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Known to be the oldest civilization that still exists in Azeroth, the Zandalari are a race of scholarly and superstitious Trolls that inhabits the islands of Zandalar. The histories of the Zandalari are a mix of a few scores of victories, unsettled conflicts, and numerous defeats against other opposing factions of Azeroth. The Zandalari’s ancient history dates back 16,000 years ago when Kalimdor is still a whole and single continent. They started as a peaceful race that dwells with the Loa in southern Kalimdor’s mountain range. Eventually, this mountain range will be called Zandalar, and from its peaks comes the great capital of Zuldazar.

The Zandalari’s long histories center on their involvement in the younger years of Azeroth until the Cataclysm and their involvement in the Fourth War of Azeroth. They are the main players in the Aqir and Troll War, the Pandaren rebellion, the century-long war of Night Elves and Trolls, the Great Sundering, The Troll Wars of Quel’Thalas, the first war against the Soulflayer, the Goblin rebellion, and the War for Northrend.

Needless to say, in this guide, we’ll focus on the involvement of the Zandalari Trolls in the Fourth War and how they joined the Horde faction. The guide will also discuss the Zandalari Trolls’ appearance, racial traits, and how to unlock them as an allied playable character. Readers will also be introduced to a list of our Top WOW Male and Female Zandalari Names, a list of some Funny WOW Zandalari Names, and a ranking of our Top 10 Zandalari Name Suggestions.

Feel free to check our WOW Zandalari Troll Name Generator for some quick Zandalari name references. We have a collection of ready-made names that players can use for free in their next World of Warcraft adventure.

Zandalari Empire and the Horde

During the Fourth War, the Zandalari Empire is preoccupied with their blood Troll problems and a civil war led by the Prophet Zul. The Horde adventurers (players), sent by the Horde to Zandalar, assisted Princess Talanji, the daughter of the Zandalar king, in addressing the blood Troll threat in Nazmir. The troops of Princess Talanji and the Horde adventurers were able to defeat the blood Trolls’ leader, thus ending the blood Troll uprising in Zandalar. This gave a nice impression of the Zandalar about the intentions of the Horde for their empire.

However, further assistance from the Horde is badly needed due to the rebellion of the prophet Zul. This conflict started before the Cataclysm. Zul was born with the gift of foreseeing the future. He is considered one of the dark prophets of Zandalar, capable of foreseeing tragedies and catastrophes before they happen. Zul warned King Rastakhan, the king of the Zandalar, about a terrible Cataclysm. He saw an armored dragon rising from the depths of the Maelstorm and burning the world with its ferocious fires. However, the naïve king ignored it. After many months, Zul returned to state more of his visions. He saw serpent legions pouring out from the fissures that were opened on the ocean floors. This vision was yet again, ignored by the king. Before the Cataclysm itself, Zul again returned to the king, stripped his clothes, and threw down his staff to the ground. He then warned him about earthquakes and tidal waves that will threaten the very islands of Zandalar. He described their capital to be sinking beneath the waves. King Rastakhan became tired of Zul and his nightmares, so he granted the prophet and his followers one of Zandalar’s largest ships so they can seek a new home in case his visions came true. However, his visions happened and the Cataclysm occurred.

With the Cataclysm, Zandalar was damaged from the waves that crashed their capital. Most Zandalari Trolls became angered to the idleness of their king and joined prophet Zul into his expeditions away from their island. With the Cataclysm, Zul started to gather forces and planned to regain the former glory of the Zandalari Trolls over the lands. During the Zuldazar questline for players, it was revealed that Zul’s treacherous activities will end with his full invasion of Dazar’alor. Zul used his army of blood Trolls to invade the temple city. Princess Talanji and few civilian defenders took arms in defense against the usurpers. With the aid of the Horde adventurer and few remaining Zandalari loa, they were able to defeat Zul and end his threat to the Zandalari Empire.

With both the troubling scenarios being corrected now, the Zandalari and the Horde are now in talks about a partnership and alliance. The Alliance, however, seeks to cut the ties of the Zandalari to the Horde because this will greatly improve the naval capacity of the Horde in the future. The Alliance initiated an invasion in Dazar’alor just a few moments after Zul’s defeat. During the battle, King Rastakham was mortally wounded and fell in battle. After King Rastakhan’s death, the Alliance retreated but was relentlessly pursued by the Horde. However, the pursuit was halted due to Jaina Proudmoore’s freezing of the sea, preventing further ships from pursuing the retreating Alliance fleet. Princess Talanji, as the successor of the throne, agrees to a partnership with the Horde due to the much aid they received from them.

