Skyrim Nord Name Generator – ESO Names Guide and Suggestions

This Elder Scrolls Online name generator will help you find the right name for your Nord character.
Find Nord name ideas for male or female character. You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 


  • Ganariss Kjaldsen
  • Keldnyr Torbarnesen
  • Kjisorssen Jurgarkesen
  • Ralduf Torbeldsen
  • Agvar Bjansen
  • Angbjar Alaldsen
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ESO Names Guide and Suggestions: Nord Names

We get to taste the first cold breeze of Skyrim when we woke up in a wagon, bound sitting beside a gagged a man named Ulfric Stormcloak as we are transported to the decapitation plaza.
It was a nostalgic moment when we start our new game in Skyrim and we know for sure most of our fellow gamers are well acquainted with the Nord race.
We bet most players even started their game as Nords, but how do we get a fitting Nord name for our very own Dragonborn?

When we meet NPCs like Drengr Bronze-Helm or Galmar Stone-Fist, we always knew that they are of Nord descent simply because of their names and looks. These are some of the few Skyrim Nord names  introduced to us from the game itself.

In this guide, we will tackle the Top 10 Nord name picks that we find exceptional for any Nord race characters.
We will also include our
Top 10 Nord Clan names in the list. We also have Bonus Content and Ranking the Top 10 Best Name picks at the end of the article. Without further ado, read on!

Before naming the Nords

Before we engage with Nord names under this guide, let us recall first the main characteristics of a Nord. Their nature, appearance, and living conditions are the main contributors to how we can name them.

We also have a Nord Name Generator for a vast library of Nord names.

Let’s get started.

Nord People in a Glimpse

Nords are tall, well-built people who have unbelievable resistance to the chilling environment of Skyrim. They have pale skin color and fair blond hair. When you see one, your very first impression is to run. They are just so intimidating!

Nordic Culture

Honor and glory are the core virtue of a true Nord. They see themselves as conquerors and absolute rulers. Death in battle is the highest honor a Nord can achieve. 

The Inhabitants of Skyrim

Nords are major inhabitants of Skyrim in the far-north of Tamriel. They were able to adapt to the cold surroundings of Skyrim. Nords engage in hunting, smithing, and trading with other regions. They are excellent sailors who benefit from maritime trading since their first exodus to Skyrim. Their ships and fleets can be found throughout Tamriel’s shorelines.

Nords In-Game: Elder Scrolls Online

Nord races are commonly associated with Tanks. They are not easily killed due to their added Physical and Spell resistances. They also benefit from handling two-handed weapons. Longer bouts are a trademark for a Nord fighter and produce a more favorable outcome. If a player wishes to have a sustainable or durable role in PvP fights, consider picking the Nord race.

Below is a summary of Nord Racial Skills.



Nords are well-known for using Two-Handed weapons.
With the Reveler Skill, the Nord race benefits well in prioritizing two-handed weapons.
This also allows any buff-related drinks to last longer.


Nords can sustain fights by taking a sustainable amount of damage.
This skill increases stamina and repeatedly adds Ultimate points for every damage taken.
This makes the Nord race can fight longer and survive longer at any battle of attrition.

Resist Frost

Nords can provide effective durability against Cold-related spells and imbuement.
The added Chilled immunity prevents Nord players from taking Direct and Minor Maim.
This also nullifies the 5% damage penalty of the Chilled status effect.


Higher-level Nord characters also enjoy passive Physical and Spell resistance in huge quantities. This makes them more durable and resilient.

Top 10 Male Nord Names

Now that we get to recall more about the Nord race, let’s go straight in naming them!

You may also use this Nord Name Generator for a collection of Nord names alternatives.

Strong-built body, intimidating, fearsome, and conquering fighters. Check out some of the appropriate names of a Nord race character.

Should I Pick This?



Imagine your sharp edge, whether it is your axe or your two-handed sword. The name Brandir gives an impression of a Fighter with a sharp edge held in both hands.
From the word Brandr, meaning “Blade”



The word Ulf is referenced to the word ‘wolf’. Wolf is a common symbol of ferocity among the Nords and being named wolf is truly divine.
A Wolf’s den.



