The Most Fascinating Island Names You Should Know

What could be better than earning yourself a nice piece of land in the middle of the ocean? I bet it would be nice to enjoy the hot summer breeze of the seashore, especially knowing that the entire island is yours. But it wouldn’t be complete without that one special thing—a cool island name!

Whether you are aiming to have an awesome island name in real-life or in video games, you are in the right place! In this article, you’ll get to discover some of our top cool island names. Not only that, we will add some of the funniest island name ideas and a quick guide on how to choose the best island name. We’re as excited as you so keep reading below!

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Quick Guide to Choosing Unique Island Names

What is the best island name for my island? This is a common question that you may have in mind when you want to come up with good names. The first thing you need to understand is the island itself.

Define and Understand an Island

An Island is a mass of land surrounded by water. Thousands of islands exist in the world, with some of them found on oceans, some on lakes, and some on wide rivers. Sizes of the island vary from one another and they are formed naturally by Mother Nature herself. On the other hand, some islands are created and designed intentionally by humans called man-made islands or artificial islands. These islands are often intended to increase the land mass capacity of an area or create an artificial environment where nature can still flourish, let’s say a sanctuary or artificial animal habitat.

Determine the Your Island’s Characteristics

What kind of island do you have? Determining the characteristics of your island is the next important step in coming up with a good island name. Does your island have wildlife? Does it thrive in a rainforest? Is it a wasteland? Does it have mountainous regions? There are many things that your island may contain. Use them to draw out starting inspirations in creating awesome island names. 

Determine Your Island Tone

After knowing your island’s characteristics, now is the time to use your imagination. Your island tone determines the theme of the name you are going to produce—without sacrificing the unique characteristics of the island. For example, if you want a cool island name for an island filled with berries, you may call it Berry Cool Island. In this example, the term “Berry” represents the island’s characteristics while the term “Cool” creates a good name with a good pun.

As another example, if you have a mountainous island and you want it to have a funny island name, you can use the name Alpsphabet Island (a combination of Alps + alphabet). Other examples are Peaky Points Island (referring to mountain peaks), and Mount Island.

Island Names

5 Most Famous Island Names & Their Name Meaning

1. The Boracay Islands (Philippines)

The Boracay Islands is one of the famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Westerners are attracted to this beautiful island for its fine white sand, exciting sunset views, and awesome beach activities. Before the Spanish occupation in the early 16th century, the entire island is inhabited by the Ati people, a Southeast Asian ethnic group that was labeled as “Negritos” by the Spaniards for their dark brown skin color.

The island name “Boracay” came from the Ati dialect. It is derived from the words “borac”, meaning “bubbles”, and “bocay” which means “white”, a perfect name representation of its white sand and watery shores. Locals living on the island are called “Boracaynons”.

2. The Bora Bora Island (Society Islands of French Polynesia)

The Bora Bora Islands are one of the many islands that comprise the Islands of Tahiti located in French Polynesia. While the Bora Bora Islands have a resemblance to Boracay Island’s name, they have a distinct difference in the origin of its name. The term “Bora Bora” is spelled “Porapora” in the local Tahitian language, which translates as “First Born” in English. The island was first discovered by Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeveen in 1722 and was annexed by France in the 19th century. 
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3. Santorini Island (Greece)

The crescent island of Santorini is found at the southern center of the Greek peninsula. It is famous for its long volcanic beeches since the island itself is a remnant of a huge caldera. During the ancient Greek civilization, the island of Santorini is called Thira, which remains the official name of this volcanic caldera today. The term “Santorini” is a direct reference to Saint Irene of Thessalonica, which is more often called “Santa Irini”. Saint Irene is the name of the old-standing cathedral in the southeasternmost village of Perissa.

4. The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a country found in the South Pacific Ocean which exists as an associate state with New Zealand. There are a total of 15 main islands in their region and has a 93 square-mile area in coverage. The Cook Islands are famous for their aquamarine lagoons, white beaches, and volcanic peaks. The locals from the islands are known to be one of the friendliest in the South Pacific. The group of islands was named after British Captain James Cook, after its annexation by New Zealand in the 20th century. Recalling in the 18th century, Captain James Cook first named the islands “Hervey Island” in reference to Augustus Hervey, the third Earl of Bristol. 

