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This Bosmer Online name generator will players find the perfect name for a Bosmer character.

Witness Bosmer name ideas for male and female characters in this name guide. Readers may use the names as written or grab ideas to help them construct their own name options. In the following post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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The Wood Elves of Valenwood

Wood Elves, or the Bosmers, are notable for their superior marksmanship and hunting skills. They are masters of the bow and stealth, and most of the time associated with thievery. They consider themselves a part of nature and have the ability to command wild creatures. Bosmers are Aldmers who first inhabited the surrounding forests of Valenwood. They adapted well to the area and were later on transformed by it.

Some noteworthy Bosmers names we heard from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were Faendal, Nimriel, and Anoriath. In this guide, we’ll get to know more about the famous elves of Valenwood and suggest some noteworthy Bosmer names. We’ll share with you the characteristics, attributes, customs, and culture of the Bosmers so we can name them accordingly.

We’ll introduce you to our Top 10 Bosmer Names picks for Male and Female characters. Not only that, we’ll add on the list some Funny Bosmer Names that we hope to see in-game and Ranking the Top 10 Bosmer Names.

You may also consider our name generator for an easy access to a huge library of names. Visit our Bosmer Name Generator for more Bosmer name ideas and suggestions. It’s free!

One with Nature

Bosmers are nonbelievers of the Aldmeri culture and traditions. They prefer a modest existence with the land and its humble creatures. Their Altmer cousins typically consider them naive and rowdy in comparison to themselves. Compared to the rest of their Mer cousins, Bosmer seems to be the less influential than the rest.

Despite their lack of formality and political involvements, every Bosmer family or clan member excels in archery, hunting, and scouting. With their expertise with bows, agility, and stealth, enemies succumb to death before lifting their swords. Moreover, they have natural talents in controlling lesser wild beasts. Some young Bosmers show advanced intellect when it comes to warfare and tactics. Since their homeland is usually attacked by Imperials, these youngsters became very adaptable and eventually become experts in defensive warfares.

Bosmers follow a strict code of conduct called The Green Pact, which influenced most of their lives in Valenwood. It is said that the pact guided the very existence of their race since the migration of the Aldmers to Tamriel. The pact comprises some rules centered on not harming the forests of Valenwood, including not eating anything from plants and consuming only meat– including the corpse of defeated enemies. Now we know why their Altmer cousins find them savage and uncivilized.

It is said that Bosmer homes are created from the enchantments on the trees and leaves and are not constructed or created. The forests’ trees grow bigger in size and they bend it with enchantments until a shelter is created. Because of the influence of the Green Pact, metalworks and wooden utensils are not common among the Bosmer. Their bows are made from animal horns and sinew. Common melee weapons are clubs or blades from stones or obsidians. Some Bosmer traders, however, resort to the importation of metal weapons from the Altmers and sell them among Bosmer soldiers.

Bosmers In Elder Scrolls

Bosmers are stamina-based characters who excel in continuous offensive attacks. Common weapons for this race are bows and daggers. Additionally, the stealth capability of the Bosmer race makes them excel in PvP fights.

Below is a summary of Bosmer’s Racial Skills.


  •  This skill passively gives the Bosmer bonus experience in Bow Skills and reduced fall damage.

Y’ffre’s Endurance

  • Passively increases the Bosmer’s stamina regeneration rate, allowing them to do more offensive actions and sustainable blows.

Resist Affliction

  • Increases base Max Stamina by a certain amount and increase poison resistance from any source. Additionally, Bosmers are immune to the Poisoned effect status with this skill.

Hunter’s Eye

  • Bosmer’s hunter instinct increases their detection radius against stealth enemies. Moreover, this skill adds Movement Speed bonus and Physical and Spells penetration.


Bosmer Name Conventions

Bosmer names are still based on their Mer language and most likely have the same name convention as with most of the Mer races. They have a distinction between male and female names. Their names must center around describing them as swift, stealthy, and precise. Let’s correlate these recognized characteristics of the Wood Elves and create some of our Top 10 Male and Female Bosmer names below.

You may also consult some free and available name generators online, just like this Bosmer Name Generator that we introduced at the top of the page.

Top 10 Male Bosmer Names

We associate Bosmers as swift, stealthy, and deadly marksmen. Let’s correlate these recognized characteristics with our Top 10 Male Bosmer Names.

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Should I Pick This?



Findavin is an elven term related to bow mastery. Pick this Bosmer name for a bow-main character.

It is said the Findavin’s arrows are never seen until it struck its target.



A Bosmer named Aedezar is a wood elf who hunts for blood of beast and men alike.

Aedezar, the blood hunter, is a name used by elders to scare Bosmer children.



