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Welcome to the Final Fantasy XIV Roegadyn naming guide. This article is intended to introduce some of the best name suggestions and ideas for your FF14 Roegadyn race. We’ll introduce a brief description of the Roegadyn, their appearance, in-game statistics and game overviews, Roegadyn naming conventions, and our top recommended Roegadyn name suggestions. For players who prefer the bulky and brute Roegadyn race, this name generator will help you find the perfect name for your next Roegadyn character. Visit our FFXIV Roegadyn Name Generator for more name suggestions for free.

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Roegadyn, the Maritime People of the Northern Seas.

The Roegadyn is one of the peculiar races known in Eorzea for having massive and heavy-built bodies. They are considered the largest race in all of Eorzea. The Roegadyn is said to originate from the northern seas, having a maritime lifestyle and way of living. Although some of their ancestors were speculated to also dwell in the mainland Eorzea. The Roegadyn is considered to be barbaric and overly competitive among the races of Eorzea. They value strength and admire strong-willed people. One can earn a Roegadyn’s respect by showing physical might or magical talents. People who lack powerful qualities may find themselves ignored or despised by a Roegadyn—unless they have the coin for their attention.

Despite their huge builds and intimidating looks, they are known for their respect for honor, compassion, and loyalty. Most of the Roegadyn are found living in Lakeland and some at Eulmore.

Roegadyn Physical Appearance

Both male and female Roegadyn have massive muscular builds. They are known to be the largest and most rugged race in all Eorzea. Some races find them intimidating because of their fierce and piercing eyes, added to it, are their huge faces, thick eyebrows, serious looks, and grumpy, huge voices.

Male Roegadyn has thick arms and legs. They have a wide back and sturdy chests. They reach a towering height of 7’0” up to 7’7”. Female Roegadyn also resembles the male Roegadyn. The only differences are their shorter heights and much slimmer bodies. Female Roegadyn is still bulkier compared to most female Eorzean, however, with heights ranging between 6’4” to 7’4”.

The Roegadyn Clans

The Roegadyn is grouped into two clans; the Sea Wolves who are the descendant of the northern seafaring people; and the Roegadyn mountain dwellers, the Hellsguard.

The Sea Wolves Roegadyn

The Sea Wolves were once notorious pirates and raiders of the northern seas. Many centuries before, they plague the northern seas and raid any vessels who try to pass in their waters. The Sea Wolves themselves strike fear on the hearts of those who make a living from trading and fishing from the sea. Around seven centuries ago, few Sea Wolves Roegadyn gave up their piracy lifestyle and left their homeland Aerslaent and settled in Vylbrand, north of Eorzea. Here, they established the maritime city-state of Limsa Lominsa. This city-state will eventually bloom and prosper, marking it as one of the great city-states of Eorzea. With the creation and deployment of Limsa Lominsa’s armada, most of the Sea Wolves from their homeland decided to give up piracy and changed their profession as sailors or naval mercenaries.

Sea Wolf’s physical appearance is distinguished by their pale-colored skins, thick muscles and sinew, and limbs that are most often described as mighty as a tree trunk. They have thick and hard hairs and they have an old tradition of doing unique braids and weaves to them. Sea Wolves are beaming with a sense of humor and open-mindedness. They often laugh loud at good jokes and funny stories that can be heard throughout the busy ports. Despite that, they have remarkably short tempers.

The Hellsguard Roegadyn

The Hellsguard is a small clan of Roegadyn that made their homes in the north of Abalathia’s Spine. Most of them are involved with mercenary trade rather than seafaring. They are often seen on the streets of Ul’dah and often offer themselves as sellswords or bodyguards.

Many centuries ago, before the Sea Wolves arrived on Vylbrand, a group of Roegadyn cross over the continent of Aldenard and settled in the mountains, making them the Roegadyn ancestors of the present-day Hellsguard. During the 11th century, the city-state of Ul’dah sought the aid of the Hellsguard sellswords to support their war against the Sil’dih. It was by this time that Hellsguard mercenaries became widely known and were commonly recruited as mercenary conscripts.

The Hellsguard bodies are tempered with the treacherous heat of the volcanic regions they inhabit. They have the same bulkiness and brute physique as with their Sea Wolf brethren, but they can be distinguished by the reddish hues of their skins akin to the extreme environments of the volcanic mountains.

What is the Roegadyn Language

Most names of the Sea Wolf clansmen are derived from the ancient Roegadyn language. It is a language that is almost long forgotten by the Roegadyn as they already learn the Common language of Eorzea. There is an existing Roegadyn Dictionary online if players wish to visit some of the Roegadyn conventions for words and Roegadyn grammars. There are a total of 440 known words recorded in the Roegadyn Dictionary. Naming conventions for the Roegadyn are also based on their ancient Roegadyn language. For easier access to these names, feel free to check out our FFXIV Roegadyn Name Generator introduced at the top of this page.

