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This Argonian Online name generator will help you find the right name for your Argonian character.

Find Argonian name ideas for male or female characters in this name guide. You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 


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Lizard-like Folks of Tamriel

For veteran ESO players and fans, lizard-like humanoids aren’t a new thing. But for some who began their journey with TESV: Skyrim, the first impression would be… lizards? Really?

But Argonians are just more than their looks. They are skilled skirmishers, notable scouts, and expert guerilla fighters. They are typically associated with banditry and piracy. Red Bramman and Captain One-Eye are a few of the distinguished Argonians in the world of Tamriel and, surprisingly, Argonian is one of the well-picked races in ESO.

In this guide, we’ll talk more about the lizard-folks of the Black Marsh and know some of their names. We will provide you our Top 10 Argonian Name Picks exceptional for your Argonian character. Also, on the list is our Top 10 Argonian Clan Names and a bonus Top 10 Funny Argonian Names right off the charts. Lastly, a ranking of the Top 10 Best Argonian Names Suggestions.

Excited? Check out our Skyrim Argonian Name Generator found here for some quick name ideas and references.

Argonians In A Nutshell

Argonians are reptilian humanoids that originate in the swampy, rainforest region, situated southeast of Tamriel known as Black Marsh. Black Marsh is a province filled with inland waterways and impenetrable swamps.

Like how reptiles reproduce, Argonians start their early life as eggs. It has been their tradition to lay eggs near Hist trees which serves as their hatching pods. It is considered rare for any Argonian to be born outside of their swamps. Although there are few accounts that say otherwise.

Argonians have gills that allow them to effortlessly travel underwater. Their ability to breathe underwater are well used in combat, which made them great ambushers in rivers and swamps. Argonians also possess other reptilian features such as fins, spines, spikes, or horns. Their adaptability to the Black Marsh made them unevenly immune to diseases.

Argonians preferred to isolate themselves against their neighboring provinces. They have centuries of experience of slavery from the hands of the Dunmer which made them detest the Mer race. Very few details are recorded about Argonian culture except for the common tales about their dependence on the Hist trees from their homeland. Others say that Argonian culture is primitive or tribal. But within the game, there are pieces of evidence that suggest otherwise such as them having a Royal Court, extravagant Shadowcastles, and pyramidic architectures.

The native language of Argonians is called Jel. They define it as the “closest speech to the thought” or as a conversing way to communicate with the Hist trees.

Argonians in Elder Scrolls

Argonians are best picked for players who wish to experience a Healer role. With their healing capability and increased health, Argonians are also ideal semi-tanks in the game and may act as the team’s support.

Below is a summary of Argonian Racial Skills:


  • Allows the Argonians to swim faster and increase experience gained in using Restoration Staff Skills.


  •  Increases the capacity of the Argonian to cast more spells by adding Max Magicka. Additionally, this skill allows the Argonians to benefit more from using restoration potions.

Argonian Resistance

  • Argonians are immune to the Diseased status effect with this skill, while at the same time, increases their Max health, Poison resistance, and Disease resistance.

Life Mender

  • Increase further the amount of recovery a healing effect can give by a certain percentage.

Argonian Name Conventions

Argonian naming is based on the Jel language. But there are translated names from the TESV: Skyrim such as “Scouts-Many-Marshes” and “Takes-in-Light”. Some existing names are not translated like Veezara and Beem-Ja.

Top 10 Male Argonian Names

Guerillas, swimmers, banditry, and thievery, let’s associate some of these known details with our Top 10 Male Argonian Names.

You may also use this Argonian Name Generator for a collection of ready-made Argonian name alternatives.



Should I Pick This?



A “young hunter”. Perfect for Argonian who started their journey away from the marshes. Consider this name for a character who’s skillful with hunting and potions.

An Argonian who ventures the lands outside the marsh with his blade and magic.



A bandit leader or a deserter. Pick this name for a scary and intimidating character.

 A deserter who sworn revenge on the very kings he once served.



The stone crusher. An Argonian name that wields a two-handed weapon. The name is also strong and tough so consider this for a tank-built Argonian.



The Unclean One. A rogue Argonian who makes a living from the misery of others.

In the underground society of Riften, dealing with Ul-Vahat will be a back sore.  



A spy. An Argonian name for a sinister assassin. Pick this for your character who prefers stealth and trickery in battle.

