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The Kul Tiran Humans are the inhabitants of the island-kingdom of Kul Tiras. The Admiralty of Kul Tiras is known for its legendary fleet and merchant ships that made them one of the most prosperous Human nations in the Eastern Kingdoms. The history of Kul Tiras is shared from the history of Arathor, the first vast Human kingdom around 2700 years before the Dark Portal. The kingdom of Arathor separated into 6 independent kingdoms. One of the kingdoms, Gilneas, was situated along the coastline of the continent and constructed harbors for ships and trade. Some bold sailors from this kingdom ventured southwards and discovered a large island with rich metal ores and valuable resources. These sailors eventually became TIdesages, a group of people who worship the Tidemother. They guided other humans into the island until they founded their maritime outpost named Kul Tiras. In the following decades, this new outpost will bloom into a huge city and become an independent kingdom on its own.

Kul Tiras culture centers around priding themselves with their connection with the seas. They are great with ship-building and are good raiders of sea monsters across the Great Sea. Despite them being shipwrights, they are also known to be great with animal husbandry and horsemanship; with some of them being skilled falconers. Kul Tirans also have a druidic order called Thornspeakers. This means that despite them being Humans, they also have a group affiliated with nature.

Kul Tiras is one of the proud nations that joined the Alliance of Lordaeron under the leadership of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore during the First and Second War. The aftermath of the Third War, however, led to the death of Daelin when the legendary Alliance fleet invaded the Orc nation of Durotar in Kalimdor. His death was a big shock for the Alliance and Kul Tiras. The Alliance became hesitant in avenging the death of Daelin, resulting from the formal withdrawal of Kul Tiras from the Alliance.

In this naming guide, we’ll tackle a brief history of how Kul Tiras rejoined the Alliance in the Fourth War. Additionally, we’ll take a look at some of the Kul Tiran features such as their racial appearance, racial traits, and how to unlock the Kul Tiran as a playable character in-game. Readers will be guided to a list of our Top WOW Male and Female Kul Tiran Names, some Funny Kul Tiran Names, and a ranking of our Top 10 Best Kul Tiran Name Suggestions.

Unlocking the Kul Tiran in World of Warcraft

To unlock the Kul Tiran as a playable in-game character, players need to complete three requirements: First, gain the Exalted status with Proudmoore Admiralty by earning reputations and earning the A Nation United achievement. Second, acquire the Tides of Vengeance questline by finishing the War Campaigns. Note that the Battle for Dazar’alor raid is not required for this achievement. Lastly, doing the recruitment scenario for Kul Tiran and completing the major storylines in Kul Tiras zones, earning the player the Allied Races: Kul Tiran achievement.

Battle for Azeroth

The news came to the Alliance that the Horde successfully gained the support of the Zandalari Trolls of Zandalar. Zandalar is known to have the infamous Golden Fleet, a naval force that can challenge the Alliance in conquering the seas. As a response, the Alliance once again sought the aid of Kul Tiras, for they are the only nation capable of building reliable ships and versed with naval warfare. As part of the storyline to gain the Tides of Vengeance, achievement, players will venture into Kul Tiras and prove to the nation’s ruling houses the worth of rejoining the Alliance once more. To gain their support, the Alliance will solve numerous recurring problems of the kingdom. Since their defection from the Third War, Kul Tiras was long been plagued with crimes, piracies, corruptions, missing important Kul Tiran fleets, incursions of Drusts, tidesages radicalizations, and a blooming Kul Tiran civil war—while the horde problem is nothing but another problem starting to occur on the shores of Kul  Tiran. After solving all these problems, the leading houses of Kul Tiras will notably agree to rejoin the alliance, unlocking the recruitment scenario for the Kul Tiran race.

Allied Races: Kul Tiran

Upon completing the storylines of Kul Tiras, the troubled kingdom returned to its stabilized status. During the questline, Lady Ashvane plotted a usurpation against Katherine Proudmoore’s rule over the kingdom. With the help of the Alliance adventurers (players), this plot was prevented. The foiling of the coup resulted in the recovery of Kul Tiras’ missing fleet and restored the Proudmoore’s status quo in the leading houses of Kul Tiras.

After these events, Jaina Proudmoore will instruct the Alliance adventurer for some series of small quests. Jaina wants to formally seal the bond between the Alliance and Kul Tiras by building the best ship for King Anduin as a gift. Upon completing this series of storylines, players will gain the Allied Race: Kul Tiran achievement and a bonus Kul Tiran Human Allied Race mount, the Kul Tiran Charger. Players are also entitled to receive the Heritage of the Kul Tirans Feat of Strength and Kul Tiran Heritage Armor Set when reaching level 50 on a Kul Tiran Allied Race character.

