An Exploration of Best Super Power and Their Possibilities

Have you ever thought about having the ability to talk with animals? How about bursting out flames from your palm or sprouting trees from the ground in an instant? We’ve all been there, at one point in our lives we have imagined ourselves having special abilities that we can use to ease up difficulties in life or… to fight crime and the forces of darkness!

The concept of Super Powers is already an ancient concept. Way back from the ages of ancient Greeks, Persians, and Romans, their mythologies speak of humans with supernatural abilities. This means that from our human perspective, we have already been fantasizing about humans with special abilities. The concept of super powers became more popular with the introduction of superhero comics in the 1930s arising from DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Heroes with special abilities were introduced and a lot newer concepts and never-before-seen super powers debuted. 

In this article, you’ll get to know more about the definition of Super power, including a catalog of the popular super powers. Explore the best super power and discover ways to create your versions of super power power ideas. Let’s fly away into it!

  • Phasing
  • Hyper Intelligence
  • Mind Control
  • Healing Factor
  • Adhesion (sticking to surfaces)
  • Invisibility
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Understanding Super Powers

Super Powers are often defined as abilities, often supernatural, that are inhuman and defy nature. Defying nature, means these abilities do not adhere to common forces and influences of nature, making these abilities beyond normal and atypical as with common beings. While this definition might sound highfaluting, we can simply describe super powers as abilities that you don’t quite get as a human and defy the logic of science and physics. 

In mainstream media and entertainment pop culture, super powers are often depicted as superheroes or mutants. Like in movies and novels, super powers are possessed by very few humans. Although in real life, there are also a few people that we may consider possessing super powers but not entirely the same with movies and cartoons.

Super Powers of Human

We humans are among the amazing creatures that thrive in this world. While we do not possess super powers that allow us to fly or control the weather, we still have innate abilities that we can consider super powers for every one of us. Below are some of the super powers of humans that you didn’t know we had.


You heard that right, one of the amazing feats that humans possess is being able to communicate through speech. Animals, in general, can communicate with one another. But humans can not only communicate but relay specific information through words. For example, a bat can create noises or streams of sounds to warn other bats of danger, while humans can speak and directly identify specific thoughts or information about the danger. That is just one of the many possible ‘powers of speaking’.

Speech, however, is an evolved trait that humans developed as they evolved in time. However, being able to speak and form words is still an amazing ability that only humans possess.


All animals have the inert instinct to adapt and eventually evolve based on their surroundings (that’s why some animals learn to live on land and in water). But humans can adapt to almost any place intentionally. For example, some people train themselves to hold their breath for extended periods when diving into deep waters. The Sea Nomads, often known as Bajau, are a group of indigenous people from Southeast Asia who have adapted to the ocean waters so well, that they can dive without breathing under the ocean for straight 13 minutes! Now that’s a super power.

Other people trained their bodies to adapt to harsh cold environments. Wim Hof, also known as the Ice Man, can submerge himself in freezing ice for more than two hours without his muscles being frozen or cramped. He climbed Mount Everest shirtless and wearing only shorts.


Memory is not an exclusive ability for humans. There are a lot of animals that defeat humans in terms of memorization such as chimpanzees, elephants, and dolphins. The mentioned animals can easily recognize patterns and identify or sort the patterns correctly based on scientists’ experiments. But what makes human memory a super power?

Unlike tests on animals, humans tend to store a lot of information in their brains. This includes language, coherence, experiences, arithmetic, and skills. However, some humans can easily memorize a single picture or page without the need for patterns. We call this ability as Photographic Memory. A photographic memory is a very uncommon super power. It allows a human to recall, in complete little details, a scene, an image, an event, or a set of sentences on a page. They can visualize almost anything as a photograph, capture it, store it in their brain, and recall and re-read it for later. It is said that fewer than a hundred people possess this ability which is also known as HSAM (Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory). Just imagine a friend having this memory and being able to recall a detailed page of a book. That is extremely useful in exams!