Unlocking the Zandalari Troll as a Playable Allied Race

The events stated about the involvement of the Zandalari to the Horde are the questline of unlocking the Zandalari Troll in World of Warcraft as a playable character race. There are three requirements in unlocking the Zandalari Trolls: A player must achieve the Exalted status with the Zandalari Empire; complete the Tides of Vengeance questline (Completing the Tides of Vengeance questline will require completion of the Horde War Campaign); complete the Zandalar Forever! questline which comprises all major storylines in Zuldazar, through The Final Seal.

Zandalari Troll Appearance

The Zandalari Trolls are the first Trolls to ever existed in Azeroth. They are considered the finest of all Troll variants in Azeroth. The different troll variants are just minority Trolls who migrated away from Zandalar in search of their new homes. For example, the jungle trolls (known as Gurubashi) are a Troll subgroup who migrated to the southwest of Kalimdor. The forest Trolls (known as Amani) migrated on the northeast woodlands near the present-day Eastern Kingdoms. The ice Trolls (known as Drakkari) are those who migrated far north into present-day Northrend. All of these subgroups resemble the present-day existing Zandalari Trolls. Their skin colors range from gray, black, green, and blue. Their eyes are glowing primarily due to their arcane exposure during ancient times. Unlike other Troll subgroups, a male Zandalari Troll stands upright and does not have a hunched back. Because of this, they tend to be taller than most Trolls in Azeroth and are sometimes referred to as “Elven Trolls”. This is due to their physical appearance that greatly resembles the Night Elves and the High Elves.

Zandalari Troll Traits and Classes

There are ten available classes for the Zandalari race as summarized in the table below:

In-Game Role
In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Healer, Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Plate DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)

The Zandalari Troll Traits are summarized below:


Embrace of the Loa


Zandalari Trolls can gain the aid of the Loa in battle. A player can choose their Loa by going to different shrines in Dazar’alor and making an offering. A player can change a Loa once every 5 days. Summary of Loa benefits are below:

·         Embrace of Akunda – Any healing abilities of your character have a chance to heal their target.

·         Embrace of Bwonsamdi – Damaging abilities have a chance to deal additional Shadow damage and heal the Zandalari Troll for 100% dealt damage.

·         Embrace of Kimbul – Damaging abilities have a chance to cause bleeding over 6 seconds. This effect can stack up thrice.

·         Embrace of Krag’wa – Receiving damage has a chance to grant the Zandalari Troll additional Health and 66 Armor for a brief duration.

·         Embrace of Pa’ku – Zandalari abilities have a chance to grant them 4% critical strike for 12 seconds.

Pterrordax Swoop


Zandalari Trolls can call upon a Pterrordax to glide them to the ground.

When gliding, reduces falling speed for 2 minutes. This skill has a 15-minute CD.



Zandalari Trolls are masters of regeneration skills. They can focus and channel regeneration that can be interrupted through damage.

Upon activation, channels the Zandalari’s regenerative vigor to regenerate 100% maximum health over 6 seconds. This skill has a 2.5-minute CD and can be interrupted with incoming damage.

City of Gold


Zandalari Trolls can loot additional gold from fallen monsters.

Increases gold earned from creatures by 2%.

Game Suggestions: Like the Troll race, the Zandalari Trolls are also versatile when it comes to their racial trait and class options. The Embrace of the Loa skill is one of its iconic skills for it allows the Zandalari character to undertake roles depending on the Loa blessing. A Zandalari Priest and a Zandalari Shaman will greatly benefit from the Embrace of Akunda. Characters who focus on DPS while not sacrificing tanking will benefit from the Embrace of Bwonsamdi. This Loa is best for a Zandalari Warrior, Zandalari DK, and Zandalari Paladin. Although pure tank-based roles also benefit from the Embrace of Krag’wa. For pure DPS such as Zandalari Hunter and Rogue, Embrace of Kimbul or Embrace of Pa’ku is an obvious choice.

Zandalari Names

Zandalari Names only differ slightly from Troll name conventions. Their names are also derived from the Zandali language and also start from a single syllable. As they prove themselves when they get older, more syllables are added to their base names. Their names may also contain apostrophes when adding titles or designations or when the name is compound. Zandalari names have distinctions between male and female.

Top 10 WoW Male Zandalari Names




Also known as “Din’sar Mas’jin” or “Dinosaur Master”. This name describes a Zandalari Dinomancer.

