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Tritons are the proud and gallant protectors of the ocean world. Dungeons and Dragons define the Tritons as the guardian of ocean depths. They are amphibious people that can live in water or land. Their skins are covered in fine scales with hues varying from yellowish-green to blue or deep purple. Their foreheads have a crest-like crown pattern and they have fins in their forearms, calves, and shoulders. They have webbed fingers on both hands and feet, making them excellent swimmers.

They build settlements beside deep trenches, portals to the elemental planes, and other dangerous areas where unknown threats may emerge. Tritons fought hundreds of wars against enemies on the Plane of Water. They exterminate any growing evil threats and make sure to drive them off if not eliminated. As a result, ancient monstrosities like krakens and sahuagins start to flee from the Plane of Water to the Material Plane.

In this guide, we’ll tackle the conceited personality of the Tritons and their social view about the surface world. We’ll create a list of our Best Male and Female Triton Names and Class-Specific Triton Names that players can consider in creating their Triton character. Also, we have a bonus list of Funny Triton Names and a ranking of Top Triton Name Suggestions at the end of this guide.

You may jump to our DnD 5e Triton Name Generator for some quick name references and suggestions.

Let’s get started!

Ocean’s Finest, Surface Strangers

Tritons are motivated and skilled in warfare both in waters and dry land. They have a driven sense of duty and responsibility, believing both the Plane of Water and Material Plane needs their protection. Tritons do not end their expeditions and raids against evil creatures underwater. They send the best and elite volunteers to venture the Material Plane to seek out remnants of routed enemies. Those Tritons explore the Material Plane’s most isolated places such as caverns, uninhabited islands, and sometimes huge Cities—if they suspect any creatures trying to blend with civilization. Moreover, Tritons may also build trading outposts on their protectorate regions to trade with other races. Very few folks know the Tritons, however. This is because their chosen settlements are so remote and far from lively towns and cities.

Triton’s isolation and rare emergence above the water made them ignorant about the lives and customs of the Material Plane. When Tritons come across some surface dwellers, they see the Tritons as arrogant or bold people. Tritons would expect other creatures and races to pay them respect for their undying duty to protect the realms. While this may seem too proud and upsetting, Tritons risk their lives to protect both planes. Triton’s limited view of the Material Plane leaves them ignorant about the concept of kingdoms, wars, and conflicts of the surface world. They believe that their race is the true world’s protectors.

Yes, we find the Tritons a bit arrogant and aloof. But they are benevolent and compassionate towards civilized races. They think all non-evil creatures deserve their protection. Despite their attitude, Tritons are the first to take up arms against sea monsters and pirates that endanger innocent humans and creatures. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for the common good. They are ready to fight and die for humans, merfolk, and other creatures without hesitations.

Below is the summary of Triton’s racial features and traits.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Tritons are trained fighters and proud nobles. They have a bonus +1 to Strength, Constitution, and Charisma.


Tritons have longer lifespans compared to common humans. They reach maturity at the age of 15 years and can live up to as old as 200 years.


Tritons always fight for good and will be more than willing to attain peace. They are Lawful Good. Their culture pushes them toward order and benevolence.


Medium-sized. Tritons are a bit smaller compared to an average human. Their height is around 5 feet tall.


Tritons are amphibious humanoids. They have a walking speed of 30 feet, and a swimming speed of 30 feet.


Tritons can breathe in air and water.

Control Air and Water

Tritons, born from the seas, can call on air and water to aid them in battle. They can cast fog cloud with this trait and learn additional magics as they progress their level. See a summary of additional magics below:

At the 3rd level, Tritons can cast gust of wind with this trait.

At the 5th level, Tritons can cast wall of water with this trait.

This trait can only be used again after finishing a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Emissary of the Sea

Tritons can befriend aquatic beasts. They can communicate with creatures that can breathe underwater. These creatures can understand the meaning of the words that a Triton is trying to tell them. But the Tritons do not have a special ability to understand aquatic beasts in return.