Green Thumb 

The term Green Thumb is an idiomatic term referring to the ability to grow plants. Scientists have debunked that being a green thumb is an exclusive ability because any human can learn and grow their plants. However, of all the creatures on Earth, it is humans who can intentionally germinate and populate an area with trees and fauna. This is because humans understand biology and know the behavior of plants in terms of producing and germinating it. That is why humans are successful in agriculture and farming to create sources of food. And because humans are the only ones to do this, we can say that it is a super power exclusive to only humans.

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The Catalogue of Super Powers

Now let’s go back to pop culture and fictional super powers that we all wish we had as humans. In this section, we are giving you a list of some of the common and unusual super powers. Also, discover the so-called Best Super power to have when you are given the chance to obtain one. Read on!

Categories of Super Powers: A Super power List

We can categorize super powers into 8 categories, each with a specific ability that makes it different from the other types. The categories of super powers are based on the nature of the power itself which is shared and how they are used by its owner.

Physical Super Powers

Physical super powers, as their name suggests, give prowess to their owners in terms of physical attributes. Below is a list of super power examples, both common and uncommon under this category.

Common Physical Super Powers

  • Brute Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Flight

Uncommon Physical Super Powers

  • Inhuman Reflexes
  • Indestructible body
  • Inhuman dexterity
  • Flexible muscles

Physiological Super Powers

Physiological super powers are also related to physical super powers. However, they can be distinguished because of the use of unique parts of the body aside from the usual hands, feet, fists, and legs. Not only that, but physiological super powers also include other abilities that do not relate to strength and agility. Check out a few examples below.

Common Physiological Super Powers

  • Body part manipulation
  • Sharpened teeth/ enhanced bite
  • Underwater breathing
  • Self-repair/ Self-regeneration
  • Shapeshifting
  • Body size manipulation
  • Invisibility
  • Teleportation

Uncommon Physiological Super Powers

  • Blood manipulation
  • Self-duplication
  • Bone manipulation
  • Hair manipulation
  • Toxic breathe/saliva

Senses Super Powers

Senses super powers are related to the 6 senses of the body. These six senses are enhanced to the point they grant the owner unique abilities. Below are a few examples of sense super powers.

Common Senses Super Powers

  • X-ray vision
  • Hypersensitive smell
  • Hypersensitive hearing
  • Hyper Awareness.
  • Hyper Accuracy/ Precision

Uncommon Senses Super Powers

  • Sensitive taste
  • Aura Vision
  • Sonar Ability
  • Clairvoyance/ prediction

Mental Super Powers

Mental super powers are among the most powerful abilities on the list. They allow the user abilities that involve their mind. Below are examples of mental super powers.

Common Mental Super Powers

  • Telepathic ability
  • Mind Control/ Manipulation
  • Energy manipulation
  • Reality manipulation
  • Superintelligence
  • Precognition/ Future sight
  • Time Manipulation

Uncommon Mental Super Powers

  • Projecting illusions
  • Nightmares/Dreammaker
  • Mind swap
  • Hypnotism

Spiritual Super Powers

Spiritual super powers are the most uncommon powers in today’s pop culture of super powers. It involves out-of-this-world manipulation and control of metaphysical matter. Check out some examples below.

Common Spiritual Super Powers

  • Soul Manipulation
  • Ghost/ Wraith summoning
  • Astral Projection
  • Spiritual Force Manipulation
  • Raising the dead

Uncommon Spiritual Super Powers

  • Communication with ancient spirits
  • Talking to dead people
  • Spirit Transformation

Elemental Super Powers

Elemental super powers are the most common super powers in mainstream entertainment media. It involves the complex combination of physical, physiological, and mental super powers to control and manipulate elements of the Earth. Below are a few examples.

Common Elemental Super Powers

  • Fire Manipulation
  • Water Manipulation
  • Air Manipulation
  • Earth Manipulation
  • Plant Manipulation
  • Ice Manipulation
  • Lightning Manipulation

Uncommon Elemental Super Powers

  • Lava Manipulation
  • Crystal Manipulation
  • Magnetism
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Storm Manipulation
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Light Manipulation

Weapon Mastery Super Powers

Weapons Mastery Super Powers are perhaps the simplest and more human-like super powers. It involves the extraordinary use of specific weapons that no common human will be able to achieve. Below are examples of weapon mastery super powers.