Kul Tiran Appearance and Druid Forms

Unlike the Human race, Kul Tirans have the unique opportunity to enter the Druid class. During the young years of the Island of Kul Tiras, Humans met native inhabitants of the islands known as the Drusts. Despite the Humans who want to thrive peacefully with the Drusts, some of them waged war against them. The last of the Drust Thronspeakers, Ulfar, decided to defect from the warring culture of his race and decided to aid the Humans instead; teaching his art of Druidism to the inhabitants of Kul Tiras.

Kul Tiran Druid forms are unique compared to other races. They resemble the Drust appearance and magic which were drawn upon inanimate constructs of wood and wicker. The Bear Druid Form resembles a bear made of tainted wood with shades of gray to dry-grass color. The Cat Druid Form has two sharp fangs with colors varying from brown, dark, to green. The Travel form resembles a wooden moose, while the Aquatic form resembles a walrus. The Flying form resembles a bird-looking construct with a head of a drake. The Moonkin and Incarnation forms are similar to each other, only that the Incarnation has a darker shade. They are both bipedal, have wooden horns sprouting from their head and shoulders, and hoof-like feet.

The Human appearance of Kul Tiran is much the same as a common Human character. The only difference is their robust and rugged look. They wear clothing that suits whatever the weather they need to be prepared for, instead of wearing plate armors.

Kul Tiran Traits and Classes

There are nine available Kul Tiran classes as summarized below.


In-Game Role


In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)


Healer, Melee or Ranged Mail DPS




The Kul Tiran Racial Traits are summarized below:





Kul Tiran’s brute strength came from their hardships in sailing and living on the seas, allowing them to punch with a hard knock, stunning enemies.

Wind up and unleash a devastating punch on a targeted foe, dealing 20 Physical damage and stunning the target for 3 seconds, while knocking them back substantially. This skill has a 2.5-minute cooldown.

Brush It Off


Kul Tirans are hardy and brawny. They have increased versatility and can regenerate a portion of damage they took.

Increases Versatility by 1% and allows them to heal for 2% of the amount of damage they receive over 4 seconds.

Child of the Sea


Kul TIrans are adept swimmers and divers. They can swim faster and hold their breaths longer.

This trait allows Kul Tiran to hold their breath for 50% longer and swim 10% faster.

Jack Of All Trades


Kul Tirans are versed with Tradeskills.

Passively increases all Tradeskills by 5 points.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner


Kul Tiran’s exposures to the treacherous seas give them reduced Frost and Nature damage.

Reduces Frost and Nature damage taken from any source by 1%.

Game Suggestions: Kul Tiran’s vast options of available classes make them versatile for any roles a player wishes to build. With the Brush It Off and  Rime of the Ancient Mariner skills, Kul Tiran’s common class is tank-based. A Kul Tiran DK, Kul Tiran Warrior, or a Kul Tiran Monk is recommended for a tank choice. Players may also take advantage of the unique Kul Tiran Druid class (also a tank-based class) which has a variety of benefits for this race. Players are free to experiment and choose which class they think suits best for the Kul Tiran race.

Kul Tiran Names

Kul Tiran names use real-life common European names. Examples of these are Derek, Priscilla, Arthur, and Lorena. We’ll use this as a reference in creating Kul Tiran names. We will try to make the names as unique as possible so that we’ll have an outstanding and awesome name for your next Kul Tiran character.

Top 10 Male Kul Tiran Names






A Kul Tiran officer who is a member of the Admiral’s Elite Guard. They are task with protecting the Lord Admiral at any form of danger.

Lieutenant Reval Eastfront has been in service as an Elite Guard for two decades and is a veteran of the Second and Third Wars.



This Kul Tiran name describes a seasoned voyager who captained many ships of different sizes.

Captain Adrian commandeered the warship First Echelon during the assault on Nazmir. His ship and crew are some of the surviving units during this event.



This name depicts a heroic Kul Tiran who bravely ventured to the Great Sea to rescue some of the survivors of the Kul Tiran fleet who pursued Nathanos Blightcaller.

Using the small transport ship, The Tailwinds, Master Fitzgerald initiated a search and rescue mission upon learning the demise of the Kul Tiran fleet.



A Kul Tiran from the Thornspeakers order, he is a Master druid capable of utilizing more than two Kul Tiran druid forms.