A hammer-wielding Nord is suitable for this name. Strongly signifies strength and power sourced from their beastly attributes.
A beast wielding a heavy hammer



Bjor is referenced with bears, fit for a Nord as strong and scary as a bear.
The last thing they saw before their death is a savage claw from a bear.



Bloodshed and violence? Blarhundr is a name engraved in the tales of invasion and conquests of a Nord.
The hunter hunts for blood



For the quiet and serious type. Erlendyr is referenced as a silent but merciless warrior.
An unknown warrior musters the hunt.



A Nord that raids the seas for treasures and loot. A pirate, a raider.
A name bestowed to men who dominated the vast seas.



A destroyer. A powerful entity that revered catastrophe and destruction.
A destroyer of creations.



A killing machine. Suitable for a Nord warrior who shows no mercy to its enemies.
A warrior, a stronghold combined.



A noble Nord worshiped as a Man of War. His wrath is known across the lands.
This name is rightful for a Nord who fights until the sun is set.

Didn’t find the name you are searching for? Check out this Nord Name Generator for more Nord suggestions

Top 10 Female Nord Names

Female Nord names are unique and beautiful. We’ve seen female Skyrim Nord names such as Serana and Lydia (we love Lydia!).
Tall, fair-colored hair, built for battle despite their beauty. Check out our Top 10 suggested Nord names for your female Nord character.

Should I Pick This?



Dreyri means blood in the common Nordic tongue. A battle maiden who usurps the thrones of kings and nobles.
Her hands are never dry. She washes them with the blood of nobles and kings alike.



A maiden who fell from the sky. Ajlah represents the freeness and wildness of an eagle as it soars.
The sky is her very domain.



Azilda represents ruthlessness. She can crush skulls with her bare hands. Consider this Nord name for a woman who does exactly that- crushing skulls.
Her very own hands are weapons.



Yla is a sacred name granted to Valkyries of old who made great deeds in the past wars against the Empire. Her battle cries are feared by men.
Her howl sends chills down the spine.



Consider this name for characters who support and guides their team.
Her brilliance and leadership surpass any man.



A Nord name for darkness and terrorization.
She who bears the name instills endless fears to her foes.



Heavens. The highest honor of every Nord’s journey is to reach the very heavens promised upon death.
Her illuminating eyes are the last thing you’ll see before departing earth.



A heroine. A name granted for maidens who proved themselves worthy of honor and pride. They win the hearts of their people with their charismatic leadership and their willingness to harbor the frontlines.
Only in the frontlines, you’ll see.



Beauty and deceit. Consider this Nord name for a woman full of trickery.
She makes fools out of the very men who flaunt their power.



A woman of might. Her prowess is unmatched even with male Nords.
A strong, brute female warrior.

Top 10 Nord Clan Names

Stone-fists, Black-Briar, Stormcloaks, and Whitemane are few of the notable Skyrim Nord clan names. Nordic clan names are based on either their family’s origin, line of work, or important events that made their clan known.
The best example is Ulfric Stormcloak from which “Stormcloaks” was used by the opposing imperials to belittle and insult him for his desire for power (storm for power, a cloak for hiding, or being a coward). He delightedly used the name as he gains influence and power to ascend the throne of Skyrim. 

Check out our Top 10 Clan Name picks that we wish to see in the Elder Scrolls saga.

