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Centaurs are mythical creatures that we often see in fantasy novels and movies. We’ve seen one from Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson, or even Harry Potter! Centaurs are also introduced as a character race in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. They were described as a hybrid of human and steed; having a human torso on their upper body and an equine lower body. They are a free-spirited race who enjoys galloping in wide spaces and grass fields.

In this guide, we get to know more about the Centaur race by tackling their nature and culture. You’ll be introduced to our list of Top 10 Male and Female Centaur Names. Not only that, we’ll add to the list a Class-Specific Centaur Name, a list of Funny Centaur Names, and a ranking of our Top Centaur Name Suggestions.

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Unmounted Cavalry

Centaurs don’t need mounts to belong in the cavalry regiment. They are already a cavalry on their own, bearing with them the arms of a brute human and the legs of a powerful stallion. Most Centaurs find a fitting role as cavalry warriors or raiders. They can wield spears, lances, axes, or swords and can easily decimate and trample enemies at full speeds. Their fast-running speeds make them reliable messengers and scouts.

But this does not mean any Centaurs can be a cavalry warrior or a scout as they please. There will always be limiting factors for them, especially with their physique and capability. Centaurs belonging to the Lagonna band (referenced from the D&D 5e game guide Mythic Odysseys of Theros) have muscular legs that are not built for speed. They are rather useful for endurance-related activities such as long travels, pulling siege weapons, or castle defenders. Centaurs from Pheres band (also from Mythic Odysseys of Theros) have nimble legs and leaner bodies making them faster in terms of running. They become great scouts and messengers, or deft raiders that can pursue caravans or runaway criminals. Pheres Centaurs value physical strength and skill combat. They have good coordination in battle and are not easily defeated.

The life of a Centaur may greatly vary from the culture they grew upon and the influences of other Centaurs around them. Not all of them engage in warfare or soldiering, others become wizards, clerics, or merchants. Centaur caravans are a common sight in booming cities and towns. They carry with them rare goods that can only be found in faraway places. Thanks to their horse-like physique, Centaurs are adept at long-distance travel and can also protect their goods against pirates and pillagers. Centaur bandits are also common in important trade routes and main roads. They form small herds of raiders to pursue caravans for loot. But there are also Centaurs who despised living a bandit life and would prefer to learn more about the world rather than fighting in it. These Centaurs leave their bands to form their own lives in pursuit of knowledge and history. Some become scholars, apprentices, smiths, or artisans.

Centaur definitions in DnD may vary depending on the game guide used by the players. The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica described the Centaurs as a race having a strong affinity with nature. They either join the Gruul Clan or the Selesnya Conclave; each having different alignments and beliefs.

Below is the summary of Centaur’s racial features and traits.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Centaurs have combined strength of a brute human and strong steed, while at the same time has an understanding of the world and nature. They have a bonus +2 in Strength and a bonus +1 to Wisdom.


Centaurs mature and age at the same rate as humans.


Centaurs are more aligned toward neutrality and vary depending on what gamebook was used.

For Mythic Odyssey of Theros

–          Lagonna Centaurs are lawful neutral

–          Pheres Centaurs are chaotic neutral

For Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica

–          Those who joined the Selesnya Conclave are neutral good

–          Those who joined the Gruul Clan are chaotic neutral.


Medium-sized. Centaurs are between 6 and 7 feet tall with their equine bodies.


Centaurs are faster compared to most races. They have a walking speed of 40 feet.


Centaurs count as fey and not humanoid.


Centaurs excel in charging head-on towards their target. If a Centaur move at least 30 feet in a straight path toward a target and hits it with a melee weapon attack on the same turn, they can do a follow-up attack with Hooves as a bonus action.


Centaur’s hooves can trample enemies and serve as a natural melee weapon to perform unarmed strikes. When hitting with Hooves, it deals bludgeoning damage equal to 1d4 + Centaur’s Strength modifier.

