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Imperial Names

The game-changer race of Tamriel, the Imperials!
Well, unlike other Men races, the Imperials seem to be more ordered and civil. They are a “game-changer” due to how different their attitude and culture were compared to the Bretons and Nords. Imperials are not as fearsome and ferocious as the Nords, nor they are not as savvy and obsessed with magic as the Bretons. Imperials would prefer peace and prosperity through free trade and diplomatic ties. But does this make the Imperials inferior compared to their Men cousins? Nope. The Imperial army is comprised of disciplined Legionnaires and skillful Battlemages. This army allowed the Empire to pacify neighboring regions and incorporate them into one Glorious Empire.

The Imperial province of Cyrodiil is the bedrock of the unified Tamriel during the First Empire. The lineage of emperors is seated at the heart of Cyrodiil, the Imperial City. Although most of the emperors were either Breton or Nords, it doesn’t mean that the Imperials do not take their share with the politics of the Empire.

We have much to talk about the Imperials. In this guide, however, we will only tackle important Imperial history and culture. We will create some awesome Imperial names. We’ll guide you to a list of Top 10 Male and Female Imperial names and share with you a list of our Top 10 Imperial Clan names. Plus a bonus Top 10 Funny Imperial names.

Exciting, right? We’ll also add to the cart our ranking of Top 10 Best Imperial names and share with you our ESO Imperial Name Generator just in case you’re searching for more.

The Liberals of Tamriel

Imperials embrace diplomacy, freedom of religion, and respect for other’s cultures. The Empire, although the seated emperor is non-Imperial, is anchored on Imperial principles enforced with strong bureaucracy and rule of law. You know, there are just some things we wish to see with the Altmers who call themselves civilized  (☻☻). The majority of the Imperial populace is educated and literate. Some personalities became diplomats for other regions while others became high-profit traders. But wait, there’s more! Empire lands outside Cyrodiil who have Imperial governors forbids any form of slavery. Slavery is illegal within Imperial lands! Not only that, due to the diversity of races within the Empire, Imperial culture became mixed with other cultures. Therefore, any race can prosper in wealth, social status, politics, and military without the fear of being racially persecuted within the jurisdiction of the Empire. Who’s civilized now, Altmers?

The Imperials originated from the Nedes, one of the first Men inhabitants of Tamriel. Cyrodiil was once divided into two different regions: The Eastern Nibenay Valley region and the Western Colovia. These regions were once united and helped each other in the rebellion against the Ayleids. During the rise of the Alessian Empire and its undergoing reformation as an independent Empire, the Colovian isolated themselves to the western region of Cyrodiil and formed the Colovian Estates. This is due to their difference in beliefs. The Colovians dislike magic and industrialization and prefer militarism and plundering. In the later years of the first era, the Colvians invaded Nibenay. In return, the Alessian Empire from the east declared war with the Colovian resulting in the War of Righteousness. The Alessian Empire achieved a disastrous defeat resulting in the crumble of the Alessian Empire.

During the time of Reman Cyrodiil, the Colovians and Nibenese united to fight against the Akaviri. Their success in driving off the invaders created a feeling of unity within the people of Cyrodiil. Upon the death of the last Reman Emperor, the East and West started to split again and became independent with one another. During the days of Tiber Septim, the Colovians are still flourishing with wealth and recognition while the Nibenese were successful with their agriculture, textile industry, and arcane practices. Colovians are commonly seen in positions at the Imperial Legion and Navy, while the Nibenese produce Battlemages for the Empire.

Imperials in-game: Elder Scrolls Online

Imperials in-game are ideal tanks due to their bonuses in Health and Stamina. Their durability can also be sourced in their Magicka for healing or Stamina for blocking, while the increased Health is a bonus. Imperials regenerate Health, Stamina, and Magicka when dealing direct damage making them versatile damage dealer and tank.

Below is the summary of Racial skills for the Imperial.



This skill gives Imperials increased experience with One-Handed and Shield. It also increases gold gains. Powerful and prosperous Imperial indeed!


Increases base Max Health. This skill greatly increases the survivability of the Imperial.

Imperial Mettle

This skill increases base Max Stamina by a fixed amount. This allows the Imperial race to utilize more blocking and DPS attacks without the worry of depleting its Stamina bar.

Red Diamond

This skill is the survivability aspect of the Imperial. It restores Health, Magicka, and Stamina when dealing with direct damage. Added to it is the cost reduction of all abilities!

We’ll tackle the suggested names next! You may navigate our free Skyrim Imperial Name Generator for quick Imperial name suggestions.

Top 10 Male Imperial Names

Unlike other races whose naming conventions are aligned with fantasy-created words of elves and orcs, Imperial names are derived from Latin words and names. Common Imperial names we encountered in-game were General Tullius, Camilla Valerius, and even Cicero. Va bene! Despite that, we’ll try to make it as unique and creative as possible.

