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Dunmer Names

The cursed Chimer people from the Summerset Isles, Dunmers are close cousins of the Altmers. Chimers’ physique is indistinguishable from Altmer aside from their pale gold skin. Their belief is probably what makes them unique from the rest of their elven kin: worship of Daedric gods.

Talk about weird people, Chimers are even proud of the curse they received from a Daedric goddess transforming their gold skin into ashen color and their eyes red. They are now called by their elven brethren as Dunmers or Dark elves. Dunmers are a versatile, offensive race in-game with good attributes in dual-wielding, magic, and spells- a good pick for players who dislike offsets with other attributes (eew, casuals).

In this guide, we will explore a brief history of the Dunmers, their culture, and their characteristics. We’ll create Dunmer names and provide a list of our Top 10 Male and Female Dunmer name picks. Moreover, we’ll list the Top 10 Dunmer Clan names and a bonus Top 10 Funny Dunmer names.

There’s also a ranking for the Top 10 Best Dunmer names at the end of this guide. You may also check out this ESO Dunmer Name Generator for more name suggestions.

Without further delays, let’s get started!

Red-Eyes Black Dunmers

No this is not Yu-Gi-Oh, but Dunmers display both red-eyes and dark skin color features. The early Chimer race migrated out of Summerset Isle in search of freedom for their belief. As we always know, the Altmer religion centralizes in the worship of Aedric gods. In contrast, Chimers are Daedric believers. They followed Veloth, a prophet to whom the Daedric prince Boethiah spoke with, unto migration to Resdayn (known now as Morrowind) for religious freedom.

Resdayn, during that time, is currently inhabited by the Dwemers (dwarf people) who have an agnostic culture. They encountered conflicts and done war with the Dwemers until they faced territorial threats from the Nords. To cut the story short, the Chimers and Dwemers combined forces in fighting the invading Nords and their noble kings became allies under an exclusive pact. However, conflict arose from both kings leading to Chimer’s invasion of the Dwemers. The Chimer discovered the source of the immortality of the Dwemers: the heart of Lorkhan. They were able to secure the tools to strike the heart thus erasing the entire Dwemer race from its existence.

The Tribunal, consultants of the Chimer king, murdered their king and took the tools, and used the heart to make themselves gods. The Daedric goddess Azura was angered by this atrocity and cursed the entire Chimer race by making their skin ashen and their eyes red, creating the earliest known Dunmers.

Phew! So much for the Dunmer history. Dunmers are intellectual and strong elves. They are great warriors and sorcerers wielding swords, daggers, and destruction magic. It is said that Dunmers can live thrice as long as humans.
In character, Dunmers are gloomy, aloof, and self-reserved. They are known distrustful with the other race and in return are distrusted too.

Due to their vengeful nature, resulting from the age-conflicts and betrayal feeling from their old Dwemer allies, they have very low political influence and trust compared to their Altmer cousins.

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Dunmers in-game: Elder Scrolls Online

As an overview, Dunmers are good Magic DPS, good Stamina DPS, good Healer, good Tank. What else do we want? All you need is to specialize in an attribute that fits your play style.

Below are the summary of Racial skills for the Dunmer.




This skill increases the familiarity of a Dunmer character with Dual Wield skills by of course using dual-weapons. It also gives you damage reduction from environmental lava or fires. Fire-resistant assassin huh?



This skill increases both the Stamina and Magicka of a Dunmer. Compared with other races who prioritize either of the two, Dunmers rightfully have them both. Good for having a hybrid magic/stamina DPS or healer/stamina DPS. Totally up to the player to decide on.

Resist Flame


Increases base Flame Resistance and provide immunity to Burning status effect. Wow, you can never burn this race.



With Dunmer’s proficiency with dual-weapons and offensive magic, this skill surges further damage dealt by adding increased weapon and spell damage. This skill makes the Dunmer race a truly remarkable offensive character in-game.


Top 10 Male Dunmer Names

We’re now on the list of our suggested Dunmer names in this guide. In creating Dunmer names, let’s take into consideration Altmeri’s background and with some Dwemer influence. Examples of male Dunmer names we’ve see in-game are Dravin (Skyrim), Adavos (ESO), and Alval (Oblivion).

With some of these details, let’s see our Top 10 Male Dunmer names. Don’t limit yourself! Check out Dunmer Name Generator and create your own Dunmer name. It’s easy to use and free!

Should I Pick This?



Synaas is a Dunmer name referencing a serpent. Perfect for an agile Dunmer assassin.

The name Synaas was used as a symbol for the serpentine kinfolks of the Argonians.



