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black dragonborn

Dragonborn Names

This DnD Dragonborn name generator will help you find the right name for your character.

If you are using Dragonborn in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Dragonborn name. Article below will help you get started on your search and might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options.


  • Perra Kepeshkmolik
  • Kava Kerrhylon
  • Ghesh Norixius
  • Farideh Shestendeliath
  • Perra Kerrhylon
  • Bharash Turnuroth

black dragonborn

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About Dragonborn

The Dragonborn is a proud race like the dragons from which they descend. Despite this pride, Dragonborn is widely feared and misunderstood due to their otherworldly appearance.

            Dragonborn looks very much like dragons in a humanoid shape. They have scales, though they do not have wings or a tail. Their hands and feet end in talons. Their scales are usually bronze or brass in color, though they can also be gold, red, rust, or the green of aged copper. Dragonborn with a particularly strong draconic heritage can have scales more closely resembling the dragon from which they descend. Dragonborn are tall and strong in build, standing on average over 6 feet in height. The eyes of a Dragonborn are usually red or gold.

            A Dragonborn’s clan is of the utmost importance, more important even than the gods they worship. A Dragonborn who brings dishonor upon his or her clan may be expelled as an outcast and shunned.

            The Dragonborn is a very independent and self-sufficient race, placing a high value on skill and achievement. Not one to give up once they have committed to a task, the Dragonborn will persevere until they succeed, even to point of pushing past reasonable limits. It is common for a Dragonborn to have as a lifetime goal the mastery of a particular skill, and they respect the same commitment in other races.

Male Dragonborn Names

Male Dragonborn names should capture the strength and resilience of this race. Jeskarh, for example, means fanged one and would suit a Dragonborn with fearsome fangs. Here are some other examples of male Dragonborn names:

  • Balxan
  • Dastudr
  • Morvarax
  • Rhogar
  • Tarhun

Female Dragonborn Names

While retaining the strength of male dragonborn, female dragonborn names tend to sound somewhat softer to emphasize the individual’s femininity. L’Grana, fearless one, would work for a female dragonborn warrior. Here are some more examples of female dragonborn names:

  • Akra
  • Jesfaeth
  • Mishann
  • Tonsalra
  • Ulhartiki

Clan Names

In keeping with the value dragonborn put on their clan, the clan name comes first for dragonborn, followed by the personal name. A dragonborn’s clan name should hint at the majesty and pride of the race. Some examples of dragonborn clan names are:

  • Clethtinthiallor
  • Drachedandion
  • Ernanthijar
  • Norixius
  • Rhoziros

For more examples of dragonborn clan names, check out our dragonborn name generator.

Black Dragonborn Names

Of all the chromatic dragons, black dragons are the vilest. Known for their hot temper and cruelty, they are feared by many. Black dragonborn names should invoke some of this brutish heritage. Jaecrir, or stabbing one, would be a good name for a bloodthirsty black dragonborn. Some other examples of black dragonborn names are:

  • Bekisnhlekil
  • Marinxir
  • Nifrivic
  • Paziena
  • Ronir

Silver Dragonborn Names

Silver dragons are regal in stature and consider themselves to be superior to all other creatures. Silver dragons are not cruel by nature, and while they do not seek out opportunities to quell evil, they are happy to give aid when asked. Silver dragonborn should keep some of this lofty yet generous sentiment in their names. Eluitholel, meaning faithful, would be a good fit for a silver dragonborn. Some more examples of silver dragonborn names are:

  • Briquimchy
  • Chevipsar
  • Nequenchvat
  • Rigluina
  • Schakri


Blue Dragonborn Names

Blue dragons are massive creatures who live in orderly societies. They tend more towards trickery than outright cruelty. Blue dragonborn names should reflect some of the nature of their blue dragon ancestors. Riyitir, meaning the tricking one, would be a good name for a blue dragonborn who has retained the mischievous nature of his forebears. Some other examples of blue dragonborn names are:

  • Bekilk
  • Kluuroki
  • Lapietir
  • Shochraos
  • Vrinpict

White Dragonborn Names

White dragons are a feral breed, and considerably weaker and smaller than other chromatic dragons. White dragonborn names should invoke some of the wild nature of their ancestors. Woari, meaning wanderer, could be a good fit for a white dragonborn. Some more examples of white dragonborn names are:

  • Ajikisilti
  • Geoudastudr
  • Onkmet
  • Xarzithva
  • Vilzriquathic

Bronze Dragonborn Names

Bronze dragons are known for their curious and inquisitive natures. They hate to see any form of cruelty and are strong believers in bringing evil doers to justice. Bronze dragonborn names should carry on this sentiment. Bejik, for example, means savior and would suit bronze dragonborn. Here are some other examples of bronze dragonborn names:

  • Bensvelk
  • Ganimic
  • Ithquentvi
  • Mitneic
  • Visidarkir

Red Dragonborn Names

Red dragons are the largest and most powerful of the chromatic dragons and are reviled for their evil, greedy nature. They are at home with death and destruction and their sole motivation is adding to their treasure horde. This fearsome nature should be reflected in red dragonborn names. Riliwar, meaning he who crushes, would be a good fit for a red dragonborn. Here are some more examples of red dragonborn names:

  • Beetnekil
  • Ibamar
  • Kodontoric
  • Ranprin
  • Yigmeshar


Gold Dragonborn Names

Gold dragons are the most powerful and majestic of the metallic dragons. Wise and graceful by nature, they can also be somber and serious, and this nature should be reflected in gold dragonborn names. Naoilti, meaning wisest one, would work well for a gold dragonborn. Here are some other examples of gold dragonborn names:

  • Aurixtor
  • Benxilowa
  • Ingowilel
  • Ibafarshanva
  • Jennuilt


Green Dragonborn Names

Green dragons are known for having a bad temper and for their evil pursuits. They are adept at manipulation and are known to corrupt other creatures and keep them as trophies. Green dragonborn names should invoke some of their ancestry. Achuakvi, meaning green one, would be a good fit for a green dragonborn with bright scales.

Here are some more examples of green dragonborn names:

  • Fekiwis
  • Noadubic
  • Phlithou
  • Tubdenzar
  • Vahvilti


Dragonborn Barbarian Names

With their strength and presence, dragonborn make good barbarians. The name of such a character should carry a sense of the brute strength and physical prowess of the individual. Here are some other examples of dragonborn barbarian names:

  • Kssrechki
  • Kluathtatendak
  • Nyampharuk
  • Rashithibra
  • Vrakroth

For more dragonborn barbarian names, check out our dragonborn name generator


Funny Dragonborn Names

Dragonborn are a very proud race, so funny dragonborn names work best as a contrast between the name and the individual themselves. Perhaps the female warrior L’Grana whose name means fearless one is actually very easily frightened. Or Naoilti the wise is anything but. Perhaps Bejik, the savior, is always trying to help and save others, but his blundering nature hinders himself and his group in doing so.


Top Dragonborn Names

Here is our pick for top dragonborn names:

  • For a male dragonborn, Dastudr, which means strength.
  • For a female dragonborn, Ulhartiki, which means sapphire and speaks of beauty.
  • For a clan name, Drachedandion, which invokes the pride and majesty of this race.
  • For a black dragonborn, Bekisnhlekil, which means death-bringer and reflects the evil nature of black dragons.
  • For a silver dragonborn, Schakri, which means noble and brings to mind the good nature of silver dragons.
  • For a blue dragonborn, Kluuroki, which means thunderclaps and hearkens to the blue dragons’ lightning power.
  • For a white dragonborn, Vilzriquathic, which means freezing one and reflects the icy breath of the white dragons.

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