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When we hear the word “Wizard”, the first thing that comes to our mind is a man with a pointy hat and a long wooden staff ready to cast magic or spells unto his foe. We’ve heard this term from multiple sources such as books, films, and games. In general, a Wizard is defined as a male person who practices magic. There are many terms used to identify a person who practices magic. Although, each of these terms has a different meaning to them in terms of the kind of magic used or how the person itself wields his magic. For example, a Conjurer is a person who specializes in conjuring abilities such as summoning spirits or calling a ghost.

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A Mage is a person who practices arcane arts but without the use of instruments or staves. In fantasy books, Mages are commonly seen using memorized incantations instead of staves. Sometimes, they carry books to cast spells. A Warlock is a person who utilizes dark magic and practices grim arcane. A Warlock is known to possess demonic spells and necromancy. Other synonymous terms for the Wizard are Witch (a female counterpart of the Wizard), an Enchanter/Enchantress (someone who uses magic to enchant weapons and armors), a Sorcerer (someone who practices magic and has the in-born ability for it), and a Magician (a generic term for someone skilled with magic or tricks). Do note, however, that in a general sense, all of these terms are simply describing a person who uses magic. The detailed description from each only comes from fantasy and fictional novels and games that are now accepted and used today.

In this name guide, we’ll talk about the origins of the word “Wizard” and mention some written works and games involving famous Wizard names. Moreover, we’ll give you further good Wizard names alternatives at the end of this guide. 

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Origins of the Word “Wizard”

The etymology of the word Wizard dates back to the early 15th century. It came from the Old English wys meaning “wise” combined with the morpheme ard. The term is always associated with a person that is wise and knowledgeable.

In the earlier Middle Ages, a male and a female involved in practicing magics are said to be involved with witchcraft. The males are called Wizards and the female, Witch. Witchcraft was invented by people who believed that supernatural forces can be called upon the world to create good intentions; such as summoning rains during drought or creating herbal medicine for powerful illnesses. However, as Christianity is introduced in most of Europe, those involved in witchcraft are branded as heretics, being tagged as the main cause of natural disasters and bad omen. Most of the victims of Witch persecutions are women because male Wizards during that time are few or were quickly indoctrinated to Christianity. The sad part is, most of the victims of these executions were innocent women and were only suspected from hearsays and gossips.

Wizards in the Modern Era

While real and ancient Wizards no longer exist in our present era, the idea and concept of them still exist in literary works, TV shows, movies, and games. In most fantasy novels, Wizards are depicted as old men with long white beards, wearing long hooded robes, holds a powerful staff and tome. One of the iconic personalities describing this kind of Wizard is Merlin the Magician, from the famous Arthurian legend. Many Wizard portrayal is based on how Merlin the Magician looks like.

The following sections will introduce you to some of the famous Wizard names both in literary works and video games. Read on!

Famous Wizard Names in Literary Works

Many literary works included the concept and idea of Wizards. Below are a few published books and novels that include Wizards.

Gandalf the Grey Wizard (The Lord of the Rings)

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most renowned novels and movies of all time. The most Iconic figure from this novel is Gandalf the Grey Wizard, one of the Five Wizards sent to Middle Earth according to The Lord of the Rings book. Like our earlier description, he wears a pointy hat, a long robe, carries a wooden staff, and can cast spells. In the entire history of Middle Earth, other prominent Wizards mentioned were Saruman the White Wizard and Radagast the Brown Wizard. Gandalf, later on, became a White Wizard after he defeated a Balrog and became a replacement to Saruman when he turned from his duty and sided with the evil, Sauron.

Oscar Diggs (The Wizard of Oz)

In this novel, a certain Wizard is the ruler of the Land of Oz and was highly regarded by his subjects. The Wizard was sought by the main characters, but instead of introducing himself, he took many forms as he granted audience to them. He took the form of a giant head, a beautiful fairy, a horrible monster, and a ball of fire. His story started when he stumbled on the Land of Oz where he met a witch named Theodora. She thought that Oscar is the prophecized Wizard after seeing him perform few magic tricks. She told him that Glinda, the Good Witch of the South killed her father and upon his death bed, predicted that a more great and powerful Wizard by the name of Oz will come to save their land.

He was later on discovered to be a conman who uses tricks to portray himself as powerful.

There are many portrayals and versions regarding the Wizard of Oz. Few titles are Oz the Great and Powerful, The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, and Once Upon a Time.

Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter Saga)

From the famous J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter saga, Albus Dumbledore is considered to be an iconic figure in the Harry Potter Series as the one whom Lord Voldemort fears the most. He is the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is knowledgeable and possesses the ability to wield numerous magics. He taught Harry Potter many spells as he prepared to fight the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. Draco Malfoy, one of the antagonists and despisers of Harry Potter, attempted to assassinate Dumbledore but was prevented by Severus Snape. Instead, Severus himself killed Dumbledore upon his request in order to fulfill their plans in defeating Voldemort. Another famous Wizard and witch name from the Harry Potter series is Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Dr. Strange (Marvel Comic Universe)

Considered to be a sorcerer, rather than a Wizard, he still depicts Wizard-like characteristics—except for the long white beard. He is the protector of the Time Stone and has the ability to alter dimensions, produce energies in his hands, or open rifts and portals. He was trained by the infamous Sorcerer Supreme or the Ancient One, who entrusted him the Time Stone and all the sorcerers under the Masters of the Mystic Arts order. Wow!