FFXIV Roegadyn Quick In-Game Overview

Roegadyn characters benefit from the bonus +23 on their Vitality stat for either Sea Wolves and Hellsguard clan. Sea Wolves have a follow up +22 in Strength, +21 in Mind, +19 in Dexterity, and +18 on Intelligence. In comparison, Hellsguard has a +22 in Mind, +20 in both Strength and Intelligence, and +18 in Dexterity.

Basing on this stat distribution, a common class choice for a Sea Wolves Roegadyn are those under the Tank roles. Few examples will be the Gladiator class (best and common), Lancer (uncommon), Marauder (common), and Pugilist (common). These starting classes take advantage of the high Vitality and Strength of the Sea Wolves Roegadyn.

For a Hellsguard Roegadyn, players may or may not take advantage of the Strength and Vitality bonuses, but instead consider a hybrid class centered on Intelligence and Mind stat. Few starting classes for this are Conjurer(uncommon) and Thaumaturge (uncommon). However, one may still consider undergoing a tank or DPS role. Remember that these suggestions are subjective to the players and it is encouraged that player explore what roles fit their playstyles.

Did You Know?

Roegadyn female characters are not available in the original Final Fantasy XIV game. Since their relaunch with the title Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, female Roegadyn are now available for players when picking this race. This also paves the way in creating some mature content for the Roegadyn such as Roegadyn Hentai contents or even a Rule 34 Roegadyn fandom. Stay safe and search only the details you need! Browse at your own risk.

FFXIV Roegadyn Names and Roegadyn Naming Conventions

FF14 Roegadyn names are very similar to the Galka race of Final Fantasy XI. Sea Wolves’ names were derived from their old Roegadyn language while the Hellsguard adapted easier Common Eorzean tongue (or preferably, English names).

Sea Wolves Roegadyn Name Conventions

All Sea Wolves’ names are derived from two distinct words taken from the ancient Roegadyn language. There are only around 440 known Roegadyn words because the rest were already forgotten as most of them adapt to the Common language of Eorzea.

There is one rule for spelling when combining two words as a name. Always remove doubled letter when the last letter of the first word is the same as the beginning letter of the second word. As an example:

For the phrase Lone Ram, the words combined will be Abar (lone) + Ramm (ram). The resulting word will be Abaram, removing the excess ‘r’.

Male Sea Wolves Roegadyn Names

Male Roegadyn names can freely use all the known words from the Roegadyn Dictionary in creating their names. The names are simple combinations of either nouns, adjectives, or verbs in describing the person bearing the name. Check out some of our suggested names below together with their translated meanings.

  • Aerstblaet /eyrst-bleyt/ (first blood) – This name is perfect for a Sea Wolf Roegadyn displaying hunger for kills or battle.
  • Bhaldahr /bald-ar/ (brave eagle) – This name is ideal for a male Roegadyn who loves freedom and liberty. He is someone brave and strong, ready to traverse great heights.
  • Blangybal /blan-gee-bal/ (dark skull) – This Roegadyn name describes a fearsome, yet humorous Sea Wolf character. He is skilled in combat and loves jokes and booze.
  • Hirskjaega /hirsk-yey-ga/ (agile hunter) – This name is for an agile or dexterous Roegadyn. Despite them being bulky, this does not imply that they are slow-moving.
  • Swerdkympf /serd-kimp/ (sword champion) – A Sea Wolf name for a promising swordsman Roegadyn.

Female Sea Wolves Roegadyn Names

Female Sea Wolf Roegadyn names apply the same naming rules as with the males. The only difference is that the second word for the name is only limited to the following words depicting femininity:

  • Swys (sister)
  • Thota (daughter)
  • Wyda (willow)
  • Geim (jewel)
  • Wyb (woman)
  • Rael (doe)
  • Lona (gatherer)
  • Bryda (bride)

Check out some of our suggested female Sea Wolf Roegadyn names below:

  • Skyltswys /skilt-swis/ (shield sister) – This name is ideal for a reliable female Sea Wolf companion who is loyal and ready to fight for her comrades.
  • Merlthota /merl-to-ta/ (sea daughter) – This name is perfect for any female Sea Wolf character. It greatly describes your character as someone born from the seas.
  • Skaetlona /skeyt-lo-na/ (shadow gatherer) – This female Roegadyn name is for a sinister character full of secrets and mysteries.
  • Trachgeim /trak-geym/ (dragon’s gem) – The name depicts a strong personality comparable to the ferociousness of a dragon. Pick this name for a heavy DPS female Sea Wolf character.
  • Thubabryda /tu-ba-bri-da/ (mage bride) – This name is for a female Roegadyn who possesses not only physical strength but also magical might. This name is also good for a female Roegadyn with a male mage teammate.

