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The Khajiits of Elsweyr are catlike humanoids… oh wait, we’re in Dungeons & Dragons.

Like Khajiits from the Elder Scrolls universe, Dungeons & Dragons share the same concept of catlike creatures called Tabaxi. In the world of D&D, Tabaxis are wanderers. Although most of them prefer dwelling in their distant homeland and be contented in just surviving, others prefer adventures!

Tabaxis are motivated by curiosities and wonders, which often drive them to leave their homeland to discover. They seek exciting stories, artifacts, and lore. They love exploration and listening to other’s tales and discover for themselves the secrets of the world. Because of their wanderlust, they do not stay in one place and prefer to travel in pursuit of newer uncovered secrets or legends.

Those who were able to satisfy their wanderlust return to their homeland and spend their remaining years sharing their stories of the outside world.

We’ll talk more about the Tabaxi in this guide and show you some of our Top 10 Best Male and Female Tabaxi names and our Top Suggested Tabaxi Clan names. Not only that, we’ll add to the list some Best Class-Specific Tabaxi names and some bonus Funny Tabaxi names.

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The Curious Felines

Tabaxi share physical characteristics from feline creatures like leopards or jaguars. They are also called cat-people or cat folks. Due to their feline characteristics, they are quite agile and athletic. They have long tails, spotted furs, sharp teeth, and retractable claws. Their claws do not stop them from wielding weapons, however.

Tabaxi favors knowledge over any material treasures. They believe that stories and histories weigh more than a sack of gold coins. They consider money only necessary for purchasing food, weapons, or clothing, but aside from that, it does not serve any purpose. Interestingly, they treasure more their newly acquired knowledge or their recent exciting discoveries. Their pointy ears are always on alert for rumors. Whether about a sunken treasure, a mysterious cave, or an unexplored ruin, they will be more than willing to pay to hear more about this gossips.

Tabaxis are also obsessed with acquiring ancient relic, magical items, or any rare objects. They do not mind whether those artifacts have monetary value behind them. What matters is its hidden secrets the histories it will tell. They will take full notes or try to memorize all the detail regarding an acquired relic before they decide to pass it on to other interested Tabaxis. Their attractions on the relic become insignificant, however, when they already discovered every detail and secret it contains.

Below is the summary of Tabaxi’s racial features and traits.

Attribute/Skill Trait

Ability Score Increase

Tabaxi’s feline characteristics allow them to be agile and quick. Added to it, they enjoy exchanging information with people they meet in their travels.

Tabaxis have a bonus +2 in Dexterity and a bonus +1 to Charisma.


Tabaxi’s lifespan and mature rate are the same as humans.


Tabaxis are rarely evil but tend to have chaotic aspects due to their impulsiveness in decision-making. They are Chaotic Neutral.


Medium-sized. Tabaxis have long slim legs making them taller compared to average humans. They are less bulky but slender.


Tabaxi’s base walking speed is at 30 feet.


Tabaxis enjoy the benefit of having a cat’s sense of sight. They can see in dim light within 60 feet and see it as a bright light. In total darkness, they can see it as dim light.  However, Tabaxis cannot discern color in total darkness.

Feline Agility

Tabaxi’s catlike reflexes allow them to increase their speed at will. During combat, Tabaxis can double their speed until the end of the turn. They cannot use this trait again unless they move 0 feet on at least one of the succeeding turns.

Cat’s Claws

Tabaxi’s sharp claws allow them to climb walls or trees with ease. They have a climbing speed of 20 feet. Claws are also the natural weapon that they can use to make an unarmed strike. When hitting an enemy with this trait, the Tabaxi deals slashing damage equal to 1d4 + Strength modifier.

Cat’s Talent

Feline creatures have soft paws that enable them to sneak on their prey. Tabaxi shares this same feline trait, allowing them to have proficiency in Perception and Stealth skills.


Tabaxis are good communicators. They use their language mastery to communicate with other races to exchange information.

Tabaxis can speak, read, and write in Common language and one other language of their choice.

Name suggestions up next! Take a shortcut and use Tabaxi Name Generator for some quick Tabaxi suggested names.

