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This article will introduce you to some of the best name suggestions and ideas for your FF14 Viera race. We’ll introduce a brief description of the Viera, their appearance, naming conventions, and our top recommended Viera names suggestions. This name generator will help you find the perfect name for your next Viera character. Visit our FFXIV Viera Name Generator for more name suggestions for free.

  • Oli
  • martina
  • Jitka
  • Sabča
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Viera, the People of the Wood

The leporine race of the Viera is found in the forests of Southern Othard. They are a race of stall stature and have a similar resemblance with the Hyur and the Elezen. Their society is centered in a matriarchal system where male Viera is very rare and secluded, hardly having contact with their kin. Like the Elezen, Viera is known for its long lifespan reaching ages up to 240 years. The Viera name means “people of the wood” when translated into the Common tongue.

Viera Physical Appearance

Viera’s appearance is similar to the Hyur and the Elezen, the only difference is their bunny-like ears sprouting above their heads. Female Viera is commonly seen wearing attractive and seductive outfits. They are very agile and quick to move and it is hard to outrun them. Despite most of them being females, their martial might is as formidable and as matched to any Viera males or non-Viera males. Female Viera can reach a height of 5’10” to a maximum of 6’3” for both clans.

In a Viera society, it is said that over 80% of their populace are born females. Both male and female Viera look identical at birth until they reach adulthood at the age of 13. Like the Elezen, Viera can retain their physical youth for many years, which makes it impossible for commoners to decipher their real age from their appearance alone.

The Viera Clans

The Viera race is subdivided into two clans. The Rava clan who lives in the colorful Golmore Jungle, notable by their umber-colored skins; and the Veena clan, distinguished by their fair white skin tones.

The Rava Clan

The Rava clan is distinguished by their umber-colored skin. This skin color allows them to blend with their surroundings at ease, making them stealthy and almost invisible to the naked eye. Female Ravas are adept hunters and valiantly defend their homes and youngsters from any outsiders. The Rava Viera live and follow a strict code called the “Green Word”, also known as the “Word of the Wood”. This code forbids any of the Rava clansmen from interacting with the outside world unless at the utmost need or necessity. Few who leave to discover the world are considered banished and are bound to never return.

The Veena Clan

The Veena clan inhabits the forests lining the southwestern foothills of Skatay Range. Like the Rava, they live a wildered life through hunting, foraging, nurturing, and protecting the woods around them. With the ongoing wars, however, most of them left the mountain ranges and made their homes to the distant shores of Eorzea. Unlike their distant Rava cousins, the Veena Viera are more open to adventures and exploration of the outside world.

FFXIV Viera Quick In-Game Overview

The Viera playable race was introduced in the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion together with the Hrothgar race. Rava Viera characters have a +23 in Dexterity followed by a balanced +21 in both Intelligence and Mind. Strength is only at +20 with Vitality as the weakest stat with only +18 points. Veena Viera characters have a +23 in Intelligence, followed by +22 in Mind and +20 in Dexterity. Their Strength and Vitality stat is balancing with +19 points.

Taking consideration of the base stats for a Viera character, A Rava would benefit from a physical DPS class such as Archer (ranged), Lancer (melee), Pugilist (melee), and Rogue (melee). For a Veena, players may take advantage of the high intelligence base stat and consider picking a magic DPS class such as Arcanist (ranged), and Thaumaturge (ranged). It is also recommended for players to explore the classes on their own based on their playstyle.

The upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will introduce a playable FF14 Viera male character and a female Hrothgar character. So, stay tuned for further game updates!

How to Unlock Alliance Raids in FFXIV?

Raids are the additional endgame feature of FFXIV. It provides challenges and rewards of stronger loot when players successfully clear current-tier raids. However, raids have limitations on the loot they can receive per week. These limitations, however, are removed when the raid is already old and is only undertaken for repetition or farming purposes. There are two types of raids, the Normal raids, and the Alliance raids. Raids are unlocked by doing certain quests, most of them are from main story quests. The level also plays a vital role in unlocking some of the main raid maps and dungeons. There are three available Alliance raids for each expansion of FF14 (A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers).

Alliance raids are composed of a 24-player team that will engage in a series of boss fights and dungeon crawling. That’s a lot of player names if you ask! Why not check our FFXIV Viera Name Generator introduced at the start of this guide for more name ideas for your Viera character?

FFXIV Viera Names and Viera Naming Conventions

Both the Rava and Veena share the same naming conventions, making it hard for others to distinguish to what clan the Viera belongs. Traditional Viera names are given at birth. These names are referred to as “forest names” because they were used by Viera residing in their homelands; Galmore Jungle for the Rava, and Skatay Range for the Veena. Such forest names are comparable to real-life Icelandic names, using also the same pronunciations.

Viera Name Suggestions

Forest names follow the pronunciation rule of Icelandic names. The letter “j” is pronounced as “i” when pronounced. Check out some of our Final Fantasy Viera name suggestions below.

  • Lilja /lil-ya/
  • Kadlin /kad-lin/
  • Suridur /su-ri-dur/
  • Agata /a-ga-ta/
  • Caecilia /kay-sil-ya/
  • Eldfrid /eld-frid/
  • Esja /es-ya/
  • Eyja /ey-ya/
  • Halla /ha-la/
  • Hrist /hi-rist/

The Viera in Other Final Fantasy Games

There are over 16 Final Fantasy titles since the debut of Final Fantasy in 1987. From its success comes many created games including seven separate minor Final Fantasy series games and other subgames like the Final Fantasy Tactics and card games.

The Viera race was introduced in the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and appeared in several titles such as Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and recently, Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you are playing the main Final Fantasy titles, or a spin-off FF Tactics series, name generators are proven to help provide name ideas or recommendations. You may try our FFXIV Viera Name Generator for some free random generated name ideas for the Viera. It’s easy to use and free!

FFXIV Viera Names Suggestions

So far, we were able to discuss a brief background about the FFXIV Viera playable race. We covered their basic in-game statistics and tackle some possible class recommendations for them. In this section, we’ll recommend our top 5 favored Viera name suggestions for players. Check them out below.

Top 5 Viera Name Recommendations

Agata  /a-ga-ta/ – Earning our Top 5 is the name Agata. While this name has an Icelandic origin and it describes someone wise and knowledgeable. We like this name for the nice name phonemic and its coolness as a name.

Eldfrid /eld-frid/ – The name Eldfrid is a combination of the word Eld, meaning fire, and Frid, meaning beautiful. Combining, this name means a Beautiful Fire. We are placing this name in the 4th spot for the nice name meaning. “Beautiful Fire” projects a lot of meaning to the bearer of the name. She could be someone beautiful yet beaming with energy or will, or she could be someone with a beautiful heart and a fiery soul.

Halla /ha-la/ – This name translates as “sturdy rock or stone”. The name describes a hardy and reliable Viera character. Of course, being a matriarchal race, we love to see a character bearing a name describing her as someone strong, hardy, and independent. She is someone who can fend for herself and defend what she wants and what she has. We think this name deserves the third spot on this list.

Lilja /lil-ya/ – This name is the Norse term for the word “lily”. A lily is a beautiful and wildflower abundant in plains and mountain ranges. This name perfectly describes a Viera for being someone wild, free, and situated in plains or mountain ranges. We are placing this name in the 2nd place.

Kadlin /kad-lin/ – Earning our top spot is the name Kadlin. This name definition varies differently depending on the sources. Some sources describe this name as someone cunning while others depict this word as an alternative word for battle. Whether the name means cunning or battle, it still perfectly describes a Viera warrior.


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