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In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, there exist a world
parallel to the Material Plane—the Feywild.
The Feywild is a realm separate from the Material Plane where nature is
dominant and most of its denizens are either Fey or Sylvan creatures. Feywild
is no different from the Material Plane in terms of coexistence between
creatures and nature. However, unlike some realms that are either naturally
good or evil, Feywild seems to favor neither side and lead towards a between
good or evil. Whether it be good or evil, both are equal in power and influence
inside this realm.

The Eladrin, a unique and ancient subrace of the
Elves, dwell in the Feywild and call it their home. It is said that of all the
subraces of the Elves, the Eladrin Elf is the closest in stature and ability to
the primal Elves, or the first-generation Elves to ever existed. Surely, they
look similar to the High Elves of both realms, but Eladrin are distinct for
their very slender bodies, and their skin color varying from the season to
which they have the closest affinity. One may also look them in the eyes and
see the glimmering trace of the Fey magic coursing through them.

In this name guide, we’ll talk about the mythical race of the
Eladrin. Who are they? Where do they come from? What makes them different from
the rest of the Elves? Moreover, we’ll provide you some of the best Eladrin
names and few recommended Eladrin last names at the end of this guide.

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The Eladrin of Feywild

The Eladrin Elves are known to be conceited around other races, even with other Elves. They pride themselves on their ancient primal Elven heritage and are bold enough to show off that they can thrive in the Feywild. Although not all Eladrin is proud and bold, some tend to be kinder and protective towards their Elven cousins, knowing that they see them as Elves who did not experience the life in the Feywild nor experience living within the shrines and glories of the primal Elves.

Eladrin architecture is considered to be the pinnacle of all Elven designs. Their towers, bridges, homes, are a perfect combination of natural elements and magic. Their culture is the oldest compared to any other Elven civilization. Compared to other Elves, Eladrin is known for their fickle nature, almost always changing their minds in a blink of a moment without proper reason.

Origins of the Eladrin

The next question we have in mind is where do Eladrin originates? There is no direct answer as to how the Eladrin, or the Elves, were created or born into existence. The only written lore about the Eladrin is from the legends describing the conflict between Corellon and Lolth. The Feywild, or the Faerie, is a place of magnificent magic that Elves fled into after they escaped Corellon’s presence. One group of the Elves, however, did not leave the refuge of the Feywild after most of the Elves decided to migrate away from it. They are the Eladrin who became so exposed to the Fey energies, they gained supernatural qualities not shared by their Elven cousins who now thrives in the Material Plane. Despite that all other kinds of Elves exist in the Feywild, only the Eladrin considered it as their home and are preserved by it, retaining their almost original primal Elven characteristics.

Eladrin as an Elf Subrace for DnD 5e

In addition to the Subraces from the Player’s Handbook namely, the Wood Elves, the High Elves, and the Dark Elves, the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes provide additional subraces that players can choose from under the Elf race—but at the discretion of the DM, of course. These additional races are the Eladrin, the Sea Elf, and the Shadar-kai.

The Eladrin Coloration

Eladrin’s association with nature affects their skin coloration resembling the seasons. Their affinity with the seasons greatly affects their attitude and mood. The seasons and descriptions are summarized below.

  • Autumn – The season of peace and goodwill. This season represents sharing, especially those of the summer’s harvest being parted with everyone.
  • Winter – The season of contemplation and grief. This is the season of rest, where the vibrance of the world sleeps.
  • Spring – The season of cheerfulness and celebration. This is the season marking the end of sorrow from the winter’s grasp.
  • Summer – The season of boldness and aggression. This is the season of beaming energy, a time for relentlessness and doing great deeds.

Some Eladrin retains their association with a particular season and never changes. While other Eladrin transforms depending on the season. Each season has a particular Personality Trait and Flaws as written and summarized in the playbook. You may check this in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, pages 61-62.

Eladrin Racial Traits

Below is a summary of Eladrin’s racial features and ability traits. Take note that Eladrin shares common traits with their Elven cousin in terms of Age, Alignment, Size, Speed, and Language. Players must choose one Eladrin season upon creating an Eladrin subrace.

Generic Elf Traits


All Elves reach physical maturity as with humans, but Elves’ understanding of adulthood is beyond physical. They consider themselves adults at the age of 100 and can live up to 750 years old.


Elves, regardless of their subrace, loves freedom and self-expression. They linger to the gentler aspects of chaos than to the extremities. As much as they love freedom, they also tend to value and protect other’s freedom like their own and they are most likely to be good.


