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The self-titled “Civilized People” of Tamriel, Altmers are the main inhabitants of the Summerset Isle located at the southwest of Tamriel. Populaces of Tamriel call them High Elves for being proud, or bold and they are commonly disliked by them. They are tall, golden-skinned compared to their other Mer cousins. They see themselves as wise, pure-blooded, and beautiful. Unlike the Chimers, Altmers strongly believe that they descended from the Aedra spirit, and in turn, despise the Daedra.

Altmers are Magicka-based combatants. They are considered the most gifted among the other races when it comes to arcane arts. They have mastery in the conversion of magic and stamina and can turn the tides of battle depending on their need. They are, however, susceptible from their strong point: magic.

Pretty weird right? They are masters of their weaknesses. In this guide, we will tackle a quick background history of the Altmers, their nature and, in-game abilities (ESO). We’ll create Altmer names and provide you a list of Top 10 Male and Female Altmer names. Also from this guide is a list of some Altmer Clan names and an extra Top 10 Funny Altmer names.

We’ll rank the Top 10 Best Altmer names at the end of this guide. Feel free to try ESO Altmer Name Generator for some quick name suggestions.

The Supremacists of Tamriel

The Altmers are the oldest existing race in Tamriel. They are one of the original descendants of the ancient Aldmers. They are somewhat obsessed with the preservation of this Aldmeri heritage and they’ve done considerable efforts to maintain it that way. We can call them a race that opposes the change, or a race that dictates their culture as only correct and pure. Boomers.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Altmers claim that they are the first and true culture introduced in Tamriel, and the most civilized race existing. Well, we can say that it’s partially true since the common tongue spoken in Tamriel is based on Altmer’s speech. Their handwriting and numbers are also of Altmer’s influence. Most of the existing Empire’s crafts, political laws, astrology, alchemy, and sciences are all Altmeri inspired (thanks, boomers).

During the 4th Era, Tamriel was struck by consecutive catastrophes. The Oblivion Crisis and starting Dragon Crisis greatly weakened the Mede Empire. Following these disasters, the Aldmeri Dominion took the opportunity to initiate an invasion of the Empire. The Empire endured more tragic defeats by negotiating with the Dominion through the White-Gold Concordat. To sum up, the Concordat is heavily one-sided and favors the Dominion.

The Concordat created resentment towards the Altmers and the Mede Empire. It allowed the Thalmor, Dominion’s current government, to roam around freely in the Empire and destroy any form of Talos worship.

Altmers consider the other races as “lesser-races” compared to them. This creates a huge indifference of Altmers against other races. Denizens of Tamriel consider the Altmers as tyrannical and supremacist. Unlike their Dunmer and Bosmer cousins, Altmers are profoundly involved with politics. Altmers who are loyal to the Thalmor government are notably interested in returning the Mer rule in Tamriel, while the minority of them are Empire loyalists who are commonly persecuted.

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Altmers in-game: Elder Scrolls Online

The Altmer race is gifted with the arcane arts, even superior with the half-breed Bretons. However, unlike the Bretons with high magic resistance, Altmers have vulnerabilities with magic. Altmers are more inclined to Magicka DPS builds or hybrid Healers.

Below is the summary of Racial skills for the Altmer.





This skill increases experience gain with the Destruction Staves skill line. With advanced knowledge of the world, Altmers increases over-all experience gain by certain percentages.

Spell Recharge


This skill provides survivability to the Altmer race by reducing damage taken while casting or channeling spells. At the same time, restores the amount of Magicka or Stamina based on whichever is lowest. Imagine your Altmer character running out of Magicka, can utilize their Stamina to restore it and vice versa.

Syrabane’s Boon


Increases base Max Magicka allowing Altmer race to cast high Magicka-cost spells effortlessly. This is same with the Breton’s Gift of Magnus. The only advantage of the Breton racial skill is they can learn this skill at level 5 compared with Altmers at level 10.

Elemental Talent

Increases all spell damage by a fixed amount. This skill greatly shows the Altmer’s prowess with destruction spells compared with other races.


Top 10 Male Altmer Names

We were able to glimpse a few of Altmer’s characteristics. They are proud, high, and bold. They are knowledgeable about the world and consider themselves superior to others.

There are notable Altmer names we’ve seen in-game. Calcelmo from TESV: Skyrim is an example. He has interests in Dwemer ruins under Markarth and is known for translating the Falmer language. Add to the list is Quaranrir, the powerful sorcerer of the Psijic Order who can stop time (cool!).

With these cues from their history and some existing Altmer languages and names, let’s see our Top 10 Male Altmer names.



Should I Pick This?



Pick this male Altmer name for characters who purges Daedric entities with superior elemental spells.

Eldamond, the havoc of Daedra



Meaning “The Arcane Archer” from informal Altmer language. Although Altmers are not inclined with archery, this Altmeri name suggests a mage-archer warrior. Pick this name for long-range casters who isolate their foes from afar.

The arrows from Belegrim are made from pure Magicka capable of piercing steel.



