Final Fantasy XIV Miqo’te Names Guide and Suggestions

Miqo’te Names

Final Fantasy is one of the famous and award-winning Japanese RPGs from various gaming consoles and platforms. Developed and produced by Square Enix, their title became a successful brand of the game since its release in 1987. With over 16 major titles and several spin-off games, Final Fantasy is proven to be one of the iconic JRPG to exist. In this name guide, we’ll tackle some of the best name ideas and recommendations for the Miqo’te playable race. Readers will be introduced to a brief description of the Miqo’te, their in-game appearance, in-game statistics and overview, Miqo’te naming conventions, and the best Miqo’te name recommendations. Players love the FFXIV Miqo’te race and they are one of the well-picked races from the game. If you have a Miqo’te character and having trouble finding the perfect name, this FFXIV Miqo’te Name Generator will help you formulate and suggest names for your next playthrough. Try it now for free!

The Miqo’te of Meracydia

The Miqo’te are migratory cat-like humanoids of Eorzea. They originated from the southern continent of Meracydia, although very few written histories are available to support this claim. It is said that during the Age of Endless Frost, the first ancestors of the Miqo’te migrated towards Eorzea by traversing the frozen seas in search of wildlife to hunt. They are very few even to the present-day Eorzea and they prefer isolation against other races. The Miqo’te are adept hunters, as exhibited by their hunting lifestyle. They have a keen sense of smell and agile but powerful legs. Since they prefer isolation, they are seemingly territorial and would tend to be aggressive towards outsiders.

Miqo’te Physical Appearance

The Miqo’te generic appearance dwells on their cat-like facial features and humanoid body traits. They have large, pointy, feline ears sprouting on the side of their heads, cat-like eyes, sharp claws, furs covering their bodies, and supple tails. A male Miqo’te height ranges between 5’3” to 5’8”, while a female Miqo’te range from 4’11” to 5’4”. Their centuries of experience with hunting provided them with a strong sense of smell and powerful legs, with their tail providing them excellent balance. In Eorzea, female Miqo’te thoroughly outnumbers male Miqo’te in population.

The Miqo’te Clans

The Miqo’te is divided into two distinct clans: The Seekers of the Sun, those Miqo’te belonging to a patriarchal society and are diurnal; and the Keepers of the Moon, those Miqo’te belonging in a matriarchal society and, in contrast, nocturnal. Within each clan exist numerous Miqo’te tribes; with the Seekers of the Sun having the largest number of tribes members compared to the Keepers of the Moon wherein its tribe members are relatively small but closely related with one another.

The Seekers of the Sun

The Seekers of the Sun is most notable for their diurnal nature as a Miqo’te race. They adhere to and worship the goddess of the sun, Azeyma the Warden. This is seen for their preference for daylight and the warmth of the sun. Since they are most active during the day, they are the most common Miqo’te that other Eorzean encounter in cities and ports. Some of them are known to inhabit isolated lands around Gyr Abania and the Sagolii Desert. Compared to the Keepers, the Seekers have greater strength, agility, and stamina as they can run for rough hours under the sun. Most Seekers are also adept at climbing trees and diving in waters, which makes them excellent sailors. With their exposures to light, their pupils are vertically aligned, with their irises having faint colors.

The Keepers of the Moon

The Keepers of the Moon, on the other hand, shy away from the glimpse of sunlight and prefer the shroud of the night. They are a nocturnal group of Miqo’te who pay homage to Menphina the Lover, the goddess of the moon. Their continuous hunt during the night in the woodlands of Black Shroud often made them in conflict with the denizens of Gridania. They are commonly branded as poachers and disturbers of the peaceful forest, especially by the Elezen. Compared to the Seekers, the Keepers are distinguishable by their dark furs and rounder eyes with large pupils. They also tend to have larger ears and longer tails. Despite lacking the stamina and agility of the Seekers, Keepers possesses brute strength and keen intuition.

FFXIV Miqo’te Quick In-Game Overview

The Miqo’te is a common choice among players when starting their FF14 game. Seekers of the Sun Miqo’te have a starting base stat of +23 to Dexterity, followed by +22 and +20 to Strength and Vitality respectively. Intelligence and Mind both have a base +19. Keepers of the Moon Miqo’te, on the other hand, has a starting base stat of +23 in Mind, +22 in Dexterity, and +21 in intelligence. Vitality is the weakest stat at only +18 and Strength at +19.

Based on the starting stats, Seekers are commonly used for DPS jobs, regardless of melee or ranged. Keepers are great for magic ranged DPS or healers. Note that these suggestions are subjective and players are encouraged to explore builds and combinations for their characters.

Did you know how to pronounce “Miqo’te”?

Miqo’te is pronounced as /mik-o-tey/ or “mikotey”. This is proven through most of the in-game NPCs that players can encounter when conversing about quests regarding Miqo’te. Interesting names can be found regarding the Miqo’te race from our FFXIV Miqo’te Name Generator introduced at the beginning of this name guide.

FFXIV Miqo’te Names and Miqo’te Naming Conventions

Miqo’te names vary depending on if the character came from either the Seekers of the Sun or Keepers of the Moon clan. Both clans make use of apostrophes and provide convenient means to identify each individual’s lineage.

Female Seekers of the Sun Name Convention

A female Seeker name begins with the first letter that represents her tribe, followed by an apostrophe, then the given name. Their surname is always the first name of the tribe’s breeding male who sired the female Seeker because they are a patriarchal society.

