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The term druidwas first made known in the 3rd-century era. It was the Romans who first discovered the druidic culture of the Celts when they invaded lands far from the north of the rising Roman Republic.

Nowadays, people associate the word druid with various video games and fantasy novels. What comes to your mind when you hear the word, Druid? Why do we associate them with nature and magic? And most importantly, how do we name them especially in games? We’ll answer these questions one by one as you explore this naming guide.

For players who use Druid characters, whether, in tabletop adventure RPG or online or offline RPG, this naming guide is for you. In this naming guide, we’ll get to know more about the Druids; the history of the Druids, how they were associated with nature, and how the concept and idea of the Druids were used in video games. We’ll introduce you to a list of some Suggested Druid Names for few games where Druids exist, and a bonus list of Funny Druid Names at the end of this guide.

Or you may take a detour and try our Druid Name Generator for some quick Druid name ideas and references. The names provided here are unique, awesome, and free!

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Druid Etymology

Druid etymology is quite complex and has several origins from different European languages with similar meanings, yet different spelling and pronunciations. For example, the Latin term used before was druis, or druias if feminine, or druidae if plural.

Before the term was even Latin, it already existed in the Gallic language as druwides (dru-wid-es), which means “a strong seer”, or referring to a person with strong points. There were also variations of this term coming from the Old Celtic language, such as derwos, meaning “true” and wid, “to know”.

Language, however, is very extensive and might mean differently especially if the language is already forgotten. The word derwos is said to be rooted in the word deru, which specifically means a “tree”, and during this age, a tree will almost always refer to an “oak tree”, abundant in most Gallic lands.

Anglo-Saxon language also used identical words for the word “tree” and “true” (treow). Therefore, one can argue that derwos might mean “tree” or “true”. The word wid also has alterations and is rooted in the word weid, meaning “to see”.

For a visual transformation: derwos + weid –>  deru + wid –>  druwides (oak-knower)

Combining these ideas, the word druwides from the Celtic tongue probably means “they who know the oak”, or “oak-knower”, or “oak-seer”.

In modern language, the English term druid was not immediately translated from the Celtic, but rather from the Latin version druis. The word druis is a rough term for a “magician” or a “sorcerer”. This is the same reason why modern-day Druids are associated both in nature (trees) and with magic (magician or sorcerer). Amazing, isn’t it?

Druid In Histories

Druids were a high-ranking class in ancient Celtic societies. They are the religious leader, legal authorities, lore keepers, medical professionals, and trusted advisors of chieftains. It is also presumed that most of them were literate but were prevented from writing their knowledge in annals and doctrines.

Their history, practices, and beliefs, however, were passed on to other cultures such as to the Romans and the Greeks. Following the invasion of the Roman Republic of Gaul, the druidic orders started to decline and were suppressed by the Romans. They disappeared in the record by the 2nd century.

The term druid, however, appeared in later artworks, poems, and books during the medieval ages. They were portrayed as sorcerers or pagans who opposed Christianity.

Druid In Games

Novels and games introduced a lot of variation and changes with the original Druid concept. When we say a lot, we meant a lot! Druids in games are now associated with being worshippers of nature, or natural doctors, or those affiliated with animals and can transform themselves. Even those who live in the forests in solitude away from the booming cities are thought to depict druidic culture.

There’s a lot more to talk about the Druids, but for this section, we’ll discuss the Druids in some of the best-titled games around, and provide you with some of the best Druid names ideas.

Dungeons & Dragons Druids (DnD)

The DnD Druid is one of the available playable classes that players can choose from when starting their adventure. Classes are the primary description of what characters can do in DnD. Classes can be chosen regardless of race and serve as the profession or your character’s calling.

The Druid class in DnD is considered to be a class affiliated with nature. They derive their spells and magical power from the force of nature itself or from a nature deity.

In DnD, Druids are oriented toward nature and animals. They have the power of tooth and claw, or sun and moon, or fire and storm. Some even transform themselves into animal forms. They live to preserve the balance in nature and will oppose anyone who tries to disturb this equilibrium.

DnD Druid Names

As we mentioned before, Druid is one of the ten base classes that players can choose from when starting their game. So, the next question is, how do players provide male Druid names for their characters in DnD? How about female druid names? The answer is… you don’t.

In DnD names are solely based on the character’s race. There are specific naming conventions for each race that players tend to follow… or not, depending on them.

But fret not, some names fit a Druid regardless of their character race. We have a few clever Druid names examples below. Check them out.

  • Guvat Wildthorn (/gu-vat/) [male] – This name describes a vagabond Human Druid who roams the eastern forests, hunting any unwary Goblins and Orcs who try to harvest ancient trees for timber.
  • Damuvaan the Scarface (/da-mu-van/) [male] – A war veteran who worships a mountain deity. He is considered as one of the formidable Elf Druid versed with animal transformation. His famous form is the black bear, from which he was titled the Scarface.
  • Elvonyr Chalavran (/el-vo-nir/ /ka-lav-ran/) [male or female] – A wandering Kalashtar Druid who possesses a druidic Quori sub-personality. He is versed with the blade and summoning roots and sprouts from the ground with his earthen magic.

Playing DnD under the Druid class? Why not consider using purely Druid names instead of race-specific names? You may explore more good Druid names through our Druid Name Generator. We have a vast library of ready-made random Druid names that players can use for whatever games they play—for free!

World of Warcraft Druids

Like the Druids of DnD, WoW Druids are those who harness the power of nature to preserve balance and protect life. Druids in World of Warcraft is also a playable class that players can choose from in starting their game, separate from the playable races available.

