Dog Name Generator

Your dog is more then a pet, it is usually a family member. Dog name selection is very important, as it reflects on the dog during their life. This is exactly where this dog name generator comes in.

We have collected thousands of dog names in our database, just click the right button if your dog is a boy or a girl and check some name ideas, it is absolutely free!

Proper choice of a name for dog will allow you to: form a direct connection with the dog, talk to your pet during training, quickly train your pet to respond to your call. That’s why it’s so important to choose a dog name!

4 tips on how to choose the best name for a dog

  • The name should be short and simple. With a pet you will spend many years. You will have to call the dog’s name very often and in various situations. Also, a short name is also beneficial because you often have to call out to the dog, with a long name it is not very convenient.
  • Choose a unique name. Try to choose a name for your dog that your friends ‘or relatives’ dogs do not have, it is better to choose something unique at all. This will avoid confusion, for example, during walks on the street, when other owners will call their dogs.
  • Choosing a name for a dog is a family matter. The choice of the pet’s name should be made by the whole family, not by one person. This process allows you to get closer, it also creates a deliberately positive attitude and a good attitude to the new family member. In addition, if one of your family members does not like the name, it can cause some discord and even some negative attitude towards the pet itself, so the choice of a name is a joint matter for the whole family.
  • Do not choose names that are consonant with the commands. Dogs do not distinguish between specific words and words with similar sounds can confuse the dog. This is especially true for words that are similar to the command that the dog must respond to.
    For example, the name Seth can be confused with ” sit”