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Welcome to the Final Fantasy XIV Lalafell naming guide. In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best name ideas and recommendations for your Lalafell playable race. You’ll read a brief description and appearance of the Lalafell of Southern Isles, their in-game statistics and overview, their naming conventions, and the best Lalafell name recommendations. So, for players who love the adorable FFXIV Lalafell characters, this naming guide is absolutely for you! Our FFXIV Lalafell Name Generator may also help you pick the best names or provide ideas in creating your own. It contains a library of ready-made random names that players can use for free.

The Lalafell of Southern Seas

The Lalafell is considered to be the smallest race in the entire Eorzea. They retain a childlike appearance even when they reach adulthood or old age. They were an agricultural race that inhabits the islands of the South Seas. When maritime commerce and trade were introduced in their islands, they were able to reconnect and trade with the inhabitants of Eorzea. Their welcoming nature, especially with non-Lalafell folks, made them an acceptable foreigner throughout Eorzea. Nowadays, they are now one of the most populous races to dwell in the continent aside from the Hyurs.

Lalafell Physical Appearance

The Lalafell is iconic for its short, rotund bodies. They appear as children in the eyes of the common folks who see them in person. Their young-looking bodies and face make discerning their age difficult for most people. They have round, young-looking faces, circular assorted-colored eyes, pointy ears, a small nose, short limbs, and feeble legs. Lalafell heights range from 2’10” to 3’2” for both males and females. Their short builds allow them to have amazing agility in exchange for their lack of physical strength. Most Lalafell are known for possessing high intellects and cunning minds.

The Lalafell Clans

Lalafell is composed of two clans: the Plainsfolk, or those who dwell into grass-filled lands, and the Dunesfolk, or those who inhabit the dry and hot deserts. Through many generations of living in different climate conditions, both clans have slightly distinct differences from each other. Unlike most races, their clans do not have conflict or resentment with one another. Interestingly, they even agree with inter-clan marriages and would often deal trades with each other.

The Plainsfolk Lalafell

The Plainsfolk derived their name from the flat landscapes of the South Sea Isles where they typically live. Most of the Lalafell belonging to this clan are content with farming life. They are known for their calm nature, easy lifestyle, and carefree behavior. Plainsfolk is often attributed to being clever and crafty with their words. Their hair color is grassy and earthen compared to the Dunesfolk.


The Dunesfolk Lalafell

The Dunesfolk are the inhabitants of the Thanalan and its surrounding arid deserts. Lalafell from this clan is known for their obsession with commerce and trade. They have a practical nature and fast in implementing ideas into actions. While others may see this as an impulsive nature, a Dunesfolk will never miss a business even if others may think that profiting from it might be impossible. From their continued living in the deserts, Dunesfolk now has tanned brown skins compared to their Plainsfolk cousins. They have luminous with clear glass pupils which allows them to see in the scorching sun or during sandstorms. They are the perfect competitors of the Roegadyn in mining for their efficiency, despite lacking strength, and their ability to go to tight spaces within the mines.

FFXIV Lalafell Quick In-Game Overview

Both the Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk have lesser attribute bonuses on Strength and Vitality. Plainsfolk Lalafell has a minimum point of +19 to Strength and Vitality, while the Dunesfolk has +19 to Strength and only +18 to Vitality. In contrast to their disadvantage, Plainsfolk Lalafell has an outstanding +23 in Dexterity, followed by +22 with Intelligence and +20 in Mind. In comparison, the Dunesfolk has +23 in Mind, +22 in Intelligence, and +21 in Dexterity.

What class should I choose for a Lalafell?

When it comes to job choice (or classes), some players may consider utilizing a Tank role for the Lalafell to compensate the deprived stats in Strength and Vitality. A Lalafell Dark Knight, for example, can compensate the lesser Strength and Vitality by having magic reductions through Dark Mind (at Level 45), or smartly using the Living Dead (at Level 50) during actions. Not only that, the arsenal of skills of a Dark Knight is very beneficial for crowd control and sustained damage. Lalafell Dark Knight may also compensate HP through siphoning it from enemies via Abyssal Drain (at Level 56) or creating barriers and shield via The Blackest Night (at Level 70). Players may also consider leveling up the Tank Mastery trait in cases they do not wish to focus on defensive skills with a Lalafell Dark Knight.

What about the opposite of the Dark Knight? The Lalafell Paladin? Or a Lalafell Warrior? Both of these roles make the Lalafell durable and supportive. The Sentinel (at Level 38) job action of the Paladin makes your character very durable through damage reductions. The Divine Veil (at Level 56) also serves as a support skill that allows players to have barriers after a heal. Lalafell Warriors can take advantage of the Thrill of Battle (at Level 30) to have increased maximum HP and restoration. They also have the Vengeance (at Level 38) job action which also reduces any form of damage to the Warrior. Players may experiment through with these jobs to see what fits their playstyle.

One might wonder how they could name their Lalafell characters depending on the class. To address this, name generators over the internet are ready and available for players to have ideas on how they could properly name their characters. Check out some of our Lalafell names from our FFXIV Lalafell Name Generator introduced at the beginning of this article. Try it now for free!

