Horse Name Generator

This Horse Name Generator will help you to find the perfect name for your horse. We have collected a database of more then 5000 horse names for you, feel free to try it out, its free!

Choosing a name for a horse, is very interesting and responsible task. The name affects the behavior and character of the animal. When choosing a name, it is very important to take your time.

Rules for choosing a name for sports and breeding horses

The name of the foal always has one capital letter from its parents. The first letter of the mother’s name must be the first letter of the foal’s name. In the middle, insert the first letter of the father.
The breed of the horse can also help with the choice. For example, representatives of the beautiful and stately Frisian breed will not fit the names Bony, Flowi. They will not emphasize their characteristic black color and long curly mane and tail. 

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