Best DnD Male and Female Tabaxi Names

Tabaxi uses single-thought, sometimes wordy, phrase names. It is determined by their clan of origin and based on some weird formula involving astrology, prophecies, or clan histories. Their names are gender-neutral too. But we’ll try to suggest names that can be gender-specific in special cases. They also use nicknames derived from their full names.

Check out some of our suggested Male and Female Tabaxi names below:


Mystic Gem



When using this Tabaxi name, you have deep obsessions with fine gems and oddities. You prefer to wear it on your neck or pinch it between your claws to flaunt its beauty and make others envy it.

Gawky of the North


Male or Female

If you use this Tabaxi name, you became an awkward Tabaxi who came from the northern mountains. You kept asking strangers some information that is either irrelevant for them or too weird to be addressed.

Enigmatic Core



You are a hard to understand or a mysterious male Tabaxi when picking this name. You often talk in riddles and signs than pointing what you mean. No one understands you at all.

Nimbus Cloud


Male or Female

When using this Tabaxi name, you become a moody Tabaxi who becomes angry out of dissatisfaction with their research.  You became gloomy and sad for not finding the answers you’re looking for.

Stone of the Pit Mine



This male Tabaxi name is for hardy characters who spend most of their lives mining ores and rare stones.

Seventh Blade


Male or Female

This Tabaxi name is derived from the number of children your mother had with your father. Your family has a history of collecting rare swords and edges used in historic battles.

Storm Hammer


Male or Female

The stormy mountains were renowned to have rare elements on their surface. Tabaxis living in this area knows what stone is valuable or not. You are a good appraiser when using this name. You know the value of any oddities presented to you.

Bounded Fate



Your family believed that you were born from some unknown fate because of the small tear in your left ear. When you use this Tabaxi name, you are a gambling-type character who loves to exchange knowledge through gambling.

Random Draw



You are also a gambling-type character when you pick this Tabaxi name. But you rather gamble in doing things you haven’t done than gambling on the table with cards and chips.

Lucky Feet


Male or Female

You let your feet take you to wherever it pleases when you have this Tabaxi name. Your wanderlust is so extreme you do not care which direction or place you are going for as long as you can learn a thing or two.

Best Tabaxi Clan Names

Tabaxi Clan names are based on geographical sceneries located in or near the clan’s territory. They place a nice adjective for each landmark to make it unique and distinct. Check out some of our suggested DnD Tabaxi Clan names below, with some added short lore references.

Clan Name
Short Lore

Distant Plains

Tabaxis hailing from this clan are once nomadic migrators in the area. They call the place the Distant Plains due to its far location from where they came from. Tabaxis from this clan is more interested in lost civilization histories and abandoned structures.

Fishing Spots

The Tabaxis from the Fishing Spot clan is known traders of fish meat and rare pearls. Despite most Tabaxis hating waters, the clansmen from this clan were able to adapt to its watery surroundings. They all share the same love for fishes anyway.


Tabaxis from the Greenfields clan is the most common in towns and taverns. They bring some of their planted crops and fermented beers into towns and exchange them for rarities or information. One can easily identify a Tabaxi from this clan from their muddy paw and yellowish tails.

Rice Muds

The Rice Muds clan are not rice farmers. They hail on the lowland fields where rice and wheat are commonly seen planted by human peasants. They interact well with human inhabitants around their place to learn stories about monsters and witchcraft.

Willow Maker

The Willow Maker clan is found in the willow thickets of the Wort Forest. They collect rare trinkets in the forests or albino creatures and sell them to neighboring villages. They like complaining about the hot or rainy weather in other regions because they are used to being sheltered in the forest.

Pine Rest

Pine Rest Tabaxis live on top of the tall pine trees in the northern regions. Tabaxis from this clan are good astrologers. They study star patterns, rotation of the Moons, and occurrence of the Sun to predict weather and natural disasters. They like writing down their findings and experiments while waggling their tails out of excitement.

