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This DnD Warforged name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Warforged in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Warforged name.

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Human creativeness was shaped by the never-ending wars and conflicts. Warring kingdoms compete with one another to produce brand new ideas and make advanced weaponry. The race for military supremacy over time lead to the creation of automaton soldiers. The Warforged, as we call them, were a mindless automaton designed to fight for wars. They are the finest addition in the arsenal of a country aside from their soldiers and knights. Initially, Warforged were built only for warfare and do not have a mind of their own. The House of Cannith, one of the renowned creators of Warforged, was able to improve a generation of Warforged and successfully added consciousness and thoughts to them.

In this guide, we’ll describe the Warforged and create appropriate names for them. You’ll be introduced to a list of our Best D&D 5e Warforged Names. Not only that, we’ll add to the list some Class-Specific Warforged Names and a list of Funny Warforged Names. There’s also a ranking of our Top Warforged Name Suggestions at the end of this guide.

Exciting! You may also take a quick detour to our DnD 5e Warforged Name Generator for some instant Warforged name suggestions and references.

Let’s get started!

Sapient Automatons

Warforged were first introduced as additional soldiers for the Last War. They are expected to be disposable and follow the bidding of their creators. But after the successful experiment of the House of Cannith, Warforged became sapient, having a mind of their own. After the Last War, many Warforged remains to exist and were accepted as a new species. They now live to find a purpose of their own: A purpose that is beyond the war where they were first intended to be used.

Warforged were constructed from combinations of organic and inorganic materials. Root-like cords with alchemical compounds serve as their base muscles, wrapped with steel, darkwood, or stone. Armored plates cover most of these muscles to serve as a protective outer shell and reinforced joints. Their face shares a common design having a hinged jaw and crystal eyes. Physical attributes of a Warforged may vary depending on the materials used in creating them. Their design may differ depending on their purpose. Slim and light-armored Warforged is designed for scouting and ambush, while bulky and heavy-armored Warforged is for sieges and front lines. Despite Warforged being artificial, they are still living humanoids that can feel pain and exhaustion. Resting, healing magic, and Medicine skills can still be applied to them.

Warforged does not display emotion. They cannot show facial reactions due to their artificial face. But this does not mean they are heartless or lack empathy. In fact, Warforged tends to cling to a noble purpose such as protecting their allies or savoring moments for completing quests. They embrace heroic deeds with their heart as they once did during wars. There are also Warforged who indulge themselves in exploring their feelings, sense of freedom, and relationship with others. Warforged have no interest in religion, but few acknowledge faith and mysticism to seek a higher purpose or calling.
Below is the summary of Warforged racial features and traits.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Warforged is designed for long and extreme battles. They have a bonus +2 to Constitution and a bonus +1 to any ability score of their choice.


Warforged is built in a body that is between two and thirty years old. The maximum lifespan of a Warforged is unknown. They do not show any signs of deterioration. They are immune to magical aging effects.


Most Warforged prefers order and discipline. They tend to lean toward Lawful Neutral. Although some preferred morality, or lack thereof.


Medium-sized. Warforged are between 5 to 6 feet tall and weigh at least 270 pounds. Warforged can set their height and weight randomly by using the formula below:

Size Modifier = 2d6

Height = 5 feet + 10 inches + Size Modifier in inches

Weight in pounds = 270 + (4 x Size Modifier)


Warforged base walking speed is 30 feet.

Constructed Resilience

Warforged is created to have a great fortitude with the following benefits:

–          Warforged has an advantage on saving throws against being poisoned. Warforged have a passive resistance to poison damage.

–          Warforged does not need to eat, drink, or breathe.

–          Warforged is immune to disease.

–          Warforged does not need to sleep to rest, and magic can’t put them to sleep.

Sentry’s Rest

Warforged long rest is different from the others. When taking a long rest, Warforged must spend at least six hours in an inactive, immobile state, rather than sleeping. In this state, Warforged appears inactive but remains conscious. They can see and hear as normal.