Equine Build

Centaurs count as one size larger when determining their carrying capacity. Any climb that requires hands and feet is difficult for the Centaurs because of their horse-like legs. When making such a climb, each foot of movement costs the Centaur an extra 4 feet instead of the normal 1 foot.


Centaurs have a strong affinity with nature. They may choose one of the following proficiencies as their own: Animal Handling, Medicine, Nature, or Survival.


Centaurs can speak, read, and write in the Common and Sylvan tongue.

Top Male and Female names in the following section. Take a detour and try our DnD 5e Centaur Name Generator for some Centaur names and references.

Centaur Names

Based on the Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Lagonna Centaur names have three or four syllables. These names are borrowed from cultures they met in their travels. Pheres Centaurs have shorter and sharper sounding names and are based on their glories in battle. From Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, Centaur names are repeated and passed down through family members. They give the name of the most recently deceased family member to their new foal (of the same gender) to keep alive their memory. They believe that the spirit of the departed is renewed to newly born Centaurs. Centaurs from both DnD gamebooks do not use family names but have distinctions between male and female names. In the following section, we’ll list our Top Male and Female Centaur names and combine the suggestions from Mythic Odysseys of Theros and Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica.

Top 10 DnD 5e Male Centaur Names

Below are some of our top Male Centaur name suggestions.




Your fellow Centaurs call you “Challenger” when you use this male Centaur name. You are a brave Centaur who likes challenges. Whether it be combat or a race, he never turns down a challenge.

He often challenges other foals when he was young. He carried this habit until now.



Meaning “Spirited” in the Common tongue. You are an agile and fast-running male Centaur when using this name. You aspire to be a traveling merchant or a royal messenger in the future.

Igomil can sprint an entire mile without pause or rest. His natural vigor and endurance make him a good candidate for a royal messenger.



The Gentle. You are a gentle male Centaur who befriends wild animals and beasts. Quegen protects the forests of Yggriv against monsters and humanoids who wish to harm its peaceful inhabitants.



You are a male Centaur who displays great fortitude when bearing this name. Your leadership is exceptional and many choose to follow you in battle.

Yssarog fought an unbelievable battle against a horde of Orcs. With his grit and determination, he and few hundreds of the cavalry regiment were able to hold off Orcish advances until reinforcements arrived.



You are an adventurous male Centaur when using this name. You prefer a life of adventures and travels. Explorations and conquest satiate your curiosities.

Thraag enjoys the company of newly met people and creatures. He transcribes stories and lore he learned from them.



Translates to the word “Victorious” in the Common tongue. Your parents granted you this name believing that you’ll be a great Centaur war chief in the future.

Zughar lived up for his name, earning him countless honors for his achievements in the war against Goblinoid invasions.



Softly translates to the term “Good Tidings”. You are a scholarly male Centaur who studied literature and history in a famous elven university.

Ezram became a diplomatic envoy for the Elven King, serving as a communicator and messenger between kingdoms.



Your colleagues and siblings also call you “Headstrong” in the Common tongue. Strong will and determination are your trademark and strength.

Delvor’s physique did not qualify him to be a cavalry warrior. But he has proven himself worthy by showing his finesse and skill with javelin and spears.



You belong to a Pheres bandit band when using this name. Your teammates call you “the Wrecker” because of your habit of destroying evidence of raids.

When Llanzo’s raiding party attacks unwary merchants, they drag them into isolated places and make sure no returning merchants are left unscathed.



Your Centaur name suggests an influential Centaur merchant who deals with exotic trades such as magical gems, rabid beasts, and slaves.

It is said that for any items that you wish to possess, Owryg will always have them in his pockets.

More male Centaur name suggestions from our DnD 5e Centaur Name Generator. Try it for free!

Top 10 DnD 5e Female Centaur Names

Below are some of our top Female Centaur name suggestions.




A morphed name from the word ‘majestic’. You are a beautiful female Centaur with a striking facial feature and a slim equine body. Humans and Centaurs are stunned by your exquisiteness.