West Seas

Tabaxis from the West Seas clan is situated along the cliffs facing the Western Sea. They like hiring mercenaries or even pirates to explore some of the sunken ships around them. Some Tabaxi from this clan even joins the expeditions to look for artifacts or lost treasures.

Trembling Earth

Trembling Earth clan are few Tabaxis who tried to migrate on the edges of volcanic craters. They always discover new caverns and abandoned ruins around the area and it satiates their interests. Tabaxis coming from this clan have brown to reddish hues of fur.

Copper Canyons

Tabaxis from the Copper Canyon clans is versed in archeology. They like unearthing relics in the depths of the canyons. They can identify unearthed fossils and collect them in display cases like completed puzzles.

Flooded Valleys

The Flooded Valley was once a prosperous and advanced dwarven city. Early inhabitants of the area created dams and irrigation along the valley to support their agriculture and mining. They were flooded, however, when one of the dams collapsed. Since then, the area was occupied by wandering Tabaxis uncovering the lost secrets and technologies of the once-powerful dwarven city. Migrants from this region started to settle longer and became the first clansmen of the Flooded Valleys clan.

More clan name suggestions from our smart Tabaxi Name Generator! You can select other Tabaxi name alternatives including clan names that you can use for free!

Class-Specific Names for Tabaxi

Selecting one from the twelve available classes on D&D is one of the exciting parts of character creation. In this section, we’re giving you suggested names for the three most used classes for the Tabaxi race namely: The Monk class, the Ranger class, and the Barbarian class.

Tabaxi as a Monk

Monks are masters of magical energy called Ki. They manipulate it and use it to increase their offense capability or defense. Monks are also good for races that benefit from high Dexterity.

What makes the Monk class a nice choice for Tabaxi? Tabaxi’s Feline Agility trait added with the 5th level monk Skill Extra Attack is a good combinational move set when performing offensive actions. A Tabaxi Monk also benefits from the Slow Fall reducing any falling damage. Monk class also has the Evasion trait, a complementary skill for an agile Tabaxi.

There are other interesting traits that you’ll find interesting about Tabaxi Monks. Check out some of our DnD 5e Tabaxi Monk names below:


Iron Mittens


Male or Female

This name is for Tabaxi Monks who trained their paws to be as sturdy as iron. You use your paw to punch and your claw to slash as a combo attack.

Honed Talon



When using this Tabaxi name, your Monk character is proficient with Unarmed Strikes using their claws and does not prefer any additional weaponry.

Mist of the Rain



This Tabaxi name is for Monk characters who are mysterious and are great with stealth. They blind their enemies using smokes or mists; a technique they learned from hidden monks.

Gust Paws


Male or Female

This name is for Tabaxi Monks who are swift as the wind in engaging their foes. They are good ambushers and raiders.

Gutsy Glass


Male or Female

This name is for though and brutish Tabaxi Monks who master the art of using Ki for defense and vigor.

More D&D Tabaxi Monk name suggestions from our DnD 5e Tabaxi Name Generator website.

Tabaxi as a Ranger

Rangers are the warriors of the wilderness. They are great hunters of evil monsters that threaten the lives of others. They commonly use bows, short swords, throwing knives and daggers, and short spears. They are adept stalkers of the wild that utilizes the environment to their advantage.

What makes the Ranger class a good choice for Tabaxi? Ranger class also favors Dexterity as its highest ability score just like with Tabaxis. Tabaxis are not associated with fighting or soldiering, but they can still have favorable traits under the Ranger class in case fighting is unavoidable. The Natural Explorer trait complements the Tabaxi. It allows the Tabaxi to traverse difficult terrain and engage in other activities such as foraging, tracking, and stealth. Tabaxi can enjoy their wandering and study without the problem of encountering terrain threats or other dangers. Rangers are good trackers too, perfect for Tabaxis who’s trailing for clues or creatures. The Fighting Style trait allows the Tabaxi to choose its weapon proficiency. The Extra Attack is also a nice trait paired with Feline Agility in case a fast attack is needed.

There are more interesting traits for a Tabaxi Ranger that may suit your playstyle. Check out some of our D&D 5e Tabaxi Ranger names below:


Raven Arrowhead


Male or Female

This Tabaxi Ranger is a skilled archer. They can shoot a target for a third of a mile with accuracy almost matched with elven archery.

