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In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, tortoise-like creatures exist on a faraway beach of the Menagerie Coast. People believed that such creatures are nothing but legends or hoaxes devised by some Concordian merchants. They call these creatures Tortles, a turtle-like humanoid carrying a shell that covers most of their bodies. Their physical appearance strongly resembles a turtle or a tortoise. Newly-hatched Tortle spends their time on their four legs and eventually become bipedal as they mature. Tortles don’t live in groups nor form tribes, unlike other races. They become orphans at a young age and learn to fend for themselves until they grow old.

In this guide, we’ll get to know the life cycles of a Tortle and how they involve themselves in adventures in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. You’ll get to know some of our Best D&D 5e Tortle Name suggestions and a list of Class-Specific Tortle Names. Not only that, let’s add to the list some Funny Tortle Names and a ranking of our Top Tortle Names Suggestions at the end of the guide.

You may also visit our DnD 5e Tortle Name Generator for some quick Tortle name suggestions and references. We have a collection of read-made Tortle names that you can use for your DnD character. The names are free to use!

A Tortle’s Lifecycle

Tortles emerge as a hatchling from their thick-shelled eggs. They spend their few weeks crawling with their four legs while their old and weary parents spend their remaining lifetime with them. Tortles’ parents use the little time they have to tells stories and adventures to their offspring. They impart all the survival knowledge they know and teach all the languages they can speak– until their offspring can live on their own. In less than a year, the young Tortles become an orphan. It is unknown if they bury their parents or send them off to the seas. The young Tortles and its siblings will inherit whatever tools, weapons, or possessions that their parents left behind for them. As each of them grew, they are expected to be independent of one another and take care of themselves. Eventually, they will each leave their lair one by one and find their grounds for hunting and fishing. Every Tortle will learn more additional survival skills that were never been introduced to them as they grow. They form a companionship with other neighboring Tortles while also respecting their privacy.

It may seem that a Tortle’s life is plain and simple. But there are times in their lives that they feel the urge to venture away from the coasts and explore more the vastness of the world. When this happens, they gather up their gears and travel away to far lands that are alien to them. They return in a few months or years jampacked with stories and experiences of their adventure.

Upon aging and reaching the end of its lifespan, a Tortle will find a mating partner. A female Tortle will lay from as few as one to as many as a dozen eggs in a fortified compound protected by the male Tortle. These compounds are abandoned nesting grounds from other Tortles. Male Tortles will build a new compound if they fail to find one. The parents will spend their remaining lives guarding and defending their offspring until they can become independent. They will impart all the learnings they had and teach their offspring with languages they know until they die of old age. The young Tortles will inherit any possessions that their parents left and continue the lifecycle of a Tortle.

Tortle’s lifecycle is straightforward and sort of sad. Young hatchlings do not live together with their parents for a long time and they end up surviving on their own for the rest of their lives. Below are the racial features and traits of a Tortle character.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Tortles live their lives carrying a tough shell on their backs. They remember all the experiences they have in their lifetime and impart them to their offspring. They have a bonus +2 to Strength and a bonus +1 to Wisdom.


Tortles learn to walk in the first few weeks after birth. They reach adulthood at 15 years and live to an average of 50 years.


Tortles are systematic and have a ritualistic life. They have definite routines that they develop further as they age. Most Tortles are Lawful Good and few become greedy and selfish but remain Lawful Evil.  Tortles will never favor chaos in exchange for distorting order.


Medium-sized. Tortles’ height ranges between 5 to 6 feet. They have an average weight of 450 pounds due to their heavy shell and covers a third of their total weight. A Tortle’s height and weight can be determined randomly by using the below formula:

Size Modifier = 2d8

Height = 4feet + 10inches + Size Modifier in inches

Weight in Pounds = 400 + (2d4 x Size Modifier)


Tortle’s base walking speed is 30 feet.


Tortles have huge savage claws that they can use to perform unarmed strikes. If performing a successful strike, it deals slashing damage equal to 1d4 + Strength modifier instead of bludgeoning damage for a normal unarmed strike.

Hold Breathe

Tortles somehow has a strong affinity with water despite not being born as swimmers. They can hold their breath for up to 1 hour at a time before needing to come up for air.

Natural Armor

Tortles cannot wear any armor due to their huge shell and body shape. But their shell provides protection granting them a base AC of 17 (Dexterity modifier does not affect this number). They gain no benefit from wearing armor but they can use a shield and apply shield bonuses as usual.

Shell Defense

Tortles can use their shell for defensive advantage. They can withdraw into their shell as an action. During this, they have a +4 bonus to AC and have an advantage on Strength and Constitution saving throws. Tucking themselves into their shells makes them immobile. Their walking speed becomes 0 and can never increase. They have a disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws and cannot take reactions.

The only action they can do is to emerge from their shell as a bonus action.

Survival Instinct

Tortles learn to live on their own at a young age. They have proficiency in the Survival skill.


Tortles can speak, read, and write in the Aquan and the Common language.

Suggested names coming up! Take a quick detour and visit our D&D Tortle Name Generator for some name suggestions and references.

