Celtic Name Ideas, Suggestions, and Meanings

Parents today are now considering unique and historical name ideas for their babies. One of the considered choices for old names is the Celtic name

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In this article, you’ll get to know some awesome Celtic name suggestions of all ages including their meaning and forms.

Quick Celtic History

The Celts (pronounced as kelts) are a group of migrant people from central Asia and Eastern Europe. They migrated west and populated most of the western and central European lands thousands of years ago. They are considered one of the oldest groups of people to exist before the Bronze Age. Contrary to most civilizations, the term Celts or Celtic describes an ethnic nomadic group scattered across central and western Europe. Most historical details about the Celts were undocumented and debated. But their influence on language and culture in the modern day still exists. Celtic Names for a Warrior

Celtic Warrior names represent strong and brave personalities. They can be a good choice for babies who shows a strong will and brave attitude. Take a look at some of the popular Celtic warrior’s names below including their meaning and alternative versions.

Celtic Name Generator for Boys and Girls

Female Celtic Warrior Names

Aigneis /eyg-nis/

This is a girl’s name of Gaelic origin. It means “pure” in the common English language. Other variations of the name are Agnes, Agney, and Agni

Aoife /ee-fah/

This name translates to “beauty” and originated from the ancient Irish Gaelic language. Despite the feminine sound, this name sounds strong, making it an ideal female name for a Celtic warrior. Other forms of this name are Fe, Effie, and Elfie.

Cadhla /kay-lah/

The term cadhla is the adjective version of aoife, meaning beautiful. It also has an Irish Gaelic origin and has variations such as Kaila, Keela, and Kayela.

Finola /fee-noh-la/

The name Finola came from the devolved Celtic name Fionnula, meaning white shoulder. This female warrior name can have varying representations such as strength, lifting, and force because of its association with the word shoulder.

Mairin /may-reen/

This name is derived from the Celtic term for a sea star, or star of the sea, often given to warriors who voyage the seas. This is a perfect baby name for girls with Celtic roots. Other versions of this name are Mayryn, Maylene, and Mara.

Male Celtic Warrior Names

Owen /oh-wen/

Owen dates its origin to the old Welsh Celtic language. It means young warrior in English and is one of the commonly used names in the US. Other forms of this name are Owan, Ownar, and Owvo.

Dylan /dee-lan/

Dylan is one of the unique Celtic-rooted names around which means “the great tide” or “sea-born”. This name can be reconstructed as Dylon, Dilan, or Dailan.

Alasdair /a-lash-dayr/

This name has a Greek origin but was also a common term in the Celtic-Gaelic language. In the Celtic language, this means “defender” or “to defend”, making it a nice choice for a Celtic warrior name for boys. There are other evolved versions of this name such as Alastair, Atlandar, and Alazar.

Caoimhin /kew-vin/

This name is pronounced as Kevin in the modern English language. It has its Irish and old Celtic origin that means “noble” or “born royal”. This name is ideal for boys with a royal-like feature. Including the name Kevin, other transitions of this name are Calvin, Kevs, and Kahimi. 

Gethin /geht-hin/

This name is also a good pick for a Celtic warrior name because of its masculine tone. The name Gethin has Celtic Welsh origin and translates as “dark” in English. Other forms of this name are Vethkin, Gethar, and Gethir.

More Celtic Names

Despite Celts often being associated as ruthless warriors, they do have a civilized structure and way of life. Their version of written texts and language proves that they have a civilized society in the first place. This allowed them to create names for things around them including for themselves.  Here are more lists of some Celtic name suggestions that you can consider for your baby or character.