Alvinald is one of the greatest fighters Kul Tiras have produced. He used his mastery of druidic forms to gain an advantage in battle.



Also known by the title High Chief Galleon, he was a former member of the Proudmoore Battalion who turned into piracy after the removal of the Proudmoores as a leading family for the island-kingdom.

Galleon, not his real name, defected from the Kul Tiran battalion when the authorities scraped off the rights of the Proudmoores in Kul Tiran politics. He and a few of his rebel thugs secretly worked with the Alliance in providing information about what’s happening within Kul Tiras.



This Kul Tiran name depicts a skillful falconer hailing from the House Waycrest.

Jacques Von Waycrest is one of the finest falconer in Kul Tiras. He trained many aspiring falconers under the exclusive techniques and supervision of House Waycrest.



Also known by the title Ortun the Clever, he was the brains of the false attack in Nazmir which eventually lead to the successful siege on Dazar’alor during the Fourth War against the Horde.

Captain Ortun, aboard the fast warship Daedalus, lured the Horde and the Zandalari Golden Navy into Nazmir by instructing the tidesages to propel a replica of smoke and mirages of ships across the horizon, effectively fooling the Horde scouts that the Alliance’s attack is centered to Nazmir.



This name is notably one of the crews of the Lost Fleet of Derek Proudmoore.

While it is known that the only survivor of the Lost Fleet was Fitzsimmons, few were lost but were able to survive that tragic day. Second Officer Anoran was thrown off the Gray Coral, a small scouting ship. He has drifted afar from the battlefield and found himself on the shores of Gilneas.



A known defector and traitor from the House Ashvane, he is a loyal and brave City Watch Captain stationed in Boralus.

While a prominent member of House Ashvane and a distant cousin of Priscilla, Leandro Ashvane dislikes her cousin’s leadership and plans for a coup. He cooperated with the Proudmoore’s to spoil her plans.



This name describes a mighty and skillful inquisitor of the Order of Embers.

Inquisitor Hector was a retired member of the Order. He decided to rejoin the Order when it was refounded by Lucille Waycrest to stop the insurgency of the Heartsbane Coven.

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Top 10 Female Kul Tiran Names






Known as the Wayfinder, she is described to have an eagle-eye capable of spotting disturbances or approaching enemies from afar.

While it is not true that her eyes are as sharp as an eagle, she can easily identify changes in the weather or the horizon based on her navigational experience which successfully allows her and the fleet to predict if an enemy is approaching or a storm is coming.



This female Kul Tiran name describes a wise Kul Tiran tidesage belonging to the Storm’s Wake faction.

Meredith already suspected Tidesage Thomas Zeiling about conversing to the horrors of the oceans. She tried to confront him, but it was too late for most of his tidesages are already transformed into K’thir.



One of the elite and skilled members of the Kul Tiras Elite Corps, she was the acting squadron leader of one of their detachments who scouted the routes of Kalimdor.

Thalassa and her squadron suddenly became the leftover of the Elite Corps, for when they returned to their base, it was already decimated by the Horde.



Also known as The RIptide, she is a skilled swordswoman from the Admiral’s Elite Guard faction.

Lillian’s finesse with broadswords is unrivaled in the entire Elite Guard faction. She was connotated as the Riptide for her fast and devastating blows.



This female Kul Tiran is an exceptional and deft Kul Tiran Rogue involved with intelligence and surveillance activities.

Nathalia is one of the Storm’s Wake Rogue sent by the Proudmoores to investigate the coven of Lord Stormsong. When Lord Stormsong fell into the corruption, she and the entire Storm’s Wake rallied together to fight the Stormsong.



A known powerful Kul Tiran Mage. She was also considered as one of the mercenary Hydromancers of Kul Tiras.

Highmage Eliana was a former tidesage from Drustvar and entered the services of the Kul Tiras Navy to serve as defenders and controller of the tides to protect the ships.



This name describes a member of the Kul Tiran Navy Sniper. She is one of the best-trained sharpshooters who can snipe enemies from afar.

Kinsley Farwatch is a veteran sharpshooter who participated in the Second and the Third War. Her family is known to have the tradition of entering the navy as sharpshooters.



This female name describes one of the highest-ranking officers of the infamous Kul Tiran Fleet. She is a wise and shrewd naval commander who won many decisive battles against pirates and Zandalari trolls.

Commodore Arlette commands the heavy warship, East Haven, together with a squad of fast attack boats and a dozen supply and transport ships. She is independent of the fleet and is only called out during dire times as she endlessly patrols the northern seas between Lordaeron and Northrend.