Few individuals mastered the art of taming and controlling dinosaurs as mounts. Few notable Dinomancers are known to be great Zandalari Druids able to transform into such great beasts.



This male Zandalari name describes a strong-willed and courageous Troll Heathen or freethinker.

Fa’zhan was originally a Zandalari who stayed and lived with the Gurubashi trolls (jungle trolls). He openly criticized and opposed the resurrection of the Soulflayer.



This name depicts a powerful and brutish Zandalari berserker. He is known to impale enemies with his strong thrusting attacks from his spear.

Rogho is skilled with melee and mid-ranged combat. His arsenal of weapons varies from curved blades, bone spears, to Orcish axes.



A name describing a Zandalari Shaman proficient with wielding elemental forces against his enemies.

Gu’jadin honed his lightning spells in the highest peaks of Zandalar together with the loa of the winds.



A famous Zandalari Hunter and scout belonging to the Rastari group. Khor’jan is a skilled tracker and guerilla tactician.

Khor’jan’s knowledge with tracking roots from his years of experience hunting wild beasts and Zandalari fugitives.



This name describes a Zandalari warrior belonging to the Raptari order. He belongs to the famous Raptari Vanguards, a group of Zandalari warriors riding a vicious raptor in battle.

Malao and his squad joined the King’s Warpack who stormed the Temple of the Prophet to seize the traitor Zul.



 Also known by the title “A’deyo” or “Depart” when translated. He often says this line when assassinating notable individuals who became enemies of the empire.

Nagazzi is a notable member of the Shera Ali’kh, a notorious underground organization that served as assassins for the Zandalar Empire.



This name describes a sinister Zandalari Rogue who is also a member of the Shera Ali’kh. He is commissioned most of the time for life-threatening missions such as infiltration and intel gathering.



An infamous captain of one of the fighting ships of the Golden Fleet. He commands the Raptargon, a fire-breathing warship designed to incinerate other fleets in close contacts.

The Raptargon uses fire magics in their war cannons to set ablaze the wooden sails of enemy ships.



This name describes one of the followers of Prophet Zul who belong to the Zandalari Beast Ward.

Iraga is a skilled Dinomancer under the Beast Ward regiment. He is one of the many Zandalari who detested their king for his inaction to the Cataclysm and followed the prophet in his rebellion.

More male Zandalari name ideas from our Zandalari Troll Name Generator. We have ready-made names waiting to be used for the next WOW playthrough.

Top 10 Female Zandalari Names




A female Zandalari who belongs to the Pa’kura Zandalari Trolls. She is an expert navigator and is a reliable vice-captain of the Pa’kura armada.

Ika can predict the movement of the winds through cloud patterns and the sound of the seas.



A skilled swordswoman belonging to the Zandalari Bladeguard.

Ka’ava wields a long-curved sword and a parrying dagger. She can easily parry any frontal attacks with her dagger and cut the throats of her enemies with her curved sword.



Also known as “Wardruid Solka”, she is a leader of one of the dozens Raptari Vanguard left in the capital while the king and the Warpack pursue the traitor Zul.

Wielding the famous Zalyr mace, she can easily obliterate opposing shield formations to create an opening for the Raptari Vanguard in battle.



This name describes a talented and resourceful female Zandalari Mage who specializes in voodoo magic and crowd control effects.

She can harness nature’s energy to sustain her spells even when her mana is depleted.



A witty and shrewd crew of the Golden Fleet. She is known to be a skilled sailor who participated in numerous treacherous voyages across the Great Sea.

Priyaji is a veteran sailor and Zandalari Defender of the Golden Fleet. She survived many Murloc and Naga hijacking attempts.



This name describes a female Zandalari Rogue belonging to an ominous and sinister tribe who served the Shera Ali’kh.

Holen belongs to the long-forgotten Deathumbra tribe; one of the oldest and loyal families serving the Shera Ali’kh since the Zandalari Troll Wars.



This female Zandalari name describes an adept Zandalari soldier who can combine offensive magics and weapon finesse in battle.

Belonging to the Rastari regiment, Damey is known to be one of the exceptional “Maja Wal’ryer” or Mage-Warrior.



A veteran warrior with decades of experience in fighting Humans, Aquib, and Elves. She is a renowned member of the Zanchuli Council; a group of advisers for the Zandalari king.

Despite her old age, Nalvati is a valuable asset for the Zanchuli Council for her understanding of how to fight the Alliance itself.