Medium-sized. Elves have slender body builds and can reach a height under 5 feet to over 6 feet.


Elf’s base walking speed is 30 feet.

Eladrin Subrace Traits


Ability Score Increase

Eladrin has a bonus +1 to their Charisma score.

Fey Step

Eladrin can use their Fey magic to transport themselves in short distances.

Counted as a bonus action, an Eladrin can teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space they can see. This trait can only be used again after finishing a short or long rest.

When reaching 3rd level, the Fey Step trait gains an additional Effect based on the season. If the effect has a saving throw, the DC equals 8 + the Eladrin proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier.

Autumn Eladrin

Autumn: Immediately after using Fey Step, up to two creatures of your choice that are visible within 10 feet must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by the Eladrin for 1 minute, or until you or your companions deal any form of damage to it.

Winter Eladrin

Winter: On using the Fey Step, one creature of your choice that is visible within 5 feet, before teleporting, must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened of you until the end of your next turn.

Spring Eladrin

Spring: When using Fey Step, the Eladrin can touch one willing creature within 5 feet of it. The touched creature then teleports instead of the Eladrin, appearing in an unoccupied space of your choice that is visible within 30 feet of you.

Summer Eladrin

Summer: Immediately after using Fey Step, each creature of your choice visible within 5 feet takes fire damage equal to the Eladrin Charisma modifier with a minimum of 1 point of damage.

Eladrin names on the following section. Have you tried our DnD 5e Eladrin Name Generator? This smart name generator provides name suggestions and alternatives that players can use freely for their character. These names are from gamers and fans too! This means that the names we provide are aligned with existing naming conventions and rules.

Eladrin Names

Eladrin Elf follows the same naming convention as with their common Elf cousins. Their names are melodic, have a nice rhythm, and are less harsh compared to Drow Elf names. Their names depict their personality as they mature and become adults, while some names are retained from their childhood names.

Check out some of our recommended male and female Eladrin names below.

Male Eladrin Names

  • Dallian (/dal-yan/)
  • Falvarr (/fal-var/)
  • Iovvaal (i-yo-val/)
  • Kalovwaar (/ka-lov-war/)
  • Lordoras (/lor-do-ras/)

Brazzaiah (/bra-za-yah/) – A name for a noble Autumn Eladrin who displays leadership and righteousness. Unlike most of his brethren, he shows compassion to any creatures of good and displays ferocity against evil.

Female Eladrin Names

  • Milfalla (/mil-fal-ya/)
  • Adarvenn (/a-dar-ven/)
  • Vinallen (/vi-nal-yen/)
  • Zeparys (/ze-pa-ris/)
  • Nouvelyan (/nu-vel-yan/)

Narnaleth (/nar-na-leth/) – Derived from the word Narna, an elven term to depict a falling star in the sky. This female Winter Eladrin is perfect for a character with an adamant nature. She was named after a falling star, for a falling star has one path and unwavering.

Eladrin Last Names

Eladrin’s last names, on the other hand, describe mainly the greatness of their clan. Other last names came from the great Eladrin names who carved themselves in the annals and histories of the Eladrin. Other surnames are self-titled last names that describe the personality of the Eladrin itself. Note that not all Eladrin last names are elvish, some are translated into Common tongue so that adventurers may address them outside the Feywild.

Check out some of our recommended male and female Eladrin names below.

  • Norgothrel (/nor-go-trel/)
  • Halludaar (/hal-yu-dar/)
  • Mossgrow (/mos-grow/)
  • Whisperwinds (/whis-per-winds/)
  • Melyar (/mel-yar/)

The Bladeseer Clan – The House of Bladeseer is a well-known Eladrin family who devoted themselves to the protection of the Eastern Dry Woodlands of Feywild. They are known to be secretive and do not disclose information about themselves or the members of their house. An Eladrin dagger atop an eagle’s head is their family crest, and those who bear this crest are known to be direct members of their household.

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The Eladrin: Final Thoughts

So far, we were able to discuss the brief description, origin, and traits of the Eladrin when played as a playable subrace in DnD. In terms of gameplay, Eladrin is very versatile and unique because of its season variant and its unique “teleport” ability. Moreover, we were able to discuss some unique Eldarin names and suggest some last names for them. Feel free to explore more Eladrin names through our Eladrin Name Generator introduced at the beginning of this guide. Our smart generator provides random ready-made names that you may use as-is or as a guide to creating newer names. After all, the personalization of the character, stories, and adventure are what makes us all love D&D!

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