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Orc Names

The race which is undoubtedly despised by other races is the Orsimers. The word ‘Orsimer’ in the Aldmeri tongue means “Cursed Folk”, but they are commonly referred to as Orcs by the denizens of Tamriel. They typically inhabit the western mountainous regions of Tamriel near the borders of High Rock, Skyrim, and Hammerfell.

The Orcs’ strong point lies in their physical force and brute strength. They are known users of two-handed weapons and heavy armors. Despite that legends claim that they have elven ancestry, they seem to not inherit the elves’ gift of magic. But this doesn’t mean that they are weak magic-users, in fact, there are known Orcs who excel with magic and became employed in the College of Winterhold. Their heritage, however, is either not recognized (by the Mer) or forgotten in Tamriel. (Racist Altmers!)

In this guide, we’ll tell you the sad story of our Orc brethren (and why we should pick them in-game from now on!). We’ll guide you to a list of our Top 10 Male and Female Orc names and clan names. Not only that, we’ll list some of our Top Funny Orc names and ranking our Top Best Orc names.

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The Vagabonds of the West

The Orcs were once a group of Aldmers who tried to stop the migration of the Chimers to Resadyn. Trinimac, together with his loyal Admeri army, attempted to stop the followers of Veloth and his followers. During the clash between the two factions, the Daedric Prince Boethiah devoured Trinimac, corrupting his body and soul, and excreting him as a Daedric Prince named Malacath. In the same events, the followers of Trinimac were also cursed, changing their golden skins to green and brown, and their mouths growing tusks. This became the advent of the Orcs in Tamriel.

The Orcs are vagabonds who do not settle in a single place. They build encampments scattered all over west Tamriel. In their early nomadic life, they settle on lands where their needs are fulfilled. However, with the increasing presence of the Nords and Bretons, they are subjected to forceful eviction from their settlements. In the later years, Orcs were able to develop their speech and were able to communicate with Men and Mers. However, they were still disregarded and racially discriminated against.

The first emergence of Orcish society was under chieftain Torug gro-Igron who founded the first Orc city named Orsinium. Word spread like wildfire across Tamriel about the flourishing Orcish city which attracted more nomadic Orcs to migrate to it. Orsinium became a well-known city in the Wrothgarian Mountains. Orcs, however, became proud of themselves and started raiding surrounding Breton settlements.

Due to the continuous raiding of some Orcish clans, the Orcs were considered a threat in High Rock. The king of Orsinium, King Golkarr gro-Igrun, praised these Orcish raids instead of stopping. Orsinium was sieged by the combined Bretons and Redguards forces and marked the fall of the great city of Orsinium.

After the fall of Orsinium, Orcs were treated as monsters or vermin by the other races. Added to it is the lack of territorial land to call their own. In the 3rd Era, Gotwog gro-Nagrom, an Orc chieftain, successfully reconstructed a new Orsinium from the former city’s rubbles. Unlike their predecessors, Gotwog created diplomatic relations with the Empire under Uriel Septim VII.  This created trade and social negotiations between the Empire and the new Orsinium. This marked the first Orcs’ political participation within the Empire.

Orsinium was ransacked again during the 4th era aftermath of the Oblivion crisis.

Orcs in-game: Elder Scrolls Online

Orcs are masters of weapons and heavy armor. They are a good tank for their huge Health pool and are solid damage dealers due to their bonus damage. Brute strength is your core attribute for an Orc character.

Below are the summary of Racial skills for the Orc.



This skill increases experience gain in Heavy Armor Skill when utilizing heavy armor. It also adds bonus Inspiration when crafting. A remarkable skill for an Orc known for his craftsmanship and smithing.



Increases base Max Stamina of an Orc character. This allows the Orc to execute more physical attacks or outrun enemies without being conscious of their Stamina capacity. This is the same with the Imperial’s Imperial Mettle skill but can be learned earlier by the Orc at level 5.

Unflinching Rage


Provides base Max Health and Heals the Orc for every certain amount of damage dealt with weapons. This adds more durability for the Orc race while at the same time provide DPS damage. This skill makes the Orc a damage-dealer tank, unlike the Nord who are pure tanks. The only catch for this skill is it does not add resistances to any magic source.