Adding to her beauty is her mastery of bows. She can shoot moving targets while galloping.



Meaning “the Superior” or “the Greater” in the Common tongue. You are a high-ranking officer from the cavalry ranks. Soldiers address you as “lad Tavnya” meaning “Lady Superior” or “Great Lady”

‘Tavnya’ is a military designation in the cavalry regiment. Her real name, however, remains unknown.



You are an adamant female Centaur who dislikes outsiders and strangers. Lost travelers and passing caravans are a big mystery for you.

Sevra distrust any creatures outside their Centauri herd. Although she wonders how other creatures exist outside their home.



Meaning “Serene” in the Common tongue. Your peaceful and untroubled nature does not imply that you are weak-hearted or unfit for battle. You wield nature’s staff and short sword and can cast illusory spells against your foes.

Atna the Tranquil is a lone druid in the forests of Agebjorn. She is commonly seen wandering the woods looking for exotic plants and herbal remedies.



Humans and Centaurs also refer to you as “the Untamed”. You are a war-like female Centaur when bearing this name. You carry an axe and a tower shield and do not hesitate to attack enemies in sight.

Rayet the Untamed was banished from an army regiment because of her violent treatment of her fellow soldiers.



You are a renowned female Centaur tactician when using this name. They call you “the Shrewd Centaur” for your martial knowledge and tactical judgment of the battlefield.

It was because of Pevelya’s bold strategy that the defending Centauri and Human garrison soldiers were able to defend an Orcish siege during the battle of Tremos.



When using this female Centaur name, your character is a famous healer and herbalist. Humanoids come to your hut to seek medications and healing.

Melaavy’s methods of healing are extraordinary and no ordinary doctor or alchemist can imitate her medicine and herbs.



Meaning “Flowing” in the Common tongue. Your female Centaur character has a strong affinity with magic. Your parents named you Imisi due to the strong flow of magical energy throughout your body.

Imisi’s parents are members of the Mage College that studied forbidden arcane arts. They were banished from the College due to their treachery.



You are a female Centaur sharpshooter when using this name. Your colleagues also call you “Sharp-Eye” due to your deadly precision. Your weapon of choice may vary from a bow, crossbows, or flint pistols.

Veyrim the Sharp-Eye can shoot targets in over a mile with very little variation in precision. She cannot properly snipe targets when galloping, however.



People also call you “the Wicked Centaur”. You are a corrupted Centaur who desires nothing but to kill and destroy pretty things. You were tainted with evil thoughts when you drank from a corrupted wellspring.

Gerina is a rabid and ferocious Centaur. She attacks any creatures she sees and smashes them with her huge two-handed hammer.

More female Centaur name suggestions from our Centaur Name Generator. Try it for free!

Class-Specific Names for Centaurs

Dungeons and Dragons offer a variety of classes that players can choose from in creating their characters. In this section, we’ll create few suggested names for one specific class for the Centaurs: The Barbarian class.

Fret not! Your Centaur character, just like any other race, can still fit with other classes aside from the Barbarian class. It’s up to the players to explore and discover classes that fit their playstyle.

The Centaur Barbarian

Rage and fury are what drives a Barbarian. This class is for players who want to center their characters on offensive damage rather than utility or support. A Centaur Barbarian will find itself enjoying the Barbarian traits such as the Reckless Attack, Extra Attack, and not to mention, Fast Movement. Other traits benefit a Centaur character. In the meantime, check out some of our D&D 5e Centaur Barbarian names below.





You were given the title “The Charger” by your Centaur brethren. You fearlessly charge towards the enemy. No pikes nor spear can halt your relentless advance.




Elves and Tritons who met you in the Shaded Woods call you “Warpath”. It took them a lot of tolerance and restrain to prove to you that they are not hostile.




Don’t be fooled by her beautiful human features. Lessia is a female Centaur Barbarian, commonly known as “The Devastator”. Her pretty smiles and laughter only surface after relishing a kill.




