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It is said that the second home of modern-day children and teenagers today is the school. Almost, if not all, half of the daily weekday life of a student is spent in school, with the remaining evening being allotted for assignments and other school-related activities. We have to admit, school is a big part of us and only ends when we reached the working phase.

But schools are not simple facilities that house students within their four walls. Schools are institutions that provide basic to advanced education to young people to help and prepare them for the real world. Schools are also responsible for instilling values and aspirations in students, influencing them to be honorable citizens in the community.

  • Serenity Park
  • Serenity View
  • Rainbow Ridge
  • Golden Hills
  • Crimson Valley
  • Elemental Nexus School
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Importance of School Names

There are far too many schools that exist today, so which of them should people consider if they plan to take a program or enroll their kids? This is where School Names become vital. School names are very important for a few reasons. First, it plays a significant role in giving an identity to the providing institution. Together with identity comes its reputation and how others perceive the school in general as an educational body. Most successful schools today are reputable, offering programs and values that people perceive to be effective and worth the cost. Since there are numerous learning institutions today that compete for students, a school’s name in terms of service and reputation must remain solid and distinct.

Characteristics of a Good School Names

If you have plans of establishing a learning institution, it is important to understand the characteristics of a good school name before you finalize and implement it. Let’s take a look at two of the most well-known education institutions today, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University.

The famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for example, is famous as an engineering and technology school. They were able to establish this name by using the term “technology”. With “technology” added to the base school name, readers easily understand that this learning institution will most likely offer programs related to engineering, physics, and technology—not arts or philosophy. Additionally, by using the state’s name “Massachusetts” as the base school name, readers will be able to know that the school is located there, while at the same time, establishing a solid school name in that particular location to which the local community can easily remember. This is the reason why a lot of schools use the school’s location as a reference for a school name, it increases their coverage and makes the school easily remembered by the locals in the area. (e.g. Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, etc).

Harvard University, on the other hand, is also a well-known school but it does not use its location’s name as its school name. Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the same area where MIT is established. The former name of Harvard University is “New College”. It is established to create education for the local clergy. It was renamed after John Harvard in 1639 for his generous charity to the school, donating half of his estate and his whole library of books to the school upon his death.

So, what is the key point about Harvard University in terms of its school name? The answer is its culture! Before Harvard University became a well-established name among the institutions in Cambridge, the university itself struggled in incorporating modernization such as stowing away from the usual Christian ideas, embracing free-thinking, allowing women and people of color to enroll, etc. But all of these were fixed, and a culture of diversity and incorporation was adopted in the late 20th century. Today, Harvard University’s name is now a beaming icon for liberal arts, philosophy, and medicine. It is now a top choice among students who want to take a bachelor’s degree in art, economics, finance, law, pre-medicine, and humanities.

Observing these two examples, you’ll notice that there are specific characteristics of their school name that gives a lasting impression on people. First is the use of appropriate terms that greatly define the programs offered by the school. Second, the use of the location as their base name. And third, its influence and impact on the locality which made the school name iconic and memorable. We summarized below some of the important characteristics of a good school name to guide you in establishing school names.

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For your start-up school, your school name must leave a lasting impression on your target enrollees. You may also consider using catchy school names that can give a good impression for people to easily recall. Think of ways that can make your high school name remembered by enrollees when they plan to enroll for the next school year. One of the most common ways to make your learning institution memorable is to use the location or city name as the base school name. However, keep in mind that other schools might have done the same and you won’t be able to use the location’s name unless you modified it. In some areas, the permission of the local government body might still be needed before you can use the city’s name for your school. Below are a few suggested examples of memorable school names.

  • A-Plus Academy 
  • I-Tech Institute of Learning
  • Runville Preparatory School
  • Masters Culinary
  • Lighthouse Maritime Academy


A school name should always be proper and ethical. Do not use names that are inappropriate, double in meaning, demeaning, or imply negative thoughts to others. Remember, your school name will be known based on its reputation and culture, and the first impression of your school will most likely last a lifetime.

Has Culture

You must attach your school name with a specific positive culture that will serve as a stepping stone for it to be easily remembered. Harvard University, for example, is known for its cultural diversity, allowing all students from different races to have a fair chance of enrolling in their prestigious halls. St. Paul’s School is known for instilling catholic education in its students while remaining open to non-catholic enrollees and scholars.

Has Academic Focus

School specialization is a big thing, especially among big institutions. Specialization or Academic Focus emphasizes the value and mission of the school that they want the enrollees to develop when joining their institution. Your high school name, for example, can add terms like “technology”, “arts”, or “sports” to emphasize that your learning institution is guaranteed to share a specific academic focus or specialization.

Examples of Academic Focus School Names:

  • Samson Secondary Education for Girls – A school offering exclusive education for women, which is sometimes preferred by a few parents.
  • Central Town School of Economics – A school specializing in the Economics subject area.
  • National Academy for Business Education – Focuses on Business Education subjects.

Decoding High School Names- Their Difference to Primary School Names

The Secondary School, or High School, is an educational institution that focuses on secondary education (also known as Post-Primary Education) that covers most of the advanced and preparatory topics for Tertiary Education (college undergraduate). But what makes High School names different or unique from the first-level primary school name?

