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This Breton Online name generator will help you find the right name for your Breton character.

Find Breton name ideas for male or female characters in this name guide. You may use the names as written or grab ideas to help you formulate your character name. In the following sections below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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The Breton of High Rock

We’ve heard stories about half-elves or half-orcs from other fantasy games or books. From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there is a group of people who descended from the bloodline of both Men and Mer. We call these people “Manmers”, and the Bretons of High Rock is the perfect example of this.

Bretons are descendants of the Aldmers and Nedes. They are the first elven and human inhabitants of the young continent of Tamriel. Bretons’ physical characteristics are mostly the same as humans and they are known as talented magic users due to their elven ancestry. However, Mer’s characteristics seemed to have faded away from the Bretons aside from the slight points in their ears.

Bretons are exceptional mages. They are considered to be intelligent compared to other Men and they enjoy intellectual conversations. They have a liking for logic senses and some sciences. From TESV: Skyrim, we encountered many Breton NPCs such as Mercer Frey, the leader of the Thieves Guild, and Giraud Gemane from the Bards College.

In this guide, we’ll discuss a brief background about the Bretons of Skyrim and ESO, and we’re going to create some of the best Breton names. Readers will be guided to a list of Top 10 Male and Female Breton Names which will provide an overview of what names are good and how are they related to the race. We’ll also add to the list our Top 10 Breton Clan Names and a bonus Funny Breton Names.

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Bretons, The Gallant Men

Bretons are the result of the interbreeding of elven Aldmers with the human Nedes. For some time, the men and the elves were able to coexist in a peaceful multiracial society. However, conflicts arose among both races creating wars and divides. In the later years of the First Era, Bretons were already independent of the elven rule.

Bretons are commonly described as artistic craftsmen, chivalrous cavaliers, and creative wizards. They have a strong preference for prosperity or glory. Breton society is feudalistic. They are divided into different societal classes: peasantries, middle-class, elite mages, and nobles. When it comes to their way of living, a young Breton may find himself in search of fame by doing noble quests and services to favor elite rulers; unlike other races who involve themselves in banditry or thievery. Bretons believe that through hard work chivalry and questing, one may earn his reputation to climb the ranks of success.

Bretons’ desire for knowledge and strong familiarity in commerce made them famous throughout Tamriel in all aspects of the trade, construction, arts, manufacturing, medicine, and scholarly pursuits. They are also skilled military personnel who are commonly employed for undercover activities.

Bretons in Elder Scrolls Online

Bretons are great magic dealers. Players pick a Breton race for a Magic-based DPS or sometimes a semi-healer. One of the great abilities of Breton is the spell cost reductions combined with recoveries allowing them to do sustainable damage and healing.

Below is a summary table of Breton Racial Skills.


  • This skill passively increases experience gained with the Light Armor Skill line. Additionally, passively increases Alliance points gained. This is helpful for parties who wish to gain more Alliance points in raids.

Gift of Magnus

  • This trait increases the base Max Magicka of the Breton., allowing them to pool in more offensive or defensive magic during battles.

Spell Resistance

  • Breton’s familiarity with magic made them resistant to spell damage. This trait also increases both Spell Resistance and Magicka Recovery, and doubles the resistance effect if the Breton character is afflicted with Burning, Chilled, or Concussed.

Magicka Mastery

  • With the mastery of Magic, Bretons can reduce costs of abilities by a certain percent. Together with the Gift of Magnus, the Breton race is truly destructive when it comes to sustaining battles with spells.

Top 10 Male Breton Names

We recently described the Bretons as chivalrous warriors, craftsmen, and excellent battle-mages. Let’s relate these characteristics in creating some of the best names for your next Breton character. Note that some Breton names are existing English or European names so we will try to make it unique as possible. Our ESO Breton name generator contains a library of ready-made names that players can use for free. Check out the name generator here.

Should I Pick This?



Pick this male Breton name for a character who excels in defensive magics and healings.