5. Bali (Indonesia)

The province of Bali in Indonesia is found in the westernmost part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The island province is known for its numerous erected Hindu temples, rice terraces, and scrumptious delicacies. On top of that, Bali is a major tourist destination for their sky-blue beaches and huge waves for surfing. 

The name “Bali” was given to the island by Sri Kesari Warmadewa, the first king of the island in 913 CE. The original island’s name is “Bali Dwipa” which roughly translates as “Island of Sacrifice” or “Island of Offering”. 

Top 5 Cool Island Names Ideas

In this section, we compiled our Top 5 cool island name ideas so that you won’t need to search further. Take note that the suggested names are fictional and were created as a reference source for those who want to start creating their cool island names. Check them out below.

Island Name
What Makes it Cool?

Calm Wave Islands

The depiction of a “calm wave” as an island name is a cool idea. The name resonates with peace and perfectly describes the island as a place of peace. Pick this island name for a calm and stress-free island.

Islas Grandes

Translated as “Big Islands” in English, this Spanish-inspired island name sounds cool to pronounce and effortlessly describes a huge island.

Gray Rock

The name suggests that this island is a rocky place covered in gray hues and gray shades. The name “Gray Rock” can also be used to name other places such as a mountain region, an islet, or a town, which makes it generic and cool.

Drift Havens

The combination of the words “drift” and “havens” reminds us of the violence of the sea on the outside and the calmness it has from within. It is like a paradox, violent yet calm, merciless yet forgiving.

Rarus Islands

Derived from the Old Latin word Rarus which means rare. The island name “Rarus” is already cool and can make a standalone name for any place.


Top 5 Funny Island Name Suggestions

If you’re looking for funny island names, we compiled 5 of the most hilarious names for you. You may also consider the use of an Island Name Generator to create some interesting island name ideas faster. Take a look at some of our funny island names below.

Island Name
What Makes it Funny?

Gondola Island

A “Gondola Island” is supposed to be an island shaped like a gondola when viewed from above. However, it might have other meanings when it comes to your shelving needs.

Eyeland Island

An island that is shaped like an eye when viewed from above.


Your island appears during a low tide and disappears on a full moon.

Fettuccine Island

When you love island-themed pasta and pasta-themed island at the same time.

Potato Island

The word “potato” is associated with many things such as being cute, inferior, lazy, or awesome which makes it even funnier when used as an island name.


Top 5 Fantasy Island Names to Consider

If you want to dwell on fantasy island names that are more straightforward and convincing, we have a list of the 5 best fantasy island names to consider. These fantasy island names have huge room for a rich backstory or lore that you can fill up once you picked the names. Check out some of those names below. 

Island Name
Fantasy Name Story

Havakr Islands

In a fantasy world, the small island of Havakr is known for the native tribesmen of Sovann, or the people of the cape. The term “Havakr” means “Meeting”, denoting their island as the center point of exchange for all sailoring people.  

Luindelle Isles

In the fantasy world of men, dwarves, elves, and orcs, the term “luin” is an elven word for “blue”. Luindelle means “Blue Shore”, describing the island beaming with the elven Blue Bell flowers. 

Veson Ilya

Directly translates as “Veson’s Isles”. This island is named after the blasphemous Magus Veson Irith, who was captured and beheaded on this island as punishment for treason.

Syvinyar Islet 

A small island named after the monstrous sea-serpent Syvir. It is said that hordes of treasures are kept and coveted by the legendary creature, and no pirate was able to obtain even a single piece of gold from it.

Gramon’s Refuge

Gramon’s Refuge is a small island hidden with encircling mists but is well lit by the sun at the top. It is considered a paradise discovered by Gramon the Explorer—but remains to be fictional for most as he has no proof that the island itself exists. 


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