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Khajiit Names

So, we’re not stopping with the Argonians alright. We get a weird expression towards this race when we saw it for the first time. Khajiits belong to a group called Beast Folks, sometimes called Beast Mers. This is because of their facial features and physique common to felines. Argonians are Beast Folk too, and there are other written Beast Folks to exist before the rise of the (racist!) Men and Mers.

Khajiits, as stated from the legends, exist together with other Beast Folks before the Aldmers explore Tamrielic lands. Their origins, however, were vague and debated by both Khajiits and Mer historians. There are speculations that Khajiits are distant families of the Aldmers because of some “catlike -Mer-looking” Khajiits called Ohmes and Ohmes-raht (Imagine Bosmers with tails. LMAO). This was introduced from the History of Elsweyr found in-game, where Azurah ‘reshaped’ some of the Bosmers and turned them into Khajiits.

Well, enough speculations. In this guide, we will discuss the Khajiit’s culture, appearance, and abilities. Meow! We’ll guide you to a list of some Top 10 Male and Female Khajiit names. At the end of the guide, is a list of some Funny Khajiit Names and a purr of our Top 10 Best Khajiit names.

So, hold on to those yummy Moon Sugars, and walk with us in this guide!

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The Children of the Twin Moons

There are a lot of Khajiit breeds just like there are different breeds of cats (hey, let’s not discriminate. They’re demi-humans too!). The breeds or kinds of Khajiit were speculated to vary from the Lunar Lattice of the twin moons, particularly to Masser the larger moon. Your breed will vary depending on the current phase of Messer when you are born! Pretty cool, right? There are only seventeen named, out of the expected more than twenty, breeds in the entire Elder Scrolls saga. We’re not going to discuss them all, instead, we’ll compare the Khajiits from TESIII: Morrowind and TESIV: Oblivion.

Before we start, let’s take an overview of the common life of Khajiits. From TESV: Skyrim, Khajiits are often seen in caravans selling jewelry, soul gems, and oddities. Nords during this time were facing civil war with Stormcloaks and Dragon threats. So, they become indifferent to the outsiders; that includes the Khajiit traders. They are not allowed to enter towns and cities and they are untrusted. There’s a racial bias against Khajiits branding them as petty thieves and drug dealers (Moon Sugar for everyone!). Moon Sugar is a native export of Elsweyr, the homeland of the Khajiits, and part of Khajiit’s daily diet. This substance is illegal in any jurisdiction of the Empire due to its dangerous and addictive effects.

The most common Morrowind Khajiits seen in-game are called Suthay and Suthay-raht. Suthay Khajiits are very catlike distinguished by their pointy ears, thick fur with patterns of stripe or dots, long tails, and digitigrade feet (paw-like). Suthay-rahts are significantly bigger than their Suthay counterparts. Most of Morrowind Khajiits are slaves together with Argonians. A noticeable comparison in-game for Morrowind Khajits is their inability to wear helmets and footwear due to their physiology.

During the Oblivion Crisis, we’ve seen Khajiits that are more human-like than Morrowind Khajiits (let’s call them Oblivion Khajiits). Oblivion Khajiits belong to a mixed of Ohmes breed (and Ohmes-raht) and Cathay breed (and Cathay-raht). Ohmes and Ohmes-raht, as mentioned in the introduction, resemble more the Bosmers having elven-like characteristics and a tail. They are a common sight in the northern sands of Elsweyr and southern Cyrodiil. Some ventures as far as High Rock. The Cathay and Cathay-raht are Oblivion Khajiits who are similar to the Suthay and Suthay-raht breed having features of cats. They also have pointed ears, furs, long tails. What makes them different from the Suthay is their plantigrade foot similar to Men and Mer. This makes them taller and more powerful compared to their Suthay cousins. The Cathay and Cathay-raht breeds are also called “Jaguar Men” and they are much faster and stronger than Men and Mer. This breed makes up most of the Khajiiti army and guard forces. Oblivion Khajiits, due to their physiology resembling Men and Mers, can wear headgears and footwears unlike their Morrowind Khajits cousin.

There are other kinds of Khajiit in the Elder Scrolls saga. Some resemble huge felines like jaguars, leopards, and tigers while some resemble a common housecat.

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Khajiits in-game: Elder Scrolls Online

The catlike appearance of the Khajiit allowed them to be more agile and stealthy. Kahjiits also excel in unarmed combat utilizing only their claws even without weapons. Morrowind Khajiits and Oblivion Khajiits are known to have an unrivaled acrobatic skill, allowing them to jump higher and receive lesser to no fall damage. (This feature was removed from TESV: Skyrim)

Like the Dunmer race, Khajiits are also flexible and can vary their builds from Magicka to DPS or even tank. The only difference is their Crit Damage and Crit Healing that is exclusive only to Khajiits.

Below is the summary of Racial skills for the Khajiit.



Increases familiarity of the Khajiit on Medium Armor Skill line by a certain percentage. This allows the Khajiit to be more aligned in medium armor. It also increases the chance of pickpocket. Good for a sneaky cat thief indeed!