Of course, the most obvious fact is the inclusion of either the word “secondary” or “high school” in the school name. Schools that contain “Secondary” or “High Schools” solely focus on secondary education and will most likely not offer primary education. The best example of this is the public secondary schools called Science High Schools, which focus on key science-related subjects rather than a balanced curriculum.

Not all high school names will include the terms “high school” or “secondary” in their names, however. Such institutions offer both primary and secondary education programs, thus eliminating the need in using the “high school” term in their school name.

Another noticeable difference between High School names from Primary School names is the tone or theme of the name. High School names are more formal and professional because it is preparatory for Tertiary or Higher professional education. Primary school names in contrast are more informal and friendlier because they are more focused on young student enrollees. High Schools also include an academic focus in their high school names. These academic focuses are specializations that are unique and exclusive to the school that offers them. A few examples of these academic focus terms are “Science”, “Language”, “Technology”, and “Business”. 

Lastly, High School names are more marketed compared to Primary schools. This is because High Schools are in heavy competition for primary student graduates to meet their quantity enrollees for every school year. For them to market their institution and attract enrollees, they associate their high school names with prestige status, academic excellence, and positive feedback from their alumni. On the contrary, Primary schools do not need to market their institution because they are the first stage of education, expected to have numerous enrollees every year.

The Charm of Fictional School Names

Schools exist in fictional literary works, TV shows, and movies too. They are often used to model the plot events during storytelling into a School setup or theme. Authors take advantage of Fictional School Names to provide a setting happening on school grounds, encompassing both teachers’ lives and students’ school life in the story.

Perhaps what makes fictional schools stand out, even more, are the unique topics and subjects to which the school provides in the story. Magic, witchcraft, heroism, and special powers are a few of the unique subjects that are often incorporated in fictional schools inside a novel or show. Below are some examples of popular Fictional School Names in literature, films, or series.

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (Marvel’s X-men)

The X-men, are housed and stationed inside the Xavier’s School. In this fictional school created by Marvel, young mutants are taught how to use their powers. At the same time, students from this academy are taught the proper decorum and ethics in using their abilities to interact with non-mutant humans.

Pokey Oaks Kindergarten (Powerpuff Girls)

The Pokey Oaks Kindergarten is the only school featured in the Powerpuff Girls series. Situated in the town of Townsville, this kindergarten is run and managed by Ms. Keane, a kindergarten teacher.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (The Harry Potter Series)

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a secret school dedicated to teaching young talented children displaying witchcraft and wizardry capabilities. Hogwarts is the main setting of events in the early years of Harry Potter. It holds many secrets within, which Harry eventually unfolded one by one until he discovered the existence and return of the Dark Lord.

U.A High School (My Hero Academia)

The U.A. High School is the leading school for hero development in Japan in the story of My Hero Academia. Unlike other hero institutions, the U.A. High School is known for its unique and untraditional teaching curriculum, wherein they allow Superhero Professional Professors to teach the students in whatever way they wish. U.A. High School is renowned for producing the best heroes in Japan such as All Might, Endeavor, and Edgeshot.

Konoha Ninja School (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)

The Konoha Ninja School, or simply The Ninja Academy, is a ninja school exclusively erected to commission young aspiring ninjas to serve the Fire Country. This is where Naruto, the main protagonist of the series, learned most of the concept of ninjutsu and meets his academy classmates. The Academy is founded by Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, to continually commission shinobi soldiers during the Great Ninja War.

School Name Generators

Have you decided to create your real-life school or fictional school? While that seems like an exciting activity, some people may find it tiring to come up with original school names. To avoid this, some resort to quick-finding school names while others simply use school name generators.

A School Name Generator is an automated tool developed to suggest school names. It can generate thousands of name ideas that are unique from other school name generators available. Through name generators, users can save time in creating their version of school names since names are available and will be displayed by the name generator. However, a generic school name generator will most likely give generic suggestions too! And it may not give you an outright suggestion that will fit your naming needs. This is where specific categories for school name generators are useful.

We can easily search for a correct and categorized school name generator by simply including a search tag. For example, searching “School Name Generator” will display generic name generators available online. Whereas if we use the search term “High School Name Generator”, Google will most likely display to you name generators that are specific for high school names. A “Magic School Name Generator” search tag will automatically link you to fictional name generators for schools that are focused on magic and elements.

A High School Name Generator is ideal for people who wanted to have a formal and unique High School name. Magic School Name Generators are ideal in a fantasy setup. Users may use this name generator if they want to create a fantasy setting involving wizards, witches, mages, or sorcerers. Harry Potter-inspired games and literature also benefit from this generator because it can suggest names that are related to magic and spells.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, School Names are an important part of any educational institution for branding or creating a school identity. A school’s name is always followed by its reputation, and the first impression of your school will most likely last a lifetime.

A good School name has the following characteristics: Memorable, Appropriate, Has Culture, and Academic Focus.

Academic Focus is a specialization that you can add to your school name to attract enrollees looking for the same academic proficiency you offer. Academic Focus is only applicable to High School names or College names.

Fictional School Names also exist in novels, TV shows, Anime, and movies. A few examples are the Hogwarts School, Xavier’s School, and The Ninja Academy.

Lastly, School Name Generators are used to hasten your school name searching. Through name generators, users can save time in creating their version of school names because name suggestions are already displayed by the name generator. Users can refine their name generator search by adding search tags such as “Magic” and “High School”.

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