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This DnD Human name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Human in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right name.

You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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About Race

Humans have the shortest lifespan of all the races in D&D. As in our world, it is rare for humans to live to more than one hundred years old. Humans are nonetheless a very productive race, and their short lives are filled with activity and the search for meaning. Their drive to leave a legacy makes humans great innovators and inventors, but this also has a dark side as evidenced by human patterns of war and conquest.

D&D humans show a huge variety both physically and culturally. They have a wide range of skin, hair, and eye colors and their height can be anywhere between a little under 5 feet to just over 6 feet tall. Male humans have facial hair, unlike the males of other races like elves. Many humans also carry a drop of non-human blood, which adds to the variation within this race. There are many different human ethnic groups, which have not only differences in appearance but culture and customs.

A defining characteristic of humans is their adaptability. Humans are far more comfortable with change than the elder races, perhaps because of their short lifespan and the fast pace of life in human settlements. Humans have settled in many different biomes and climates, adjusting their way of living easily. Human settlements allow them to create legacies that live beyond the short human lifespan, and human cultures, traditions, and customs are varied and numerous.

Humans can mix with other races, though there are some historical tensions with other races, like elves. They nonetheless make great traders as they value money regardless of race.

D&D human names vary widely depending on the ethnic group, so we have included examples of names from the major human cultures in D&D, though there are other smaller or lesser-known human groups in the D&D world. You can use our fantasy human name generator to find even more examples of D&D human names.



The Calishite people were originally slaves of genies who ruled to the south of the Marching Mountains, but they managed to free themselves and create their nation. Calishites tend to be more petite than other humans and have dark coloration. The Calishite people tend to think of themselves as more advanced than other ethnic groups. Here are some examples of Calishite names:

  • Male: Ashar, Hussard, Suliman
  • Female: Alarka, Melaia, Seixa
  • Surnames: Bashar, Jashon, Pashund



The Chondathan are independent people who place great importance on the accumulation of wealth. Freedom, trade, and exploration are all important concepts to them. The Chondathan tend to stand taller than other humans and have a slim build. They have a wide range of variety in their hair color, but their eyes tend to be green or brown. Some examples of Chondathan names are:

  • Male: Farvind, Borst, Himeld
  • Female: Ardabel, Jeshiq, Riown
  • Surname: Bramblethorn, Broadstag, Underwood



Lawfulness is an important concept for the Damaran people, and their nations tend to have a high degree of order. They can have a wide range of skin coloration and are of medium stature and build. They tend to have dark hair and eyes. Damaran youths have a love of adventuring and spending a few years exploring the realm is seen as a rite of passage by which they could claim further lands and strengthen their family’s holdings. Here are some examples of Damaran names:

  • Male: Bilmer, Ilkor, Shaml
  • Female: Katya, Helda, Orla
  • Surname: Dursk, Murnin, Storn


A strong and hardy people, the Illuskan are tall with pale eyes and skin. Those descended from the Netherese have black hair, but others can have red, light brown, or blond also. The Illuskan are seafaring people who understand war more than words. They hold valor, honor, martial skill, and strength above all else. They inhabit the extreme northwest of Faerûn. Some examples of Illuskan names are:

  • Male: Blomthur, Mavar, Urnol
  • Female: Cellia, Hilda, Ygret
  • Surname: Stormblown, Swifteagle, Coldriver


The Mulan is seen by others as arrogant and conservative. They are convinced of their cultural superiority over other ethnic groups. They hold education and discipline dear. They are tall, tanned people with dark hair and eyes and a slim build. Here are some examples of Mulan names:

  • Male: Kuthar, Nifth, Surh
  • Femal: Chamtha, Nula, Thonla
  • Surname: Fezahn, Ingalb, Sherpar



The Rashemi have a warrior culture and put a strong emphasis on accomplishment, strength, and self-sufficiency. They are considered to be less arrogant than the other ethnic groups. They are short and muscular with dark coloration. Some examples of Rashemi names are:

  • Male: Ludvik, Remy, Shalmavik
  • Female: Imra, Shelmka, Ulda
  • Surname: Cherumya, Felgoza, Malmaknu



The Shou have a strong sense of honor and hierarchy. A family’s history is of the utmost importance, so the Shou respect their elders and ancestors above all else. Many homes, therefore, contain shrines to the family’s ancestor spirits. The Shou have dark hair and eyes and tanned skin. Normally the surname goes before the first name in the Shou culture, highlighting the emphasis this group places on family. Here are some examples of Shou names:

  • Surname: Jing, Long, Zhang
  • Male: Jun, Min, Tao
  • Female: Fang, Juan, Yan



The Tethyrian people are somewhat of a melting pot of many different ethnicities. They are considered to be very tolerant of others and do not hold themselves above other ethnic groups. Their skin varies from dark to fair depending on the latitude and they tend to be of moderate stature and build. They have a wide range of coloration, but brown hair and blue eyes are seen most often. The Tethyrians share many naming conventions with the Chondathan people. Some examples are:

  • Male: Duran, Guarm, Rolan
  • Female: Elsabel, Mirial, Tussele
  • Surname: Blurmand, Depard, Blackrock


Top DnD Human Names

A good DnD human name should reflect the culture the human grew up in, so here are our favorite names for the different human cultures that live in Faerûn:

  • Calishite: Suliman Bashar
  • Chondathan: Ardabel Underwood
  • Damaran: Shaml Dursk
  • Illuskan: Ygret Swifteagle
  • Mulan: Kuthar Fezahn
  • Rashemi: Remy Malmaknu
  • Shou: Zhang Juan
  • Tethyrian: Duran Blackrock

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