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This World of WarCraft Human name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Human in your MMORPG game, then you will need to find the right Human names.

You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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About Humans

The earliest history of the first humans was rooted back from the ancient race of the Vrykul, , a seed race created by the first titans of Azeroth which populates Northrend. Around 15,000 years ago, the Vrykul of the Dragonflayer clan started to preach about the abandonment of their titan gods. They blame this abandonment from the generations of Vrykul that were born weak and ugly. They branded this as an ill omen, signaling that the titan gods are not pleased with their race. The king of the Vrykul, King Ymiron, ordered all such children to be killed, including the parents who would defy their “racial cleansing”. Not all Vrykul parents followed such a ruthless order and they started to flee away from Northrend. These Vrykul ventured in faraway lands, in the hopes of finding Trisfal Glades, where the mightiest watcher Tyr was said to be buried. The Vrykul parents who managed to reach Trisfal Glades left their children there, marking the first arrival of the earliest human race in the Eastern soils.

In this guide, we’ll get to know more about the primary race in the World of Warcraft universe, the Human race. You’ll be introduced to our list of WOW Top Male and Female Human Names. Added to that, we’ll add a list of some WOW Funny Human Names and a ranking list of our WOW Top Human Name Suggestions.

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The 7 Kingdoms and the Rise of Lordaeron and Stormwind

The Human race played numerous important roles in the Warcraft universe. They are one of the core players in Azeroth who opposed the first invasion of the Burning Legion. It was the Humans who pioneered the Alliance of Azeroth against the Legion. Most detailed history of the Human race dates back to the founding of the first Human kingdom, Arathor. The Arathi tribe unified multiple nomadic Human tribes by offering peace and equality in exchange for family ties and loyalty to a single ruler. Eventually, the kingdom of Arathor was created, with Strom as its main capital. During this time, the High Elves of Quel’Thalas are at war with the trolls. They seek the aid of the kingdom of Arathor under the condition of teaching them the use of magic to select human individuals. Under these conditions, the first alliance of Humans and High Elves was formed and they were able to defeat the trolls.

Peace was restored for several centuries after the Troll Wars, and the prosperous city-states of Arathor started to declare independence from one another. The kingdom of Gilneas was founded to the west; the kingdom of Alterac, Dalaran, and Lordaeron resides to the northwest; the kingdom of Kul Tiras to the southwest; and the kingdom of Stormwind to the far south. The capital city of Strom was renamed Stromgarde and also became an independent kingdom at the heart of the former kingdom of Arathor.

But that is just the start of the many stories to tell about Humans. Over a millennium later, the first invasion of the Horde appeared in Azeroth which devastated the nation of Stormwind to ruins. It is during the First War that the separated nations of humans decided to revive an old alliance called the Alliance of Lordaeron. The alliance didn’t last long, most especially after the First War due to its costly price in maintaining the alliance itself. Another disaster came with the coming of the Lich King which eventually led to the fall of the strongest human kingdom by this time, Lordaeron. A plague of the undead was spread in the northern waters of Lordaeron, transforming villagers and soldiers into an undead minion, serving the Lich King. The Fall of Lordaeron happened completely after Arthas Menethil, the heir to the throne of Lordaeron, became manipulated and eventually became the Champion of the Lich King in Northrend—the events that we witnessed in the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne game.

The recent invasion of the Burning Legion and the plague of the Lich King during the Third War devasted thoroughly the entire northern Human Kingdoms. But the newly organized Alliance was able to restore most of the Human settlements and resources over the past years. They were able to rebuild the great Stormwind City back to its former glory along with other allied settlements of the Dwarves and Gnomes. With the fall of Lordaeron, the country of Stormwind became the strongest bastion of human civilization.

WOW Human Appearance

Human skin color ranges from dark to light brown, with some having darker or whiter hues. Their eye color varies between blue, brown, green, gray, black, or hazel. Human hair is commonly brown, black, or blonde, with few having red or golden hairs. Like the dwarves, most Men grow long beards while women wear long hairs. The human physique is more muscular and sturdier than elves, but they are much thin-looking compared to dwarves. Their hair becomes gray or white as they grow old.

WOW Human Traits and Classes

There are nine (9) available classes for the Human race as summarized in the table below:

In-Game Role
In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Plate DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)


Melee or Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


The Human Racial Traits are summarized below:


Will to Survive


Humans are hardy and adapt to most environments and experiences they can endure.

Upon activation, removes all stun effects. This effect shares a 90 seconds cooldown with other similar effects.



Humans are straightforward and outspoken. They can get along with other races and gain their trust.

Humans gain an increase in Reputation by 10%.

The Human Spirit

Human’s adaptiveness grants them additional bonuses to all secondary stats from all sources.

Humans gain 2% more of all secondary stats (Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility) from all sources.

