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This DnD Satyr name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Satyr in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Satyr names.

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About Satyr

Dungeons and Dragons described the Satyrs as good-spirited and sociable creatures fond of celebrations and parties. Although, we find these traits unusual for, you know, a playable character that should be exploring dungeons and caves. Odd as it may seem, the eccentric Satyrs are a playable character in a DnD game. And who knows? One may find some of their traits as useful as an Orc or an Elf can be.

In this guide, we’ll get to know more about the Satyrs; their attitude, their appearance, and their racial traits. Moreover, readers will be introduced to a list of our Top 10 Male and Female Satyr Names. Not only that, we’ll add a bonus Funny Satyr Names and a ranking of our D&D 5e Top Satyr Name Recommendations.

Exciting, right? You may take a quick detour and try our Satyr Name Generator for some quick Satyr name references and suggestions.

A Glimpse on the Life of a Satyr

Satyrs revolve their lives on nothing but simple desires such as exploring the wonders of the world and experiencing any pleasure it has to offer. Most races find the Satyrs irritating and odd, but this doesn’t stop them from doing things they like.

Satyrs can be described as a hybrid combination of a humanoid and a goat. Their stature and appearance are very similar to humans. They walk with two legs, hold things with their hands, have complete digits, and have human facial features. What distinguishes them is their goatlike horns on their head, pointed pair of ears, and furred lower bodies. Their feet are robust hooves, and their thigh and legs are covered with furs down to their hooves.

Satyrs believe that people around the world are too serious. People are always bounded by laws and too many rules. Satyrs will tend to joke about other people for the sake of entertaining themselves. They believe that life is more than what people see it. It should be experienced and enjoyed with all their senses. They see the world as a box of joy, and they want to explore everything it contains. For the Satyrs, meeting life with all their senses greatly honors the gods— well, aside from the fact enjoying life feels really good.

Humans find the Satyrs as rowdy and raucous. Whenever there’s a Satyr in an area, one expects them to have a great time indulging in revelry and debauchery. Revelry is a way of life for the Satyrs and revelry does not always pertain to festivities and drinking. It may be enjoyment from the sound of birds, a nice breeze, the smell of a newly baked pie, calming seas, or a nice view when the sunsets. These things are more valuable than any treasure or glory.

Some people worry about the eccentric nature of the Satyrs and concern themselves on wondering why the Satyrs behave like this. However, Satyrs are just Satyrs and that’s just simply the way they are.

Below is the summary of Satyr’s racial traits.

Satyr Racial Traits

Ability Score Increase

Satyr’s outgoing and fun nature gives them a bonus +2 in their Charisma score. Their quick and powerful hooves add a bonus +1 to their Dexterity.


Satyrs can mature and increase in age at almost the same rate as humans.


Satyrs find laws and order disruptive for their revelry. Most of them are harmless and aligned to good, while some have tendencies to cause dismay and disturbance.


Medium-sized. Satyr’s height only ranges from 5 feet to 6 feet and generally slender.

A simple formula below can be used by the players to randomly determine the height and weight of their Satyr character:

Size Modifier = 2d8

Height = 4 feet + 8 inches + Size Modifier result in inches

Weight in pounds = 100 + (2d4 x Size Modifier result)


A Satyr’s base walking speed is 35 feet.


Satyr’s creature type is considered as Fey instead of a humanoid.


Satyrs have strong horns on their heads that they can use to perform unarmed strikes. When hitting with their horns, they deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d4 + Satyr’s Strength Modifier.

Magic Resistance

Satyrs are resistant to magic. They have an advantage in saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Mirthful Leaps

Satyr’s powerful hooves are proven to be useful for leaping, aside from running. When a Satyr makes a long or high jump, they can roll a d8 and add the result to the number of feet they can cover by the jump, even when making a standing jump. The extra distance costs movement as normal.


Satyrs have proficiency in Performance and Persuasion skills. They also have proficiency with one musical instrument of their choice with this trait.


Satyrs can speak, read, and write in the Common and Sylvan language.

Satyr Names

Satyr names are “playful and mischievous as they are as described from the Mythic Odysseys of Theros game guide. The names are granted to the Satyr when their personality started to show. Satyrs also tend to give each other nicknames based on physical characteristics or notable descriptions. Satyrs do not live as clans; therefore, they do not use surnames. They also have distinctions for a male and female name. Satyr names are Greek-inspired; thus, some names may sound or look like they originated from the old Greek name conventions.

Top 10 DnD 5e Male Satyr Names

Below are some of our top male Satyr name suggestions.




This name describes a merry and lively male Satyr. He is known to be an oenophile—someone who loves wines. His nickname is Bottomsup.



A cheerful and gleeful Satyr. He is commonly seen cherishing other Satyr’s horns and has a habit of decorating them. His nickname is Adorahorn.



This male Satyr is described as someone interested in human vices. This includes gambling, smoking, and drinking. His nickname is Luckystrike.



Also known by the nickname Bookworm. Unlike most Satyrs who enjoy outgoing parties and festive activities, Arccelis indulge himself with writing and reading. He feels at home with the smell of new books.



A hyperactive Satyr who loves to hop and run. Anakis likes to race with his fellow Satyr. He still laughs and smiles even though he loses. His nickname is Defthoof.



This male Satyr name depicts a music-loving character. Olmeros has a song for almost everything, even the funny ones. He is a prominent member of one of the human Bard Colleges. His nickname is Songboy.



This name defines an adventurous male Satyr. Curiosity is what mainly describes Kalfa, for he always tries anything new to his eyes. His nickname is Trier.



