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Perhaps we learned about ancient Greece way back in 8th grade and we find their stories fascinating and controversial. What made their literary works more interesting are the Greek mythology names we all go crazy about. In this article, you’ll get to know more about what cool and beautiful Greek names to consider in naming your next tabletop character.

How Greek Names were Formed

Language plays an important role in the creation of names. Early records of the Greek language were unclear and abstract until it was documented and spread through the influence of the Macedonian campaigns of Alexander the Great.

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The entire ancient Greek language is a combination of multiple dialects throughout the Balkan peninsula and western Asia. It is the imposition and standard use of the Attic dialect from Athens that sealed the official language of the rest of Greece. 

Because of this, Greek names have a strong correlation to the Attic dialect which has a unique tone with a mix of soft and wavy intonations. When we see one, we know that the name has a Greek origin.

A few of the most popular Greek names were those coming from Greek mythology. Greek god names like Zeus, Apollo, and Athena, are all influenced by the Attica dialect and are now very common in video games, tabletop games, or real-life person names.

greek boy names

How Greek Names Become Cool or Beautiful

Now we go to the question: what’s a cool or beautiful Greek name? 

We do not limit our suggestions to Greek god names or a known old philosopher name. Cool names, for example, are defined depending on how they are pronounced, how they are spelled, how they were created, and a little bit of background on what the name is all about. These names are mostly attributed to Greek boy names.

On the other hand, we consider a name to be beautiful if its representation or meaning is a direct appreciation of the character – but of course not sacrificing its spelling, intonation, and sound. Beautiful names are most likely related to girl names.

Both a cool and beautiful Greek name must sound interesting, and Greek-like, and will make you remember the terms such as “acropolis”, “amphitheater”, “Odyssey”, and “Olympus”. Since we know Greek god names, we will not find it hard to identify if a given name is of Greek origin.

In addition, another plus point for this is the Greek ability to define your character. Whether it be a Greek boy name, a girl name, or a Greek god name, it should directly reflect your vision for your character.

Now that you have a nice briefer about cool Greek names, check out some of our suggested names for your next in-game campaigns.

greek boy names

Top Coolest Greek Boy Names


You first heard this name from The Fairly Oddparents cartoon show. Cosmo is indeed one of the coolest names to date because of its meaning: Order. This word is also related to the word Cosmos or Cosmic which we know very well pertains to the universe and astronomy.


This name is a catchy Greek boy name derived from the word damianos which means “to tame”. This name symbolizes power and control. A truly terrifying yet awesome name for a protagonist character for your next game.


Maybe you wanted a character who gets his hands dirty with trouble… or murder. Haemon is a Greek word that translates as “bloody” in the common tongue. This name is mentioned in Greek mythology about an Arcadian prince with 50 sons.


Roughly translates as “thankful” or “blessed”. You guessed it right; you can pick this name for your next cleric character. Aside from having one of the coolest tones in our list of Greek boy names, this name somewhat reminds us of strength and devotion which makes it truly fit for a holy fighter such as a cleric. 


Perhaps one of the coolest names we included in this list, Estevan directly sourced its meaning from the Greek word for “crown”. We can perfectly use this name for characters of royal origin.

Top Beautiful Greek Girl Names


Although common and widely used today, one can also consider the name Daphne as one of the beautiful names that can be used for their characters. It’s beautiful by the way it is pronounced and its association with nature. 


Phoebe is considered both cool and beautiful. It means “bright” and “pure” in the common language. Phoebe is the Greek goddess of bright intellect. Pick this name for a female tactician or strategist character.


This Greek girl’s name relates to the word “gift”, perfect for girls that are considered a “gift” by their parents. This name deserves a spot on this list for its great tone and deep meaning.


Penelope is one of the most beautiful sound Greek names known. It is feminine, artistic, and modern despite its old origin. Although there is no definite meaning for this name, it is still well-picked by most parents for their babies.


The most beautiful name on our list is none other than Persephone. Notice the good spelling, pronunciation, and tone? This is what makes it the most beautiful Greek girl name on our list. In Greek mythology, Persephone is the wife of Hades. This name is a perfect name for sassy and classy characters.

Create a name that fits your Greek name with the Greek Name Generator on this page! Try, it’s free.


Bonus: Top Rarest and Oldest Greek Names

Ancient Greek language and mythology existed way back 3000 years ago. That is why we also want to add to the list some of the rarest and oldest Greek names known. Remember, old and rare are cool too!


Ares is one of the known Greek god names in Greek mythology. Despite being labeled the “god of war”, Ares is a rarely used Greek name because its Roman copycat is more common—Mars. 


Orion is the giant huntsman or a great hunter and is one of the constellation patterns in our modern Astronomy. This name is also rarely used in real life or in-game, so you are sure that this name will be unique for your campaign. 


Boeotia is not necessarily a person, but a place in ancient Greece. It is also one of the oldest and rarely used words from the ancient Greek language.


Like Orion, Cassiopeia is a female Greek name used as an identifier of a constellation pattern. She was considered a vain queen in Greek mythology who angered the Greek god of the seas, Poseidon.


Andromeda is a rarely used Greek name today. For a more sleek and unique female Greek name, Andromeda might be a good choice.

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