Green Forest Tree


Male or Female

This Tabaxi Ranger grew up in the green forests surviving through hunting and foraging. They have a strong drive in discovering undiscovered caves and species of trees.

Sinister Gazer


Male or Female

This name is for Tabaxi Rangers who are adept hunters and uses intimidation to calm wild beasts and creatures.

Splinter Dust


Male or Female

A Tabaxi Ranger who has obsessions in alchemy. They use concoctions and magical traps when their lives are threatened.

Deft-hands Owlet



A nocturnal Tabaxi Ranger that prefers the embrace of the cold night in exploring new areas, astrological knowledge, and creatures. His quick wits and mind keep him from the dangers of the night.

Tabaxi as a Barbarian

One might think that Tabaxi does not fit in a Barbarian class, but some notable Barbarian traits benefit the Tabaxi. One of these traits is the Danger Sense. It allows a Tabaxi Barbarian to sense danger allowing them to dodge as necessary. It also gives the Tabaxi advantages on Dexterity saving throws against traps and spells. Like the Monk and Ranger class, the Barbarian class also has the Extra Attack trait. Overall, the Barbarian class is fit for players who want to core their race into offensive skills.

There are other traits of the Barbarian class that players can experiment with. Check out some of our DnD Tabaxi Barbarian name suggestions below:


Armstrong Reaver


Male or Female

This Tabaxi Barbarian name is for characters who have strong arms for excavating, swimming, and lifting. Their arms are not limited to these tasks; they can cleave obstructions and enemy creatures in half when wielding an axe.

Bloody Chalice


Male or Female

A rampaging Tabaxi Barbarian. Although they are rare because Tabaxis is almost always calm and intelligent, few had bad experiences and became demented.

Red Flash Jewel



When using this Tabaxi name for a Barbarian class, you are the epitome of someone obsessed with red collectibles. Whether it be a red axe, a red sword, a red gem, or a blood-stained relic.

Emerald Warden



This name is for Tabaxi Barbarians who fancy green jewelry for their armor and are brutal fighters against forces who dare disturb her peaceful studies and explorations.

Ever Fallen Peridot



This male Tabaxi Berserker has peridot-like eyes and pry on personal belongings of rich individuals and has an exotic habit of stealing them secretly, or by force.

Check out more D&D 5e Tabaxi Barbarian names from our Tabaxi Name Generator. We have a collection of ready-made names that you’ll certainly love for your character.

Funny Tabaxi Names Generator

We’ve been quiet for a while and not questioning how Tabaxis are named. But come on! There’s a huge opportunity to create funny names for our Tabaxi fellows! Let’s talk about some of the missed details about the Tabaxis. Tabaxis also have curiosities with undiscovered locations and wizard secrets. Religion fascinates them too and wishes to know details about a god or a deity. Moreover, we mentioned many times how much they love to wander but they are also the number one whiner about missing their homeland and complaining about the weather. They are also aquaphobic and not good with lies. They purr so loud when they are happy, especially when fidgeting a hidden ball of yarn in their pockets.

Below are some Funny Tabaxi names that you can consider. You can create more based on the above description. You can also use our Tabaxi Name Generator for more suggested names.

What makes it funny?

Huge Napper


A Tabaxi who is productive when sleeping.

Back Scratcher


Use this name for Tabaxis who can delicately scratch your back. Yay!

Busy Meowser


He’s busy don’t disturb him!

Devil’s Fluff Ball


Yea they’re cute but we all know how evil they are inside. I lost 4 drinking glasses in one week.

Kneading Bread


He’s very affectionate and is willing to knead in front of everyone. Oh wait, are we talking about bread making or cat kneading?

Unforeseen Mess


There is some stuff you cannot predict. Like a random broken glass or scattered tissue roll.

Laptop-Sitting Dude


He always has his ways in disturbing a working Elf; like sitting on his laptop and not giving an F.

Dead-Mice Agent


He likes to kill mice and offer them to his friends. Weirdo.