Swift Warrior

Increases all Weapon Damage by a percentage. This skill also reduces cost reduction of Sprint and adds Movement Speed.

This skill allows the Orc to easily flank range enemies such as mages or bow-users. This also lets the Orc to escape tight and unfavorable situations during fights. Very useful.

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Top 10 Male Orc Names

Orcs follow an unwritten doctrine called “The Code of Malacath”. The code is simple and straightforward and encompasses the entire Orcish culture: Do not steal, do not kill without reason, do not attack without reason, fight with honor, protect one’s tribe, anyone who breaks the code must pay the Blood Price.

Orcish tribes are polygamous and patriarchal, Only the chieftain is allowed to take wives and father children until replaced by a stronger son who can challenge their father or kill them. Despite being centered on an alpha-male chieftain, Orcs never discriminate against their female counterparts.

Let’s take a look at our Top 10 Male Orc names! We base the names on some recorded Orcish words and added fan-made words to make them unique. There’s also a collection of ready-made ESO Orc names thru our ESO Name generator found here.

Should I Pick This?



This male Orc name is derived from the Orcish word “murimush” which means scavenger. Pick this name for an Orc character who is good with ambushes and surprise attacks then loots their enemies.

The infamous Looter of Wrothgarian Mountains.



This Orc name means “iron-shield”. A name granted for Orcs who performed honorable conquests for the protection of the tribe.

The Orc name Oshagra is a sacred granted only to selected Orcs.



Pick this Orc name for a savage, brutal, killing machine Orc character.

Norrakh, The Death Blade was said to bathe in the blood of his fallen foes.



For Orc characters who belong to the frontlines, this Orc name is a fitting match. The word Voshornim is synonymous with “courageous orc” in the common Tamrielic tongue.

He inspires his companions and reminds them of the code they need to fulfill.



This Orc name is perfect for Orc characters with fire-enchanted weapons.

Bolgrov has an unusual fondness for fire, carrying a fiery sword.



This male Orc name is fir for characters who utilize well the berserk skill and fight non-stop until their enemies are eradicated.

Crunzadek’s bloodlust is unmatched among his Orc brethren.



Choose this male Orc name for a heavy DPS-tank character who wields a two-handed heavy weapon.

His name is feared by the Bretons of High Rock. He calls himself Death Bringer.



This Orc name is perfect for an outlaw-type character who does not follow any code of conduct or war rules.

Barakh’il’s band are branded terrorists for their merciless atrocities and raids.



Meaning “The 7th Orc son”. This Orc name is associated with luck and fortune. If you’re feeling lucky, pick this Orc name for your character.

Motornim was born on the 7th day of the 7th moon.



For a strong and brutish Orc fighter, pick this male Orc name. Derk’hun is a compound word referring to someone who ‘cleaves in half’.

His mastery in blade forging allows him to create swords that cleave anything in half.


Top 10 Female Orc Names

While Orcs are patriarchal, having an alpha-male as a chieftain does not separate the role of female Orcs in the tribe. Female orcs are equally expected to contribute to the prosperity of the stronghold. Anything male Orcs perform; they must also do. This includes hunting, grazing, soldiering, and smithing.

A wise female Orc is the tribe’s spiritual leader and healer. Smithing is also a forte for a female Orc in the tribe, that is why there are more skilled female Orcs compared to male Orcs when it comes to smithing.

Check out our Top 10 Female Orc names with some added meaning to them. 

Should I Pick This?



This female Orc name translates as “Iron Maiden”. Pick this Orc name for female characters who display martial might and smithing expertise.

The Iron Maiden is a known sword wielder and master smith.



A female Orc name that means “Death’s Kiss” in the native Tamrielic language. Choose this Orc name for characters who enjoy smashing Bretons to death.

She was a known Breton killer under the name Death’s Kiss.



Meaning “The Second Curse”. Choose this Orc name for female Orcs who wanted vengeance and retribution against the non-believers of the Code of Malakath.

