About Us

Hello visitor,  we are like you, were looking for new ideas for nicknames for our hero. This started as a side hobby, to share some names ideas. Due to positive reply from visitors we decided to do a fantasy name generators….

We try to make original material. We go above and beyond to make the best name generators we can.

It does not matter if you’re looking for a character name for an online roleplaying game, or for a social media screen name where thousands if not hundreds of thousands of participants are all looking for names. We got you covered.

We use large databases of names and we add more constantly. Our names generators have thousands of unique names!

We are constantly working to improve our existing name generators as well as to produce high quality new generators, and we value our user feedback. If you get a dodgy name, or would like to share with us names, let us know
Why does this matter? We think the best way to build websites is to build quality content and let our users decide what’s good. When our users like things, they share our content for us, and we can get on with making new name generators instead of wasting time promoting them! Ultimately, our philosophy is to make content that makes us feel proud and makes our users happy.