Herzor the Golden Heart



Noirvogel is a semi-elven name related to flying predators. Pick this male Breton name for an offensive build character that focuses on destruction magic.

The Black Bird of High Rock is known to master the lightning element and its forms.



If you consider your Breton as a respectable, polite, and honorable one, this name is for you. Lexandar means “Wise One”.

The Lexandar is celebrated in all of Daggerfall.



Gismond is a Breton name for an honorable knight. Consider this name for characters who excel in swordplay and few destructive spells.

The worthy one.



Theomatt is a Breton name for a justice-bringer. Pick this name for justice!

Justice is always right no matter who favors it.



Robenno is associated with the Great Bear. Pick this male Breton name for characters who displays bear strength and Mer wisdom.

The Great Bear.



Pick this male Breton name for a witty type character. A name associated with wisdom.

The scholar.



Audrial is a royal Breton name. Pick this name for a bright, royalty-looking character.

The calm hymns of High Rock.



This male Breton name is for rogue-type characters who perform espionage and assassinations.

The cheater of the crowd



Pick this Breton name for a battle-mage knight who rides his horse and vanquishes his enemies.

Theomyr holds a short sword in his left hand and a staff of wizardry on the right.

More male Breton names? Check out this Skyrim Breton Name generator. It contains tons of suggested names for your Skyrim Breton character for free!


Top 10 Female Breton Names

Female Bretons are not far from their male counterparts. They are also intelligent, smart, and adept at magic. Female names should be based on these same characteristics and should define the personality of the character. Check out our list of Top 10 Female Breton Names below.

Should I Pick This?



Pick this female Breton name for characters who excel with the School of Destruction.

The Star might.



Known as The Lioness, the name seem perfect for a mage-knight who can defend her allies with magic and struck enemies with her sword.

Lowina bears the Lion’s Crest, a shield passed on to generations.



Consider this female name for a devastating mage character versed with casting affliction spells to her enemies.

The sapphire-eyed sorceress.



Also known as The Emerald-Eye. This name is perfect for characters who core on the use and practice of the School of Illusions.

Esmerand’s eye is said to bear the future.



For female Bretons characters who are fond of gathering quests, and solving them, this name is recommended. The name Ysolva describes an adventurer or a problem solver.

The solver, the adventurer.



The name Elyza is a very feminine Breton name and is highly associated with queens. The name also describes a royal mage specializing in spells from the School of Conjuration.

Elyza the Regal



Known as The Light Bearer. This is a nice name for a female character who has profound knowledge from the School of Alteration.

Luminara and her companions ventured away from High Rock in search of gold and glory.



Often described as The Bookish. This name is for female Bretons who prefer the solemnity of the books to the glory and fame of wars.

She can live forever in the halls of High Rock’s library.



This name is suited for a Breton cored to Restoration-based spells.

No wounds are not healed by the skillful hands of Anadeine.



Meaning, Endless Beauty in the Common tongue. The name Loriel is fitting for a female character who displays beauty and ferocity.

Don’t be fooled. Her eyes are pretty but her thoughts wrath.

Are Bretons Men or Mer?

In the world of Elder Scrolls, Bretons are likewise identified as Men, not Mer. This is mainly due to their physical characteristics closely resembling human features and their lack of aptitude for wielding more potent and purer magic like the Mer. Remember that Mers, especially the Altmers, consider themselves superior compared to other races.

Check out some of our best name concepts by using our Elder Scrolls Breton Name Generator introduced at the start of this guide.

Top 10 Breton Clan Names

Bretons have multicultural influences from their history of coexistence and conflicts with the elves. From the progressing timeline since the liberation of Bretons in High Rock, Bretons’ language and naming conventions became diverse. For cohesion in creating these last names, we will suggest names influenced with Aldmeri words combined with a touch of Breton (English or European).

Check out our suggested Breton last names together with some fan-made lore below.