Editor’s Notes: If we base on Racial passives and traits, you can see that a Human character is versatile and flexible. You can play around on different classes depending on the role you want in-game. For instance, a player may pick a Human Warrior or a Human Death Knight if you prefer physical damage with a zest of tankiness. A Human Paladin or a Human Priest is good a good choice for a support or tank role. The Human Mage and Human Warlock are also viable if you prefer a magic dealer character. If a player prefers a damage-centered character (DPS) whether melee or ranged, a Human Hunter or a Human Rogue is preferable for them. A Human character also benefits from the Will to Survive trait, allowing them to relieve themselves from stun disabling abilities.

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Human Names

Human names are, well, humans. There are names similar to our modernized names (outside the fantasy world of Warcraft, we mean). But most names have influences from the Common Tongue in the World of Warcraft. Names that sound noble, unique, or someone that displays power and might. Most Human names are derived from the Common tongue, but there are instances that Human names have Dwarven and Elven influences in terms of words or syllabi. Examples of names that may sound Dwarven are Thoradin, Turalyon, and Bolvar. Examples of names that may have Elven influences are Trion, Aegwyn, and Medivh. With regards to Human names that are based on real-life, these names are commonly derived from Latin names such as Baron, Maxwell, Halford, Marcus, and Alexandros.

Top 10 WoW Male Human Names




This male Human name describes a noble knight.

Drellian hail in the western fold of Gilneas, training his mind and body in the virtues of the Gilnean Knight Order.



The name “Egron” is granted to few Human mages who have a respectable character.

Egron lived and studied in the halls of the Church of Light in Stormwind, mastering the arts of Divine magic.



This Human name describes a venerable paladin.

Yandrel carries with him the sanctified Hammer of Woe; a relic passed down to him by his paladin predecessor Yfrain. Purging undead and reversing blights are his specialties.



This name is for a character born of nobility. He is a prince born from the kingdom of Dalaran.

Artimo was mentored by a High Elf mage in arcane arts. He somehow finds the use of magic addicting yet satisfying.



This male Human name describes a nomadic warrior. He lived a nomadic life in the forests of Duskwood, together with a small band of traveling merchants.

Branwyld was abandoned at an early age and the people who raised him believed that he is of noble birth.



Delkov describes a crafty and powerful young warlock. He lived with the mages of Dalaran with their High Elf mentors.

Delkov’s curiosity led him to the forbidden arts of necromancy and summoning—an art that he wishes to wield one day.



The name “Simoun” is for a free-spirited and liberated character. Living a life of a merchant, Simoun often spends his time trading technologies and schematics with his Gnome customers.

Simoun fancies a hand-crafted pistol as his primary weapon.



This male Human name is attributed to a brute and powerful berserker fighter. Ulraag trained and lived with some vagabond and peaceful Orcs in Khaz Modan. They trained you in the martial art of berserk, a unique Orcish fighting style that they pioneered during the first war.



This name is attributed to a character belonging to the Scout Regiment of the Alliance.

Vyntral came from the Kingdom of Alterac where skilled rangers and rogues are trained and produced.



The Inimitable Paladin. This name is for a Human Paladin who fervently follows the beliefs and customs of the Church of Light.

He swore to defend the Church with his life and to liberate the plagued cities of Lordaeron.

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Top 10 WoW Female Human Names





This female Human name has its elven influence from the word “Varindelle”, a once-famous High Elf city before the Troll Wars arose.

The great ancestors passed down this name to few females who bear the mark of Arcanum—a mark that signifies the presence of one of the ancient High Elves who taught the first arathorians to wield magic.



The name “Xynzia” describes a skillful female marksman. She is proficient with bows and rifles and her accuracy is unrivaled.

Women are not always accepted in the Rifle Regiment of the Alliance because they see women as ignorant when it comes to machines, and weak in handling rifle blasts. She proved them wrong. 



The Human name “Artynea” is for a brave and daring adventurer.

Hailing from the ports of Kul Tiras, Arynea trained with the Gnomes and Dwarves in shipbuilding and voyaging.



This Human name is associated with a deceitful and sinister rogue character. Originally coming from the kingdom of Alterac, Amenna is skilled with the art of deceit and stealth. She takes up contracts of assassinations and suspicious trades.



This name is befitting for a formidable Human sorceress.

Kantrea studied and practiced the different forms of arcane in Kil Tiras under the supervision of Jaina Proudmoore.



The name “Prietha” is for characters depicted as proud and remarkable paladin. Prietha is an honored member of the Church of Light. She mastered destructive Divine magics to purge undead enemies.

Prietha was hailed as one of the “Shield-Sisters”, a title granted to notable female paladins who exhibit indefatigable service for the Church.



This female Human name depicts a gutsy and brawny character. Kendari prefers to fight with her fists and resolve any conflict… with fists.

Despite her brawler attitude, Kendari’s beauty remains vibrant which attracts numerous aspiring suitors.



