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Greetings Eorzean! This article will guide our players and readers to some of the most exciting and awesome Moogle names. We’ll introduce to you some of the brief descriptions of the Moogle, their appearance, and in-game overviews, and involvement in quests and storylines. And, of course, our best name recommendations for a Moogle! In a hurry? This FFXIV Moogle Name Generator may help you find the perfect name or provide ideas and concepts for your next Moogle. Try it now for free!

  • Mogcos
  • Mogtoe
  • Mogfry
  • Mogvat
  • Mogwhy
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A Brief History of the Moogle

The FFXIV Moogle are known inhabitants of The Black Shroud. In this era, they are considered to be a rare race. They rarely interact with other races but were directly affected by the wars and conflicts brought about by the affairs of other races.

In FF14, Moogles assists with communication with elementals. They speak the “Mooglespeak” language which is known to very few Eorzeans. Moogles are said to originate from the Churning Mists from the younger days of the world of Hydaelyn. According to legends, they served the Twelve Pantheons for many millennia, until a war broke out which forced the Moogle king to lead the rest of the Moogle to the realm of the mortals. Not all Moogle was able to migrate in secret into the mortal realm. Mog XII was forced to remain in their realm and would eventually create the Moogle home village of Moghome. The rest of the Moogle refugees found a home in Twelveswood in Gridania.

Before the Seventh Umbral Era, Moogles rarely interact and are rarely seen by mortals. But they are much likely talked about by the commoners and children who ask for services such as repairing broken items by leaving these items in a mushroom ring in the forests. The aftermaths of the Calamity, made the Moogle appear more often throughout the continent. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Moogles show up as an introductory phase in-game, visible only to the player. They assist the player in doing quests and providing other tutorials and features of the game.

FF14 Moogles serve as NPC minions that assist the players throughout their adventures. There is a total of five Moogle minions that players can acquire throughout the game: the Wind-up Moogle, the Wind-up Delivery Moogle, the Set of Primogs, the Taoist Moogle, and the Bridesmoogle.

Moogle Appearance

Moogle was first introduced as a bodyguard for the sage Doga in Final Fantasy III. Their appearance is commonly distinguished by their cute antenna with a pom-pom ball-like tip. They have round, reddish or pinkish nose resembling that of a mole, and a pair of small bat-like wings. They have round fluffy heads with triangular pairs of ears and a round belly. Their bodies are covered with furs and their faces vary uniquely with one another. Some have narrow eyes and some, round eyes. Some have cat-like whiskers, others have plain cheeks instead. In Final Fantasy XII, Moogles were redesigned to have hare or rabbit features.

Did you know?

The Japanese term for a Moogle is Mōguri. It is a portmanteau from the words mole (mogura) and bat (kōmori). Moogle is the localized and English version of Mōguri. Together with the Chocobo and Cactuar, the Moogle is also one of the official Mascots for the Final Fantasy franchise.

FFXIV Beast Tribe Quest

What is a Beast Tribe Quest? Beast Tribe Quests are daily quests where players are required to perform various tasks by specific Beast Tribes. Each Beast Tribes are unique and has specific quests with an assortment of loots such as Gil, items, tomes, and experience. Players will also earn Reputation Points for each Beast Tribe they are performing tasks with. Increasing one’s Reputation Points gives access to the Beastmen tribe vendor which offers unique minions, furnishings, mounts, and other rare items.

Few things to remember: Beast Tribe Quests only unlock upon reaching level 41 of the Main Scenario Quests. Having your character at level 41 alone will not unlock the Beast Tribe Quests. Once this scenario is unlocked, the Beast Tribe Quests will dependent on your character’s level in scaling the loot and monsters instead of your actual Main Scenario Quest level.

Unlocking FFXIV Moogle Beast Tribe Quest

Moogle Beast Tribe Quests were introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Players may take a look at available Moogle quest-givers at Bahrr Leh in The Churning Mists. Quests available under this Beast Tribe are for Disciples of Hand only. Moogle’s daily quests center around crafting specific items instead of battles. Players receive crafting XP and notable gears upon completing each task.

Unlocking Moogle Beast Tribe quests involves completing the level 50 quest Tricks and Stones. This can be taken by talking with Seething Stonemason in The Churning Mists. Note that the Tricks and Stones quest can only be unlocked by completing a prerequisite chain of side quests. More information about unlocking this quest here.

Upon earning higher Reputation points and reaching rank 6 with Moogle Beast Tribe daily quests, players can earn the Moogle Dance Special Emote.

The Moogle Dance

The Moogle Dance is a repeated interaction or event where Moogles are portrayed dancing. In different Final Fantasy series, especially those who have a playable Moogle character, a Moogle dance is commonly associated with casting supporting spells such as heals, barriers, and cures. Final Fantasy VI introduced the Moogle Dance with Mog, wherein he can learn new dances by completing battles on different terrains. In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Moogle Dance is an obtainable Special Emote used by the character to interact with players. This is obtainable by reaching Reputation Rank 6 on Moogle Beast Tribe daily quests.

We’ve mentioned that Moogles can be summoned as minions or pets in-game. With this, a player might consider providing names for their Moogle minion. This FFXIV Moogle Name Generator may help you conceptualize or even use as-is the suggested names provided. It’s easy to use and free!

FFXIV Moogle Names and Moogle Naming Conventions

Moogle characters and NPCs typically have the syllables “mog”, “ku”, “po” or “kupo” in their names. As for FFXIV Moogles, those who live in Twelveswood have “kupo” in most of their names and those who were left in their homeworld realm of Moghome have names with the syllable “mog”. There is little to no difference between male and female Moogle names. Therefore, we can safely assume that most of their names will be gender-neutral and can be used for both genders. Take note that the names should be adorable, pretty, or anything that depicts cuteness when pronounced as their names are to be intended that way. However, this is not always applicable because this is not an official rule to be followed. Check out some of our Moogle name suggestions below.

Twelveswood Moogle Name Ideas

  • Kupuku –           /ku-pu-ku/
  • Rikupo –           /ri-ku-po/
  • Poporo –           /po-po-ro/
  • Akupo –           /a-ku-po/
  • Wapoku –           /wa-po-ku/
  • Kupori –           /ku-po-ri/
  • Kupipo –           /ku-pi-po/
  • Nakupo –           /na-ku-po/

Moghome Moogle Name Ideas

  • Mogini –           /mo-gi-ni/
  • Mogan –           /mo-gan/
  • Mogimogi – /mo-gi-mo-gi/
  • Mogrick –           /mog-rik/
  • Mogzo –           /mog-zo/
  • Mogani –           /mo-ga-ni/
  • Moggie –           /mog-gee/
  • Moguya –           /mo-gu-ya/

This FFXIV Moogle Name Generator may help you conceptualize more names if you want more! Our smart name generator contains a vast collection of ready-made names that can be provided with just a click of a button. What’s best about this is its use is free!

FFXIV Top Moogle Name Suggestion

What’s the best Moogle name, you ask? The answer is “it depends!”. Names are subjective from the perspective of the user. However, in this section, we’ll try to suggest our two best-picked names and comment why.

For a Moogle hailing from Twelveswood, we recommend the name Kupori (/ku-po-ri/). We have to admit, the name sounds adorable. Not only that, it gives you a quick idea that this is a name for a Moogle. This will be a nice in-game name for a Moogle minion or even as a Moogle NPC.

For a Moogle from Moghome, we suggest the name Mogini (/mo-gi-ni/). This name sounds like an NPC quest-giver from the game itself. We also like this name for its nice pronunciation and, of course, for its adorable sound.

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