The Death Sun. A Saxhleel whom you will never see in daylight.



The forbidden name. Whether you find your character as an outlaw or a traitor of the crown, this Argonian name will fit well.

Ul-Norg-ka is a forbidden word. Why it was forbidden is unknown to any Saxhleel.



Means “Sacred Being” in the Jel tongue. This Argonian name complements well with characters cored for Magicka DPS builds.

Only one Xal-Mahleel is named for every generation of Argonians.



The Enchanted. Pick this Argonian name characters cored in healing and regen.

 His knowledge of healing and rejuvenation is unmatched.



An old raider or pirate. This name suggests an old conqueror of the seas from the legends.

The vast ocean is his stronghold as legends say.



The Storm Bringer. Pick this as an Argonian name for characters who is a master of guerilla warfare in swamps, rivers or seas.

The master of the seas. The tamer of the storms.

One may ask, what makes a good Argonian name in the first place? Understanding the Jel language and noting some of the readily available words from this language is a good starting point in creating your names. Name generators for different games are created for this purpose to help the user conceptualize new name ideas. Feel free to use and share this Argonian name generator to search and find random names for your favorite character.

Top 10 Argonian Female Names

Attributes of a Female Argonian are most likely the same as males. The female Argonians, however, are the foundation of Saxhleel traditions. They follow the sacred ritual of bearing their eggs in the Hist trees and making them hatching pods. We define them as strong, courageous as their male counterparts, and faithful to their old Argonic traditions.
Let’s see our Top 10 best picks for a Female Argonian name.



Should I Pick This?


A keeper of secrets. This name suits perfectly for a secretive female Argonian.

Her secrets, her weapons.


Ruvash describes a warrior-maiden who is known to conquer many marshes.

They fear the arrival of Ruvash, the conqueror.


The stalker. A female Argonian who specializes in the information of wanted individuals.

No one can escape the eyes of Veshee-ka.


The messenger. Consider this name for a character who brings the message of good tidings or doom.

In Lemalith’s arrival, news of comfort or grim is expected.


The Beast Slayer. A female Argonian name for might and power. Perfect fit for a killing DPS build character.

No beast is sacred in the hands of the slayer.


A simple, straight-to-the-point Argonian name that is associated with gems. You may consider this in favor of its simplicity and Argonic nature.

There is beauty in simplicity.


The hidden hand. This Argonian name is for female support characters. They are good with healing spells and are your helping hands behind every battle.

For those in pain seek the palms of Haj-Kimil


A name fit for an Argonian who subjugates evil with healing magic and divine light.

The vanquisher.


Connected with the word “magic”. Il-Mevaa is for an Argonian born from magic.

She plays with magic like it was her own.


The night eye. Ei-Nur is for characters with high stealth abilities. A common thief and information seeker.

Beware, she might be looking.

Not satisfied with the suggested female names? Try and search for some random names from our Argonian Name generator. It contains many great naming ideas that you can use for free.

Top 10 Argonian Clan Names

There are few Argonian clan names described from the Elder Scrolls saga. Most of the names, when translated from Jel, are a combination of adjectives and nouns based on their distinct appearance or on what they are doing. Some of the common Argonian Tribes mentioned from the games are Ghost People, Black-Tounges, Miredancers, and Dead-Water.

Check out some suggested Argonian Clan Names that we hope to see in-game.

Clan Name

Brief Descriptions

Tusik-BearerTusik is an Argonian-made weapon. Tusik-Bearers are Argonian tribesmen who specialized in smithing such weapons as their primary source of trade.
Brawn-BornsBrawn-Borns are proud and strong Argonians. They are said to be direct descendants of the Naga Argonians.



Toh-Tzel means “Secret Place”. Toh-Tzeleel is a group of hideous Argonians who rarely get in contact with other tribes. This clan, however, benefits from trading information with conflicting tribes and is commonly hired as spies.



Means “Colossal Beasts”, the Krona-Kaju clans are a close relative of Naga Argonians. They inherited the tall figures of their Naga cousins. However, they defected from the main Naga clan due to their dislike of the Naga’s practices.
Iron TailsThe Iron Tail tribe believed that they came from the lineage of the old Argonians who first built xanmeers across the Black Marsh. They are skilled engineers and smith and are commonly seen on steelworks and mines. They are a favorite slave of the Dunmers.
Lake DrownersLake Drowners are known bandits at the northern marshes, south of Morrowind. Their victims are commonly drowned never to be seen again.