Also known as “the Mystic”, Kai’wan is considered to be the highest Zandalari Shaman in Zandalari’s military rankings.

Kai’wan leads a squad of Zandalari healers that focuses on creating concoctions, remedies, and supplies for the Golden Fleet. Their regenerative capabilities are unique and greater compared to other Zandalari soldiers.



This name describes a female Raptari Vanguard who rides a rare red raptor that can breathe flames from its mouth.

Chi’ditar is a renowned Dinomancer who was able to tame a rare draco-raptor. Her draco-raptor can breathe fire and can leap great heights.

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Funny Zandalari Troll Names.

We denoted the Zandalari Trolls as the oldest race to ever exist in Azeroth. They participated in numerous wars and conflicts in the hopes of preserving their status and recreating their once-great empire. However, numerous disasters and defeats struck them and their recovery now lies with their relationship with the Horde. However, this does not stop us from creating some funny names for them! Check out some of our suggested funny Zandalari name suggestions below.

Before you proceed, keep in mind that these names are just for fun purposes only. No insults or verbal abuse intended. Pun and jokes ahead.



Unfortunately, he is a weird Zandalari born without… hair. But he’s a great Troll Berserker though.

Zandal Jenner

A famous Zandalari model, socialite, and media personality.


A squad of Zandalari Trolls riding giant albatross.


Probably a Troll version of Thrall?


A common callout to a friendly Zandalari Troll.


The king of tusks.


A Loa locator of Zandalar.


An adorable female Zandalari.


A powerful bat-rider who uses peTROLLeum in his flame casks.


Also a bat-rider Zandalari raider who uses a different kind of oil for his flame cask.

Top WoW Zandalari Troll Names Suggestions

We are now on the final part of this guide. So far, we were able to discuss the difference between the Zandalari Trolls compared to other native Trolls and their involvement in the wars of the Alliance and the Horde. In this segment, we’ll compile our Top 10 recommended Zandalari Troll names based on our earlier male and female Zandalari name suggestions. We based the ranking on how relevant are the names when it comes to a Zandalari character and some personal favorites from our team. Check out the rankings below.






We placed this name on the top spot for the nice background lore and the striking name. She is an old and veteran Zandalari warrior who experienced numerous battles. Now a member of the Zanchuli Council, we see her as an excellent adviser for the king itself.





The name Bash’nu sounds Troll-like and gives an impression that he is a ferocious fighter or warrior. We associate this name with a Dinosaur Master and we like our own translation for this title: Din’sar Mas’jin.





Of course, we’ll add to the list a name for a powerful Zandalari Shaman. Trolls are known to wield elemental magics but not as potent as the elves. We like the idea of a name for someone who learned magics from the Loa itself.





One of the prominent military units of the Zandalari is the Bladeguards. We came up with a name for this regiment. We see this name for a female Zandalari Troll skilled with a parrying dagger and curved sword. Moreover, the name sounds nice and Troll-like.





When we talk about mages from the Horde, we often associate them with earthen spirits or Loa. We created a name for a Zandalari who can harness earth’s energy as her mana. We find this name cool and satisfying that is why we are including this name in this list.





The name Kai’wan sounds nice and melodic for a Zandalari shaman. We came up with a name about a Zandalari Shaman that further improved their regenerative skill beyond what is normal for a Troll. For players who core their character with healing and regeneration, this Zandalari name is for you.





This name is one of our favorites to be included in this list. We love the backstory about him commanding the Raptargon whose weaponry includes fire cannons to sink enemy fleets. The name is simple but greatly suggests that the name is Troll.





We also came up with a name for a Troll Heathen hailing from Zul’Gurub. The name sounds royal and high and we find it very fitting for a Zandalari. His background lore is a bonus; someone who opposed the resurrection of the Soulflayer which made him a freethinker in Zul’Gurub lands.





The name Khor’jan may also imply an Orcish name. It has a guttural tone and yet it gives a powerful impression about the identity of the character. We denoted this name as a Zandalari Hunter from the famous Rastari troop. And we like him being an expert tracker and guerilla tactician.





Lastly, Rogho sounds brutish and brawny when pronounced. It has an intimidating sound if used as a character name—which we like! For players who want a tanky Zandalari or a damage-dealing Troll, this name is very suitable for them.

There are other race-specific names from our World of WarCraft Name Generator. We have a huge library of ready-made names suitable to any WOW characters of your choice. The names we provide are cool, unique, and free!

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