For more Sea Wolves Roegadyn name ideas, visit our FFXIV Roegadyn Name Generator. We have a huge collection of ready-made Sea Wolves names that one can use for their next Roegadyn character—for free!

Hellsguard Roegadyn Name Conventions

Hellsguard names are based on their surroundings. They translate their names from their old language into the modern Eorzean. But there are instances, especially in-game, where Sea Wolf characters will tend to have a translated name or a Hellsguard character that has an old language name.

Male Hellsguard Roegadyn Names

Like the male Sea Wolves, Hellsguard male names are composed of two words, usually based on nature or their lifestyle. It can be an animal, a landform, vegetable, inanimate objects, or any abstract words. Check out some of our suggested male Hellsguard names below.

  • Floating Blades – This name is ideal for a Hellsguard mercenary. He is someone adept with the use of daggers and short swords in battle.
  • Torrential Rain – This name greatly depicts a strong formidable Hellsguard who can devastate anyone with his damaging magics and spells.
  • Noxious Viper – A male Hellsguard skilled with poisons. He is commonly hired for espionage and assassinations through food poisoning. Aside from his sinister reputation, he is also a skilled fighter.
  • Silver Rain – This name is perfect for a mercenary Hellsguard Gunblade. He is someone skilled with guns deriving his name for the silver bullets he uses.
  • Raging Seas – A name that recognizes the maritime heritage of the Roegadyn despite belonging to the Hellsguard. This name depicts bravery, boldness, and pride; such as what a dangerous sea should be.

Female Hellsguard Roegadyn Names

Female Hellsguard names have the same name conventions as the males. Unlike the Sea Wolves, female Hellsguard does not have name restrictions for the words that can be used for their names. However, their female names tend to include botanical words for the latter part of their names. Although the use of plants, trees, or flowers is not restricted to females alone, and there are few names not abiding with this naming rule. Check out some of our suggested female Hellsguard names below.

  • Gentle Mist – A name for a gentle and mysterious female Hellsguard. She is someone with enormous strength but with a delicate heart.
  • Tangling Roots – This name describes a rogue-like mercenary Hellsguard skilled with entrapments and pursuits—thus where the name was derived.
  • Wild Birch – A name befitting a savage and brutish female Roegadyn from the Hellsguard clan. She is someone with an iron will and her stubbornness made her famous throughout Ul’dah.
  • Grim Ivy – This name depicts a serious yet talented Roegadyn sellsword. She is someone who accepts bounty hunting quests and dislikes caravan escorts or guard work.
  • Ravenous Vines – This female Hellsguard name describes a hardy and athletic character. Her well-built physique can sustain blows from many enemies, making her a fearsome warrior that one cannot easily slay.

Top Roegadyn Name Suggestions

Roegadyn names are unique in their way in comparison with other race names. The Roegadyn language and word list can help players formulate their names, especially for a Sea Wolf character. Surely the suggested names above aren’t enough and players may want to have plenty of options in their feed. The name generator we introduced at the start of this article may provide you more Roegadyn name alternatives. Try our FFXIV Roegadyn Name Generator for free.

Moving on, we are summing up here our top name suggestion for this race. For a male Sea Wolf Roegadyn, we recommend the name Bhaldahr (/bald-ar/ – brave eagle). Freedom from the seas is what makes a Roegadyn iconic. We chose this as a top name for the nice pronunciation of the name and the meaning behind it. Brave, strong, someone who can reach towering heights. We are sure this name will suit any male Roegadyn character.

For a female Sea Wolf Roegadyn, we like the name Trachgeim (/trak-geym/ – dragon’s gem). The name projects a strong personality to your character. Not only that, the name sounds ferocious and was derived from the word ‘dragon’ in the old Roegadyn language. This is a truly remarkable name for a physical DPS female Roegadyn.

For a male Hellsguard, we consider the name Silver Rain. The name sounds cool and bracing. We love to see it being used on a male Hellsguard under the Gunblade job. We imagine him firing silver bullets and raining damage to enemies.

Lastly, we recommend the name Ravenous Vines for a female Hellsguard character. We find this name intimidating and viscous, especially for a female. We see her as someone with a well-built physique that cannot easily be defeated by enemies. The name sounds powerful, full of strength, and engaging.

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