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Novels and games do not stop at naming characters or places. Some stories and adventures involve interplanetary events, making planet naming a necessary addition to it. Stories involving other planets are often associated with science fiction literary works. Although it is already a common and established concept in video games such as Starcraft and Command and Conquer series.

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Planet Names Generator

  • Udarvis
  • Lenia
  • Aroria II
  • Ethichi
  • Styx
  • Pandora Istea
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Article summary:

  1. Naming planets is a common addition to stories and games that involve interplanetary events.
  2. The Roman Empire’s chosen names for the visible planets became standard and are still used today.
  3. There are no general rules for naming planets, but most modern planet names used by scientists today are of Latin origin or include scientific codes and numbers.
  4. Good planet name suggestions can either be Latin-like or have numbers and codings. Greek-sounding names or common English names with added numbers or codes can also be used.
  5. Planet name generators are an alternative tool for creating fictional planet names that are free, accessible, easy to use, and can provide unique and uncommon suggestions.
  6. Naming fictional planets can add depth and richness to stories and games, and the characteristics of these planets, such as climate, terrain, atmosphere, and inhabitants, can also be created.
  7. Astrobiology, science fiction subgenres, and cultural influences can also play a role in naming fictional planets.

Planet Names Origins: A Quick History About Planet Names

Thanks to Roman Mythology, we have a befitting name for our neighboring planets. Although It was not the Romans who first attempted to name a few of the visible planets during their time. Since the telescope was invented around 700 BC, early scholars and astronomers from different parts of the world have used it to study star patterns and astrological phenomena. But with the rise of the powerful Roman Empire until the Great Schism, the Roman chosen name for the planets became standard and used until today.

Mercury, being the closest planet to the Sun, completes its solar revolution in only 88 Earth days! Thus the name Mercury, the Roman Messenger of Gods said to move quickly with his winged boots. Venus is the brightest and most beautiful planet in the night sky. It was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war for its reddish color, symbolizing the color of war and blood. The largest planet was named after Jupiter, the king of the Roman gods. The planet Saturn appears to revolve slower in space, thus it was named after the Roman god of time and agriculture. Uranus and Neptune were discovered in the 17th century with the aid of much-modernized telescopes. The sky-colored planet was named after the Roman god of the Sky, Uranus, while the sea-colored planet is named after the Roman god of Seas, Neptune. Pluto was initially considered a planet. Being the farthest in the solar system, it was named after the Roman god of the Underworld.

Planet Names Generator - History and Creating Your Planet Name

Creating Planet Names

Given the history of our present planets, we now go to the question of how to create our planet names. First of all, there are no general rules on how planets were named. Although most of the modern planet names used by scientists today were Latin origin, some names include scientific codes and numbers instead. Kepler-4b and Kepler-42b are known exoplanets discovered using the Kepler space telescope. MOA-2008 and OGLE-2005 are exoplanets discovered using microlensing. Given these facts, a good planet name must either be Latin-like or has numbers and codings. Also, since Latin names were also influenced by a little Greek, you may consider using Greek-sound as planet names. Lastly, to make the name much cooler, you can use common English names added by numbers or codes.

Good Planet Names Suggestions:

  • Caelestis (heavens or heavenly)
  • Magna (honorable)
  • Carna (goddess of health)
  • Clementia (forgiveness or mercy)
  • Inferi (little or inferior)
  • Fana (humor)
  • Hora
  • Latona (light)
  • Mena
  • Nargo

Cool Planet Names Ideas:

  • Gravita XI
  • Solas 041
  • Lunatone (named after a Pokemon)
  • Cascade 101
  • Armageddon 
  • Omnigar
  • Phillios X1
  • Zygran
  • Lubius
  • Cragatha

Weird Planet Names:

  • Xyborg 05
  • Magnolia 07
  • Dryer XC
  • Reggae Jam
  • Cothorix
  • Xochiliar
  • Ikraq
  • Halgrator X
  • Taxicare
  • Vischalka
Planet Name Generator - History and Creating Your Planet Name

Using Planet Name Generators

A Planet Name generator can be used as an alternative tool in creating or formulating fictional planet names. It can provide a variety of randomly generated names that users can use for their story or game development. Planet name generators are often AI-powered, which means they can produce super unique names that do not have duplicates with other fantasy planet name generators. 

Advantages of Using Planet Name Generators

There are many advantages of using planet name generators such as:

  • Free to Use – Name generators in general are often free to use.
  • Accessible – Planet name generators are abundant on the internet. This gives users the advantage of trying out different name generators that may suit their needs.
  • Easy to Use – Good planet name generators are easy to use and can be done with just a click of a button.
  • Unique – AI-powered fantasy name generators provide unique names that often do not have duplicates with other generators. Additionally, it can suggest names that are uncommon to most users.
  • Time Saver – Lastly, name generators or planet name generators save you time in thinking over what names to use. It gives users suggestions or inspiration on how preferable names should be with just a click of a button.
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