Xal Rajhleel


Or Sacred Elders, are the group of old Argonians who are tasked to preserve their history, culture, and customs. Most Argonians who belong in this tribe do not use this as a clan name. They rather hide their lineage to preserve the sacredness of their bloodline.

Kalu Durahleel


Kalu Duraleel tribe, also known as Cave Dwellers are Argonians who created homes inside hidden caves in the different parts of Lilmoth and Blackrose.



Sun People. A small Argonian tribe who have pale light-colored scales. They are called Vakkaleel because they are a bit shiny when sunlight strikes their skins.
Harbor MendersAre a group of Argonian Traders and sailors who participates mainly in trading goods with Nords from Skyrim and sometimes from Elsweyr. Some say that they are not traders but sea raiders.

Want more Clan names? Check out this Argonian Name Generator. It includes Clan name suggestions for both Male and Female Argonian names.

Top 10 Funny Argonian Names

We’ve seen names like “Looks-Under-Rocks” or “Watches-The-Roots” in the game itself. By essence, some are already funny. Whether it was intended by the developers or not, we can’t tell.

But hold up, let’s add more funny names to the list! Take a look at our Top 10 hilarious suggestions.


What makes it funny?

Deek The Hard

This is a no-brainer name. Deek means “young” in the Jel tongue so stop what you’re about to think right now.


Say no to capitalism. We aren’t born to buy.

Shavee Those-Ankles

Yes, shave those ankles alright.


Is this an Overwatch reference? Needless to say, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Argonian NPC (or worst, a player) that has that name.


I am pretty sure this is funny. This is funny. Okay, it sounds like an IGN of a player but Argonians can be named like that! Believe me.



Not only that it sounds funny, but it’s also a real word from Kassandra’s dialogue in ESO which means… Sacred egg. Do you want to be named after a sacred egg?


Okay, is this a Star Wars reference? I don’t know. But either way, we don’t want a clan named Dark-Mole.


The Argonians’ morale was low when the Dunmer started their invasion and enslavement. We can say that they reached rock-bottom… pun intended. Yea It didn’t work.

Onion Shredder

Wow, a shredder. Sounds like a cool name until it was… onion.


Is this an insult for the Nords? No one knows.

Our Top 10 Best Name Picks

Earlier, we get to know Argonian culture and attributes. We enjoyed producing Argonian names based on written in-game evidence from ESO. Despite that some names are really funny, we get to know some nice Argonian names that strongly represent their description, racial attributes, and skills.

We compiled a list of our Top 10 best names based on our earlier suggestions. Check them below.

  1. Djame Vakkaleel (female) -Simple and unique. The Vakkaleel clan name sounds very Argonian and makes a perfect pair with Djame.
  2. Lemalith Iron Tail (female) – We find the name Lemalith fascinating. Lemalith complements well with the Iron Tail clan name. It gives us a strong impression while at the same time not limiting its Argonian characteristic.
  3. Hexardar Brawn-Born (male) – Hexardar sounds legendary. The Brawn-Born fits perfectly for the powerful name itself.
  4. Ruvash Brawn-Born (male) – Ruvash also sounds epic and cool. Brawn-Born also fits nicely with the name.
  5. Vosmeht Xal Rajhleel (male) – Wow, this sounds like a real NPC in an ESO game. We put it in the 5th spot because the name is kind of long. But we find it very Argonian.
  6. Ei-Nur Harbor Mender (female) – Ei-Nur and Harbor Mender tribe is associated with thievery and piracy. We are placing this name on the list for the nice combination of the name and clan name.
  7. Haj-Kimil Tusik-Bearer (female) – A perfect combination of a smith and healer. This name earns this spot for its Argonian taste and well representation.
  8. Al-Norg-ka Krona-Kajuhleel (male) – This name earns this spot for its Argonian meaning. It gives off an imprint of a huge reptilian humanoid wielding a heavy hammer. Terrifying and intimidating.
  9. Il-Mevaa Lake Drowner (female) – This name strongly sounds and suggests a rogue mage. Imagine utilizing magic in guerilla or bandit tactics? Savage.
  10. Veshee-ka Toh-Tzehleel (female) – Perfect name for hideous, sinister Argonian assassin.
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