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dark elf names

Elf Names

This DnD Elf name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Elf in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Elf names.

You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

  • Quelenna Xiloscient
  • Shanairra Meliamne
  • Antinua Amakiir
  • Althaea Amastacia
  • Shava Amakiir
  • Quarion Amakiir

dark elf names

Table of Contents

About Elves

Elves are a beautiful and graceful race, at home in nature. Masters of magic, art and music, they are more slender and shorter than humans on average. Elves are considered by many races to be almost otherworldly in their beauty. While some elves have a coloration akin to that of humans, they can also have bluish-white, copper or bronze skin and their hair can be green or blue. Elves are far more long-lived than humans, some reaching 700 years of age. This gives them a long-term perspective on affairs of the world, and they tend to remain aloof in matters they consider to be petty. Each elf’s name is specific and unique to them and should convey a sense of the personality or nature of the elf.

Male Elf Names

Male elf names should roll off the tongue and convey a sense of strength and grace. Elladyr, meaning “star strike” carries a meaning of beauty and strength. Ivaebhin, or “boy filled with light” would suit a joyful, boyish elf.
Some other male elf names are:

  • Arakhor
  • Carric
  • Dragathil
  • Illunathros
  • Thamior

Use the male elf name generator to see more examples.

Female Elf Names

There is little difference between male elf names and female elf names, however female elf names should convey a sense of femininity and beauty. Ilyrana, or “an opal of rare beauty” would suit an elegant and radiant female elf. Ahnvae, meaning “night” could suit a female elf of a darker kind of beauty. Some other examples of female elf names are:

  • Cinnaess
  • Kiira
  • Larnlas
  • Theirastra
  • Xanaphia

You can use the female elf name generator to find the perfect fit.

Elf Surname/ Clan Names

Elf surnames tend to be combinations of elvish words which represent elements of nature. Sometimes elves will use the Common translation of their surname when travelling among humans.
Some elf surnames are:

  • Amarillis (flame-flower)
  • Auglathia (winter-breeze)
  • Galanodel (moon-whisper)
  • Holimion (diamond-dew)
  • Ileleste (falling-rain)
  • Naïlo (night-breeze)
  • Xiloscient (gold-petal).

Our elf surname generator can give you yet more ideas.

High Elf Names

High elf names should carry the feeling of nobility and grace.

  1. Evaliir, meaning “song”, is a good high elf name for a lover of music.
  2. Delimbiyra, meaning “shining bow”, would be a good name for a female high elf warrior.

Some other high elf name examples are:

  • Iaran
  • Crithta
  • Dharasha
  • Fflar
  • Syolkiir.

Check out the high elf name generator to see more.

Wood Elf Names

A good wood elf name should invoke the sense of a being at one with the forest and nature. Wood elves are also great hunters, so a name such as Thraen would work well. Arakhor, meaning “protector of the forest”, would also be a good wood elf name.

  • Arvandor
  • Durmista
  • Gyrlass
  • Solicallor
  • Xiloscient

are other wood elf names, and our wood elf name generator will give even more ideas.

Dark Elf (Drow) Names

Dark elves have names which sound a little harsher than those of the other clans. A dark elf name should convey a sense of the more brutal nature of these elves.

  1. Anilessa, meaning “nefarious”, could be a good female dark elf name.
  2. Morvian, meaning “darkness’ boon”, could be a good male dark elf name.
  3. Akhrua
  4. Gabreth
  5. Mithardir
  6. Siannodel
  7. Shalth

These are some examples of dark elf names.

Funny Elf Names

  1. Essraul, meaning “enthusiastic slayer” could be a funny name for an elf who identifies more with the animalistic side of his nature rather than the beauty and grace normally associated with elves.
  2. Elverquisst, “elven wine” is a funny name for an elf who is more at home in a tavern than in the palaces of the high elves.
  3. Gaudutu, meaning “burning legs” would be a funny name for an elf unused to travelling on foot, who is more comfortable with the luxury of a carriage.
  4. Keryvian, meaning “foe’s boon” would be a funny name for an elf who always tries to help but ends up making things worse – making him a boon for every enemy he encounters.
  5. Miir, meaning “priceless”, could be a funny name for an elf who values gold above all things and is constantly searching for more of it.

Top Elf Names

The best male elf name is:

  1. Elladyr Holimion – Elladyr means “star strike” and Holimion means “diamond-dew”.
    This name would work for a male elf who is beautiful yet sharp, like the facets of a diamond. Though he shines like a star, he has the strength to strike down his enemies in battle.
  2. Kiira Illeleste is the winner for female elf names.  – Kiira means “gem” and Illeleste means “falling rain”. This name would be great for a female elf who is beautiful and compassionate, who glitters like a gem and has a voice that soothes like softly falling rain.
  3. For a high elf name, we prefer Evaliir Xiloscient. Evaliir means “song” and Xiloscient means “gold petal”. This name would suit a high elf who likes the finer things in life; good music and luxurious living.
  4. Our top wood elf name is Durmista Amarillis. Durmista means “twilight forest” and Amarillis means “flame-flower”. This name would suit a wood elf who is peaceful and levelheaded yet carries a fiery soul within.
  5. For us, the best dark elf name is Siannodel Naïlo. Siannodel means “moon brook” and Naïlo means “night-breeze”.
    This name would be good for a dark elf who is one with the night and holds within them the potential for darkness.

These names all say something about the person who holds them. They roll off the tongue and sound musical and pleasant. They convey the strength, elegance and beauty that the elven race is famous for.


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