Let’s see our Top 10 Male Imperial names. Why stop here?
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Should I Pick This?



This Imperial name is associated with metallurgy or smithing. The name also sounds royal and perfect for Imperial characters with gifts of speech and crafts.

Alloisius the Lost Prince



Pick this Imperial name for a tanky Imperial character. The name images an Imperial Legionnaire who wields a sharp edge and huge shield.

The champion of Leyawiin.



This Imperial name suggests a shrewd merchant that can defend himself with few destructive magics and mace.

Melvetto the Merchant.



This noble Imperial name is for Imperials with noble descent. Pick this name for Imperial fighters who shines with leadership and courage.

Arteon was said to lead a hundred Legionnaires to fought a thousand Akaviri.



The Clever One. Galelius is an Imperial name that portrays a person who is immersed in Empire politics. This name is perfect for an Imperial tactician.

The brain behind the successful siege of Rihad, Hammerfell.



The Right Hand. This Imperial name describes an honorable and honest knight who fights for justice and truth.

Thezaro the Trusted



The sharp-eye. Use this Imperial name for characters whom you consider to have high attention to details. One that is sharp and quick with decisions that can turn the unfavorable side of the battle to their advantage.

When the Akaviri cornered his troops they miraculously escaped. How they did it was still unknown.



Use this Imperial name for a savage stamina DPS build character.

The bearer of this name is one whose finesse with the ax is incomparable.



Meaning “The Strong” in the local Cyro language. This name is suitable for a strong tank-type Imperial who does not fret about any danger he faces.

His strength was feared even by the Cyro-Nordic tribes of Colovia.



Pick this Imperial name for an exotic build character who uses a combination of destructive spells and one-handed weapons.

Maxilla was a known court-wizard. His skill with swords is unnatural for mages earning him the title of Spellblade among the ranks of Nibenay Battlemages

Top 10 Female Imperial Names

Since Imperial names are referenced to Latin names, we can easily identify the names as feminine due to the gender identification of the Latin names. An example is Rufinus (masculine) and Rufina (feminine).

Let’s take a look at our Top 10 Female Imperial names and feel free to visit our Skyrim Imperial Name Generator on top of this page, for more unique Imperial names!

Should I Pick This?



Andella is a female Imperial name linked with clouds and skies. The name is appropriate for an Imperial wanderer who searches for knowledge and truths.

Born from a poor family, Andella aspires to wander the lands of Tamriel.



The Wicked. Despite Imperials being known to be peaceful and benevolent, this Imperial name is an exception. The name suggests a merciless Imperial leader who slaughters any opposing opponent against peace.



Meaning “With Grace”. Pick this female Imperial name for characters whose presence soothes the hearts of her soldiers in battle.

Her presence is enough to empower the Legion to defeat their foes.



This Imperial name portrays a powerful archmage who’s involved with the dark arts as opposed to a typical Imperial mage.

Offenox claims that her researches of Daedric magic are for the Empire’s interest and benefits alone. Some say otherwise.



For simplicity and an Imperial-like name, pick this. Venia represents an Imperial woman born in nobility.

Her beauty and wit are what made her prominent compared to other Imperial princesses.



This Imperial name describes a strong and wanderlust merchant. This name is suitable for characters who amass a huge amount of gold through raids.

Auva is said to deal with legal and illegal businesses alike.



Roughly translated to the word “Heavens”. Pick this Imperial name for female characters whose might and glory match the heroes from heaven.

Her power and might can reach even the gates of heaven.



Meaning the “Golden-Haired”. This Imperial name is perfect for golden-haired characters representing Imperial beauty and charm.

Helvenica the Gold-Hared Maiden of Skingrad.



A proud and mighty Imperial Legionnaire. This Imperial name is perfect for a female tank-type character who excels in physical fights.

The Might of Kvatch



This name is a mix of Imperial and Mer influence. This Imperial name suggests a beast who preys on the weaknesses of her victims.

The more fearful you get, the more her chance of finding you.


More suggested names at our Elder Scrolls Name Generator. You can generate Imperials names, it’s free!


Top 10 Imperial Clan Names

Clan names of Imperials are based on their family heritage. Imperial nobles can also take repeated, numbered names such as Titus I or Tiberium II. We’ll still consider the Latin origin of the words while at the same time create a unique Elder Scrolls equivalent for it.

Let’s view our Top 10 Imperial Clan names partnered with some unofficial, fan-made lore.

Clan Name
Brief Descriptions



The House of Decuslius is a known family-friend of the Remans before the first era. Unlike the royal family of the Reman, the Decuslius are considered freemen and ordinary traders. They gained the respect and affection of the Reman family because of Anton Decuslius, a court adviser who proposed to Reman II negotiations to end the Winterhold Rebellion.



The Regalis families are prominent city governors and lawmakers. They belong to the Nibenay East and are repeatedly elected into different Empire positions due to their just and fair policies and rule.



