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Vedalken is a unique race of highly intelligent humanoids who prefer discussions and the exchange of ideas. This reminds us of the Tabaxis who like to explore and learn about the world. However, the Vedalken is quite odd compared to the Tabaxis. They are the type of people who strive for perfection, while at the same time, believes it can never be attained. But hey, they consider this a good motivation anyway. The idea of striving for perfection, despite considering it to be unattainable, makes the Vedalken excited and enthusiastic about any opportunity for improvement.

Vedalkens are tall and slim humanoids with heights taller than most humans but weigh just the same. They have hairless blue-colored skin, with eyes of dark shades between blue or violet. They don’t have external ears, their noses are broad and flat, and they are partially amphibious.

There are little to no detailed accounts regarding the origins or history of the Vedalken. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll tackle more about the personal traits of the Vedalken and provide suggested names from them. You’ll be introduced to a list of DnD 5e Top 10 Male and Female Vedalken names. Not only that, we’ll add a list of our Funny Vedalken names and a ranking of our Top 10 Best Vedalken names at the end of this guide.

Exciting, right? If you’re feeling lucky, you may check our DnD 5e Vedalken Name Generator for some quick Vedalken names. You may stumble upon a name that you may want to use for your next DnD adventure! The names provided here are unique and free to use!

Cold-hearted Perfectionists

Vedalken is often seen as cold or emotionless by other races. They tend to be so serious when talking, pointing only straight to facts without a trace of humor in it. But engage with them the right way, you’ll find a talkative and active Vedalken. Moreover, Vedalken also feels every bit of emotion as all other creature does. They are just skilled in hiding or suppressing emotions especially if unnecessary. So, branding them as cold-hearted or emotionless is a bit unfair for them.

What makes them unique are their secretive personalities. They prefer to talk and engage about other topics and will not wish to share their personal lives (thus, the cold treatment). They consider friendship not because of personal ties, but for the nice mutual interests or compromised disagreements. They would rather discuss factual opinions about a certain topic instead of sharing their feelings about it.

Vedalken’s curious and intellectual minds attract them to become members of either the Azorius Senate, the Simic Combine, or the Izzet League. They put to use their intelligence in crafting and improving things; regardless of which guild they were affiliated with. Vedalken believes that perfection can be attained through education, deliberation, and experimentation. Although they also consider the path to perfection as something impossible to achieve. Because of this, most Vedalken is obsessed with perfecting themselves, whether through Simic bioengineering or doing extensive studies. Others focus on creating a perfect society by drafting laws and plans.

Below is the summary of Vedalken’s racial features and traits.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Vedalkens are highly intelligent people. They have a bonus +2 to Intelligence and a bonus +1 to Wisdom.


Vedalken interestingly matures more slowly than humans. They reach maturity at the age of 40 and their life span can reach as old as 350 years, with few reaching the age of 500.


Vedalkens are peaceful creatures, having an alignment of Lawful and non-evil.


Medium-sized. Vedalkens are taller than average humans having a height of 6 to 6 ½  feet. Their bluish body is slender and they only weigh less than 200 pounds.


Vedalken base walking speed is 30 feet.

Vedalken Dispassion

Vedalken’s intelligence and wisdom give them an advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma related saving throws.

Tireless Precision

Vedalken’s knowledge reaches many heights. They can gain proficiency in one of the following skills: Arcana, History, Investigation, Medicine, Performance, or Sleight of Hand. They are also proficient with one tool of their choice.

Additionally, whenever the Vedalken makes an ability check with the chosen skill or tool, they can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to the check’s total.

Partially Amphibious

Vedalken’s bluish hue allows them to absorb oxygen through their skin. They can breathe underwater for up to 1 hour. Once the Vedalken reaches this limit, they can’t use this trait until they finish a long rest.


Vedalkens can speak, read, and write in Common, Vedalken, and one other language of their choice.

Vedalken name suggestions in the following section. Have you tried our DnD 5e Vedalken Name Generator? Try it for free!

D&D 5e Vedalken Names

Vedalken names are given from birth by the parents. Young adult Vedalken may change their name as they mature depending on how they see themselves. Their secretive nature makes them not disclose their family names to others. They have a distinction between male and female names. Vedalken names are pronounced short, having only two syllables at least and three to four syllables at most.

Top 10 DnD 5e Male Vedalken Names






When using this male Vedalken name, your character has a scholarly attitude and prefers conversations based on written histories and annals. You dislike hearsays.

Altyn was said to have read the history of the sacred deities down to the hidden civilization of the Tritons.



This Vedalken name describes your character as someone who puts his interest in technology and advanced automatons. Warforged humanoids fascinate you.