Best DnD 5e Tortle Names

Tortle names are non-gender-specific. Their names are usually short and no more than two syllables. They do not have surnames or family names. Their names are most probably based on the Aquan tongue. Some have meaning and some are standard names. Check out some of our Best DnD Suggested Tortle Names below.




Your Tortle name describes your character as a leaf-loving Tortle. You prefer to consume vegetables and fruits than fishes and crabs.

Nappa learned agriculture from random human fisherfolks who often visit his compound to ask for fish baits.



Few Tortle made quite a name in battle and one of them is Quirog. This Tortle name means ‘Vicious’ in the common tongue.

Quirog is part of an elite Human raiding team. His brute strength and courageous feats earned him the title ‘Turtle Harbinger’.



Some Tortles who wanders outside the Menagerie Coast became attracted to music and rhymes. Your Tortle name is for characters who learned the art of music and dance from the bards they meet while traveling.

Quela loves music but his huge claws made it impossible for him to play the harp or a lute. He discovered he has talent in percussion instruments… by using his belly.



When using this Tortle name, you are an aspiring adventurer. You wanted to explore and write stories about your adventures.

Mogo joined a group of seafarers in the hopes of finding distant lands and cultures. He doesn’t know he joined a band of pirates though.



Meaning ‘Grassy’. You were given this Tortle name by your late parents because of your grassy-colored shell. You like venturing the wide plains away from the shores. You are adept at using improvised tools from stones, shells, and twigs.

She learned most of her skills in crafting from her parents. She is the only known Tortle that can create hand-crafted sabers without knowledge in smithing.



Meaning ‘Green’. You are a spotted-green-colored Tortle when using this Tortle name. You blend well in the environment making you stealthy against unknown individuals and predators.

Lunti, despite being heavy and slow, can devise ambushes and surprise attacks by taking advantage of its greenish-colored shell and skin. He is almost invisible to the eyes when hidden on bushes and plains.



Your name is derived from the word ‘Carrot’ in the Common tongue. Your father was a former shop assistant in a distant elven kingdom. When he retired, He returned home to the shores bringing with him crates of carrots thus, where your name was based.

Karot is the only hatchling that survived when a band of Orc poachers tried to claim their compound. His parents died protecting her against the Orcs.



Meaning ‘Smoke’. You were born from the high mountains of the Menagerie Coast away from the waters. Your parents called you ‘Smoke’ because of your ashen-colored skin tone and dirty-colored shell.

Uzok is a curious little Tortle and often ends up in bad situations due to his impulsiveness.



You belong to the heavy infantry regiment of the Imperial Army when using this Tortle name. You wield a long mace and you lead your legionnaires to the frontlines.

Bari the Batter, as they call you, is kindhearted and would show mercy even to his enemies.



Meaning ‘Sun’. You have pale-yellow skin and a smooth shell that reflects the sunlight. You and your siblings are a few of the rare Tortle who have this skin color.

Xal the Golden Shelled Tortle.

More DnD suggested names and references from our Tortle Name Generator. It’s easy to use and free!

Class-Specific Names for Tortle

In this section, we will suggest names for Tortle characters that already have a specific class chosen for them. Remember that there are 12 available classes that a player can choose from. Class selection is part of your character creation before you start any game of Dungeons and Dragons. For this part, we picked two of the common classes used by players: The Barbarian class and the Monk class.

The Tortle Barbarian

Barbarian class is for players who want to center their character to damage and Strength in exchange for neglecting some defensive traits. Despite the lack of defense of the Barbarian class, the Tortle defensive trait can compensate for it. Both Barbarian class and Tortle character core their highest ability score to the Strength trait. Players can explore further the benefits of choosing the Barbarian class for their Tortle character by reading more from the Player’s Handbook. Check out some of our suggested Tortle Barbarian names below.




You belong to a horde of Hobgoblins who enlisted you to their ranks, obviously because of your fighting prowess as a frontline fighter.

Hobgoblins address you as ‘Garaj ur nulkal’ or ‘Garaj the Mighty’ in Common tongue.



Some Tortles became mad and corrupted. You are one of the corrupted Tortle when bearing this name. You became savage and tormented from the slavery and forced labors you experienced during captivity.

Reke was once a gentle Tortle until he was captured and enslaved by Orc poachers who forced him and others to do their siege works and mining.



You grew up in a savage surrounding together with the Lizardfolks. How your egg becomes mixed with Lizardfolk eggs is still unknown.

Gada’s Tortle feature is so obvious yet the Lizardfolks think he is one of them.



You are a veteran Barbarian Tortle when using this name. You earn a living by becoming a mercenary or bounty hunter to eliminate unwanted individuals.

Haka trained the Barbarian ways in the isolated caves of Aphrunn Mountains. Your mentor is a vagabond Barbarian female Half-Orc named Worga.



You are a vicious and wild Tortle who attacks anyone who approaches your lair. You use your sharp claws strapped with bucklers to maul and slash your enemies.

Vrotle uses the leftover bones and skins of fallen enemies as decorations for his compound. This is to serve as a reminder to leave him alone.