Ellenheim /elen-ha-ym/

Ellenheim is a metonym for the phrase Eastern Asylum. They are a family of a semi-Nordic lineage that settled within the boundary of eastern High Rock and west of Skyrim. They send their children on long journeys eastwards to Solitude to undergo scholarly training. This clan produces the finest tacticians and healers throughout the Empire.

Histran /his-tran/

The Histran Clan are known as skilled craftsmen and traders. They deal with rune crafting and jewelry imbuement. They study elemental arts passed on to them by the Aldmers. Bretons bearing the Histran last names are respected and adored by many, especially artisans.

Nedephine /ne-de-fin/

The Nedephine pride themselves as direct ascendants of the Nedic people. They are skilled artisans with ancient knowledge of stonework and are commonly commissioned to Whiterun in maintaining the Skyforge. Some members of this clan travel eastwards to Morrowind to gather volcanic clays and soil to use for their crafts.

Vaalheine /val-hay-n/

The Vaalheine people are the few Nordic people who settled and interbred with the Breton locals in High Rock. Their knowledge of smithing from Nordic influence combined with modern techniques from the Bretons made them exceptional in ironworks and swordsmithing. Most of their clansmen are travelers who explore Tamriel in search of more forging knowledge.

Bandavyrs /ban-da-vir/

The Bandavyrs are a well-known family of mages. They are distinguishable by their pointy ears suggesting a strong genetic relation with Aldmers. Some members of this clan change their last names into Mer surnames to exercise their rights in Mage Colleges, especially in Skyrim where the Dominion are abundant and are spiteful against most Men.

Thyrr /tir/

The Thyrr is a renowned Breton family of magistrates and paladins. Male Bretons from this family are trained to be paladins while females become magistrates. They created a code of conduct for every Thyrr member, and this code of conduct is the very foundation of the academies in teaching loyalty and reverence to the Empire.

Kingsvorns /kings-orns/

The Kingsvorns are adept in the School of Conjuration. Although they dislike the practice of necromancy, they are skilled summoners of lesser creatures and soul trapping. The House of Kingsvorns were speculated to have created the infamous lesser soul gems, but they disputed these claims many times.

Lordith /lor-dit-h/

The Cousin of Kings as most Breton names them, the Lordiths are a family of Breton nobles commonly assigned by High Rock kings as associates and advisers. Their stewardship is highly recognized throughout High Rock and people with Lordith last names are widely respected.

Rwoldeim /ru-wol-deym/

The Rwoldeim tribe are descendants of Rwolda, a female Breton peasant who led an uprising against their Aldmer oppressors during the First Age. Her heroic actions resulted in the rebellion of the other Breton populace throughout High Rock. People from this clan seem to be the most honorable and respectable in the entire High Rock region.

Stromiths /stro-mits/

The Stromiths are a family of bard, writers, and philosophers. Despite being versed with destructive spells, members of this family despise the use of magic for harmful purposes. They spend their time wandering Tamriel to create and search scholarly works, or study the community and learn the deepest secrets of their magic.

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Top 10 Funny Breton Names

Masters of magic and healing, honorable and remarkable people, intelligent and critical thinkers. These are the many descriptions we associate with the Breton race. But why stop there?

In the following sections are some funny names that we’ll love to see on Breton characters in-game. This will surely remove the boring and serious names we have for the Bretons especially that some names were derived from celebrities.

Take a look at our Top 10 Funny Breton names below.


Gordon Clumsey

Nope. Not in the kitchen, please.

Yew A’Wiz Harrey

Yes. You’re a wizard harry and you’re a Breton. So, you’re also an elf and a man.

Britney Swords

We’re tired of spears. Besides, who told you to hit me baby one more time?

Keanu Wafu

Keanu Wafu is a master of the School of Conjuration. He summoned a nice and clever bullpup. He was nice and cool until his house was raided by some Forsworns and killed his dog…


“I don’t want to go to Windhelm!”, “I don’t want to do heals!”, “Why do I have to read these scrolls?” yes, keep going.

