Half Elf Names: Origins, Legends, and Name Customs

The Half-Elf race is one of the many interesting playable characters in video games. They are also mentioned in numerous fictional literary works as beings that resulted from the bond of a Human and an Elf. Learn some of the awesome facts about Half-Elfs in this article. You will get to know more about Half-Elf’s history, depiction of other literary works, and their proper naming convention.

Who Are The Half-Elves?

The Half-Elves are the resulting children of Humans and Elves. Although there are no natural laws that prohibit this bond, many of their kin will oppose this idea. The Half-Elves belong to the path of neither Humans nor Elf. They stand center between the two opposing races and are left to decide their fate—to be Human or Elf.

The concept of the Half-Elf race exists in different books and game stories. The most iconic is the Half-Elf representation in The Lord of the Rings. From J.R.R. Tolkien’s perspective, Half-Elves are the result of the union of an Edain (Men) and Eldarin (Elven). They are called in the Sindarin tongue Peredhil, or simply “Half-Elven”. Union between Men and Elves is considered forbidden love. Men and Elves were simply not created to love each other. Although there are few Half-Elf names mentioned in the entire Middle-Earth who disobeyed this forbidden rule. They played an important role in saving Middle-Earth and maintaining its peace, harmony, and beauty. Half-Elves in Tolkien’s mythology have a golden choice to be an immortal Elf or a mortal Man, without diminishing their original Half-Elf bloodline.

Known Half-Elf Names in Tolkien’s Mythology:


Also known as the “Half-Elf Mariner”, Eärendil was the only son of the Elf princess Idril, and a Human warrior Tuor. Tuor, like his father, was considered as “Elf-friend”, and was closely loved by Turgon, Idril’s father. Turgon allowed Tuor to wed his daughter Idril, which eventually led to the birth of  Eärendil. 

Eärendil was the first mortal to reach the shores of Valinor, the Land of the Valar (gods). He sought the Valar and went to their court to plead with them for aid in their fight against the Dark Lord of Middle-Earth. The Valar were moved by his words and accepted his request. Manwe, the leader of the Valar, granted Eärendil and his wife Elwing the golden choice to be either Man or Elf. Elwing chose to remain as an elf and Eärendil chose the same for the sake of his wife. This gift of choice is passed on to all Half-Elf descendants coming from Eärendil and Elwing.


Elros is one of the few Half-Elf named in the story of Middle-Earth. He is the son of Eärendil and Elwing, and the twin brother of Elrond. Both Elros and Elrond were granted the gift of choice to be mortal or immortal. Elros, being fond of the company of Men, chose to become a mortal Man. Although his Elven lineage remained in him, giving him still a huge lifespan compared with a common Man. The Valar prepared an island situated in between Valinor and Middle-Earth to recognize all the good deeds of Men who participated in the great war against the Dark Lord. Elros and his followers, together with the remaining survivors from the House of Hador lived on this island and named it Numenor.

It is from Elros where the great men of Numenor came, which will eventually become the great people who will found Gondor and Arnor in Middle-Earth in the Third Age.


Elrond is a twin Half-Elven brother to Elros. Unlike his brother, Elrond chose the life of an immortal Elf and remained in Middle-Earth for centuries, guarding and protecting it against any form of evil that will attempt to return. He dwell and founded in the lands of Rivendell, a small haven for the Elves located at the northern center below the Misty Mountains. Elrond was an iconic figure, especially during the Third Age of Middle-Earth. He and his forces participated in the War of The Ring and witnessed the defeat of Sauron in Isildur’s hand.

Elrond also played an important role in helping the dwarves of Erebor decipher the moon writing written from their map to Lonely Mountain. Elrond was also responsible for reforging the blade of Elendil, Narsil.

Half-Elves in Games

Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) and Pathfinder are two prominent tabletop games with sources of ideas about Half-Elves. In DnD, a Half-Elf’s life is a bit complex. They possess both the qualities of their Elf and Human parents. They inherited the inventive nature of Men and the nature-loving attitude of the Elves. Men and Elves often differ in perspective and ideologies, but a Half-Elf stand in between and walks in either philosophy. Because of this, Half-Elves are often discriminated—against by both Men and Elves. Elves see them as nothing but Humans, while Humans see them as Elves.