She was connotated as The Second Curse of Orcs who violated the sacred Code.



This Orc name is for a female Orc character who brought glory and honor to her tribe.

Minuk’Bor, The Illustrious



This Orc name is for characters who excel in executing ambushes and are renowned guerilla fighters.

Ulvik has a recorded number of raids amounting to at least a hundred.



Choose this female Orc name for characters who wield blunted weapons such as hammers and mace; perfect for bashing skulls.

Despite being a female Orc, Skubash earned the title “Skull Breaker” for collecting the fractured skulls of her challengers.



This Orc name is perfect for characters who use Mace and Shield as a primary source of offense and defense.

In the Orcish culture, white color represents purity. The White Shield of Orsinium was the last known vanquisher of Western invaders.



This female Orc name represents a woman whose smithing expertise outmatched other rivaling male Orcs.

Bolbeshkar, The Forge’s Embers



Pick this Orc name for female characters who are specialists on the art of wielding mallets. They excel in the use of two-handed weapons.

Tumnor, The Tombstone



Pick this female Orc name for an unusual build and playstyle: Mage Orc…

Ubabash was a skilled mage known to manipulate the essence of time.


You may use our Skyrim Orc Name Generator for more suggested female Orc names. It can help you generate Orc names that you can use for your ESO characters.

Top 10 Orc Clan Names: Orcish Stronghold

Orcs do not have surnames, unlike other races. They use the name of their Stronghold as their surname to indicate their land origin. Very unlikely compared with other races comprising of family names and houses but are in the same region.

For example, Whiterun is comprised of different clans living within its walls such as War-Bears, Gray-Manes, and Battle-Borns. In contrast, an Orc who came from a Stronghold, let’s say ‘Barak’, will be named gro-Barak (male) or gra-Barak (female). All the Orcs belonging in that Stronghold held the same surnames.

In this guide, we will create Stronghold names and put a small fan-made lore description to them.

Brief Descriptions

Gol Mush


The stronghold of Gol Mush is located across the Western Reach, south of Skyrim. They are blood-kin of the remnants of Yashnag gro-Yazgu who created an Orc chiefdom in Falkreath. Members of this stronghold are expert raiders and vanish in thin air after their exploits.

Zarga Uhz


This orc stronghold means “Vengeful One”. It was founded by an Orc named Kezar Zarga who managed to escaped Breton prisons. This stronghold is founded with the sole purpose of exacting vengeance against the Breton Reachmen.



The stronghold of Khazumik lies on the western shores of Lilac Bay. Orcs from this stronghold are renowned boat makers and were envied for their craftsmanship with tempered steel.



Lor’Osh is an isolated stronghold in the northernmost part of the Wrothgarian Mountains. They belong to the group of Iron Orcs who mines iron deposits and orichalcum. They make a decent living by trading ingots with basic supplies of clothes and food from Skyrim, High Rock, and Orc settlements.



“Stone Orcs” in native Tamrielic tongue. The stronghold of Orornim houses the best Orc berserkers in the entire Western Reach. Their training and techniques with a dual-wielding ax are unique and only to the members of this stronghold.



“The Iron Forge” in the common tongue. The stronghold of Oshbeshkar was the first stronghold established near Markarth. Members of this stronghold are craftsmen and smiths and dislike wars and bloodshed. In the 4th era, their stronghold is absorbed and welcomed by the Jarl of Markarth renaming it as Stronghold Nord-Bagol, meaning “Nord Friend”. Members of this stronghold are expert swordsmiths and armor smiths.  



Loguun is an Orc name that means “Woodcutter”. The stronghold of Loguun is Wood Orcs situated near the Northern forests of Valenwood. They are well-known woodcutters who systematically created tree-farming. Bosmers are their common purchaser for wood materials.



The members of the stronghold of Crunornim call themselves “The Blood Orcs”. They possess a rancorous feeling against the Redguards for their centuries of enslavements and forced labors. They are known as war freaks and savages. They immediately attack any Redguards that they meet- even civilians.