Lowde Faartz

Explosive and ear-piercing.

Marie Juana

I think this is self-explanatory.

Averi Hardeek

Deek means young in Jel tongue. Always remember that.


I wouldn’t want this to be my Breton surname.

Ghustin Reaver

A Breton with a good singing voice and a blonde hairdo.

You may also find some interesting and funny Breton names for your character using our Breton Name Generator. It’s easy to use and it’s free!

What does “Breton” means anyway?

The word “Breton” was a derivative from the Ehlnofex term “beratu” which means “half” in the Common tongue. Their lineage was said to be a result of the interbreeding of the human Nedic and the elven Aldmers. Although there are other scholarly sources who debunk this theory and instead suggest that they came from the mix of Atmoran and Aldmeri. Because of this, Bretons were also called “Manmers”.

The Ehlnofex is the ancient language of the Nirn during the Dawn Era. It is also a a dialect of Merish but is now considered to be a dead language in the present-day Tamriel. It is also said that the Ehlnofex is the oldest language to exist and all ancestral languages of Men and Mer were derived from it. More interesting Breton names suggestions and ideas from our Elder Scrolls Breton Name Generator found here. It’s easy to use and it’s free!


Top 10 Best Breton Name

As a finale from this name guide, we ranked our Top 10 Best Breton Names based on the earlier suggestions for male and female names. Our ranking is based on relevance, coolness, and how “Breton” the name sounds. We also include clan names for each name that complements the forename. Check out the rankings below!



Anadeine Lordith


We are placing this on the top 1 spot because of the magical phonemic of the name Anadeine. The surname Lordith fits the lore description of the forename and its brief and short pronunciation makes it even cooler.


Gismond Thyrr


This name earned our second spot for its simplicity and being a straightforward Breton name. Gismond Thyrr is perfect for Breton characters who wield swords and magic.


Theomatt Bandavyr


For the third spot, this name suggests a powerful mage who upholds justice. We find this name very ideal for a Breton cored in magic or staves.


Seffina Vaalheine


This name combines a mage and a smith in a single character. The name Seffina is somehow generic, yet beautiful and strong. The Breton surname Vaalheine made her name more magical and more epic. We are placing this name on the fourth spot on this list.


Herzor Ellenheim


The name Herzor suggests that your character is a reliable man mastering defensive magics. Paired with the surname Ellenheim, this Breton name perfectly fits a Breton character displaying supportive skills and heals. We think this name deserves at least the 5th rank on this list.


Elyza Nedephine


For the 6th spot, we are placing the name Elyza Nedephine. The first name Elyza is associated with royalties while Nedephine is the proud descendants of the early Nedic race. A perfect combination for its name construction and lore.


Theomyr Stromith


Theomyr is for a knight that wields protective magic and sword while the Stromith clan is a family of conservative Bretons who uses magic for helpful purposes. The combination of the forename and last name is good and we are placing this name for the 7th spot for this reason.


Ysolva Histran


The House of Histran is known to produce the best craftsmen and jewelry makers. The name Ysolva, on the other hand, describes a free and wise woman excelling in both crafting and problem-solving. We find the combination of the first and the last name cool, and we think this name deserves at least the eighth spot on this list.


Lowina Rwoldeim


For the 9th spot, The name Lowina Rwoldeim is a complete package describing a noblewoman with exemplary leadership. This Breton name sounds respected and upright, perfect for any noble and gallant female Breton characters.


Loriel Kingsvorn


The name Loriel depicts beauty while the surname Kingsvorn describes a clan versed with summoning. We see her as a character portraying beauty, while at the same time surrounded by unforgiving familiars and minions. We find this name perfect for Breton characters who cored on summoning or conjuration spells.

For more race-specific names aside from the Bretons, you may visit our Elder Scrolls Online Name Generator for a collection of race-specific name alternatives and suggestions.

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