Famous Half-Elf Names in DnD

Tanis Half-Elven

Tanthalas Half-Elven, also known as Tanis Half-Elven, was the main protagonist from the original series Dragonlance. Dragonlance was adopted and published by Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.

Tanis was the son of a Qualinesti Elf, Elansa Sungold, and a human outlaw named Brand. The name Tanthalas means “ever-strong” in the human language, and was given to him by his mother Elansa.


Introduced in the Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures, Arderiel is described as a polite Half-Elf and a talented Fighter-Mage. Arderiel is a Non-Playable Character (NPC) from the game, with various interactions with the players as they play the Forgotten Realms campaign.

Aribeth de Tylmarande

The famous Half-Elf Paladin of Tyr, Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande is one of the prominent Half-Elf characters introduced in the Neverwinter Nights saga, a DnD-based video game released in 2002. Aribeth is one of the many NPCs encountered by players in Neverwinter Nights. She is tasked with investigating the Wailing Death that plagued Neverwinter. She acts as a quest-giver to players during the early stages of the main campaign.

Later in the game, Aribeth will become an antagonist, joining the Blackguard in revenge for the execution of Fenthick, her lover. During the player’s second encounter with Aribeth, the player has a chance to redeem Aribeth back as an ally NPC. Otherwise, she can be killed or imprisoned for the rest of the game.


A Half-Elf Cleric introduced in Baldur’s Gate III, Shadowheart is one of the available companions that can assist the players throughout the game. Shadowheart can be obtained by freeing her from a pod during the Prologue part of the main questline of Baldur’s Gate III.

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How Half-Elves Are Named

Since Half-Elves are neither Humans nor Elves, they can be named in a few ways. Their choice of alignment to being Human or Elf plays an important role in Half-Elf naming. Half-Elves who grew up in a Human society will tend to adapt and become more Human-like. This includes their perspectives, their values, and of course, their name. On the other hand, Half-Elves who grew up in an Elven society will be more Elven-like and will have Elf qualities, knowledge, belief, and names.

To summarize, culture and environment play an important role in how Half-Elves are named. A Half-Elf from a Human society will take Human names, while those living with the Elves have Elven names.

Popular Half-Elf Names Derived from Human Names

  • Baran
  • Benzo
  • Kahir
  • Grimval
  • Duke
  • Garett
  • Ivanne
  • Komal
  • Malgar
  • Pharad

Popular Half-Elf Names Based on Elf Names

  • Ishkavel
  • Garian
  • Celantros
  • Hivarra
  • Yovel
  • Illindir
  • Kha’Lindis
  • Eluviel
  • Caelrhos
  • Quelfa’as

Half-Elf Names and Name Generators

Half-Elf name generators can provide users easy access to thousands of randomly-generated names. The name suggestions by these generators are AI-generated and unique. Half-Elf name generators are highly recommended for users looking for a quick name reference or inspirational name ideas.

More often, users want to create their name versions and will use name generators to get concepts and name conventions. You may not necessarily use the suggested names, but rather, use them to create finer names that you like. Name generators also give users the option to generate male, female, or gender-neutral names. Below are some Half-Elf-generated names from our name generator.

Female Half-Elf Names

  • Vadania Ilphelkiir
  • Sariel Holimion
  • Quillathe Siannodel
  • Quelenna Holimion
  • Naivara Xiloscient
  • Meriele Siannodel
  • Leshanna Ilphelkiir
  • Caelynn Amakiir
  • Antinua Xiloscient
  • Althaea Naïlo

Male Half-Elf Names

  • Thamior Amakiir
  • Soveliss Naïlo
  • Rolen Liadon
  • Riardon Siannodel
  • Laucian Siannodel
  • Immeral Siannodel
  • Berrian Amastacia
  • Beiro Siannodel
  • Arannis Amastacia
  • Aramil Liadon

Neutral Half-Elf Names

  • Frath Agosto
  • Hama Tan
  • Edwen
  • Thylandri
  • Kaelar
  • Althas Wildwind
  • Berun Elderdragon
  • Penaal Auglathia
  • Merev Braveheart
  • Caevlan Giray

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