Increases Health, Stamina, and Magicka recovery. It’s plain and simple but useful and unique. Unlike the Imperial’s Red Diamond who regenerates all these three aspects through hitting, Khajiits have it as passive without the need of attacking enemies.

Lunar Blessings

This skill increases base Max Health, Magicka, and Stamina by a fixed amount. Although the added values are minimal to other races, Khajiits are the only race that has a passive increase on all these three attributes at the same time. Most races are either a single priority increase in Health, Magicka, or Stamina, or a combination of at least two of these attributes.

Feline Ambush

Increases Critical Hit Damage and Healing by a certain percentage. Also, this skill reduces detection radius up to 3 meters at max level.

This skill is what made the Khajiit flexible. The bonuses of the Lunar Blessing skill and the regeneration of Robustness skill are well complemented by Feline Ambush for survivability and attrition. You can easily run away and hide when in danger, while your Health, Magicka, and Stamina regenerate (via Robustness). Then resume the fight against your enemy using your stealth and critical damage bonus.


Top 10 Male Khajiit Names

There are known prefixes and suffixes that are used for Khajiit names. These affixes are common adjectives in Ta’agra, the native language of the Khajiit from Elsweyr. The affixes are followed by an apostrophe and a Ta’agra word that may (or may not) describe the Khajiit. An example of this Khajiit name is J’zargo, where the prefix ‘J’ means “young adult” or “bachelor” thus translating his name in Tamrielic tongue as “Young Zargo” or “Bachelor Zargo”. But some names do not contain apostrophes, yet are compound words.

See our Top 10 Male Khajiit names below. We also have a collection of premade Khajiit names from our ESO Khajiit Name Generator in case you wanted more.

Should I Pick This?



The prefix ‘dar’ means “clever” or a “trickster”. Use this Khajiit name for a sneaky, stealth, traditional Khajiit build who excels in stealth fights.

Dar’Ganji was a known thief and hired assassin in the province of High Rock.



Meaning “Young Orc Friend” in native Tamrielic tongue. Pick this Khajiit name for characters who excel in close combat fights and high Stamina DPS damage using dual-wield weapons.

Ji’Orsigol was a blood-kin under the stronghold of Orornim, masters of axes.



Meaning “Master Tailor” in Tamrielic tongue. Pick this Khajiit name for characters who prefer Light Armor Skill Line, and are proficient with daggers.

Sha’Budiit was branded the best weaver of light armor among the Khajiits.



This Khajiit name is perfect for players who prefer their Khajiit characters as support mage-tanks with a sword, shield, and healing magics.

Da’Athra, the Spirited One



The suffix ‘jo’ refers to an intelligent Khajiit. This Khajiit name is suitable for male mage-build characters who excel with Destruction and Healing magics.

An excommunicated from the College of Winterhold, He has known obsessions with. His betrayal made the Mage Colleges apathetic towards the Khajiits.



‘fa’ means swift in the native tongue. This Khajiit name suggests a character who has ‘fast feet’. Choose this name for an agile and fast-running character.

Jeek’Fa the Swift Paw, was an Ohme Khajiit who often fool others as a Bosmer.



Meaning “by the Deserts”. Pick this name for Khajiits that are proficient with one-handed weapons and shield.

Khaj’il learned the martial arts of the Redguards when he ventured the sands of Hammerfell.



This Khajiit name is fit for assassin-build Khajiits.

The Grim Warrior of Torval was a merciless devote of the Dark Brotherhood.



This Khajiit name is for ferocious two-handed weapon characters who utilize brute strength instead of stealth.

Ra’Elo belongs to the Pahmar-raht breed. He is the chief captain of the Khajiiti Feralguards under the Aldmeri Dominion.



This Khajiit name is perfect for players who prefer one-handed or dual-wielded weapons.

A skilled swordsman who belongs to the Feralguard Stormers, an army that specializes in ambush and siege. His skill with the blade earned him the title ‘Tem’Akel’ meaning “Glass Cut”. It changed to Etemakil later on.

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Top 10 Female Khajiit Names

There is a female equivalent for every male affix. We will use these known affixes in creating Khajiit names and lore. Following also the same rule we explained with male Khajiit names earlier.

Let’s take a look at our Top 10 Female Khajiit names. You may want to drop on our website for more Khajiit names. Our Skyrim Khajiit Name Generator has tons of name suggestions and it’s free!

Should I Pick This?



Meaning “Blade Dancer” in common Tamrielic tongue. Pick this female Khajiit name for characters who excel with daggers.

The Blade Dancer uses a rhythmic move as if she were dancing with her blades.



Translates to “Flowing Winds”. This female Khajiit name is suitable for players who consider their characters as fast and unseen like the winds.



This Khajiit name is for characters who prefer their fists (or claws) as weapons.

Kurah’Lan translates to “Damsel’s Claws” whose verse with the rt of Clawing.



Meaning “Young Saint”. Pick this Khajiit name for characters who excel with supporting magics and uses blade enchantments to purge their enemies.