Taulreus clans are of Colovian descent and once belonged to an indigenous pirate group from the Abacean Sea. In the current era, they are Cyrodiil’s best seafarers and Navy vanguards.



The Cemelarian clan of Skingrad are notable Imperial warriors and nobles who despise the Aldmeri Dominion.  They are very vocal in their dissent against the Thalmors and remain as an opposition body voicing out against the Dominion.



The Novembrims are known flowers of the Imperial Pantheon. They incorporate the complete worship of the Nine Divines and they are recognized for their never-ending worship of it. Their clan name was derived from the Nine Divines, borrowing the word Novem, meaning ‘nine’.



The Viresmus clan are known to the natives of Cyrodiil as the “Clan of Strength”. They are a handful, hardy Imperials who trains their mind and body with swords and shields. Many fallen Imperial heroes belong to this family.



Imperials who belong in this clan are renowned mages and healers. Their arcane knowledge of healing was inherited from the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, who were tasked to read the contents of an Elder Scroll.



The Lexorgians belong to the Nibenean East who follows the Cult of Emperor Zero. Their ancestors participated in the restoration of the Cyrodiic Empire during the time of Cuhlecain together with Talos when they retook the Imperial City.



The Axiimeans are the proud and bold members of the Imperial Legion. Their tradition of enlisting male children of the family became recognized by the emperor and is considered a sacred tradition in serving the interest of the Empire. Axiimeans trademark is ax-wielding. If an Imperial Legionnaire is seen holding an ax, they are assumed to belong in the Axiime clan.



The Cevres clan is a small group of Imperial artisans who are immersed in commerce and trade. Although they dislike participating in the Empire’s wars and conflicts, they are the first to enlist in the Legion to help in creating siege weaponry and Legion armaments.

You can search for more Clan names from ESO Imperial Name Generator. It can create a variety of suggested Imperial clan names that you can use for your characters.

Top 10 Funny Imperial Names

Let’s take a breather and list our top funny names for the Imperials. We’ll use all known facts about the Imperials and add a pinch of humor to it.


What makes it funny?

Colon Cleaverio

Woah. Hold up. We don’t want to fight an Imperial named Colon.

Virgen Arses

It sounds Imperial, alright. But the meaning implies differently.


Careful, don’t go near him.

Illuminati Boy

An Imperial boy who watched too many YouTube videos.


Awww… A cute Imperial novice.


An Imperial robot from the 100th era. They are created by the Dominion and call themselves Empire-minators.

Maximillian Pegasus

Hmmm… Yugi-boy.

Titanus Gelus

This is a deep, dark, and adult joke…

Gimmi Pastrami



We think this word is cute. Okay? No hard feelings.


You may always try our Imperial Name Generator for an assortment of ready-made Imperial names.


Top 10 Best Imperial Name Picks

We are at the end of this guide for naming our Imperial race. As a finale, we will rank our Top 10 Best Imperial names based on the suggested male and female Imperial names, including their clan names.




Arteon Regalis


First of all, the name sounds awesome. The Imperial name Arteon personifies a person of great leadership. The Regalis, based on the lore, is a family known for its good governance. We think this name deserves the Top 1 best name.


Galelius Decuslius


Firstly, the name sounds very Imperial. This name is a possible pick for an NPC found in-game giving advice to the Emperor. We want to see this in-game!


Helvenica Cevres


Helvenica is an indirect name for a beautiful golden-haired Imperial, while the Cevres clan are commoners who involve themselves with trade. We put this name on the 3rd rank because the background of the name is open for some side stories that we probably want to see as a side-quest in future ES games!





A good combination of Imperial name and clan name. The name suggests an Imperial Legionnaire who excels with Ax and as a stamina DPS for PVP fights.


Hisalva Viresmus


This Imperial name is the exact description of might and power. The name has a strong affinity for a merciless Imperial warrior feared by many.


Alloisius Cevres


We picked the Cevres clan again due to its relevance with the name Alloisius, whom we associate with metallurgy or smithing. The name sounds Imperial and we wish to see such a name for a blacksmith NPC.


Andella Novembrim


Although we associate the Novembrim with the worship of the Nine Divines, the name Andella is somehow fitting because of its personality as someone who seeks knowledge and truth. She may become a rebellious type or agnostic and turn back to the worship of the Nine Divines.





An Imperial noble holding a tower shield and a sharp Imperial gladius. This name is a Dominion killer and Empire loyalist. A perfect combination of the name and clan name plus its associated lore.


Auva Taulreus


This name describes a female Imperial pirate. Someone who loves commerce and coinage and at the same time wanders the seas for treasure and good raids. ARGH!


Drausavius Lexorgia


The name sounds a bit old. We imagine a war veteran Imperial who experienced many hardships and pain from the past wars of the Empire.


We have tons of names in our Elder Scrolls Name Generator library. Feel free to visit our website and create your custom-made, race-specific names for your character. Enjoy!

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