Meaning “War Child” in the Common tongue. You are a male Centaur Barbarian who grew in the wilderness, learning the ways of the wild beasts and monsters.



Male or Female

Nagyr lives peacefully in the Great Steppes of the North together with a few Centaurs and a herd of steppe horses and sheep. He joined the Imperial cavalry to participate in the upcoming war against the Orcish invaders. The surrounding steppes and villages are at threat with this invasion and you wish to protect it.

Funny Centaur Names

In the earlier pages of this guide, we were able to learn a brief description and nature of the Centaurs. We used two game guides to describe them and were able to produce some name suggestions. In this part, however, we’ll add a bit of humor for our human-horse hybrid characters. We love funny names! And we will use one for any of our D&D characters. Check out some funny Centaur names below.



Centaurs love to run, right? So, why not?



A female Centaur who likes to neigh. She is Neighdine.

Peppa Horse

Need I to say more? A Centaur featured in a kid’s show! She teaches archery and lance couching. A good show, indeed!


It takes 100 Centaurvos to make 1 Centaurllar.

Percy Horsey

We want Percy to be a Centaur!


We just find it hilarious to have a Centaur named Trojan. Careful, he might betray you.


A fire-type Centaur.


An electric-type Centaur… with wings.


A Centaur Bard who specializes in rap music. Give it up for Lil’Phony!

Mane & Tail

A two-headed Centaur with black and shiny manes.

Top Centaur Names Suggestions

We’re on the concluding part of the guide! As a finale, we’ll list you our Top 10 Best Centaur name suggestions based on our earlier list for Male and Female Centaurs. We based the ranking on the background story for each name and how “Centauri” the name sounds. But of course, a few biases from us because there are names that we wanted to see in-game. Check them out below!





Earning our top spot is the name Imisi. The name is very Centauri and we imagine it to a female Centaur that can wield magic. Unusual but possible! The back story is also nice and open for more expansion.




For the second spot, Tavnya! The name sounds like a word from the Sylvan tongue if we’re going to base it on the suggested names from the game guides. Its back story is also nice, referring to a mysterious female Centaur of unknown origin.




The Spirited Centaur, Igomil earns our third spot for this list. First off, the word sounds Centauri, and at the same time simple and straightforward; the qualities that we like for a Centaur name. The back story is a bonus supporting detail for the name and it blends well.




This name is one of our favorites (although we find it inferior compared to the first three). We also imagine Centaurs as full of knowledge and wisdom. Ezram is an example of that. He is scholarly and probably has a gift of speech that earns him the job of being a diplomatic envoy– not for humans, but elves!




Let’s not forget that Centaurs have human-like features in their upper torso. This means that there is possible that Centaurs may be attractive to some humanoids too. Moreover, despite the beauty and seductiveness, we find this name to belong to a savage Centaur Barbarian whose only joy is to kill.




For the 6th spot, we placed the name Pevelya. The name sounds Centauri, and we portray her as someone great with tactics. Remember that Centaurs can also be clever and shrewd; Pevelya is an example.




We mentioned from the introduction that there are Centaurs who are built for endurance, like long-distance travel. We want to include in the list a name for a Merchant that deals with oddities. We put Owryg on the 7th spot for this reason.




This name is also one of our favorites from the list (we intentionally did not put these favorites on higher spots so you guys won’t notice our biases. lol).

Delvor definitely sounds Centauri! We also like his background lore: a stubborn young Centaur who has a great will and determination.




Galodim the Challenger earns our 9th spot for this list. The name sounds Centauri though the backstory is a bit short and few in details. But the attitude of Galodim greatly represents what a Centaur should be: someone who doesn’t falter in challenges.




Last but not the least, Rayet the Untamed. We love the idea of a war-like female Centaur who wields a huge axe and a tower shield. The name is simple, though not very Centauri in terms of how it sounds.

For other race-specific names for DnD 5e, visit our D&D 5e Name Generator. The names found here are unique and free! Try it now for free!


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