Guardians of the Depths

Tritons are accustomed to the harsh environment brought by the ocean depths. They have high resistance to cold damage and ignores any drawbacks caused by a deep, underwater environment.


Tritons can speak, read, and write in the Common and Primordial tongue.

Name suggestions up next! Take a detour and try our DnD 5e Triton Name Generator for some quick Triton name suggestions and references. The names found here are new, unique, and free!

Best DnD Male Triton Names

Based on Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Triton names are created having two or three syllables. Male Triton names end with a vowel followed by the letter ‘s’. In contrast, the Mythic Odyssey of Theros does not state a specific naming rule for the Tritons. It still follows the two or three syllables for the name though.

For this section, we will create Triton names and associate them with their feats, duties, or personal characteristics. We’ll also add a little lore for each of the names and mix the naming style used in Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Mythic Odyssey of Theros. Check them out below.




When using this male Triton name, your character belongs to the elite regiment that the Triton army sent to the surface to investigate anomalies. You wear bright-red scale armor and you specialize in air spells.

Rezus lead a squad of shock troops that specializes in kraken extermination.



This male Triton name is for characters that serve as envoys and diplomats in communicating with surface people. They meddle with the affairs of the Material Plane to justify any Triton operations that they wish to proceed.

Born of nobility, Jahras had a gift of speech. He convinced the Triton’s council to consider extending Triton’s influence on the surface.



You’re also called ‘The Hurricane’ when using this Triton name. You excel with water-based spells using them both for offensive and defensive purposes.

Marus once stopped a perilous storm by changing the water’s temperature and creating a neutral field. It saved the lives of a thousand fisherfolk.



You are a proud and arrogant Triton when using this name. You see the Triton race as a superior race compared to the surface dwellers. People often fret when you visit the town hall of a protectorate city.

Kazas, despite his arrogance, assured peace and prosperity on all its protectorate and no war and conflicts have ever been born under his leadership.



You are a peculiar and curious Triton when bearing this name. You often swim towards far shores and interact with Tortles and few fishermen and learn from their stories and histories.

Harzus often bring his weed-pen and algae parchment to transcribe all the stories he heard and collected.



Paxidez is a gallant and mighty Triton warrior. You are the harbinger of justice and truth and you always side with the good no matter the cost.

Pxidez sacrificed his ambition in building his own family and instead dedicated his life to serving as justiciar of the elder Triton council.



You are a tall and fierce Triton when using this name. Your weapon of choice is not limited to a trident, you also favor weapons forged by surface dwellers.

Notileus’ favorite weapon is the halberd, a hybrid of a short spear and axe.



Meaning “Arms of the Sea”. You are a noble and kind protector of the Eastern Oceans. You are well acquainted with human commoners and dwarven traders in the area.

Lokrasys is also called “the Humble” by the locals due to his high respect and understanding of the surface people– unlike his Triton brothers.



This Triton name was derived from the word ‘Brine’ from the Common tongue. You specifically chose this word and morphed it into a Primordial name to remember all the good surface folks you met.

Salterneus was badly wounded when he fought a swarm of sahuagins. He was nursed and taken care of by the villagers of Brine Coast. He swore to return the favor he received but when he came back after a month, the village was already destroyed. He changed his name to Brineus, meaning “a child from the Brine”.



You are a devastating and powerful Triton warrior who shows no mercy to any evil forces. Your enemies brand you as “Estur kaw vir” meaning “Torrential Death” because of your fast and quick fighting style.

Like a river’s torrent that can never be opposed.

More Triton male name suggestions from our Triton Name Generator. It has a collection of ready-made Triton names that you can freely use as you start your DnD adventure.

Best DnD Female Triton Names

Like their male counterpart, female Triton names have two or three syllables. According to Volo’s Guide to Monsters, female Triton names end with an ‘n’ instead of an ‘s’. As for the Mythic Odyssey of Theros, there is no specific naming rule for female Tritons but it still follows the two or three-syllable name convention.

Check out some of our suggested Female Triton names below.




You are a beautiful and skilled female Triton Vanguard. You and your regiment are assigned to lure and raid pirates and smugglers across the Velshia Straight. You are most distinguished by your pale-white scales and fins.