 Bilran’s obsessions with the Warforged made him well-versed in their anatomy and composition. He is a known artificer that Warforged consults for body modifications.



Your Vedalken name describes you as someone who puts interest in cartography. Your vast knowledge of the continents and seas earned you the title ‘The Navigator’.

Ordum was the first humanoid to draw an exact map replica of Ravnica and published it throughout the continent.



When using this male Vedalken name, you represent a wise character whose interests are with the history and culture of the Tritons. You often venture on random spots across the ocean in hopes of meeting a real-life Triton.

Nediir encountered a Triton when he was a young boy. Now mature, he desires to meet that Triton again so he could learn about the stories and culture of the Tritons.



Your Vedalken name depicts a character who has an interest in gemology, a rare art introduced by the dwarves in harvesting, carving, and cutting precious gemstones.

Drillam created his way in harnessing a gemstone. A method that is so precise that no edges or particle of the gemstone is wasted in the process.



This Vedalken name describes a character who has a deep interest in political laws and policies. He seeks to create a perfect society where the balance between the government, the oligarchs, and the commoners are attained.

Fiolmar was responsible for the military system that the town of Erdon implemented. A system by which commoners are allowed to prove themselves in battle and to garner higher social status, leaving the old and common oligarchs away from their monopoly but into competition with the commoners.



When using this Vedalken name, you are a Vedalken character who involves himself with alchemy and botany. You like conversing with vagabond druids on random forests.

Zokil compiled a book about herbal remedies he learned from the druids he met. He also added some personally modified formulas to it.



You are a bit different Vedalken when using this name. Yes, you like intelligent conversations but you tend to be more interested in learning warfare and conflicts.

Ovalan is a great warfare strategist, an occupation rarely taken by Vedalken people.



This Vedalken name describes a character who has an interest in the culture, history, and nature of all visible races in the continent. You have a liking in participating in various cultures, whether it be Orcish, Goblinoid, Elven, or Human.

Nhillag takes every learning he experiences as nothing but part of his stepping stone in attaining perfection in knowledge of races.



Your Vedalken name describes someone who wishes to attain perfection through speech and communications. You studied multiple languages and wish to master them all.

Rievan is a master of 6 languages. But he wishes to learn more and would only tire out his ambition if he can speak all the languages of the world.

More male Vedalken name suggestions from our DnD 5e Vedalken Name Generator. Try it now for some free and unique names.

Top 10 DnD 5e Female Vedalken Names




This female Vedalken name describes your character as someone obsessed with the knowledge and secrets of beauty. You strive to become the perfect example of a Vedalken who can reproduce perfect beauty in all things great and small.

Akko is a talented artisan who sees beauty in all her creations. She lives to learn the secrets of beauty and how beauty can be restored from its defilement.



Your female Vedalken name is a character of determination and passion. You are puzzled by how other humans become lazy or idle. You see the world as an open field of opportunity that everyone should traverse immediately while they are alive.

Dymrel sometimes never sleeps if she finds an interesting thing. Whether it be an artifact or a piece of new knowledge or hearsay, she would tend to investigate outright.



When using this female Vedalken name, your character aspires to reach the heights and greatness of the celestial deities. Her attempts mostly end in vain, for trying to possess the same capability of the Aasimars to wield radiant energy.

Yriel’s obsession with the celestials made her envy all of the Aasimars as she wishes to transform himself to the likes of them; a step closer from the celestial deities.



Your female Vedalken name is a character who aspire to perfect or master certain arcane spells related to manipulation. You wish to learn a widescale spell to manipulate multiple people into becoming intellectual thinkers.

Kollar wishes to create an ideal society where everyone understood one another and addresses conflict through debates instead of duels or wars.



Your female Vedalken name suggests a character who wants to attain perfection in the mystic arts such as communing with spirits or summoning familiars.

Fahlin never gets tired of researching forbidden mystic arts. She gladly discusses it with her peers and friends who share the same interest.



When using this female Vedalken name, your character is a proud smith. You research and learn as many techniques and secrets in smithing as you can.

Hoelle mastered the smithing art of the Dwarves, Humans, and Orcs. She now pursues the skill level of the Elves and the Tritons.



Your female Vedalken name describes an intuitive and clever character. You are part of the endless bureaucracy of the Azorius Senate and you’ve created policies and laws that were proven beneficial for the city.

Although there are policies imposed by the senate that greatly affect commoners and oligarchs, these policies were proven to be beneficial in the long run.



Your female Vedalken character is a member of the Simic Combine who experimented on victims of plagues and diseases.

Despite being unethical, Suvethi is fully dedicated to knowing the causes of a deadly disease and cure it.