This Altmer name is for players who anchor their characters with lightning affinity.

Novva is the first Altmer to clutch a thunder in her hands creating a lightning arcane.



Daerovel means “Gifted with Speech” in the Altmer language. Pick this male Altmer name for characters who excel with channeling spells and speech.

The words of Daerovel are solemn calming any rabid Daedric beasts.



This Altmer name was derived from the Aldmeri word Luven, meaning To Enlighten. Choose this Altmer name for characters who excel with lightning and fire spells.

He holds the wisdom and secrets for wielding the most destructive combo of Fire and Lightning throughout the Summerset Isles.



Pick this Altmer name for characters who are experts in mending wounds and curing diseases. Perfect for support hybrid healer Altmer mages.

Endrovyll the Healer



Synonymous to the term “The Jeweler” in the Altmer language. Pick this Altmer name for characters associated with high Enchantment levels. They make their equipment more powerful with added enchanted benefits.

Mindalfin assisted the great smith of Cloudrest and created the Jewel of Mers.



“The Daedric Scourge” in the Altmer tongue. Pick this male Altmer name for characters who utilize holy light and healing spells to expel Daedric anomalies.

A name bestowed to an Altmer who achieved great heights in Daedric expulsions.



In the Altmer language, this means “The Great One”. This Altmer name is perfect for solid mage classes. The name suggests an old, full of wisdom sorcerer who masters the arcane of destruction.

Thalgorion’s name is passed down to talented sorcerers who excel with dual-casting.



Nalrogvel means “Gift of Winter”. This Altmer name is perfect for players who prefer the Frost skill line of the Destruction skills.

Falrogvel dries the blood of his enemies by solidifying them with bitter frost.

There are more suggested names from our Altmer Name Generator for ESO and Skyrim. You can pick from a diverse selection of Altmer male names for free!

Top 10 Altmer Female Names

We mostly encounter very few female Altmer NPCs from TSEV: Skyrim. We’ll notice that most of the female Altmers are either housewives, unmarried mages, merchants, thieves, or random antagonist sorceress or Thalmor Justiciars. Female Altmers, like their male counterparts, are also bold and talk disdainfully to other races.

Let’s see our Top 10 Female Altmer names for this guide and see their relevant meaning and why you should pick them. You may also use our ESO Name Generator website for suggested female Altmer names.



Should I Pick This?



Yllindis is a female Altmer name that is associated with nature conjuration. This name is perfect for characters who use destructive magic while at the same time uses protection spells and beast summoning.

Yllindis alleged that their Bosmer cousin’s belief in nature is correct and legitimate.



Nirnereth originates from the word Nirn in the Altmer language. This Altmer name is perfect for a sorceress who boons with wisdom and knowledge of the world.

Nirnereth, the World’s Knowledge



Use this female Altmer name for characters that are noble-like. The name represents a regal and powerful spellcaster.

Elvwena the August.



Somehow resembles the word “The Priestess” in the Altmer language. Pick this Altmer name for healer hybrid builds.

The house of Meldirs, where Caladreth belongs, is known to be the most advanced in terms of Altmer alchemy and medicine.



This Altmer name depicts arcane enlightenment. The name is perfect for a female Altmer who uses arcane magic only when needed. She has a strong affinity for life preservation than destruction.

Olphera, the Life Conserver



“The Reckoner” in the common Mer language. This Altmer name is perfect for characters who perform support roles in PVP fights such as healing, and defense magics.

Quenna the Reckoner



An Altmer name for a woman of beauty and prestige.

Synphona the Songstress



Choose this Altmer name for female characters who represent power and loyalty.

Vinalwe the Steadfast



Pick this Altmer name for characters who gain mastery with dual-casting Fire spells.

Pheraea powers were said to be pulled from the depths of Mt. Aldunz.



This female Altmer name suggests a rogue mage who uses their destruction magic prowess to create runic traps to entrap Daedric foes.

Anlianne’s knowledge of arcane entrapment made her known as The Daedra’s Bane.


Top 10 Altmer Clan Names

It is said that Altmers have lengthy full names because they kept on adding their long heritage of family to their names. This is the reason why most Altmers do not use their last names when introducing themselves. However, there are known Altmer names that are referenced with their recent belief, clan descriptions, and some old Aldmer-origin surnames.

Let’s take a look at our Top 10 Altmer Clan Names with a little bit of unofficial-made lore.

Clan Name

Brief Descriptions



The Dae’Nagaia roughly translates as “Demon’s Death”. They are a family of Daedra exterminators. They are a common sighting within Thalmor Justiciars. However, most of their members are old, and very few youths from this clan reproduce. 



The House of Meldir is best known for its lineage of Arcane healers and doctors. They are known to trade with the Bosmers for exotic herbs and create outstanding remedies from them.


/al-ta-me-ya /

The Altamaean lineage is a clan that worships the old, forgotten Aedra, Magnus. They believe that magic, above all else, is the truest form of worship they can give to the Aedra. Members of this clan are masters of elemental magics and aspire to reach greater heights in arcane knowledge.



