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Redguards, like the first Nords and Aldmers, are foreigners in Tamriel. They hail from Yokuda, a sunken western continent. The term ‘Redguards’ came from the morphed word ‘Ra Gada’ which means “Warrior Wave”. They are waves, alright, because of their swift conquest of the western shorelines of Volenfell. They conquered both the habitable and inhospitable lands and claim it as their own, calling it Hammerfell. Wow, talk about refugees invading foreign soils.

Redguards are not just simple refugees. They are a race of martial might and renowned as the most gifted warriors in Tamriel. Although lacking interests in magic, they are proven to be effective soldiers, mercenaries, scouts, and they have curved swords! Curved. Sword.

In this guide, we’ll take a quick peek at our Redguard fellas and discuss some short history. We will tackle their personality and features and create our Top 10 Male and Female Redguard names. Not only that, we’ll share with you some of our Top 10 Redguard Clan names and a bonus Top Redguard Funny names.

Exciting! Let’s get to know more about the Redguards. In the meantime, you may want to visit our Elder Scrolls Redguard Name Generator for a quick name reference. It’s free!

Martial Might of the West Continent

Yokuda is a western continent found in the Eltheric Ocean. It sank to the oceans due to natural disasters. However, historians claim that the Yokuda’s home continent was sunk by a group of Ansei as revenge for their defeat in battle. Yokudan refugees sailed eastward and settled on the island of Herne, and a group of Yokudans warriors called Ra Gada ventured deeper to Tamrielic lands and set foot on the sands of Volenfell.

Upon the arrival of the Ra Gada, they immediately raided native Nedes, Mers, and Beast Folk settlements. They were even able to drove off the hardy Orcs as far to the northwest. They enslaved some of the survivors and studied their ways of living. In only a few months of conquests, the Ra Gada was able to build a strong military presence along the western shoreline of Volenfell. The majority of the Yokudan refugees, including their royalty, migrated to mainland Volenfell after these successful conquests.

The vast lands of Volenfell were believed to be inhospitable to many races. But the Yokudans, with their advanced knowledge in agriculture and survival, were able to establish and create settlements. They re-establish the area and named it Hammerfell, home of the new Yokudans, the Redguards.

In the early years of Hammerfell, the Redguards do not interact or involve themselves in the chaotic turmoil of Tamriel. However, with the founding of the Orc city, Orsinium, the Redguards started to get threatened. They considered the Orcs as a risk to the rising prosperity and peace of their kingdom. For the first time, the Redguards agreed to an alliance with the Bretons of High Rock and successfully defeated the Orcs of Orsinium. During the Second Era, the society of the Redguards was divided into two factions; the Crowns and the Forebears. A civil war occurred between the two factions. The Crowns were defeated by the Imperial-backed Forebears. The regions of Hammerfell were incorporated into the Empire with the Forebears’ victory.

Jumping to the 4th era, the signing of the White-Gold Concordat marks the separation of Hammerfell from the Empire. Titus Mede II gave the rights to occupy parts of Tamriel to the Dominion by signing the Concordat. The Redguards of Hammerfell rebuked the Concordat and instead fought the Dominion. After numerous bloodsheds, the Redguards were successful in repelling the Dominion’s advance.

The signing of the Second Treaty of Stros M’kai signaled the immediate discontinuation of the Dominion’s invasion of Hammerfell.

Wow! So much for the history of the Redguards. Did you know that Hammerfell is the only province in Tamriel where invasions were repelled? There are numerous attempts by the Bretons, Nords, and Thalmors to overthrow the Redguard kingdom in the region. All of them were utterly defeated, crowning the Redguards as the greatest warrior-race known in Tamriel.

Redguards are agile fighters with high dexterity and endurance. They excel in sustained weapon fights and do not tire out easily. They are typically average in height compared with the Altmers and the Nords. Their skin tone ranges from light brown to dark and their hairs are wavy and thick. The Redguard’s culture is centered on martial studies. Redguard women and children are taught the art of warfare and are trained to wield weapons at a young age.