Popular Celtic Male Names

Celtic Male NamesAlternative Name Form
AindreiAndrei, Aldren, Andra
ConlochCole, Colo, Cholo
AloisiusAloi, Loisius, Alod
DonvanDonovan, Dondon, Dovan
RadgerRoger, Radj, Rager
RovanLovan, Roven, Ruben
AideenAldeen, Aiden, Arden
AenasAenach, Ainaz, Aenaz
DavanDava, Stavan, Dravan
MaglinMagor, Magli, Maglar

Unique Celtic Female Names

Celtic Female NamesAlternative Name Form
OwenaOwana, Juana, Weng
MedithEdith, Medie, Edita
MalaMalou, Marla, Marlou
RomildaMelda, Romela, Ilda
KeiliKeilee, Keila, Kala
LouellaLouelle, Lovelle, Elle
FiannaFian, Anna, Ianna
EldaEldia, Eda, Eldan
EmlynEmily, Emila, Lyn
AifeFe, Aoife, Afe

Adorable Celtic Girl Names for Toddlers

Celtic Girl NamesAlternative Name Form
CaitlinCayt, Cathleen, Katelin
ErinEryn, Ereen, Aireen
CiaraKiara, Cara, Kara
SiobeSiobhan, Sovan, Sobee
BebinnFinnie, Binnie, Bebe
CiarKiar, Clare, Claire
MaireenMaureen, Mai, Maive
SalanieSalan, Lannie, Alaine
MuirennMuirne, Mareen, Mernen
IteYte, Yvette, Yite

Cool Celtic Boy Names for Toddlers

Celtic Female NamesAlternative Name Form
FlannFlan. Flin, Faran
AilbeAilbhe, Ailie, Alibe
BrennanRenan, Ronan, Brendan
ArdgalArdo, Argal, Agal
BranBrand, Brian, Baran
CianXian, Zian, Lian
ConanConnor, Connan, Canor
EnnoEnzo, Enon. Enn
FergusFergal, Argus, Lergus
IudrisIdri, Lidri, Iudra


Celtic Gender Neutral Names

Choosing a gender-neutral name is also a nice consideration, especially if parents do not know yet what will be the gender of their unborn child. Below are some of the common gender-neutral Celtic names today.

  • Awen (meaning “wellborn”)
  • Chil (shield)
  • Eodez (translates as “radiant” or “radiance”)
  • Pever (meaning “little stone”)
  • Sev 
  • Taran (thunder)
  • Tifenn (light)
  • Seni (brilliant)
  • Onenn (pertaining to an ash tree)
  • Morvan (referring to seas)

Celtic Deity Names

One may also consider choosing Celtic gods and goddesses’ names for their babies. The Celtic deities are similar to other civilizations such as the Greeks and the Romans. Since influences of pagan worship actively spread during the old days, there are also possibilities that Roman and Greek deities are copied by the Celtics. Below is the popular list of Celtic gods and goddesses’ names.

Celtic God Names

  • Neit (God of War)
  • Donn (God of Death)
  • Belenus (God of Fire)
  • Manannan (God of Seas)
  • Aengus (God of Love, Summer Season, Youth, and Poetry)
  • Dagda (God of Agriculture, Fertility, and Seasons. Also, the King of the Celtic Deities)
  • Lugh (God of Justice and Mischief)

Celtic Goddesses Names

  • Danu (Queen of Celtic Deities)
  • Morrigan (Goddess of War)
  • Aine (Goddess of Love, Wealth, and Sovreignty)
  • Brigid (Goddess of Healing and Smithing)
  • Flidas (Goddess of Cattles and Fertility)
  • Bebinn (Goddess of Birth)
  • Airmed (Goddess of Herbalism)

Other Things to Know About Celtic Names

Did You Know? 

Celts are coined “Galli” by the early Romans, and “Keltoi” by the Greeks. Thus the terms Gauls, Gallic, and Gaelic were derived. Greeks and Romans often associate Celts as barbaric and uncivilized because of their nomadic lifestyle and decentralized form of government.

Celtic Name for a “Powerful” Being

In the old Celtic language, power is often associated with the word brix, which means high or a hill. Power may also be described in Celtic with the word briga, meaning might. Hence the name Brian, which was derived from both of these words.

Celtic Name Associated with “Life”

Giving a name associated with the word “life” is a great choice for parents. Thankfully, there are lots of terms that pertain to this word. Enid is the Celtic goddess of life in the old Welsh legends. It is a beautiful name that is perfect for a baby girl. Other Celtic names relate to life such as Eabha (Gaelic term for life), and Beatha (Irish term for life).

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