This name describes a bold and hard-headed Kul Tiran Navy Swordswoman. She impulsively rushes in battle out of the excitement of swinging her unique enchanted sword, Torrential Edge.

Her enchanted blade can produce sharp slashes drawn from the very waters of the seas.



A dauntless and daring female Kul Tiran ship commander, she was known for her reckless naval warfare who earned her the title The Undaunted Maiden.

Her warship is named after her title The Undaunted Maiden, she led many impossible missions such as traversing the Maelstorm or attacking head-on a Zandalari fleet who outnumbered her 3 to 1.

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Funny Kul Tiran Names

In this section, we’ll add some funny name ideas for your Kul Tiran character. We do not need to be so serious when picking names for your characters in-game, right? So try our funny name suggestions below based on the appearances of the Kul Tiran.

Before you proceed, please note that the following names are just created to make funny joke names about the characteristics of the Kul Tiran. No insults or verbal abuse are intended.



Patrick Star

A ferocious yet naïve Kul Tiran who lives under the sea.

Burrito Someguy

Kul Tirans are bulky and thick. This name describes a bulky and buffed random Kul Tiran—just like how we like our burritos.

Harhar Sunkendude

His name is derived from his laughter. A nice onomatopoeic name.

Brawny Browney

This funny name is suitable for any kind of male Kul Tiran for two reasons: They are brawny, and they are brown.

Captain Tightpants

A Kul Tiran known for his… tight pants. His huge built and masculine body is quite intimidating.


A cool and awesome Kul Tiran knight.

Benedict Bellyfat

A famous Kul Tiran actor who played numerous roles in stages and theaters.


This name sounds weird and yet Kul Tiran… weird, right?

Hanz Buffet

We find this name funny because of his surname. The first name sounds Kul Tiran though, and we’re sure it’ll be fun to use this in-game.

Greasley Williams

Perfect for a ship captain or a navigator.


Top Kul Tiran Names Suggestions

We are now on the final portion of this guide. In this part, we’ll rank our suggested names for male and female Kul Tiran. We based the rankings heavily on the uniqueness of the name and the nice background story. Check out our rankings below.









This name reminds us of being courageous and brave, especially in doing what is right. We are placing this name on the top spot for the nice background story of him rescuing the survivors from the devastated fleet and for the nice and awesome name construction and idea.





The name Reval gives us a nice impression that the person is someone born for the sea, or is someone with great fortitude and will. Not only that, we love his background lore for being a veteran Elite Guard serving the lineage of Great Admirals of Kul Tiras.





This name gives us a dint that the character is a mage or a druid. We associated this name with a Kul Tiran TIdesage of the Storme’s Wake faction. We cored her story about her suspicion on Tidesage Thomas Zeiling who has been searching for a cure for his diseases to the Void.





The name Kinsley strongly suggests a character skilled with ranged weapons or someone who has exceptional marksmanship. So we associated her as someone belonging to the Naval Sharpshooters of the Kul Tiran navy. The name and background story is great and perfect for players who want a Kul Tiran Hunter.





This name is strong-suggesting, unique, and cool. We want to use this name for a female Kul Tiran warrior or hunter. Not only that, we love her background story. She is one of the highest-ranking officials who commandeer an independent fleet called East Haven. We find that story awesome and cool for this name and your would-be character.





We associated this name as a Kul Tiran belonging in the druidic order of Thornspeakers. The name sounds mysterious and strong and we highly recommend this name for a Kul Tiran druid.





We created this character to create a background story about the siege of Dazar’alor, resulting in the defeat of the Zandalari high king. The name is befitting for someone smart, or shrewd. For players who see their characters to be intellectual and clever, this name is for you.





The name Thalassa strongly suggests an elite and skilled character. We may also consider this name for an elven character which makes it more interesting. Her background story dates back to the attempt of Jaina Proudmoore to follow the prophet into Kalimdor where the Elite Corps was badly decimated by the Horde.





Harper is one of the simplest and generic names we used in this guide. This name is somewhat associated with the sea and we think it will be a fitting name for either a male or a female Kul Tiran character. We see her as an expert Wayfinder who can predict the weather or enemy movements based on changes in the environment.



/ gal-yon/


Lastly, we included a name about a High Chief loyal to the Proudmoores. We like his story for he is someone who defected from the Kul Tiran battalion to rebel against the authority and secretly help the Alliance in maintaining news about Kul Tiras.

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