A Dunmer named Dulvor is a person whose knows a lot about forbidden knowledge.

Dulvor, the Knowledge Dweller, was said to hold the secrets of the Heart of Lorkhan.



Pick this male Dunmer name for a character associated with nobility or kingship.

Elarkng is one of the many unnamed kings of Morrowind that the Tribunal executed.



For a Dunmer character who specializes in sword and shield. Gahfell is a Dunmer name referring to a “Great Stronghold”.

Gahfell the Solid Wall of Balmora



The Accursed. Pick this male Dunmer name for characters who specializes in dark practices such as necromancy.

Hladun was a known necromancer from Necrom.



Balmo is associated with beheadings and decapitation. Pick this Dunmer name for characters who excel in burst physical damage or executions.

Balmo the Executioner was said to be hired for assassinating powerful wanted mages.



Dunereth is derived from the word Dun and Ereth, meaning Cursed Land. A name fitting for male Dunmers who remained faithful to their Daedric lords despite their curse.

A fanatic Dunmer who covets the secrets of the Daedra.



Synonymous with the term “Red Eye”. This name is very Dunmeric and is perfect for characters who are aligned with Fire magics.

Kil’Jakesh the red eye



For male Dunmers whose blades are so sharp, he can decapitate a mammoth with a single slice.

Vohrimon is a name indirectly means The Sharp.



A Dunmer name with his powers centering in pyroclastic destructions.

Molagath considers himself the Fire Lord despised by the gods.


Top 10 Dunmer Female Names

In creating female Dunmer names, we’ll use the same consideration as with the male names. Example of female Dunmers we’ve seen was Jenassa (Skyrim), Aerona (ESO) and Alves (Oblivion).

Let’s use these references in creating our Top 10 Female Dunmer names. As an addition, you may visit our website for Female Dunmer Name Generator so you can create your own Dunmer name for free.

Should I Pick This?



Meaning music or chants. This female Dunmer name is for characters whose skill with daggers is unmatched. Her name is sung in epics and lore.

Her swift, sharp blades produce a deafening hiss before striking her foes.



Pick this female Dunmer name for characters that utilizes hammers and shield. She focuses on team fights and healing and is the best support companion in the party.

Al’Volen wields the Valna. An ancient artifact left by the Nords during their invasions.



A female Dunmer that kills unwary foes. This Dunmer name is suitable for stealth-type characters that easily pick unaware enemies.

Dumzereth is said to be a ghost that preys on treacherous Nords and Dunmers alike.



For a brutish type Dunmer. This name suggests a tall and proud Dunmer who specializes in spells and shows no remorse in burning foes… or allies.

Owellagg’s temper is so small she burns any place she stays.



A female Dunmer name meaning “speed with earth”. For an agile mage that utilizes speed and earth magics.

Vey and Arda are twin sisters that were reincarnated as one to avenge their deaths.



A name for a female Dunmer who uses staves to ward off her enemies with frost and engulf them in flames.

She leaves frostbites and embers to any place she desires to own.



Pick this female Dunmer name for characters who prefer isolation and solo work.

Dranea the Vagabond.



The Dunmer name Ingaldin is of Dwemer origin which means “Deep Gems”. She who bears this name is said to possess a burning ruby eye and a passion for vengeance.

The last gem of Dwemereth.



Use this Dunmer name for characters who are a skilled hybrid of assassin and mage. This name is of old Chimer origin referring to wishes.

It is said that Neecatel appears before people who created their death wish.



Use this female Dunmer name for characters who are purely offensive as Magic DPS. Nerissa is associated as a powerful mage that controls lightning and fire.

Nerissa was exiled from Solstheim for her crimes in using forbidden magic.


Top 10 Dunmer Clan Names

Unlike other races such as Argonians, Nords, or Bosmers who derive their clan names with their personal qualities, profession, or aliases, Dunmers use their ancient ancestral clan names that are in the Mer language. There could be speculations that they are a mix of ancient Chimer, Dwemer, and evolved Altmer tongue.

Let’s take a peek at our Top 10 Dunmer Clan Names partnered with a little bit of fan-made lore.

Clan Name
Brief Descriptions



The Vallenfell clan are extreme fanatics of ancient histories. They hanker for antique artifacts and gem and study them. Most of its clan members roam Skyrim and Cyrodiil in search of artifacts while taking odd and mercenary works.



The Dunmers from the house of Baluwyth is known as respectable traders from Raven Rock. Although their clan is despised by Nord traders and is speculated to cheat on their produce.