Young female Khajiits aspire to join the Vi’Kala, an order of priestesses who indulge themselves with the knowledge of the Moon.



Pick this female Khajiit name if you want a character who is unknown and mysterious.

Termed by the Imperials as ‘The Unnamed’, she was a vicious mercenary who’s willing to cut the throat of anyone for a price.



Meaning “Sharp Blade”. Is an alternative Khajiit name for a vicious assassin who’s stealthy, sinister, and proficient with blades.

Some say that Krakil’kiil and Zhakiil are the same person. Others say they are twins who have been trying to kill each other for decades.

Dush Bak’A


Choose this female Khajiit name for characters who wield blunt one-handed weapons. Dush Bak’A translates as “Cold Steel” in the native Tamrielic tongue.

Her mace, Dush’Avi, possesses the harshest cold enchantment ever known. It is said that a single swing of this mace can frost a man to death in seconds. How she was able to forge and enchant such a weapon remains a mystery.



This Khajiit name only exists in stories meant to scare young Khajiits. This name is perfect for a nocturnal Khajiit character who preys on her enemies at night.

Sho’A-Tennur, the Night Stalker, is sad to nab unwary children and sell them to Morrowind. Although such tales are just meant to scare young Khajiits.



Meaning “Fire Maiden” or “Woman of Fire”. This Khajiit name is suitable for players who core their build with destructive fire magic.

Khajiits, although not well aligned with Magicka, are talented enough to harness and learn the essence of magic-wielding.



Pick this Khajiit name for characters who excel with bolt magic, a combination of fire and lightning spells harnessed into one.

It is said that a Khajiit, who does not possess any arcane knowledge, can take centuries to be at par with Altmers in terms of arcane superiority. Dra’Silla the Old was the only known Khajiit who bested a hundred-year-old Altmer in an arcane duel.


Top 10 Funny Khajiit Names

Of course, our catlike demi-humans will have their funny names! One thing we should know about Khajiits is their lack of surnames. Unlike most races, Khajiits do not have specific clans or family ties that make them exclusive or comparable to other Khajiits. We mentioned earlier that their specific breed is mainly caused by the current Lunar Lattice upon their birth. So, there’s zero suggestion that Khajiits form clans in terms of their breeds either. They use name titles though, but for personal names alone.

Check out some of the funny names we came up with regarding Khajiits. You may also visit our Elder Scrolls Khajiit Name Generator for more smart and awesome names. (find it on top of this page!)

What makes it funny?

Daro The Explorer

Daro Daro Daro the Explorer. Daro!

The word Daro means “female thief”. Oops. Daro no swiping!


The story of Koko and his Breton buddy!


A Khajiit rapper from the east coast. Yea!


Hello Ma’Men! What’s up Ma’Men? Kind of weird for a Khajiit name.

Memes Alot

You Memes Alot to me…


Okay, this is racial discrimination.

Katy Purry

She’s a tall and pretty Khajiit! Good with singing too.


He is D’Dude… your good cuddle buddy.


I’m not sure. But It sounds funny for a Khajiit.


Racist again. But this name sounds like an ore that only Khajiits can see.

Top 10 Best Khajiit Names

As a conclusion for this guide, we will rank our Top 10 Best Khajiit name suggestions for males and females. We base it on its lore, how it sounds, and how well it can blend if ever was used in-game.

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Khajiit name picks!





The Trickster. The name is very Khajiiti and it suits well if used as an NPC name in-game. We put it at the top spot because of its simplicity, straightforward meaning.




The Blade Dancer. This female Khajiit name sounds nice and simple. Its lore is also good and fairing to what Khajiits are described in Elder Scrolls.


Dush Bak’A


‘Dush’ means cold in the common tongue. The name was based on real text from Elder Scrolls and the lore we made for it is rich and open for more stories. We surely want this name to be included in the game.




The name is a bit Mer and Khajiit. We like it! We place it on the 4th spot because the latter names are more expressive for Khajiit compared to this.




The Orc Friend. Our vision for this name is a friendly and outgoing relationship of some Khajiit with Orcs. The lore we made for this Khajiit name is quite interesting too!




If I were a Khajiit, this name sounds sacred or holy. Although we do not yet have an official word for sacred or holy in the Ta’agra language.




This name is for the cross-story of a Khajiit with the Redguards. We find this interesting so we made fun of lore for this name. So, we think it deserves a spot for our top names.




This Khajiit name is very Khajiit! Like, you expect a Khajiit character to have this kind of name. However, we place it only on the 8th spot because it lacks the ‘coolness’ factor of the name. (Zhakill sounds cooler right?)




We like the background lore for this Khajiit name regarding having a rivalry with the Altmers. However, we put it in the 9th spot because the name is not much Khajiit-like.




The name is simple and straightforward but it really complements muscular Khajiits who are ferocious and scary. Imagine King from Tekken, but his body is three times bigger! Ra’Elo in the house!


Heaps of Khajiit names and other race names can be found from our Elder Scrolls and Skyrim Name Generator library. Create your race-specific names applicable to your playstyle and character. Enjoy!


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