An elven Dragonborn? Akavan is a perfect name for a Bosmer who has undergone Dragonknight class.

The elven dragon.



A Bosmer name which indirectly means “holy sprout”. Consider this name for a Forest-liking character.

Bosmers are known as harmonious with the land and it is an honor to be named holy.



The term Bosaka means Forest Dragon or Wood-Dragon. A Bosmer under such name is considered to be a deadly marksman.

Bosaka was known to have feasted on 100 enemies in a span of one year.



The Fire-lord. He is a Bosmer named for his likeness of fire despite that it can ignite the very forest he protects.

Molaggan is a known pyromaniac imbuing all his arrow tips with poison and flames.



The Murderer. Pick this Bosmer name for a rogue-type character who specializes in assassinations. He is well accustomed to blades and melee executions.

Y’llervan was once a proud prince of the Nightvale tribe before it became extinct. 



Eshgorn is appropriate for a Bosmer who is proud of his hunting skills.

The proud hunter.



The spirit talker. This name fits for Bosmers who commune with the forest spirits.

Calacher is granted to a gifted Bosmer who can speak the language of the dead.



Dwelag is associated with animal companionship and summoning.

It is said that Dwelag can take the form of a Bear, a Lion, and a Wolf.


Top 10 Female Bosmer Names

We’ve seen from TESV: Skyrim some female Bosmer NPCs such as Ardwen the traveling priestess and Anuriel from Riften associated with Thieves Guild questline. There are also some powerful female Bosmers like Beleval, a bandit hunter from Dawnguard, who flaunts her martial prowess through vampire hunting.

Check out some of our Top 10 Female Bosmer Names and the meaning behind them.

Why limit yourself? You can also use our Bosmer Name Generator here for more quick name suggestions.

Should I Pick This?



A Bosmer name referenced to the sky. Pick this name for characters who can blacken the sky with a volley of arrows.

The sky breaker.



A Bosmer name for beauty and finesse. Pick this name for characters with high DPS.

Although delicate, she is but a deadly markswoman.



A name granted for Bosmers who took a deep liking in the spirits of the forest. This name also goes well for characters with a strong affinity for magic.

Morafina, the Forest Daughter



The beautiful soul. Pick this name if you consider your character as a true nature-loving Bosmer who is ready to fight for their trees.

Desriel, the Beautiful Soul



The Blossom. This is a very feminine Bosmer name. Perfect for a pretty and witty character.

The first flower blossom of the spring season.



The Dragon’s Breathe. For female Bosmers that are not delicate nor beautiful. Akaleth is a Bosmer name derived from the Dragon’s fiery rage.



For swift, agile, stealthy thief Bosmers, Fuinaren is a perfect name.

Fuinaren refers to a person who is so fast you can see her after image.



The Forest keeper. Perfect Bosmer name for those who defend the forests of Valenwood.

Aerimora Is said to hit a target even from a distance of 1 mile.



Falarwen is a Bosmer Name meaning “white priestess”. Pick this name for characters with a white outfit or for those who look divine or holy.

A snow-white priestess.



Calemia is synonymous with Morafina which means “forest’s born”. This Bosmer name is very elven and is well associated with forestry.

Calemia, one born of the forests.

Top 10 Bosmer Clan Names

Most Bosmers do not use last names. But throughout the saga, some Bosmer last names were included within the game. Examples of these are Blushade, Forestsky, and Ivyvale. There are also names introduced from ESO such as Arrow-Catcher, and Woodwalker. We can notice that the emphasis of Bosmer’s last names is similes of flowers or trees and/or emphasis circulating on Bosmer’s love with nature.

With these facts in mind, let’s share some of our Top 10 Bosmer Clan Names with small fan-made lore each.


  • Astervans are native Bosmers who protect rare blossoming flowers in the southern region of Valenwood. They are known as strict practitioners of the Green Pact and huge tree critters are their primary meal.


  • Birkhollows are courageous hunters who preferred hunting in pairs. A common hunting animal for them is huge Mammoths and Sabre cats. A hunting pair typically journey northwards to Skyrim to poach for these beasts.


  • Black-Ironwood is a native tribe of Bosmer tanners and sculptors. They mainly deal with the fur and meat trade, especially with the Nords. They are known bow-makers through bone sculpting and skimming.

Red Mallets

  • Red Mallets are known thieves from across Valenwood. They typically steal newly-made bows and smuggle them to neighboring regions that wanted their hands on Bosmer bows. They are a common enemy of Black-Ironwood.


  • The “Snow-Deep” Bosmers. They are a group of migrants who settled indefinitely on Skyrim. They took a liking at the vast hunting grounds of Skyrim’s tundra and are thrilled with the area’s chilling regions.