The Triton Vanguard cooperates with the Imperial Coast guards in preventing smuggling and piracy in the famous Velshia Straight, known as Merchant’s road.



You are a female Triton that fell in love with the music and songs of the surface people. You plan to join the Bard colleges if your Triton mentors and peers would allow.

Jezrahyn fell in love with a Human Bard named Hektor. Together, they wander the surface realm whilst hoping one day their love will be accepted.



You are a proud and daring female Triton when bearing this name. You like challenges and do not hesitate to boast about your achievements whenever you get a chance.

Issyn singlehandedly killed 28 krakens in her entire career in the Triton squadron. She fails to prove this, however, for failing to loot tentacles from krakens she killed.



You belong to the elite Triton volunteers tasked to pursue enemies who escape to the Material Plane. You wield an old traditional trident and a clam shield harder than a diamond.

Vykkan is so adept with the trident that she can cast spells by channeling energy in it. Her clam shield is rumored to be an ancient Tortle shell.



You are a veteran female Triton soldier who participated in countless conquest and invasions. You are skilled with the trident and harpoon.

Hurlyan’s harpoon can travel at an incredible speed when thrown. No sea monster can escape her grasp as long as she wields it.



Your voice is as strong as your arms in battle when using this female Triton name. You can cast screaming spells underwater that can startle or impede creatures who hear it.

Zerene learned the art of using speech in battle from the Bard Colleges. However, she transformed speech into ultrasonic noise that she can freely use underwater.



You are a haughty Triton emissary. You treat the surface dwellers as feeble creatures and you prefer deciding in their stead. While everyone sees your act as arrogant and insensitive, your true desire is to simply preserve them at all cost.

Drialcys is the lieutenant of the southern protectorate. She treats all other races as lesser and does not seek their approval nor ask for their help in dire situations.



You belong to the Black Guard regiment when using this female Triton name. The Black Guard is a squadron of female Tritons tasked with scouting and gathering information about unknown threats and possible monster lairs.

Behithia commands a group of dolphins in doing her daily data gathering routines.

She is often seen mounted to Dwelfur, the largest and strongest dolphin in the pod.



You are a great and inspiring female Triton character when using this name. You lead a band of Triton shock troopers in suppressing the spread of evil forces coming from the Elemental Planes.

Her benevolent actions preserve the peace that many surface dwellers are enjoying now.



You are a female Triton who mastered many weapons when using this name. You often carry your trident, throwing daggers, and curve blades when preparing for battle.

Fithene is a weapon master. Many aspiring Tritons undergo their apprenticeship in her in the hopes of becoming a skilled shock trooper.

More Triton female name suggestions from our D&D Triton Name Generator. It’s easy to use and free!

Class-Specific Names for Tritons

In this section, we will create Triton names for a specific class. Remember that there are a total of 12 classes available and listed in the Player’s Handbook and choosing a class is part of your character creation. For this guide, we will suggest names for Tritons who chose the Paladin class.

The Triton Paladin

Like the Tritons, a Paladin is bounded by its oath to uphold righteousness and justice at all costs. They sound perfect, yes? Not only that Paladins and Tritons have resemblances in their views and path, but there are also Paladin traits that complement a Triton character. Paladin class cores its ability score to Strength and Charisma, two of the main traits that a Triton possesses. There are other traits and skills that players can explore regarding the Paladin class, in the meantime let’s check out some of our suggested D&D Triton Paladin names below:




Male or Female

You are a Triton Paladin covered in silver and gold-colored shell armor. You swear an oath to purge any form of evil living in the Plane of Water and Material Planes.

Llezil the Righteous Purifier.



Male or Female

Your Triton Paladin character wanders the surface world and the shallow trenches to spread awareness about the possible threats that lurk on unknown waters.

Oxofyn loves teaching young humanoids and non-humanoids he encounters in his travels. His teachings center on justice, kindness, and love of life.




You are a fearless and courageous female Triton Paladin. You spend most of your time in the surface world studying and understanding the endless wars and conflicts of the lands.