The house of Ahlarkhan is a known cousin of the first Tribunal under Nerevar Moon-and-Star. This clan is commonly persecuted by the existing Tribunal due to their strong belief in the Nerevarine Prophecy. They are distinguished fire mages.



The lost tribesmen of Gnaar Mok in the southwest of Morrowind. They are a nomadic tribe that prefers wilderness and alchemy. Long ago, the Ulventhar suddenly vanished from Gnaar Mok. Some say they just blended with the majority of the Dunmers, while others say it is a result of their play with alchemy.



The Du’Direi clan are vicious, merciless Dunmers. They enjoy the thrill of slaughter. As a result, their clansmen are common candidates for the Dark Brotherhood initiations.



The house of Nal’Dugo is Boethiah worshippers who believed that suffering and pain are the greatest offerings to their Daedra god. The Nal’Dugo is considered a dark cult and is avoided by most of the Dunmers. They are known to have a strong affinity to the School of Destruction and Vampirism.



The house of Helgelvaar is a few of the known Dunmer clan who participates in the Imperial and Thalmor politics. They are renowned nobles of Morrowind.



The Grathren clan possesses the old Chimer knowledge and skill in smithing and agriculture. They are commonly consulted by the Imperials in finding obsidian gems across Solstheim.



The Mepha’Alen are known worshippers of Mephala, Daedric prince of lies. Due to this clan’s worship of Mephala, they are known to be friendly with giant spiders and are known as spider silk weavers.



Hlamrethi clansmen are known enemies of Skaals. They are nomadic raiders and skillful thieves feared among the villages in Solstheim. Not all, however, enjoy their nomadic attitude because some personalities from this clan are known to enlist as soldiers and guards.

There are more suggested clan names from this Dunmer Name Generator. It includes Clan name suggestions for both Male and Female Dunmer names.

Top 10 Funny Dunmer Names

Woah! We have so much information about the Dunmers. Let’s take a breather and check our Top 10 Funny Dunmer Names. Hold my Alit nuggets and check this out!

What makes it funny?

Cassava Custardio

Sounds Dunmeri right? And delicious!

Dun’kin Bavarian

Bring a glass of coffee when you date this kid.


A Dunmer name that is probably good with Ballet.


You better pass his qualifications.



Red-Eyes Black Dunmer

I’m sorry when I put this as the starting description from the guide I was laughing.

Gambler Dunmer

Not good with poker.

Mephala Simpers

They simp Mephala. Really.

Wiar Vampyres

Cool introduction to tell everyone your Dunmer name while at the same time tell them you’re a vampire.

Dreugh Takoyaki

Dreugh is a semi-human, semi-octopus-crustacean monster. Good combo for a Takoyaki.


Best Dunmer Name Picks

We’re at the endgame of this guide and we’re going to list our Top 10 best Dunmer names based on our earlier name suggestions for male, female Dunmers and their clan names. Before we proceed, feel free to check this ESO Dunmer Name Generator for more names.

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 best Dunmer name picks!



Nerissa Vallenfell


The name is very feminine while at the same time suitable for a Dunmer. The name suggests a mage-based character and its clan name suggests a family of nerds for magic and artifacts.


Vohrimon Hlamrethi


A cool name for an assassin or a raider. Perfect for characters who decide with the blade than logic. Scary.


Dunereth Mepha’Alen


The name is very cult-like. The name suggests a Daedric worshipper of Mephala. A fanatic indeed who wields spider summoning spells and necromancies.


Dranaea Du’Direi


Viscous, deadly, and sinister. This is the very description of the name. Appropriate for offensive characters that can burst-kill enemies. Don’t forget to join the Dark Brotherhood.


Elarkng Helgelvaar


The name has a mixed sound of Altmeri and Dunmeri. Perfect for Dunmers who indulge themselves with political power and rule.





A simple and forthright name. It suggests a protector of kinsfolk that is honorable, but, despised by the other out of racial discrimination.





Dulvor is a Dunmer name associated with forbidden knowledge, while Ahlarkhan is a clan linked with the Nerevarine Prophecies (also a forbidden knowledge by the Tribunal). Perfect Dunmer name who waits patiently for the very prophecies to happen in their land.





This Dunmer name is the very description of blood and sacrifice for their Daedric lords. Only if, however, the blood doesn’t dry out in flames.





There’s a reason why the Dunmer name Molagath prefers isolation: he has a short temper and burns anyone to ashes. The house of Ulventhar are families of Dunmers who prefer the same isolation and wilderness to study alchemy and nature by themselves.





The Dunmer name and clan name both suggest their relationship with mining and gems. They are of Dwemer origin and are for Dunmer characters who excel with trade and money-making activities.


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