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This DnD Firbolg name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Firbolg in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Firbolg name.

You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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About Firbolg Race

The Firbolg are a reclusive race. They are the wisest and most powerful of all the giant-kin. They resemble very large humans with bulbous noses and have thick, tough skin. Their hair is usually red or blond and they tend to keep it long, accompanied by bushy beards on males of the race. Firbolgs stand about 7 – 8 feet tall and weigh between 240 – 300 pounds. Firbolgs can live as long as 500 years because of their giant-kin blood.

Firbolgs are physically very strong and have innate magical abilities and resistances. They are in touch with nature, and to them the forest is sacred. It is from nature that Firbolgs get their magical abilities. They see themselves as the soul and the protectors of their forest home. They enjoy solitude and go to efforts to keep distrusted outsiders away from their settlements. They tend not to trust races who value material wealth. To a Firbolg, greed is the utmost vice, and they place no emphasis on material possessions. They do, however, enjoy pulling pranks on those who do.

Firbolgs have their own language but also speak common, giant and elven. Within their own societies, Firbolgs don’t really take names and the idea is somewhat strange to them. When venturing into the outside world however, Firbolgs will usually take names or nicknames from the Common or elven languages.


Male Firbolg Names

For a male Firbolg, you can use names in the Common or elvish tongues. A male Firbolg name should carry the wisdom, strength and good nature of this race. Here are some ideas:

  • Elmaer
  • Ianlen
  • Miraxian
  • Pazeros
  • Sarwin

For more examples of female Firbolg name ideas, check out our Firbolg name generator.


Female Firbolg Names

Like their male counterparts, female Firbolg names are normally in common or elvish. You can choose a feminine-sounding name to show the gentle and harmonious nature of these creatures. Here are some examples:

  • Elarthis
  • Illustra
  • Kilana
  • Oriela
  • Seyra


Firbolg Clan Names

While there are some nomadic Firbolg, they tend to live in a clan-based society. They often use magic to conceal their homes from the prying eyes of outsiders. Firbolgs live in small settlements where they co-exist in harmony with the land around them, preferring a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Within their clans, Firbolgs don’t have names. However, when leaving or adventuring, they would take a clan name that shows their connection with nature and perhaps their clan’s particular talent. Here are our ideas for Firbolg clan names:

  • Earthboon
  • Forestspirit
  • Meadowhome
  • Shamanson
  • Tallbough

Firbolg Druid Names

Most Firbolgs tend to be druids because of their deep connection with nature. When choosing a Firbolg druid name, we must honor this connection with nature. You can give your character a clan name which hints at their specific connection with nature. Here are some examples:

  • Bailien Earthboon
  • Elkiar Sunseeker
  • Enerie Spiritspring
  • Fariel Bountyborn
  • Urtumal Firebane

For more examples of Firbolg druid names, take a look at our Firbolg name generator.

Firbolg Classes

Firbolg adventurers are rare, and as their powers tend to stem from nature, classes outside of druids are not common to see. That said, creating a Firbolg character of a different class could make for an interesting individual.

We would call a Firbolg barbarian Xyrlis the Motherless. As Firbolg society tends to be peace-loving, we imagine a barbarian to have grown up as an orphan or as an exile, but by combining the physical strength and wisdom of the Firbolg with the bravery and resilience of a barbarian, this character can overcome any challenge.

The cleric class could be very suitable for a Firbolg, given the emphasis on healing and helping others. We would call a Firbolg cleric Laurieth Salveshine, and she would be gentle of touch despite her enormous stature.

Firbolgs would also make great fighters, given their innate physical strength and ability to overpower smaller beings. We would name this character Rodar Hardyfist, and we imagine he was asked to leave his village because of his love of conflict and found a place for himself as an adventurer.

A Firbolg monk is virtually unheard of, however combining the wise nature of the Firbolg with a spiritual fighter could make an interesting character. We would call her Katra Quietheart.

We can easily imagine a Firbolg ranger. This character would take it upon themselves to protect their forest home, punishing anyone who would try to disturb it. We would call this character Edgor the Protector.

Funny Names

A good way to create a funny Firbolg name is to use a funny clan name or nickname. Playing a character who is outside of the normal stereotype of their race can be a way to create funny and interesting situations. Here are our ideas for funny Firbolg names:

  • Feirah the Reckless – This character rose up to protect her village from attack but found that she enjoyed battle far more than she ever enjoyed communing with nature. She seeks danger and throws herself at it with reckless abandon.
  • Lutamel Dragonslayer – this is a character who chose a fearsome name to inspire respect in those he meets, but he is unable to live up to his title – because he has never seen, let alone slain a dragon.
  • Omacera the Small – we imagine this character to be on the short side for a Firbolg, but outside of his home he is still a giant.
  • Sarkas Plantsbane – this character was asked to leave his forest home because of his unfortunate allergy and therefore hatred of most plants. Whenever he encounters them, he grumbles and hacks at them.
  • Zibella the Unwise – this character holds true to all of the traits of her race, too much some might say. Even when in danger, she is more interested in speaking to the plants and animals around her and is rarely mentally present for the dangers reality throws upon herself and her group.

Top Names

Our favorite male Firbolg name is Elmaer as it carries some of the mysticism associated with the Firbolg race.

For a female name, we prefer Oriela. This name retains the wisdom of the Firbolg while also sounding feminine.

For a clan name, we like Shamanson. This could be a family of shamans who have served their people for generations as spiritual and magical leaders.

For a druid Firbolg, we like the name Enerie Spiritspring. It shows the bright personality of the character while also hinting at her powerful spiritual magic.

Sarkas Plantsbane is the top funny name, because a Firbolg character who is out of touch with nature is a humerous concept.

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