  • True-Hawks are the feared bowmen legionnaires of Valenwood. Their clan believes that archery is a divine skill that pleases Y’ffre himself.


  • This Bosmer clan belongs to a lineage of expert marksmen commonly hired as assassins for high-value targets such as politicians or royal personalities.


  • Betdalnors are beast herdsmen. They befriend and command all sorts of rabid and wild beasts. They dislike animal husbandry and prefer the animals to be free and hunted in a more controlled and disciplined manner.


  • The “Fern-Bosmers”. They are located in the lowland areas of Elden Root and are known keepers of the fauna that surrounds them. Korumers are free traders trading their alchemy knowledge for basic wilderness supplies.


  • Laureleshians are known Bosmers of royal descent. They are one of the few tribes who expelled the Green Pact practices. Unlike other Bosmers, Laureleshians are interested in the turmoil surrounding Valenwood. They send their sons and daughters to Cyrodiil, Morrowind, or Skyrim to study and participate in Altmer politics.

With the suggested clan names above, we can easily formulate and create lore for the surnames of a Wood Elf, although this is not necessary since most of them do not use their last names. A good clan name should greatly represent the culture and attitude of the populace belonging to that clan. For easier access to a list of ready-made suggested clan names, our Bosmer Name Generator can help players for free.

Top 10 Funny Bosmer Names

Yes, we know. Mer race is a bunch of deadpan, non-humorous people. But it won’t stop us from giving them funny names! We’re sure you’ll consider these names if you want to have a funny and weird character roaming around Tamriel.

Take a look at our Top 10 Funny (but humorous) Bosmer names, without removing the Bosmer reference of course. In the house!

What makes it funny?
Bomen“We are Bosmers! We are Bowmen! I am Bomen.”
ApplecidersImagine your Bosmer character having his last name as Applecider… He better not live in our modern time.
Bow-LeggedWow. It sounds like a real Bosmer’s last name. But isn’t this an insult for a Bosmer who should be agile and stealthy?
Knock-KneeAre a group of Bosmers who are not good at climbing trees…
Wall-EyedHmmm… I wonder how this Bosmer can aim?



Yes, Robin Hood.

He is not better. He is not the worst. He is not okay. He is… Fineman.

Sewer-DwellerInterestingly, we want to see an NPC hiding in the slums of Morrowind. Surprisingly, he sells you hand-made Bosmer weapons and asks you for a snack. At the back of the sewer is a dead imperial. Then he asks you, “ever heard of the Green Pact?”
She’s Dog-LoverCute! She likes dogs.
Aey Weeds-UserDo we need to say more?

Top 10 Best Bosmer Name Picks

We were able to get a glimpse of the society of the Bosmers and we were able to name them based on their attributes and descriptions. For our finale, we ranked our Top 10 Best Bosmer Names (male and female names combined with clan names) based on our earlier suggestions. We ranked it on the name relevance, how it sounds, and how “Bosmer” it is.

  1. Eltemyr Laurelesh (male) – This name sounds Bosmer and is befitting for a noble and holy character. The Laurelesh surname adds a more royal-like impression to the name.
  2. Aedezar True-Hawk (male) – Aedezar is associated with blood hunters. The True-Hawk last name fits on the name well. Added to it is the elven taste of the name when combined.
  3. Falarwen Golden-Eye (female) – The white priestess of Valenwood. Her name fits well as a bounty-hunter and a protector of the woods. We love this name and we think it deserves a spot on our list.
  4. Y’llervan Red Mallets (male) -A good fit for an antagonist character. The name suggests a bandit-like yet strong personality for your given character.
  5. Vilannel Faldwemer (female) -As we described earlier, Vilannel is a very feminine Bosmer name. The Faldwemer clan name fits perfectly because it describes snow. The name sounds regal or of royal descent.
  6. Eshgorn Birkhollows (male) – A good name for a Hunter. The name Eshhorn is depicted with proudness from hunting. Birkhollows are known hunters which makes Eshborn a good candidate under this clan name.
  7. Morafina Astervan (female) – Morafina means someone with a liking to the spirits of the forest and Astervans is keeper of the fauna. The Bosmer name and last name compliments perfectly.
  8. Desriel Astervan (female) – Desriel means “Beautiful Soul”. Paired with the Astervan clan description, the pair is also a good candidate for a true Bosmer name.
  9. Dwelag Betdalnor (male)-A fitting name for a Bosmer who specializes in the utilization of summoning beasts and beast transformations.
  10. Minriel Korumer (female) – This name perfectly describes a flower-maiden warrior. She is beautiful and strong who protects the fauna of Valenwood.

Not looking for Bosmer Names? Check out this Skyrim Name Generator for a collection of race-specific name alternatives

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