Milarthyn chose to be neutral as she watches the rise and fall of different empires in his time.




You are a male Triton Paladin that serves the Altar of Thassa. You have a determined and proud personality and you often compare your deity with the surface dweller.

Palaris wields the sacred Hand Shield in his left arm and a golden Trident in his right hand when entering the battlefield.



Male or Female

You serve as an emissary between the Triton High Council and a Human kingdom under your protection. You are a reserved and quiet Triton Paladin that only speaks when necessary.

Terakyl was able to establish a peace treaty between the High Council and the protectorates. Thanks to the gift of speech and diplomatic skills, humanoid cities begin to accept Triton’s presence.

A Guide to Funny Triton Names

We were able to get a brief view of the Tritons in the early sections of this guide. We find them to be courageous and strong. They fight for justice and protect both Material Planes and Plane of Water against evil. But this doesn’t stop us from creating funny names for them. We love funny names! And we want to use one in our D&D playthrough.

Check out some of our suggested Funny Triton names below.



A Triton version of the surface world’s Karen. Grumpy, privileged, and entitled.

Mermaid Man

He lives in the Bikini Bottom fighting crimes with Barnacle Boy. Lol.


Selfie plus Kelp equals Kelpie.


Code name: C’Widz. An undercover Triton that catches underwater syndicates.


The Prince of the seas. Son of Poseidad.


An aspiring Bard Triton. His melodies and notes are… out of tune. Yes. Stop it Nopetune.


He is an annoying Triton. Better avoid him.

Squiliam Fancyson

A rich and influential Triton. He likes to annoy Squidward.


He is a Triton who likes pranks. He plans to steal the Krabby Patty formula.


A rare and funny Triton. Rare because Tritons are never funny.

Top name rankings ahead! Feel free to visit our D&D Triton Name Generator for more name suggestions and references.

Top Triton Names Suggestions

For the final part of this guide, we’ll give you the list of our Top Triton Name suggestions. We will rank our earlier suggested male and female names. We based the rankings on how well-suited is the name to the Triton race. And also, we have some personal favorites that we want to see on the list!

Check out our Top 10 Triton Name suggestions below.






The idea of having a female Triton warrior who wields a trident and a harpoon is remarkable! The name is also Triton-like. We think this name deserves the first spot on this list.





We love the idea of a courageous and fearless Triton Paladin. However, unlike most who side with justice and peace, she chose the path of neutrality to see the aftermaths of the surface world’s action. How’s that for a fresh change?





A Triton wearing a bright-red scale armor? That is awesome. The name is Triton-like and has a good ring to it. Additionally, we like the idea of a character belonging to an elite Triton regiment—a kraken exterminator.




Male or Female

First off, the name is very Triton-like. Although we prefer the earlier names over this one. We are placing this on the 4th spot for the nice lore of a Triton who spreads awareness to the surface world. Quite noble and selfless if you ask us.





The name sounds unique for a female Triton name. Her background lore as someone adept with spells using a trident (instead of staff or a wand) makes her exceptional.





This name is one of our favorites. Not because of how the name was constructed, but the reason behind the name. The name came from the base word ‘Brine’ in commemoration of the villagers of the Brine Coast who helped him when he was injured. We think this name deserves at least the 6th spot (or even higher).





Of course, we’ll include a merciless Triton warrior in the list. Merciless against evil forces, alone (phew). We also like the title branded to him: “Torrential Death” (estur kaw vir). Like a river’s torrent that can never be opposed.





First off, the name is Triton-like and has a nice spelling and pronunciation. The background lore is also impressive. Your character is a member of the shock troop regiment tasked with suppressing evil forces from the Elemental Planes.





The name is unique and fantastic, although we feel it to be less Triton-like compared to the names above. We like the background lore of a Triton who turned his back to his personal life in serving the Triton council. There are more open stories that we may find in this name and we’re excited to use this name in-game.




Male or Female

Lastly, we also want to include a name for a Triton character that is reserved and quiet instead of being proud and boastful. The name sounds simple though.

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