Redguards, however, are not fond of using Conjuration and Illusion magics and are known to despise necromancy above all arcane arts. Some known Redguards excel with Destruction magic, though.

Redguards in-game: Elder Scrolls Online

Like the Orc race, Redguards excel with the use of weapons. They have a reduced cost in wielding weapons and benefits from additional Max Stamina and Stamina restoration. Yes, they are good Stamina DPS for combat builds or Tanks for their large Stamina pool for blocking.

Below is the summary of Racial skills for the Redguard.



This skill increases experience gain under the One-Handed and Shield Skill line. With this skill, Redguards can take advantage of both One-Handed and Shield in the early stages of the game and transform or shift to other One-Hand builds such as Dual-Wielding or Daggers.

This skill also increases the effect duration of foods. Instead of relying on potions, Redguard benefits well with food.

Martial Training

Reduces the cost of weapon abilities by a certain percent. This skill allows the Redguard race to perform more weapon strikes and abilities at lesser costs. It also reduces the effectiveness of snares allowing them to move freely despite being rooted or slowed.


Increases base Max Stamina by a fixed amount. This skill is the same as Imperial Mettle and Orc’s Brawny skill. The only advantage of the Orc is it can be learned at earlier levels. However, the Martial Training skill of the Redguard is proven to be more useful at early levels. The Conditioning skill is a complementary skill to boost further the effects of Martial Training.

Adrenaline Rush

Dealing with direct damage restores a huge amount of stamina for the Redguard. The more hits and damage, the more the capacity of the Redguard to continue the battle. Just make sure that the attacks hit the enemy, otherwise, you’ll be wasting weapon cost and stamina while not dealing damage.

Redguard names up next! You may jump to our free Skyrim Redguard Name Generator for some quick Redguard names.

Top 10 Male Redguard Names

Redguard names from TESV: Skyrim is commonly based on Arabic tone. We’ve met a Redguard named Nazeem in Whiterun and Nazir from the Dark Brotherhood. But there are also other references that we may consider such as the old Elder Scrolls titles where names have European influences (e.g Elona, Chalone, Latte, etc.).

We’ll associate the names of our Redguards based on their history and nature. Check out our Top 10 Male Redguard names with some fantasy lore. You may also want to check our Redguard Name Generator for some suggested names.

Should I Pick This?



This Redguard name suggests a person who’s an excellent strategist or general. Pick this name for an inspiring, front-line Redguard character.

Known as ‘the Defiant’, he led his soldier to defend Rihad from the Dominion.



Pick this male Redguard name for characters belonging to the nobility or royal family.

Ehzan, the Kind, was a renowned governor of Herne whose family remain on the Island and never migrated to the mainland.



This Redguard name is known to the locals as ‘The Warlord’. Perfect for heavy-hitter Redguards with a two-handed sword.

Fahraam governs its people by the Rule of Swords. An old Ra Gadan law by where crime punishments involve mutilation with swords depending on the degree.



Translates to ‘Fearsome’, this Redguard name matches characters that are experts in dual-wielding swords and are proficient with weapon skills.

Tazar, the Madman, is always seen in the frontlines carrying his twin sabers.



Choose this Redguard name for characters who have unmatched skill with bows and crossbows.

The Marksman of the Sands



Choose this Redguard name for a character who can outrun and initiate close-quarter fights, rendering mages and archers helpless.

Kehlil, the Slayer



For characters who excel in mace/shield builds, this Redguard name is for you. Menazar is associated as someone who defends.

Menazar, the Strong Defender



For an agile and sinister Redguard. Pick this Redguard name for characters who dwell in the shadows and preys on unwary victims.

Alakhi, the Sinister Serpent



Choose this Redguard name for a tank-build character who specializes in shield bashing and ax hacking.

The Storm, as named by the locals, is known to charge head-on with any enemy he encounters without hesitation.



Means ‘The Expert’ in the native tongue. Pick this male Redguard name for characters who master, despite the difficulty, wielding war hammers.

Jimaad is a proud soldier who is known to claim the heads of one hundred bandits.