FF14 Lalafell Names and Lalafell Naming Conventions

Lalafell naming convention use names that are patterned with rhythm, repetition, and rhyming. For each clan, there’s a set of naming conventions for a male and female Lalafell. We’ll summarize each naming rules below so players can easily identify if the Lalafell name came from which either clan of Plainsfolk or Dunesfolk. The phonemes and syllables used in their names are somewhat, but not limited to, oriental.

Male Plainsfolk Naming Convention

For Male Plainsfolk, the naming pattern is in the form of AB – CB, where A and C are unique phonemes that do not rhyme while B is a repeated syllable. The AB combination is the first name while the CB combination is the surname. Check out some of our examples below. Note that A, B, and C can range from 1 to 2 syllables.

  • Iwado Kamiwado A = i, B = wado, C = kami, AB = I+wado = Iwado, CB = kami+wado = Kamiwado
  • Koroki Tamaroki
  • Okazo Namiazo
  • Uhuzuki Tamazuki
  • Arika Miraka

Female Plainsfolk Naming Convention

Female Plainsfolk naming is a bit different from the males. They use the first two syllables of the first name as the surnames themselves. Indicating this as a pattern, we have the form of ABC – AB, where AB is the first two syllables of the first name which will also be the surname. C is any extension syllable to make the name unique. Check out some of our female Plainsfolk names below. Note that for A, B, and C, each one only has one syllable.

  • Tsukizu Tsuki A = tsu, B = ki, C = zu, AB = Tsu+ki = Tsuki
  • Momoka Momo
  • Tazuka Tazu
  • Mamira Mami
  • Lolita Loli

Male Dunesfolk Naming Convention

Male Dunesfolk names are in a pattern of AAB – CCB, where A and C are single syllable phonemes and B is always 2 syllables. Note that A and C do not necessarily need to rhyme. Check out some of our suggested male Dunesfolk names below.

  • Kokoniro Tataniro A = ko, A = ko, B = niro, C = ta, C = ta, AAB = ko+ko+niro =kokoniro, CCB = ta+ta+niro =tataniro
  • Bebetara Riritara
  • Mimikato Nanakato
  • Poponiko Bibiniko
  • Rurukane Sasakane

Female Dunesfolk Naming Convention

Female Dunesfolk naming rule is observed in this pattern: AAB – AB, where A and B are phonemes with only one syllable. The only difference is that A is always repeated on the first name and once on the surname. Check out some of our suggested female Dunesfolk names below.

  • Ririna Rina
  • Bibiko Biko
  • Nanawi Nawi
  • Lalani Lani
  • Mimina Mina

We have more name concepts and ideas from our Lalafell Name Generator provided at the top of this page. Our smart generator has a library of ready-made names that players can use for free!

FFXIV Top Lalafell Name Suggestion

Lalafell’s names are creative and unique. It is very personalized and can be easily created by everyone who wishes to make their own. When it comes to Lalafell names, there is no good or best, especially that each name is unique and not all of it has meaning. But we still would like to recommend some Lalafell names for those who still wish to hear suggestions and name recommendations.

For a male Plainsfolk name, we recommend the name Uhuzuki Tamazuki. While we did not indicate if there is a meaning behind the name, we recommend this for two factors: first, the forename Uhuzuki sounds brave and witty. Lalafell’s characters are strong, despite their sizes. Therefore, a name depicting bravery is very fitting, especially for a Plainsfolk. The Tamazuki sounds noble-like and strong too, thus complementing the forename.

For a female Plainsfolk, we love the name Momoka Momo. Momoko is related to a female child’s name in Japanese. It could also mean “peach” or “one hundred” depending on the kanji used. We find this name awesome for this reason. Lalafell characters, especially females, not only look child-like, but they also look cute. Having “peach” as a name in Japanese is not a bad idea for a cute Lalafell character. The name Momoka also sounds like she is agile and swift.

Moving towards the Dunesfolk, we recommend Mimikato Nanakato for a male Dunesfolk name. We recommend this name because of its cute and potato Lalafell description. Having a male Dunesfolk whom you called Mimikato sounds charming and endearing. We also see this name as befitting for a charismatic Lalafell character, or someone great with trades.

Lastly, for a female Dunesfolk, why not try Lalani Lani? We can nickname her Lala without removing the Lalafell taste in the name. Other than that, the name sounds cute, especially for a female Dunesfolk. Despite its cute attributes, the entire name can also describe a strong personality for a female character. She is someone who does not give up easily or someone stubborn.

What’s a Lalafell potato?

Internet is such a wonderful (or horrible) place and netizens were able to put names in almost everything that they want to describe. This includes potato memes. When something (or someone) is branded like a potato, it means that person is unattractive, or very odd, or weird. Others also refer to a potato as someone cute, little, and adorable—thus Lalafell potatoes are born. Lalafell looks like potatoes in terms of their face shape, body proportion, and even colors! Additionally, there are few items in-game that indicate that Lalafell is tasty—said a monster of course! For a large collection of ready-made names for the Lalafell, check out our FFXIV Lalafell Name Generator.


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