Also known by the nickname Mugger. A Satyr who likes headbutting friends and random strangers. But it doesn’t mean he intends to hurt and rob people. He just sees headbutts as a form of expression.



The name Pamrias describes a Satyr who likes to loiter around beaches and seashores. He finds the waves of the ocean soothing to his nerves. His nickname is Beachdweller.



This male Satyr is often seen climbing trees and racing to sloped mountains. Tymanon enjoys forests and mountains more than anything else. He loves the trees and the wild critters in them. His nickname is Grassmender.  

For more male Satyr name ideas, visit our DnD 5e Satyr Name Generator for free!

Top 10 DnD 5e Female Satyr Names

Below are some of our top female Satyr name suggestions.




Also known by the nickname Wordhopper. This name describes a female Satyr known to be very interested in languages. She is often heard yelling different words she does not understand to amuse herself.



This name describes a female Satyr who loves to groove and dance to music and tunes. She seems to have her dance steps no matter what kind of sounds she hears. Her nickname is Groovehoof.



A female Satyr is defined by her prominent beauty that mesmerizes Satyrs and Humans alike. Despite her beauty, Defini is known to be a heavy drinker. She is often called Prettyface.



This name defines a jolly dancer. Pideya finds joy in dancing. She dances when it rains, when it’s cloudy, when it storms, or when the sun shines. Her nickname is Happyhoof.



This Satyr is known for her infuriating singing. Yzla tends to use singing as a form of conversation. She sings any sentences she wants to tell which, most of the time, annoys everyone she’s talking with. Her nickname is Peskysinger.



This female Satyr name describes someone who loves the embracing darkness of the evening. Tala seems to be always awake at night, singing and dancing and making fun of her fellow sleeping Satyrs or random campers in the woods. She is also called Duskear.



This name describes a female Satyr obsessed with fashion and clothing. She gets too excited when meeting silk merchants and tailors. She always customizes her dresses, although, its wearability is a bit in question. Her nickname is Threadfur.



This name depicts a Satyr whose interests lie with flowers and trees. Chemi spends most of her time decorating her mini garden. Her greatest happiness is to see her fields bloom in a colorful variety. Her nickname is Sillydaisy.



The name Eilan describes a female Satyr interested in pub games and duels. She often explores different taverns to check the newest games in town; or watch town tourneys to check duels and bet money on possible winners. She often calls herself Playfulnose.



This name describes a Satyr who enjoys showing off to gain attention. When Satyrs talk about how their day went, she butts in and tells her made-up story to make sure she is the center of all the talks and attention. She often calls herself Bestever.

More female Satyr name ideas and suggestions from our DnD 5e Satyr Name Generator. We have a collection of ready-made Satyr names that players can use for free!

A Guide to Funny Satyr Names

We were able to describe Satyrs as eccentric and easy-going creatures in the world of DnD. In this section, we’ll add humor to their names and create a list of some funny Satyr names. Check out some of our suggested D&D 5e funny Satyr names below.



Meaning, greatest of all time. The question is… greatest on what?


Probably an artificially resurrected Satyr?


A Satyr born during the day of the Satyrs.


A funny faun.


A Satyr who explored the Material Plane, proving that the world is round and not flat.


A Satyr who speaks in metaphors. Careful, not all he says is what he means.


This is a Satyr nickname. He is someone who tends to drinks during parties and celebrations.


A noisy Satyr who likes to eat… grass.


An ancient Satyr who once enslaved a group of migrated people.


A brown-colored Satyr.

Top Satyr Names Suggestions

We’re now at the end part of this guide and as a conclusion, we’ll make a list of our top recommended Satyr names for your next DnD 5e playthrough. The names of the Satyrs are ranked according to how nice the name sounds and how relevant are the background lore. Although, their background lore is quite simple and only describes the Satyr’s personalities instead of feats. Check out the rankings below.






We recommend this name for players who see their Satyr as a beautiful character. We like its nickname and the way the name is constructed, that is why we are putting her on the top spot in this list.





Satyrs have different worldly obsessions, but unlike Arccelis who indulges himself with books. We find this concept unique and the name very Satyr-like.





This name describes what most Satyrs are: lively and merry. We like his background story for being an oenophile, or someone who loves wine.





The spelling and how this name is pronounced are already unique and striking. Her character is an annoying one. She’s someone who craves attention from others and will keep on butting in conversations.





This name describes a Satyr who loves nature. He likes to run, climb trees, and enjoy whatever landscapes and forests have to offer to him. For players who see their characters as playful as Tymanon, this name is for you.





Her name describes a gambler. She ventures from pub to pub to join games or place bets on tourneys. There’s enjoyment in these entertainments too! And we think such a Satyr exists and remains unique.





If Eilan is a gambler, Liados is much worst. This name describes a Satyr who loves human vices. Smoking pipe, drinking beer, and who knows if he tried narcotics. For Satyr characters like Liados, this name is for you.





Happas is one of our favorite names from our male name suggestions. The name is easy to remember and unique. Moreover, his lore about someone who adores horns of other Satyrs or his own is quite interesting. Such attitude is an exact feature for a Satyr.





Most Satyrs are lively and appreciate their lives every day. Tala, however, loves the dim nights and the starry skies. Additionally, her name sounds simple and cute. Her nickname Duskear also makes her interesting.





Satyrs are merry and would most likely love to sing and dance with music. So, we came up with a Satyr name who loves music. What’s more interesting about Olmeros is his involvement with the Bard Colleges. There’s more to tell with his name and for this same reason, we are including him on the top list.

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