Top 10 Female Redguard Names

Female Redguard names are easily identified due to their feminine sound. They commonly end with vowels but it does not limit the convention with such rule. Redguard women are warriors too and excellent with blade and shields. Therefore, like their male counterpart, we will associate them with the Redguard’s prowess in warfare and skill in weaponry.

Check out our Top 10 Female Redguard names with a little pinch of lore. Our ESO Redguard Name Generator can also help you create your Redguard name! It’s easy to use and free.

Should I Pick This?



This female Redguard name is for characters who are excellent bow and dagger wielders.

She paints the battlefield with the bodies of her fallen enemies.



This Redguard name is for characters who are free-spirited and inspire their allies with their courage and will.

Kalma, the Silent Whisperer



This Redguard name is for dual-wielding dagger characters who dance the battlefield with endless strikes.

Nalwa, the Ghost Dancer



Choose this female Redguard name if you prefer simplicity and a straightforward name. Zayyal is associated with constellations and space.

Her eyes are like stars gazing at you with an intent to kill.



This female Redguard name also offers simplicity. If you prefer a common female Redguardian name, Zemil is a good choice.

Born a commoner, she lusts for more knowledge outside Sentinel walls.



For a wise and knowledgeable Redguard name, this is a good choice. For female Redguards who wear heavy armor and focuses on defensive playthroughs and team fights.

Akeema’s knowledge outsmarts the sharpest Imperial strategist.



Ezzer is associated with wild desert flowers. As rare as they can be, this female Redguard name is for characters depicting valor and beauty.

Ezzer, the Wildflower



Pick this female Redguard name for characters who have high Speech skills, and are proficient with Destruction magic.

Qalsha coveted the secrets of arcane magic despite it being century forbidden.



Meaning “High Above”. This Redguard name is for players who prefer a medium armor skill set paired with a sword and shield. A mix of DPS and tank.

Illari, the Gallant, the Proud



For an exotic combination of Bow Skill and Destruction skill, pick this Redguard name.

Sahlar’s rare affinity with magic made her family detest her, believing she was a cursed child sent by the gods of old.


Check out our ESO Redguard Name Generator. You can get suggested names for your Redguard characters that are new, unique, and cool!

Top 10 Redguard Clan Names

Redguards surnames are derived from a person or place they are related with. We use prefixes to indicate this relationship before the name of a person or a place. See summary below:

at- when indicating as a direct descendant of a person.

af- when indicated as a relative of a person.

al- when indicating a place where the Redguard came from.

In the following section, we’ll use a mix of the prefixes to indicate clan names and clan place of origins. Moreover, we’ll add some small fan-made lore to create relevance for the name. Check out our Top 10 Redguard Clan names below.

Clan Name
Brief Description



Galet is a small town outside the high walls of Sentinel. They are renowned traders and alchemists. They hunt for giant scorpion tails for their medicinal benefits.



Kahirr was once a desert bandit who raid Khajiit caravans for moon sugars. However, his reputation changed when his band freed the Redguard prisoners from Skaven being transported into High Rock for execution. Since then, the lineage of Kahyrr is well recognized across Craglorn.



The village of Kobbal belongs to the Drangstor kingdom. Its inhabitants are common miners for the main city. They are proficient jewelry makers and are known to involve themselves with lightning magic.



The house of Hezra is one of the many nobilities living in the highest quarters of Sentinel. Members of this house are either involved with politics or members of Sentinel officers. It is speculated that their family runs a sinister underground group that spies on High Rock and Valenwood.



The town of Kuzum is located on the southern coasts of Gilane. They are well-known seafarers and traders. Despite the shaky waves of the seas when voyaging, they learned to be adept with archery to fight off Bosmer pirates.



Suoka is an isolated village hidden in the southeastern part of the Alik’r desert. The villagers of Suoka are good desert hikers and were able to tame giant scorpions for carriage purposes. The village’s major trade is desert meat. Suokans are known to hunt using stealth and daggers instead of bows.



The Redguards who belong in this clan are close relatives of Ahram Sesnit, the founder of Leki’s Blade. His relatives formed the af-Sesnit to commemorate him and his teachings and crafts. Members of this clan are skilled swordsmen.