Integrated Protection

Warforged’s body has built-in defense layers that can be enhanced further with armors:

–          Warforged has a bonus +1 to Armor Class

–          Warforged can only don armor that they have proficiency. To don an armor, they must merge it into their body for 1 hour. You remain in contact with the armor in this process. To doff armor, the Warforged must spend 1 hour to remove it from its body. Donning and doffing armor can be done while resting.

Specialized Design

Warforged has an advantage in gaining one skill proficiency and one tool proficiency of their choice.


Warforged can speak, read, and write the Common tongue and another language of their choice.

Suggested names in the next section! Take a break and try our DnD Warforged Name Generator for more name suggestions.

Best DnD Warforged Names

Warforged is mass-produced when they were first brought up in the world. They were assigned numerical numbers for military use. When the Last War was over, Warforged were given the freedom to live life as they please. Many of them adopted names given to them by their human comrades. This does not limit them, however. Now living an independent life, they may also choose new names to express their chosen path. Some may also tend to take human names of fallen friends or mentors.

Also, Warforged does not have a gender. Most of them ignore the concept of gender identity, but few adopt one. As they develop their individuality, they will most likely modify their body parts to fit their chosen gender. They may seek an artificer to customize their looks and add a brush of femininity or masculinity in their faces, add curves or muscles in their waist, etc.

Check out some of our best-picked D&D Warforged names below.



Your gender preference is female. You are a female Warforged who specializes in pursuit and trailing operations. No public enemy has ever escaped your tracking skills.

Originally named WF-021A, she survived the Last War and served in the Pursuer Regiment.


You are a lively and funny Warforged when using this name. People called you ‘Breaker’ because of your clumsiness and weak footing. You often break vases and ceramic plates.

Initially known as SC-3C, Breaker belong to the Scouting Legion of the Imperial army. He lost his right leg during the war.  An artificer helped him walk again by replacing the leg with a metal rod from a broken fence. He never walked the same since then.


You belong to the Firing Regiment of the royal army when using this name. You and your regiment are a group of Warforged Gunslingers that snipe enemies from afar.

Shrapnel often introduces his real name as WG-009. He hates being called ‘Shrapnel’.


You belong to a group of adventurers who seek to fulfill quests from towns or sometimes take up bounty hunting quests. They call you ‘Blast’ because of your expertise in creating explosives.

WD-06A, also known as Blast, is a Warforged Demolisher from the Last War. He now uses his demolition expertise in solving problems together with his companions.


You are a Warforged that is assigned to be part of the garrison troop. You belong to the frontlines, fighting off waves of Goblins or Orcs when the city is besieged.

Your real name is WF-130D, the garrison commander named you ‘the Conscript’ for being the newest member of the garrison troops.


You work as a shopkeeper assistant at the center of the city. You share your smithing skills with your mentor to create farming and gardening tools. The most striking feature about you is the Pernach that you always carry wherever you go.

Thomas the Smith named you Pernach because of the mace you always carry. He believes that there is a sentimental value for the mace to the point you do not wish to let leave it.  


You are a simpleton Warforged who desires only to laugh and be happy wherever you go. You love wearing capes, thus the name implied to you.

Unlike most of the Warforged during the Last War, WF-101A has a strong emotion that lets him feel fear in battle. Many times his comrades saved him and many times his comrades died for him. He carried this pain throughout his life until the war ended.


You are one of the few excellent and brave heroes of the Last War. You were granted a Captain position and serve as the leader of the Footman regiment. You are best known for your parrying skills with a small buckler and no huge or sharp weapon can land a strike to your plate.

WF-X-01 belongs to the few elite Warforged series ever made. His soldiers called him ‘Captain Buckler’.


You belong to the garrison troop when using this name. Passersby and merchants call you ‘Gate’ because you are the first to inspect their items of baggage when they enter the city.

SC-1P belong to the Scouting Legion during the Last War. He has sharp and keen eyes and can easily identify enemies from afar—a trait that is also useful for inspecting travelers.


You are one of the few Warforged who took the rogue life. You joined a band of bandits and join them in raids and thievery. They call you ‘Bombardier’ because of the embedded mechanical guns and launchers in your right hand.

