‘Great Grunt’.

Rabid Growler

When using this Kenku Warlock name, you sound like a guttural Kenku and all the words you produce are like growls from the evil alien language. You memorize Infernal language and often create statements based on Infernal dialogues you found in a tome. Your servants call you ‘Growl’.

Manic Whisperer

Sometimes they call you the ‘Mad Whisperer’. You often talk in series of short whispers. Your words vary from Orcish to Elvish depending on what you want to say. Although most of it does not make sense to those you talked with. Humans and Dwarves refer to you as ‘Manic’ and they despise you for your dark secrets and demonic activities.

More names from our Kenku Name Generator. We have a collection of unique and brand-new names. It’s easy to use and free!

A Guide to Funny Kenku Names

We were able to get to know a bit more about the Kenku race. They are good with mimicry in terms of sounds or any written works. For now, let’s add some humor to their names by creating some funny and creative names. We love funny names of course! And we certainly want to use one in-game if given a chance. Check them out below.



You are an expressive Kenku character. You simply like to boink your beak to your friends.


Kenku rarely gets jokes. But when they do, they laugh hysterically until they sound like a pig. Yes, you’re one of them, oinker.


You do not sound like a duck. You sound like a man imitating a duck.


Owl sounds… but with a different meaning. Not the Hooter girls you’re thinking.


An annoying Kenku who always meows… He doesn’t look cute as he sounds.


It’s a sound of a loud boom, okay? But it’s also for Kenkus born between the ‘40s and ’60s if you know what I mean.

Smoke Belch

Quite a dirty mouth you have little Kenku.


An annoying Kenku who likes to imitate his companions’ loud eating sounds. He does not want to stop, however.


No, he does not imitate a chopping sound. This Kenku literally says the word ‘Chop-Chop’ as if he is a Pokemon. You know, like Pikachu saying ‘Pikachu’.


A Kenku who likes to imitate the vrooming sound of a sportscar… There’s a sportscar in D&D?

Funnier Kenku names can be found in our Kenku Name Generator. Who knows if you may come across a funny name that is way better than the ones listed above?

Top Kenku Names Suggestions

For the last part of this guide, we’ll give you our Top 10 Best Kenku names based on all the names we suggested from the earlier pages. We based the name on how well it represents the Kenku character, how well-fitting is the tone and the lore, and most especially some of our own biases (because we already love some of the names here!). Check them out below.

Class Suggestion




The word ‘hummingbird’ is already decent. It gives us a simple and straightforward name while at the same time, not devaluing the Kenku traits in it.






There’s a lot of possible class suggestion for this name. We also like the way this word is created (thanks, Google) from the word Kerplunk. We think this deserves the second spot.






Imagine a Kenku imitating a scribbling sound? Cool right? We like this name for characters who like to write on blank tomes and create their spell variations.


Dark Whir



We associate this name with the Warlock class but we may also use this for Rogue characters as well. We like the lore of this name as someone whose words are inaudible and people do not understand. Plus, people do not wish to hear the words you say.


Thunder Clap





The name can be associated with many classes. We like the concept of a Kenku who has an affinity with lightning magic and strongly wants to believe they will someday reach the skies where lightning came from.





A name for Kenku characters that like to imitate rain sounds. We can also associate this name with a Kenku Rogue. Imagine him blending his voice with the raindrops of the rainforest? Quite useful for scouting and ambushes.


Viper Hiss



If you consider your Kenku character as sinister and mysterious, this name is quite nice. We also like the concept that this name is associated with characters that deal with sabotage. But we can also use this name for a Kenku Warlock who is also as sinister as a Rogue.





This name describes a powerful Kenku Warlock. But this name can also be used for a powerful Wizard. Your voice is loud and explosive and people bow down to your presence.


The Chipper


This Kenku name suggests a character who produces applauding or cheering sounds. We find this trait useful, if you ask us, and is a good skill for a Bard who performs. He may also use this cheering ability to support his companions in battle.




You are a Kenku character who imitates bat screeches. You use this to communicate with other Kenku who know your screeching language. Very useful for Rogue characters.

For other race-specific names for DnD 5e, visit our D&D Name Generator. It’s fun, easy to use, and free.


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