Ahbi Janyari was a commoner from Rihad. He became famous when he captured a notorious Imperial criminal who attempted to poison Rihad’s water source. Since then, the children of Ahbi and the next generation of his children were respected and known to be honorable and wise.



The small village of Hoshi houses the best infantry reserves in Rihad. Young enlistees from this village are known to be disciplined, honest, and loyal to the Forebears. They are adept with scimitars and bows.



Qilfiq is an accepted cult-village in Taneth. They are home to aspiring Redguard sorcerers. They cover different expeditions for students who wish to learn arcane arts in other Tamriel provinces within the empire.

You can find more Redguard Clan names from our ESO and Skyrim Redguard Name Generator on top of this page. There are tons of names waiting for you to discover! Try it, it’s free!

Top 10 Funny Redguard Names

Of course, we have funny names for the Redguard conquerors! From this guide, we get to know more about the Redguards.

In this section, we will add humor to Redguard names and introduce you to our Top 10 Funny names. Read on!

What makes it funny?

Curve Swords

Okay, this isn’t even a Redguard name. But when you know, you know.

Senmor ala-Memes

Yes. More please!

Ahnti Brets

For the Breton haters. Yeah!


Again, if you know, you know.

Sach Ahlusr

He probably never won!

Mr. Khlin

No no no no! not the bald one.


Tsamina mina, eh eh.

Kash Kau

Imperials never run out of coin. Because they borrow from Kash Kau, a rich Redguard.

Saad Layp

Definitely not a happy Redguard.


Don’t you dare ask me to go away! Alayk’hir very much…

More Redguard name collections from our ESO Name Generator. It’s fast, easy to use, and free!

Top 10 Best Redguard Name Picks

We’re almost done with our Redguard name guide. Finally, in this section, we will rank our Top 10 Best Redguard names based on our earlier suggested male and female names, including their clan names. We base our ranking on how well their lore complements with the name and surname, and how ‘Redguardian’ the name is.

Take a look at our Ranked Picks! Or you may want to visit our ESO Name Generator for more names!






The name Fahraam leans towards the Redguard tone. We pair it with the surname al-Hoshi for its lore about a faction of disciplined fighters. Overall, we think this name deserves the top spot and we wish to see an NPC with such a name.





The Redguard name Raneth is already a beautiful name for a Redguard woman. We paired it with the clan at-Suoka for the resemblance of its lore with bow and daggers.





We mentioned from the guide that the name Zyyal is simple and straightforward. We like it that way and we partnered it under the af-Sesnit clan because we think that this Redguard woman befits a swordsman.





The quality of the name is very Redguardian. We like the lore of Kahirr and we add Kehlil as a direct descendant. It’s a good story if written in-game.





We coined the Redguard name ‘Jimaad’ as an expert who mastered the difficult war hammer. It complements well with the Janyaris because ‘Jimaad’ sounds honorable.





Sahlar is associated with augmentation of destruction skill and bow skill. We think she belongs to the al-Qilfiq for her rare affinity with magic. The name magically complements well, even though made the name and clan name lore separately.





Ilarri was associated as a Redguard woman who is gallant and proud. She is extremely hardy and strong. The name fits well with the al-Galet clan who isn’t even afraid of the giant scorpions roaming their area. Cool!





Jabbal is a skillful archer and is fir as a clan member of the al-Kuzum who is known to challenge the Bosmers in archery while sailing the seas. Bold, indeed!





Although belonging to a family of nobility, this does not mean that the person bearing this name does not spill blood in her own hands. We associate Nalwa as a blade dancer using daggers in her hands. af-Hezra on the other hand dwells with politics and spying (or even political assassinations) which compliments well with Nalwa.





This name is a solid Redguardian name. However, we place it on the tenth spot because Redguards that associate themselves with magic are kind of rare and impractical. But the name and the backstory itself are good, otherwise.

If you’re not looking for Redguard names, visit our ESO and Skyrim Name Generator for race-specific name suggestions. We offer names of all the ten races from the Elder Scrolls saga. It’s free and easy to use!

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