Unlike in DnD, WoW classes can only be undergone by specific races. Meaning, not all available races can take the Druid class. Most races who can have the Druid class are those with a high affinity with nature. These are the Night Elf, the Worgen, the Tauren, and Highmountain Tauren, the Trolls and Zandalari Trolls, and the Kul Tiran.

Druids are good for tanking and healing but are sometimes hybrid to deal damage. They have shapeshifted forms, allowing them to transform into wild beasts with unique strengths and attributes. What’s more surprising is the shapeshifting ability that allows them to switch roles at ease (from tank to damage, or damage to healing). Not only that, the beasts determine the ability of the Druid to become efficient with running, swimming, or even flying!

WoW Druid Names

What makes a good Druid name for your WoW character? Again, it depends on the race you’ve picked for your game. Like DnD, character race plays an important role in identifying the name of your character. Of course, we wouldn’t want an Orc name on an Elf character for as long as they are Druid, right? Check out some of our Druid name suggestions and the specific race that they are plausible with.

Night Elf Druid Names

  • Nidestel Veinrock (/ni-des-tel/ /veyn-rak/) [female] – A female Night Elf Druid who belongs to the Druidic Sect of Malfurion Stormrage. She seeks to preserve the stray magics who erupted from the Well of Eternity after the Sundering.
  • Salturias Highsun (/sal-tur-yas/ /hay-san/) [male] – Only in the legends was the name Salturias was mentioned. It is said that he is one of the first Night Elves who undergone the druidic transformations bestowed upon Cenarius during the first age. He is known to call upon the power of the sun, incinerating his foes and turning their ashes as nourishments for the earth.
  • Kuvel Fangran (/ku-vel/ /fang-ran/) [male or female] – One of the few cursed Night Elf Druid names mentioned in the history of My. Hyjal. It is said that during the youthful years of Kalimdor, few Night Elf druids attempted to reanimate the powers of the World Tree. The Loa became angered by their atrocities, cursing them to become treant-like Druids.

Tauren Druid Names

  • Warhand [male] – Born as Kaz’lar (/kaz-lar/), he is a powerful Tauren Druid who specializes in shapeshifting specific parts of his body to gain advantages in battle. He can shapeshift his hands to have claws, or his mouth to have jaws.
  • Avo Songbreeze (/a-vo/) [female] – A skillful Tauren Druid specializing in earth-related magic such as quakes, rock manipulation, and earth armor. It is said that her magics have influences from the shamanic culture of the Orcs and most Taurens despise her for this.

Troll Druid Name

  • Zen’Beleb (/zen-be-leb/) [male] – A Troll Druid versed with manipulating his body to shapeshift into a feral beast. He trained within the Stonetalon Mountains together with Tauren Druids and nature Loa.

The Witcher Game Series Druids

Who would forget about Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series? Ironically, Druids also exists in this game. Although these Druids are not playable characters, but rather supporting NPCs that players encounter when they play the game.

From the Witcher series, Druids are considered Scholars of the Forest. They have a deep understanding of nature, wild animals, and the healing of wounds and sickness.

Guess what, from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Druids are herb vendors and provide Geralt with important ingredients or concoctions. The most notable Druid in-game is Mousesack, also known as Ermion, the great advisor of King Bran Tuirseach of Skellige and Queen Calanthe of Cintra. I bet you’ve seen him from the live-action series too!

In The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, he can be seen in Skellige as the leader of the Druid’s Circle and a trusted adviser on the new Jarl Crach an Craite. Apart from him, there are few other named Druids such as Visenna and Fregenal who were not included in the game series itself.

Gremist the Master Alchemist is also a notable NPC Druid from The Witcher 3 game, offering you some druidic quests for him.

The Witcher Druid Names

Unlike DnD and WOW, Druids are non-playable characters in The Witcher game. In terms of Druid names from this saga, their names are most likely derived from old European names. It could be a mix of English, German, French, or even Nordic because The Witcher series itself is set on the Dark Ages and Medieval European timeline. Few examples are as follows:

  • Rowan (/ro-wan/) [male]
  • Odhran (/od-wan/) [female]
  • Cezan (/ke-zan/) [female]
  • Felipran (/fe-lip-ran/) [male]
  • Emrys (/em-ris/) [male]
  • Veleda (/ve-le-da/) [female] – a common druidess name from Celtic traditions.
  • Daemoira (/dey-moy-ra/) [female]

Druids From Other Games

Not all games coined the Druids as a focus class or jobs such as in DnD and WoW, other games allow players to become Druids themselves with unique traits and skills. The best example is Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, wherein a Druid class is a playable character in-game.

Some MMORPGs introduce Druids as either playable class or in-game obtainable items such as Avalon and Albion Online. Heroes of Might and Magic also includes Druids as Hero or playable units. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne also have Druid characters in them, and many more.

Funny Male or Female Druid Names

When we start a new adventure with our game, it does not always necessarily mean that our character name must be serious. We can always have hilarious names that we can use in personalizing our Druid character.

Funny Male Druid Names

  • Forest Gump
  • Rudolph Redhorns
  • Professor Oak
  • Treestan
  • Grassiano

Funny Female Druid Names

  • Bad Birch
  • Plywood
  • Herbaltea
  • Stewpendous
  • Moosetang

Whatever games you are trying to play, for as long as Druids were involved, you will almost always associate them with nature, animals, herbs, and magic.

You can explore more Druid names through our random Druid Name Generator. We have a collection of thousands of Druid names that players can freely use as inspiration in making newer names or use them as-is.

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