WD-67X is a special prototype that was thought to be killed during the Last War. A group of bandits found his lifeless body and decided to bring him to a bandit artificer for repair. They reconstructed you to be an explosives carrier.

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Class-Specific Names for Warforged

In this section, we’ll create suggested names for specific classes that players may pick for their DnD Warforged character. This guide will feature three of the twelve available classes from the Player’s Handbook: the Fighter class, the Barbarian class, and the Cleric class.

The Warforged Fighter

Warforged were created for battle. It is not surprising for players to pick the Fighter class for a Warforged character. Fighter class centers on Strength or Dexterity. A Warforged character can easily adapt to this ability score as needed or depending on the likeness of the player. Warforged also enjoys the Fighting Style trait, the Martial Archetype, and the Extra Attack, because they can be cored into performing damage if players prefer it over utility or supporting role. Check out some of our D&D 5e Warforged Fighter name suggestions below.



Your weapon preference is a pike, thus the name. You are the cavalry’s bane and you are an expert in dismounting mounted enemies from their steeds.


You hide a dozen of estoc inside your thick plating. When using this name, your character is a traveling Warforged Fighter who seeks a duel with random swordsmen for fun.


You are a bulky and tall Warforged Fighter carrying a huge ax who explores and protect the forests against illegal woodcutters and poachers. Nearby villagers are friendly to you as you are friendly to them.


You are a crossbow-carrying Warforged Fighter. During the Last War, you are part of the crossbow division. You and few Warforged survivors decided to part ways and choose a life of your own. You work as a town hall guard in the morning and a night lookout during the evening.


You are a Warforged Fighter who uses fist weapons such as caestus, claws, or gauntlets. Your quick and fast reflexes allow you to close the gap between you and your enemy.

This name can also be used for a Warforged Monk if desired by a player.

The Warforged Barbarian

Like the Fighter class, Barbarians also centers its ability score to Strength followed by Constitution. A Barbarian class is not a bad pick for a Warforged character if players desire to prioritize damage over utility and defense. Although Warforged Barbarians are at a disadvantage because there are Armor traits that are set aside when utilizing Barbarian traits (Unarmored Defense for example). But if players are confident to go for an all-out offensive character, Warforged Barbarian is right for them. Check out some of our DnD 5e Warforged Barbarian name suggestions below.



You are a Warforged Barbarian who looted the ‘materials’ of other fallen Warforged during the Last War. Your intention was pure, however, desiring to be more powerful to protect yourself and your comrades.


You are a defiled Warforged Barbarian who became savage and insane from the Last War. Your story is unknown as to why and how you became enraged and wild Goblins and traveling humans avoid you as much as possible.


You work for a certain Warlock when using this Warforged Barbarian name. The Warlock calls you Wrath for your powerful and merciless attitude against intruders.


You are an aggressive and impulsive Warforged Barbarian who attacks enemies without a plan. Your comrades often have troubles with your reckless attitude.


You are a tactical Warforged Barbarian who examines the battlefield before entering the battle. You hurl stones and pellets to enemies from afar, thus your name ‘Barrage’.

This name can also be used for a Warforged Gunslinger or Ranger if desired by a player.

The Warforged Cleric

Few Warforged enter the service of the church to fight evil in the name of the sacred gods. Players may consider the Cleric class for their Warforged characters if they want to have a utility or support role. Warforged Clerics are great for exterminating evil creatures such as Undead and Zombies. They can also use spells to treat wounds or fortify weapons. Cleric class, however, centers its ability score to Wisdom while Strength or Constitution is a secondary ability score. Check out some of our DnD 5e Warforged Cleric name suggestions below.



A Warforged Cleric who carries a battle scepter. This battle scepter can be used to cast mending spells and protective barriers when needed.


Your brothers in the Cleric church called you ‘Morningstar’ because you fancy this weapon. Although most Clerics prefer blunted maces, you prefer a spike-covered mace such as a Morningstar.


You are a reliable Warforged Cleric that prioritizes protecting his comrades in battle. Your comrades rejoice when you arrive at the battlefield, exclaiming “The Vanguard is here!”.


You hated demons and fiends above any other creatures when using this Warforged Cleric name. Why you despise these creatures are still unknown to the Cleric church.