Common Weapon Mastery Super Powers

  • Gun Marksmanship
  • Sword Mastery
  • Archery
  • Exo Suit Creation
  • Technology/ Robotics Mastery
  • Melee Weapon Mastery (Axe, clubs, greatswords, spears)

Uncommon Weapon Mastery Super Powers

  • Demolisher (Mastery of explosives)
  • Biochemical Weapon Mastery
  • Cyborg (Body Modification through Robotics)

super power generator

The Super power Generator

Do you know that there is ultimately a limitless possibility of super powers that even us were not even able to mention in the previous section? Yes, super power creation is not limited to the categories we provided. In fact, there will always be other super power types that can be drawn out and added to the existing ones. This makes the super power generation broader and more complex, especially for those who want to create newer, non-existent super powers.

Thankfully, available tools such as a Super power Generator can be found all over the internet. A Super power Generator instantly gives super power suggestions to its users. The super power it provides both has its description and possible usage. For game developers, comic writers, and authors, a super power generator gives super power ideas and lessens the process of searching for or formulating newer super powers. It can instantly give suggestions, or the suggestions itself can be used without issues for free. Not only that, super power generators are abundant, easy to use, and unique from one another. So, feel free to try and use any super power generator you can find.

Unleashing Creativity: Ideas for Super Powers

Can’t wait to create your version of super power? In this section, we are giving you awesome ideas for super powers. Our list of Super power Ideas is unique and encouraging. You’ll get to see some awesome super powers that you never heard of!

Before we start, take note that these ideas came from us and you can always have the freedom to change and use these super power ideas as you please. Feel free to come up with your own or even improve our super power suggestion. In this way, we’ll get to have an assortment of super power ideas and we will have more options in the future. Check out our super power lists below.

Super Power Idea

Super Power Category

Super Power Definition

Shadow Bending


The ability to use your own shadow to create varying forms and shapes. The shadow can be used to grab enemies. It can extend to other shadows to increase its coverage and area of effect. However, extreme light will bend the shadow and weaken the grip or control of the user.



Temporarily and remotely control the mind of a person and break his or her will to fight, instilling mixtures of fear, dread, and nightmares in them. This ability can be used in a group of people, but the user is immobilized while casting his mind on them.



Creates a field of nullifying energy, which temporarily disrupts any super powers aside from yours. The radius of the field varies depending on the intensity and capability of the user. The more he mastered the super power, the more he or she can sustain and extend the field.

Nether Flash


Allows the user to create “Nether” marks into areas or his or her enemies. Any Nether mark within a huge area is seen instinctively by the user and allows him to teleport to any mark at will.

Electro Flux Suit

Weapon Mastery

Your brilliant mind and obsession with electromagnetism allowed you to create a unique Exo Suit that controls magnetic fluxes around you. You can instantly reverse the polarity of a magnetic area to pull or push enemies toward you. You can also nullify any magnetic abilities as you wish.


Elemental/ Weapon Mastery

Your hands give you the ability to connect atoms and create tangible weapons and materials in thin air. You can create weapons based on the design in your mind. This includes guns, bows, swords, and shields.

Phantom Clone


Your super power allows you to split into different clones of yourself. The clones are physically present and are made from small portions of your cells. The clones have no will aside from yours and you can control them to do anything that you think of. Not only that, you can swap or transfer yourself to any of your clones to instantly change your position—a form of escape in case you endanger your life.



You possess the power of light allowing you to take the form of light to transfer yourself from one position to another. You can concentrate light in your hands and fire it as beams or intensify your body with light to blind your enemies.

Eye of Pain


You can transform your eyes into a terrifying color that when looked upon by other people, instills nightmares and hallucinations in them.

Super Conclusion

Super Powers are supernatural abilities that allow humans to have extraordinary abilities. It is commonly seen in comics, movies, and other mainstream media involving superheroes or superhuman characters. Although the concept of super powers is not new and has been foretold many times in different cultures before the modern era.

There are endless possibilities of super powers that you may think of! It plays a significant part in storytelling because newer powers can be introduced by authors in their novels.

Do you have a particular power you want to possess? Or do you have something in mind, but you can’t tell what particular super power it should be named? Try our list of Super power ideas or create your own! We’ll be glad to hear more about your Super power ideas in the future!

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