Merlin the Magician (Legend of King Arthur)

Let’s not forget Merlin the Magician. He is the famous wizard from the legend of King Arthur. He is regarded as someone versed in both witchcraft and wizardry. Merlin was the teacher and mentor of King Arthur who is prophesized to be king of Camelot.

Famous Wizard Names in Games

Wizards are, undoubtedly, more common in video games. Wizard is a common character class for most RPG games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online, Diablo III, and many more. Wizard is considered as a character who specializes in magic and spells and is highly dependent on mana. From games, Wizards are commonly range casters and are squishy in melee fights. They have high Intelligence stats and have a huge mana pool to cast multiple offensive spells. Take a look at some of the famous Wizard names found on famous game titles.


Big Hat Logan (Dark Souls 1)

For those who played Dark Souls 1, you encountered him trapped in a cage at Sen’s Fortress. He is famous for, well, his big hat. He sells sorceries (spells in Dark Souls) and staves—if you reach enough intelligence for him to even recognize you.

Stregobor (Gwent: The Witcher Card Game)

Stregobor also appeared from Netflix’s The Witcher series. He is a renowned Kovirian wizard and a master illusionist. He experimented with numerous children who were said to bear the Curse of the Black Sun. He appeared as one of the character cards from Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Farengar Secret-Fire (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

The famous court Wizard of Whiterun. He always tells you that “if you have the aptitude, you should try o join the Mages College in Winterhold”. You can buy scrolls and spells by browsing his sellable items—or you can pickpocket him for some free soul gems and few gold coins. It’s up to you.

Khadgar (World of Warcraft)

Considered to be the most accomplished of all wizards and the most powerful magi in Azeroth, Khadgar was the apprentice of the corrupted Guardian Medivh. He appeared as an NPC in World of Warcraft in different places. If you’ve watched The Warcraft Movie, he was famed to be the Wizard to first observed the Fel corruption from the Guardian.

Ezlo (The Legend of Zelda)

Who will forget Ezlo from Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap? Ezlo is not really a wizard but a Minish sage. He was cursed to become a Minish cap by another mage named Vaati. Ezlo serves as an important NPC that talks with Link and provides him tips and tutorials in-game. Like most Wizards, Ezlo also holds a staff and has a long white beard.

More cool Wizard name suggestions from our Wizard Name Generator are introduced at the top page. Our name generator provides good Wizard names which you can use for any purpose you wish. The names are unique and free.

Wizard Name Suggestions

By this time, you are now well associated with how Wizards look like both in books and games. In this section, we’ll suggest some cool Wizard names for you with their corresponding possible lore and meaning. In creating Wizard names, consider making the names melodic, yet powerful.

The name should be befitting for a Wizard and should give an impression that the name can wield magic. There are also good Wizard names that are now used today in real life as common names. Take note that the following are male Wizard names only. Check out some of our Wizard name suggestions below.

  • Halagram the Dark /ha-la-gram/ – Considered to be a grim person, he is one of the many sinister people bearing warlock names. Halagram is derived from the forbidden language Hala, meaning void, and Gram, meaning
  • Delfinnar Thunderbolt /del-fi-nar/ – A Wizard who is known to possess the power of the storm. He possesses an ancient quarterstaff that can summon rain and thunder to do his bidding.
  • Milleneas the Timecrawler /mil-ye-ne-yas/ – A Wizard who physically never gets old. It is said that his grimoire and wooden staff are responsible for his ageless feature. Little did they know that he tweaks his own time to retain his being.
  • Qaelus Moonborn /key-lus/ – A Wizard who wields the power of the night. He can strike foes by raining star-like fires and moon-like beams that burn his enemies. It is said that any form of bruises you receive from his spells do not totally heal.
  • Adoralf Frigidhand /a-do-ralf/ – one of the few who bear a dark Wizard name.He is known for his devastating frost magic that can easily seep any form of heat. The name Adoralf was derived from a forbidden language Adora, which means to preserve, combined with the word Aalf, meaning flesh.
  • Rudastaar the Sage /ru-das-ta-ar/ – Known to be an honorable Wizard, he is a master of the four natures; the Earth, the Sky, the Sea, and the Sun. Each nature represents an element and each element represents an assortment of spells in his arsenal. He is known as The Sage for his deep understanding of life and death and his priceless words of wisdom. He was the sole apprentice of the ancient White Witch.
  • Tarrinald the Kind Wizard /ta-ri-nald/ – Tarinald is known as a kindhearted Wizard. He roams the lands in search of knowledge and spells, while at the same time, undergoing quests in solving problems of commoners. He offers his knowledge and services for free and he sometimes joins companies of adventurers to explore sound ruins and dungeons where hidden knowledge is found.

Our Wizard Name Generator offers more unique name suggestions and ideas that players and non-players can use for games or liuterature. We have a collection of almost a thousand name suggestions that can be used as-is—for free!


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