There are 26 tribes under the Seeker of the Sun clan with each clan representing an animal. Each animal has a specific pronunciation according to the Miqo’te and these pronunciations are used to pronounce the first letter of the tribes. See the table below:

Tribe Name



Tribe Name

















































































Check out some of our suggested female Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te names below.

  • D’Rhaki –     /deh-ra-ki/
  • G’Thalmia – /goo-tal-mya/
  • T’Naiil –        /tuh-na-il/
  • J’Malii –        /jah-mal-i/
  • Y’Shamil –    /yah-sha-mil/

Male Seekers of the Sun Name Convention

Male Seekers follow the same naming convention as the females. The only difference is they do not use surnames because, as a male, their first names will serve as a surname to their succeeding children. In place of this, the Seekers uses two titles for a male offspring. There are only two titles available for males, the Nunh /noon/ and the Tia /tea-ah/. By default, all male Seekers use “Tia”, while those with “Nunh” titles are the breeding male. Any male Tia can challenge a Nunh for their title and to replace them as the breeding male of the tribe.

Check out some of our male Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te names below.

  • C’Ganald –           /ka-ga-nald/
  • U’Landrir –           /ooh-lan-drir/
  • W’Trizdar –           /wah-triz-dar/
  • F’Nagral –             /ef-nag-ral/
  • I’Malsing –           /ih-mal-sing/

Female Keepers of the Moon Name Convention

The Keepers of the Moon have a matriarchal society in contrast with the Seekers of the Sun. Their family names are passed down from the mother and not the father. A female Keeper name is short, comprised only of one to two syllables. Not only are the names short, but the name should also represent strength, power, or any form of superiority for a matriarch Miqo’te. Note that female Keeper names are always unique. Check out some of our suggested names below.

  • Haleth –         /ha-let/
  • Queri –           /ke-ri/
  • Sahsish –      /sa-sish/
  • Livied –          /li-vayd/
  • Kahazz –       /ka-az/

Male Keepers of the Moon Name Convention

Male Keepers depend their names on the mothers where they were born. They not only take the mother’s surnames, but they also take the mother’s first name and adds a suffix separated by an apostrophe at the end of the name. The suffix indicates the order in which they were born.

Birth Order


Birth Order






















Check out some of our suggested male Keeper of the Moon names below.

  • Calla’zi –           /kal-ya-zi/        –           Ninth son of Calla
  • Metzu’li –           /met-zu-li/       –           Third son of Metzu
  • Enya’to –           /en-ya/            –           Second son of Enya
  • Vohlk’a –           /volk-a/           –           First son of Vohlk
  • Xaele’ra –           /sa-el-ra/         –           Fifth son of Xaele

Not satisfied with the names? Check out our FFXIV Miqo’te Name Generator for more name ideas for both Miqo’te Seekers and Miqo’te Keepers. Our smart generator has a collection of ready-made random names that players can use as-is or as a name reference in creating their unique Miqo’te names. Try it now! It’s free!

Miqo’te Tribe Names or Surnames

Seekers of the Sun uses the forenames of the fathering male to the offspring for both male or female. Whereas for a Keeper of the Moon clan, males use the surname of their mother while females gain unique surnames for themselves.

For example, a female Seeker named Sushka from the Rapids Miqo’te tribe sired from R’Inno Nunh will be named R’Sushka Inno (/ruh-sush-ka-i-no/), where the R represents the Rapids tribe, the Sushka is the given name, and Inno is the first name of the breeding father. A male Seeker whose forename is Gammal from the Wolf tribe will be named W’Gammal Tia, by default, or W’Gammal Nunh, if they are a breeding male.

For female Keeper, they are born with unique names and unique surnames. For example, a matriarch named Ershen Zhakar, gave birth to a daughter followed by a son, she has to name her daughter uniquely while her son based on her name. She may name her daughter as something else, like Eztra Zhara, for example. On the other hand, her son will be named Ershen’to Zhakar, because he was a second-born male. If the third and fourth child of the matriarch is still males, she will still name them after her forename: Ershen’li (third) and Ershen’sae (fourth).

FFXIV Top Miqo’te Name Suggestion

Miqo’te names are unique, odd, or weirdly created. We do not have relative meanings behind the names but we follow the concrete naming convention for either male or female from each respective clan. What makes a good Miqo’te name is solely based on how the player sees their character.

For a Seeker of the Sun clan, we recommend the male Miqo’te name W’Trizdar (/wah-triz-dar/) of the Wolf Tribe. We find this name cunning and ferocious. The phonemic is nice and the pronunciation is awesome. We may leave to the players whatever lore they would want to create using the name. For a female Seeker of the Sun, we recommend the name Y’Shamil (/yah-sha-mil/) of the Jaguar tribe. We see this name as fleeting and agile which greatly describes what a Seeker should be.

For a male Keeper of the Moon, we suggest considering the name Xaele’ra (/sa-el-ra/). Not only that Xaele (/sa-el) is a nice name for any female Keeper, this name can also denote masculinity because of its strong sound and intonation.  For a female Keeper of the Moon, we highly suggest the name Haleth (ha-let). This name sounds powerful for a matriarch, as any female Keeper name should be. It also gives you the impression that a character bearing this name is beautiful, shrewd, and charismatic.

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