Luxurious Box


Guess where this Tabaxi wants to sleep? No. Not in a premium room.

Lick May Self-Clean


Her phobia of water is irreversible. So, she finds ways to take bath.

Our Top Tabaxi Name Suggestions

We’re about to conclude our Tabaxi names guide. In this section, we ranked our Top 10 Best Tabaxi Names based on the suggested male and female Tabaxi names including their Clan names. We’ll also provide class suggestions and small details on why we place it on that spot.

Check out our Top 10 Best Tabaxi Names below:

Class Suggestion


Nimbus Cloud of the Distant Plains Clan


Male or Female



This Tabaxi name suggests a character who has relentless hunger for knowledge about lost civilizations and histories. He becomes sad or gloomy if his curiosity is not satiated. We put it on the number 1 spot for the good lore and the nice name ‘Nimbus’. Nimbus also sounds great for a Tabaxi Monk or Tabaxi Ranger.


Emerald Warden of the Copper Canyons Clan




This female Tabaxi fancies green gems and puts them in their armor. She has a minimal temper and becomes angry when her research is disturbed. Also, Tabaxis hailing from the Copper Canyons are good with digging relics. This quite fits her nature as a gem collector.


Red Flash Jewel of the Flooded Valleys Clan





This name suggests a Tabaxi obsessed with red oddities. Her personality is deeply seated from her Flooded Valley clan influence where they typically scavenge for a lost item. Her addiction to red kinds of stuff, whether bloody or not, makes her fit perfectly as a Barbarian or a Ranger.


Deft-hands Owlet of the Pine Rest Clan




Owl is a Ranger Tabaxi that typically does his research and tinkering during the evening. The Pine Rest Clan is a group of Tabaxis who study star patterns and Moons, which they do at night. We think the name, clan, and lore complement each other so we put it on the 4th spot.


Mist of the Rain of the West Seas Clan





This Tabaxi name is for characters shrouded with mysteries. They prefer stealth and prefer isolation against other creatures. The name also describes a Monk or a Ranger who does not kill unnecessarily. The West Seas clan complements this name for their likelihood of exploring unknown seas by hiring other people to explore on their behalf. They prefer stealth, remember? That includes working behind the scenes.


Lucky Feet of the Trembling Earth Clan


Male or Female




The name is for a Tabaxi who relies on their feet to bring them wherever it takes them. They base their decisions on luck. That makes them extreme risk-takers, just like the Trembling Earth clan who tried living at the edges of volcanic craters for wanting to discover something more than the usual. Their fearless nature makes them fit into any class.


Sinister Gazer of the Willow Maker Clan


Male or Female



It might be unusual for Tabaxis to capitalize on intimidation in dealing with other races or creatures, but this name suggests otherwise.

They use their intimidating nature to calm hostile wild animals or creatures. The Willow Maker clan, on the other hand, is described as a group of Tabaxis who look for rare collectibles and albino creatures. So, the name and clan somehow jive.


Armstrong Reaver of the Copper Canyon Clan


Male or Female



Armstrong has a strong arm for fighting and excavating. He learned to train his muscles because of endless excavation from the Copper Canyons. This name also suggests a Tabaxi that is proficient with axes. We think the name deserves at least the 8th spot for this ranking. Finding a masculine Tabaxi is kind of weird though.


Honed Talon of the Fishing Spots





This name is perfect for Tabaxis who prefer slashing foes with claws. Their slashing skills are honed from the Fishing Spot clan tradition of gathering fishes. Interestingly, the Talon and the Fishing Spot fits well like describing a Hawk hunting for sea prey.


Raven Arrowhead of the Fishing Spots


Male or Female


This name is for Tabaxi Rangers who are skilled with bow and arrows. The Fishing Spot clan is known as traders of fish meat and pearls, but not all of them are adept with water. That is why some became proficient with range combat in catching fishes or exterminating foes.

We place the name on the 10th spot for good lore and relevance to the Ranger class.

If you’re looking for other race-specific names, you can check out our name collection from the DnD 5e Name Generator. The names we provide are unique, cool, and free!

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