The loyal worshipper of the Aedra Syrabane. They are self-titled Altmers who fought with the Chimers regarding beliefs. The first Mages Guild was said to be founded by the early Syravanyar clansmen.


The House of the Soulkeepers is a known producer of the soul gem used for enchanting weapons and armors across Tamriel. Their hidden knowledge of the Soulkeeper is a big mystery even from other Altmeri clans.



The clansmen of Galeowyr were renowned teachers of the mystic arcane arts. They are known hired by the Thalmors to spread the Altmeri religion and worship of the Aedra. Some of the members of the clan are sinister spies that lure worshippers of Talos and persecute them.



The Vafavellian culture centers around music and writings. They belong to a family of historians and songwriters and created numerous books for the colleges of Skyrim and Cyrodiil.



Thrillamus clansmen are the descendants of Camoran lineage. They are known diplomats due to their gift of speech and conversation. Thrillamans are adept with Conjuration spells and are known hobbyists of necromancy.



The Mindral clan is known to be the best enchanters in Tamriel. They share their expertise with Soulkeeper members in utilizing soul gems. Mindrals are known to play with a living soul and experiment with it.


The Throne-Eye is not a lineage of related Altmers but a group of distinguished Altmer wizards that formed their cultist circle. The Throne-Eye is an extending arm of the Thalmor in watching over the regions of High-Rock and Morrowind. Members of this circle are required to erase their lineage surnames and replace them with Throne-Eye.

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Top 10 Funny Altmer Names

We get to know more about the Altmers from the earlier pages of this guide. We know that the Altmers see themselves as high or superior beings compared with the other races. So, hold your Argonian Ale, let’s check out our prepared funny names for these racist rascals!

What makes it funny?



It’s the 4th era and a plague terrorized the lands of Tamriel. Quaranthine was born.



It’s the 4th era and the plague still terrorized the lands of Tamriel. Vak’Sin rose to power to prevent the horrific invasion of Quaranthine.

*This is not pandemic related*

Lunie Thu’um

(Looney Toons)

It’s a cartoon show just in case you don’t get it.


Maybe it’s Maybelline.


It is for… sale.

Adriana Grandmer

An Altmer who received many awards and was well-known on Spotify.


“Born from the nose” in Altmer’s language… okay not really.


This Altmeri clan is known to always fail.


The Altmeri clan is known for its microtransactions and inter-provincial money transfers. You can transfer a huge amount of gold through our Pale-Pal app for only 3 septims.



An Altmer who has trust issues.

You can find more Skyrim Altmer Names from this Skyrim Altmer Name Generator.

Our Top 10 Best Altmer Name Picks

We’re down to the final list for this guide. We’re going to rank our Top 10 Best Altmer names based on our earlier suggested names for male and female Altmers including their clan names.

Let’s see our top 10 picks!



Nirnereth Meldir


The name is a strong suggestion for a female Altmer who has true knowledge of the earth (Nirn). The Meldir clan are known as exotic alchemists who utilizes the abundant herbs available. We put this on Rank 1 for its Altmeri taste and simplicity.


Quenna Galeowyr


The Altmer name Quenna sounds elvish and the added surname supports the overall tone of the name. This name is perfect for support-type characters and it deserves our Rank 2 spot.


Belegrim Throne-Eye


The name sounds antagonistic. We put it in the third spot because the name greatly emphasizes a bold, high, and racist type of Altmer. Yes, Altmers are like that but it’s more obvious if your name is Belegrim Throne-Eye!


Olphera Mindral


Earning our Rank 4, Olhpera Mindral is a name fit for a character who preservers their magic and uses it with the utmost respect. The name suggests a female Altmer who is so knowledgeable with arcane and enchantments. We want an NPC named like her!


Eldamond Dae’Nagaia


The name is bad-ass and cool! It sounded like a Legolas with a taste of Ghost Rider. You know, just a typical Daedra-purging Altmer passing by.

We think it deserves our 5th spot for this badassery.


Synphona Vafavell


This Altmer name sounds musical and beautiful. The name Synphona caters to the representation of elves in association melodies, while the Vafavell clan is a clan centered in music and songwriting.


Thalgorion Soulkeeper


He sounds creepy, right? This male Altmer name depicts a great elf who is showered with wisdom and knows the secrets of the soul that no Altmer could understand. Wow, that’s nice lore.


Falrogvel Syravanyar


An Altmer name for a Frost Mage. This name is very aligned with the frost affinity, added to it the clan name Syranvanyar who were majority members of the Mages Guild.


Daerovel Thrillamus


The Altmer name and clan name both illustrates the skill of the Altmers in speech. We want this name on NPCs from Thalmor or some random Altmer politicians who control the tide of wars and peace all-over Tamriel.


Pheraea Altamaea


The name suggests a female Altmer whose superiority is aligned with fire spells. She worships the Aedra god, Magnus through continuous, overflowing use of fire magic.

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