A straightforward Warforged Cleric name. You bear with you the symbol of peace, easing any tensions or conflicts that happened before your arrival.

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A Guide to Funny Warforged Names

“Warforged are created for war, for destruction, and ruin!” Well, that’s supposed to be their purpose. But the war is over and Warforged now live peacefully for themselves. It turns out, the Warforged can have a funny nature too. Think of the Warforged as some random robotic friend that is somehow hilarious and illogical. They analyze things loudly without you asking them. They do not understand emotional cues and do not know how to filter feelings. Oh, and they are so conscious of their appearance and will tend to polish themselves non-stop! In this section, we’ll produce some funny names for the Warforged race. Check them out below.



A Warforged who, you know, likes to kick. He kicks to express discontent, or express joy. He simply kicks.


His friends call him Stuck because he often has a long and deep pause trying to understand a simple joke.


A Warforged with a flamethrower in his left hand, not for warfare but for toasting bread for their customers.


A Warforged who thought that having a square hip makes her attractive.


A Warforged who likes to say racist slurs. He calls the Tritons “aquatic psychos”.

Spoon & Fork

A two-headed Warforged. Spoon tried to revive Fork when his body started to malfunction. The only way for him to save Fork is to embed him on his body. They now share the same body but think differently.

Pastry Dough

A Warforged working as a pastry chef.


A Warforged who likes to sell pots. For planting, okay?


His friends call him random names. From dude to bro, or homie. This confuses him so he decided to call himself ‘Stuffs’.

Ed Sheeran

A singing Warforged. Why not? Ed sounds like a Warforged okay?

Top Warforged Names Suggestions

We’re on the ending part of our guide about naming the Warforged race. We get to know more about the Warforged from the earlier sections are see name suggestions for them. We also discuss possible name suggestions for Class-specific Warforged characters. In this section, we’ll rank all our name suggestions into our Top 10 Warforged Name list. We based the ranking on the background story of the name and how well it fits a Warforged character. Check them out below.

Class Suggestion





The term ‘Arbalest’ is already cool for us. We see this name on a Warforged character that wields a crossbow and has good accuracy. We also like the background lore as someone who works as a guard to maintain peace and order.





Pernach is a type of flanged mace used in the 12th century. We think this name will make a unique sound for a Warforged character. We also like the background story of a quiet Warforged who always carries a mace and we do not even know why! There’s a lot of stories to be told further.





Blast is one of our favorites when it comes to the rankings. We like the idea of an adventuring Warforged who’s just so good at solving problems with explosives. Boom.




Since Warforged is an automaton, we are opening possibilities that there exists a group of Warforged who has guns. We call them Warforged Gunslingers. We like the concept of a grumpy Warforged who hates the name granted to him.





Of course, we want to add to the list a Warforged name that describes a tactical Barbarian. Most Barbarians are aggressive and impulsive, but Barrage is different. We see him as careful and strategic. Oh, did we also mention that he also excels in ranged combat via throwing weapons? Quite a change for a Barbarian character.





Earning our 6th spot is the reliable Vanguard. Of course, Warforged is protective with their comrades and may tend to sacrifice themselves for others. We like the idea of a Warforged Cleric having such an attitude. Interestingly, we can also use this name for a Warforged Paladin.





We see Cape as a simpleton Warforged. He loves wearing capes and only wants to laugh. His dark past explains his simpleton nature. We think this name and lore deserves a spot on the list.






You fancy this spiked weapon that’s why they call you Morningstar. But apart from that, it allows us to consider the name for a Warforged Cleric, Barbarian, or a Fighter.





Of course, there are Warforged who serve dark masters such as a Warlock. We like the concept of being named ‘Wrath’ because of its merciless nature with no concern for life as if killing is a default.





Lastly, Fist is for Warforged characters that excel in hand-held weapons. Why not? Warforged is built for battle and weaponry is nothing but tools for them. What we like most about this name is it also allows us to consider this name even for a Monk class.

For other race-specific names for DnD 5e, visit our D&D 5e Name Generator. The names found here are unique and free! Try it now.


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