Brief Descriptions
Nailbiter Nailbiter clans represent their ability in smithing and construction. The term ‘biters’ shows their fighting capability aside from craftsmen. They are both crafters and warriors.
Ulffangs Ulffangs are worshipers of the Great White Wolf who were believed to descend from a goddess. Ulffangs are known forest lurkers who prey on weary Imperial soldiers.
Dawnbringers Dawnbringers are a noble Nord family who first migrated to Skyrim. They are the first well-established clans in the early days of Skyrim.
Stone-Maul Stone-Maul clan are remarkable weaponsmiths. They are distinguished artisans and are commonly commissioned for the production of heavy weapons and siege equipment.
Skullpiercer Skullpiercers are a nobility tribe known to be merciless against traitors and criminals. Their common punishment for treachery is decapitation and impaling.
ColdwindsColdwinds clan is relatively small in numbers. Their clansmen train both their mind and body in the harsh-cold weathers of Skyrim. They are indifferent to other Nords outside their clan which makes them isolated. There are some, however, who venture out and make names for themselves.
FrostfangFrostfang clansmen are professional mercenaries commonly hired by Khajiit traders as escorts and bodyguards when venturing Skyrim. They belong to an honorable and honest clan and are well-trusted by numerous merchants.
FrostbeardsFrostbeards belong to an old and wise lineage of the old Nord people. They studied the origins and history of the Nords and share their work with the other clans. Some of them are known Jarl advisers and historians and others are tacticians and generals from wars.
Eagle-EyeEagle-Eye clansmen usually dwell in the mountainous regions of Skyrim. They are expert hunters and wood traders. They are exceptional ax wielders and are also commissioned as soldiers during wars.
ProudkinsThe Proudkins clan is a known noble family of soldiers. They have the tradition of offering their first-born sons and daughters in serving the military. They are loyal and honorable servants of the Empire.

Want more Clan names? Check out this Nord Name Generator. It includes Clan name suggestions for both
Male and Female Nord names

 Top 10 Funny Nord Names

Why so serious? Let’s also list some funny names that we can think of about the Nord race. We know that there are players who use names like CallmeNow69 or IamNumbaWan as their IGN for the sake of… uniqueness? Or trolling. Either way, let’s take a look at our TOP 10 (somehow) Funny Nord Names– without removing the Nordic taste of course.

What makes it funny?
Ayam Pebble-Slinger “I am Pebble Slinger”. Doesn’t sound scary if you see it but it sounds “Nord”
Thoru Gold-Digger Gold digging is not a bad job, right? Except when we have a different
understanding of that. Not to mention, Thoru? (true)
Katya Garlic-Cloves Okay, maybe this is too much.
Cringeworthy When you see hilarious names, maybe it is “cringe-worthy”?
Felagun Felagun is a real Nordic name. What we find funny is we pronounce it like “fail
again”. Imagine your Nord character always dying? “
Argh! Felagun”
Hovljes Dream-Catcher Hovljes /hov-yes/ Dream-Catcher sounds like a ‘hopeless’ person in catching
their dream.
Golfr Golfrr /gol-fer/ Now you know why it’s funny.
Bikkja /bik-ki-ya/ is a real Nordic word that means… bitch
Heimskr /heim-skar/ is also a real Nordic word that means… foolish. Imagine “Ayam
Gardnr Yes. Gardener.

Top 10 Best Name Picks from Us

So far, we enjoyed naming our Nordic character. In this section, we made a list of our Top 10 names based on our suggested Male, Female, and Clan names. Check these names below.

1 Myrkra
Female Grim, scary, intimidating. This is the perfect name we want for a Female
Nord character. We put this name on the number 1 spot because it
passes all our qualifications for a Nord name.
2 Solbyorg
Male Solbyorg is a tough and quality name. The Stone-Maul Clan name fits perfectly with the toughness of the name itself.
3 Himinna
Female Himinna sounds like a cold and sorrowful name and we think the Coldwinds Clan name is a perfect fit for this.
4 Borgrekkr
Male Tough, strong, and intimidating name. We only rank it 4th because the name sounds like an antagonist in a Warcraft movie (for the horde!).
5 Brandir
Male Brandir is like a wise or knowledgeable man which fits the description with
Frostbeards. We ranked it fifth because the rarity of this name is kind of low.
6 Yla Proudkin Female Yla is a straightforward name and Proudkin just sounds okay with the short pronunciation of the name.
7 Ajlah Eagle-Eye Female Ajla /ay-la-h/ is associated with the word sky and thus fits for an Eagle-Eye
clan name. We also find this name cool for a female Nord so we include it
in the 7
th spot.
8 Yssidra
Female Yssidra is a sexy and good female Nord name and fits well with t Coldwinds clan name. Maybe she is related to Himinna Coldwinds?
9 Frabjormr
Male Frabjormr is associated with destruction, Ulffang for wolves. We include it in the 9th spot because the name is generic but has great meaning.
10 Ulfhus
Male Ulfhus is a good name for a warrior-king and Frostfang is a fitting clan name for someone associated with wolves and cold. Very Nordic.


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