Your female Vedalken name describes a character whose interests are focused heavily on scientific advancements. This includes automating an irrigation system or creating imprinting machines to maximize the spreading of news and announcements.

Lokoya is called ‘The Inventor’ for her useful creations that helped the communities in agriculture and publishing.



This female Vedalken name is a character that belongs to the High Command council—A military organization assigned to training and producing elite troops. You are interested in the advancements of the elite troops physically and mentally. Your methods of training for the soldiers are only considered one of the many possible experiments that you want to perform for them.

Izereth believed that a perfect society is backed by a powerful army. She joined the High Command to train and experiment with the soldiers and transform them into elite troops.

A Guide to Funny Vedalken Names

Why so serious to our Vedalken fellows? In this section, let’s add humor to the names of the wise and intellectual Vedalken race. Who doesn’t love funny names anyway? We surely want to see a funny name for the Vedalken in our next DnD playthrough. Check out some of our suggested funny names below.



A Vedalken who believes that “You Only Live Once”. So, he makes sure to gather all the information he can about DnD.


A Vedalken who likes noodles.


A Vedalken is known as a Na’vi who fell in love with a human. Oh wait, is this an Avatar reference?


In English, means ‘blue’. Did we mention that Vedalkens have bluish skins?

Blue Marlin

A Vedalken who likes to swim in the ocean.


Also known as Ronan the Accuser. He is a Vedalken who wields the power stone… oh wait, is this a Marvel reference? But at least he’s blue for a Kree.


Also known as the Nightcrawler in X-Men series. Oh, he is like a mixed breed of Vedalken and a Tiefling. He can teleport too!


A female Vedalken who left her shoe in a scientific paper seminar. Too bad, a good-looking Vedalken was there to flirt with her.


A female Vedalken who has a human name. We just think it’s nice to see a Vedalken named Mariel.


A cold-hearted Vedalken. Very cold when placed near you.

Top Vedalken Names Suggestions

We’re down to the last part of this name guide. As a finale, we’ll give you a list of our Top 10 Best Vedalken names based on our earlier name suggestions for male and female Vedalken. Our selection is weighed depending on how the name sounds in a “Vedalken” sense, how the background meaning or story fits well with the race, and of course some personal biases from the names that we want to see in any D&D game.






Earning our Top 1 spot is the name Suvethi. The name gives us a good impression of a Vedalken name and at the same time, we like the background lore about a dedicated Vedalken who wishes to cure diseases despite unethical means of experimenting with the dead.





The Vedalken name ‘Rievan’ sounds like a character who is wise and knowledgeable. We are placing it on the second spot for this reason while at the same time, we like the idea of a Vedalken who is obsessed with languages the world has to offer.





The name represents determination and passion. Dymrel gives off a good Vedalken sound for a name. The lore is also interesting, describing Dymrel as a character who gets overly excited about new ideas and things.





This female Vedalken name describes a Vedalken that is involved with politics. Not just a simple female individual involved with lowly politics, but a person involved with policymaking and lawmaking. We are placing this name on the 4th spot for the awesome lore and nice name tone.





Nedir the Triton Seeker earns our 5th spot for this list. The name sounds Vedalken-like, although not as attractive as the first names above. We love the idea of having a Vedalken obsessed with writing down histories of the Triton. Tritons are rare and not well-known and some even consider them as myths or legends.





This name is our favorite pick for this list. Altyn sounds simple and straightforward. It gives off a nice ring when pronounced. The background lore is also interesting, describing a Vedalken who prefers facts to hearsays.





First off, Izereth sounds very Vedalken-like. Second, we like the background story of a Vedalken who experiments (secretly) on the soldiers in the hopes of creating an elite army. While, again, this may sound unethical because the soldiers are unaware that they are being experimented on, this will prove to benefit the kingdom if the results are successful.





The name Ovalan also gives us a good tone for a Vedalken name. Additionally, the lore surrounding Ovalan is about him being an intelligent strategist. Most Vedalken do not involve themselves with warfare, but not Ovalan. We are placing his name on the 8th spot for these reasons.





Just like Yavriya, Fiolmar is a male version of a Vedalken involved with politics. The name is not much Vedalken but it still has a nice ring in it. Additionally, the idea of having a Vedalken who imposes equality on the state is quite awesome.





Lastly, also one of our favorites is the name Akko. The name is quite simple and sounds like a female Vedalken. The background lore about being obsessed with the knowledge of beauty is an additional point too.

There are more race-specific names aside from the Vedalken. Feel free to visit our D&D 5e Name Generator for more names. The names provided here are new, unique, and free. Try it!


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