The Tortle Monk

Monks are masters of the body’s magical energy called Ki. Some players may find this class befitting for a Tortle character for different reasons. Unlike the Barbarian class that centers on Strength, a Tortle Monk may prioritize Dexterity and Wisdom instead. Monk class has an Unarmored Defense trait which greatly benefits the Tortle who cannot utilize armors. There are other Monk traits that players can explore to further enhance their Tortle character, in the meantime, let’s check some of our suggested Tortle Monk names below.




You are a crustacean-loving Tortle when using this name. You are a good diver and nearby friendly fisherfolks ask your help to dive for pearls and clams.

Hibi is fast and agile in water compared to other Tortles. He wards off sea monsters with his hand-crafted trident when traversing deep waters.



You are a calm Tortle Monk when using this name. You learned the secrets of Ki and you apply them in your daily life.



Meaning ‘Swift’. Your claws are trained to penetrate the hardest steel. Using your Ki knowledge, you can transfer magical energy to your quarterstaff.

Izif trained young Monk-aspiring Tortles in harnessing Ki from their bodies. He is known to be a wise and gentle Ki Master.



You are a patient and placid Monk Tortle who lives beneath a waterfall cave. Humanoids and non-Humanoids visit your place in search of wisdom and solemn advice.

Yaga the Wise One.



You are a dual-wielding Tortle when using this name. Your weapon of choice ranges from light knuckles to sharp caestus. You are very familiar with your Ki that you can increase your speed despite your heavyweight.

Topa the Agile Tortle.

A Guide to Funny Tortle Names

We were able to know the lifecycle of a Tortle and see some of their suggested names. But we’re not stopping there! Let’s add humor in their names and create our list of Funny Tortle names. We love to see funny names being used in-game! Check some recommendations below.



A Monk Tortle and traveling with his mentor Ash Ketchum.


A Tortle wielding a hammer. He is worthy.


He is a mad scientist. His bestfriend is Lenard.


His friends call him “Linni”. He likes pasta and speaks Italian.


A funny Tortle who likes spending his time on a Kelp field. Oh, he’s also a member of Power Puff Tortles.


A slow-moving Tortle…


We use this name because it sounds like Tortle. ‘Kettle, Tortle’

Mister Roshi

Goku’s master.


The evolution of Skwyrtle when it reaches level 16.

Master Oogway

“My time has come”

Top name rankings ahead! Take a detour and check our D&D Tortle Name Generator. It has a collection of ready-made Tortle names that you can freely use in your DnD game. Try it now!

Top Tortle Names Suggestions

We’re on the final part of this guide. By this time, you were able to see few name suggestions for the Tortle race. We showed you some specific Tortle names in cases that you picked the Monk class and Barbarian class. And of course, let’s not forget the funny names which you may also consider using in playing DnD. In this section, we’ll rank all the suggested Tortle names. The rankings are based on how well-suited is the name to the Tortile race. Of course, we also have some personal favorites from the list that we wish to see in our rankings.

Check out our Top 10 Tortle Name suggestions below. Enjoy!





This name goes to our number 1 spot because of its nice ‘catch’ when saying the name and the nice background lore behind it. We love the idea of a grumpy lone Tortle who just wishes to be left alone—unless you want to get killed.




Izif the Swift is our second pick for this list. The name sounds Aquan and gives you a nice impression that the name is for a Tortle character. We also like the idea of a master Monk Tortle who likes to teach youngsters about the way of the Ki. Hiyaah! 




Quirog the Harbinger earns our third spot. The name has a nice sound and gives us a preview of a powerful Tortle warrior earning his name from the glories of battle. We also like his title the ‘Turtle Harbinger’.




We initially intend to put this name on the funny Tortle names. But as we are making the guide, we find it sweet for a Tortle father to name his hatchling ‘Karot’. We also like the idea of a family tragedy due to an Orc raid.




We imagine a cute and young Tortle when we hear this name. We think it deserves at least the fifth spot for having a nice Aquan name and a nice description as someone resembling the colors of smoke.




Of course, we will not forget names that depict evil and corruption. The idea of having a mad and corrupted Tortle due to torment and slavery (by Orcs again?!) is already nice lore for the name. We also like the short and simple pronunciation of the name.




Quela the Bard Tortle! Yes, we didn’t include suggested names for a Bard Tortle, but this name would fit the Bard class. The name is Aquan and the background lore is awesome! Imagine a percussionist Tortle? Nothing but cool.




We also want to create scenarios where a few Tortles are enlisted as soldiers by humans or Hobgoblins. This name is for Tortles who joined the Hobgoblins’ horde to fight for their cause. The name suggests a mixture of Goblinoid and Tortle origin.




We like the concept of having a few yellow-colored Tortles. We think they are rare and it would be cool if such Tortle exists. The naming convention is also decent and we think it deserves a spot on this list.




Lastly, Yaga the Wise One. When we watch movies we always think of turtles as an animal full of knowledge and wisdom. So, we decided to create a name for a Tortle that fits exactly in that description. Someone wise, patient, and full of wisdom.

For other race-specific names for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, you may visit our D&D 5e Name Generator. You can select a specific race and generate a ready-made name for your character. It’s easy to use and free!

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