Meaning “Armor Weavers”. They are considered the best armor makers of the Empire. They are commissioned by the Imperials due to their fast and noteworthy creations. They are also great warriors having a tall height and huge physique. Despite their intimidating characteristics, they are docile and humorous.



Of all the existing Orc tribes, the Orcs belonging to the Nor’Tumn are considered the most savage and fearsome. They are well-known for their banditry and terrorism. They pillage and kill anyone including their kind. They are despised by the other Orc tribes and are avoided.

More names from our ESO Name Generator, which you can find on top of this page. It can create a variety of suggested Orc names for free!


Top 10 Funny Orc Names

Orcs are scary, intimidating, and loves raiding and pillage. They also have a nice culture and set of beliefs despite being stereotyped or discriminated against. But it doesn’t stop us from making some funny names for our Orc race!

Check out our 10 Funny Orc Names. I bet you wish to use them in your game! 

What makes it funny?

Gal Dora

The Explorer. She’s a female Orc who has a habit of going away from the stronghold with her backpack, map, and a friend Ape named Buts.


Gurdurr is the father of Timburr. He is a muscular Orc who fights dark pokemons (?). Okay, the name sounds Orcish but, yes, it’s a pokemon name (Nintendo, hire me!).


An Orc who is either cancer for society or a toxic gamer.


Rock’n Roll! \m/


A place where Orc musicians gather. They have class, unlike the Altmers.


I don’t know. It sounds funny, right?


“Coz this is Orsinium!”


He is a huge Orc! Like a truck. (Boom Truck)


Track and Field. You can never outrun an Orc, ya know?


The famous eastern Orc swordsman. He has an ‘x’ mark on his left cheek and a veteran of countless battles. His hidden technique “Eat Him Like a Sushi” is very powerful. Bretons, fear him!


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Top 10 Best Orc Names

We’re about to conclude our Orc names guide. In this section, we gathered our Best Orc names that we think as good and perfect for your Orc character. We based it on our previous suggested male and female Orc names plus their stronghold name. Cheers!






We place Bolgrov on the top spot because the name is very Orcish. We described him as someone who wields a fire sword. The Nor’Tumn surname fits it because of its link with banditry. A scary bandit Orc indeed!





Next to Bolgrov, the Orc name Zoarra suits well as a female Orc. Paired with its lore, the entire name makes it unusually rich. We certainly want an NPC named Zoarra.





This Orc name is perfect for a high Smithing skill character. The name sounds Orcish, the lore is aligned well. We think it deserves our number 3 spot.



gro-Gol Mush


The name rings like an Orc chieftain. The lore for both the name and the stronghold coincides well and describes a group of marauders or thieves.

(They are probably the most wanted Orcs of High Rock. Lol)



gro-Zarga Uhz


The Orc name Barakh’il is associated with an outlaw. No rule is his rule and is perfect for a group of vengeful Orcs who bear grudges against the Bretons (Zarga Uhz).





Ulvik is an Orc name that describes a guerilla fighter while the Loguuns are Wood Orcs who trade with the Bosmers. The lore creates us an Orc character who excels in thievery and guerilla tactics that she learned from the Bosmers. Pretty cool!





The stronghold of Lor’Osh houses honorable Orcs who make a decent living through mining and trading. Oshagra belongs in this clan thus making him a befitting bearer of the Orc name “Iron Shield”. Someone who protects the weak.





Voshornim is an Orc name associated with courage and leadership. He fits well under the stronghold of Khazumisk who are masters of the seas and known wielders of tempered steel.



gra- Orornim


Norzugka, the Death’s Kiss is a renowned Orc name belonging to the stronghold of Orornim who has an ancient secret technique in using an ax. Quite remarkable for a stronghold’s name and lore.





The Skull Breaker, Skubash, is a perfect Orc belonging to the stronghold of Crunornim. They call themselves Blood Orcs whereas Skubash enjoys bashing the drenched skulls of her foes.

Redguards, beware!


We have loads of titles in our Elder Scrolls and Skyrim Name Generator library. Feel free to visit our site and create your race-specific names applicable to your playstyle and character. Enjoy!

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