The name “Lyndise” describes a character who can wield arcane bows.

Lyndise learned to imbue her weapon with arcane magic from the Night Elf allies of the Alliance.



For Human warriors who are fearless and savage, this name is recommended. Thelva is a brute fighter who does not fear any Orcs, Tauren, or Trolls.

Thelva’s philosophy circles around the idea that any form of conflict can only be addressed by cutting the throat of the one they’re arguing with.



Wesseiah describes a strong-willed mage from Dalaran. He is someone who can harness basic earthen elements such as water, fire, ice, and lightning.

Wielding such a tremendous amount of magic has its drawbacks to him, however. Wesseiah despises Divine magic and sees it as a weak form of magic.

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WoW Funny Human Names

Humans have a tragic start in the world of Azeroth. Like, literally, their ancestors wanted them dead because they are weak and ugly compared to them. Unfair, isn’t it?  But their parents never gave up on them and instead traveled to faraway places—to leave them alone and fend for themselves (lol). Despite the tragic stories of Humans, they were able to rise in power and became the key player in the wars to come. In this section, we’ll add funny names for the Human race. We want to see funny names being used in-game too, you know? Check them out below.


Khim Caldashan

A famous female Human celebrity. She has a lot of money, enough to fund another Alliance of Lordaeron.

Em Inem

A Human mage whose incantations are so fast you can never stop him from casting spells, yow.

Justin Timberland

A famous male Human bard. He was a former member of Men-Sync, a group of Human bards.

Serious Sam

It’s a game pun, alright. But seriously, the name “Sam” fits in any kind of race; dwarves, gnomes, humans, or hobbits.


No, you’re not a male Elf from Mirkwood, you are a Human Hunter skilled with bows.

Holy Potter

You are a powerful Human Priest who uses Divine spells.

Kim Panzi

A brutish and savage Human warrior. Your brother is named Tarzan.

Vanessa Karton

A powerful female Human Warlock. It is said that she can transform you into a box of caron… even from a Thousand Miles. Get it?

Celine D’Yon

A female Human warrior from Kil Tiras. The last boat she rode on, sank.

Peter Parkour

A nimble Human Rogue. It’s like he’s from Assassin’s Creed! He’s that good!


Top WoW Human Names Suggestions

We’re now at the end part of our guide. We were able to know a brief history of the rise of the Human race and the foundation of their seven kingdoms. In this section, we’ll give you a ranking of our Top 10 Best WOW Human names. We ranked the earlier suggested names for male and female Humans according to their relevance in terms of the race itself and the lore. Check out the rankings below.






The name Avrielle gives off a nice sound and tone for a human name. It gives an impression that the name is of noble origin, regal, and angelic. This name was derived from the word “Varindelle”, a famous and ancient High Elven city that fell during the Troll Wars. We wonder how the mark of Arcanum looks like, though.





If you’ve been playing Warcraft since childhood, we see the Human race comprised of gallant knights and footmen. Yandrel is a name that describes a venerable paladin. And guess what, he carries with him the Hammer of Woe.





This name sounds legendary. It gives you a dint that this name was once a famous wizard who died in battle. Aside from the nice name, we like her lore description as someone who is strong-willed and can wield elemental magic—with drawbacks of course (nerfed).





Simoun may not sound very unique but it gives you a notion that your character is free and liberated. But who’s free and liberated among the Human society aside from the nobles? Merchants! For as long as they pay the taxes. We see more stories revolving in this name that’s why we’re putting him at least on this spot.





The maritime country of Kul Tiras produced many brave sailors and shipwrights. Artynea is one of them. The name sounds interesting, hinting at a mix of Common and Elven names. The background lore is awesome too! Humans working with Gnomes and Dwarves are not new in the World of Warcraft.  





Vyntral is one of our favorite names in this guide. He is part of the Scout Regiment of the Alliance despite hailing from the weakest kingdom of the Human race— Alterac. The kingdom’s sinister reputation made them famous for producing skilled rangers and rogues— Vyntral is one of them.





Yes, we intentionally placed the word “wild” in this name because he is someone who grew in the wilderness. His parents and origin are still unknown and there are much more stories to tell regarding this name.





We often consider the Human race as a group of people whose fighters wear plate mails, swords, shields, or mage robes. But why not create a name for those who prefer leather armor and their fists? Not a bad idea especially if you want a Human Monk character. Kendari is the name for you.





The keyword here is “inimitable” paladin. We are putting Olgrin on the list for the nice representation of a Human paladin following the virtues of the Church of Light. We imagine him as someone wearing golden armor and an aegis, ready to purge undead enemies with Divine magic.





Drellian sounds simple, straightforward, and Human-like. Despite that, we see his lore as something that can still be expounded. He belongs to the Gilnean Knight Order and no one knows if he is heroic or evil.

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World of Warcraft Races


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