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Choosing Your Avatar: Tips for Choosing the Right Anime Characters

Choosing Your Avatar: Tips for Choosing the Right Anime Characters

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We’ve all been there, imagining our lives becoming anime characters or living in a virtual world of video games. Much to our imagination, what makes us engaged and hooked with video games and specific anime characters is how we become very relatable to them.

There are already thousands of anime and game characters with diverse personalities and stories. We’re sure that at least one of them is significant and a favorite to you. Some of the few types of personalities we relate to on most characters are boring, serious, lazy, arrogant, or funny.

Here are some of the iconic anime characters in series and in games that are surely relatable to us in real life.

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Gintoki Sakata (Anime - Gin Tama)

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The main character in the anime Gin Tama, Gintoki is the perfect representation of a lazy person who wants to be wealthy—a bad combination of attitude versus his ambition.

Inspired by its humorous author, Hideaki Sorachi, Gin Tama became a well-known anime around the globe due to its funny sitcom-style episodes, and off-the-hook random storyline. In simple words, the show is unpredictable and has no plot direction at all.

Sorachi centered Gintoki’s persona to be a loser, but with a likable and relatable attitude. This not only made him unique, but it also captivated the heart of the audience. Gintoki is relatable on so many levels, with him being an otaku, a couch potato, a Sweet Tooth, and of course dumb. He is often seen trying hard to act cool and ends up easily flustered. Not to mention, he is unemployed and buried in rental debts.

Katsuki Bakugo (Anime/Video Game - My Hero Academia)

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Who can ever forget the man who always threatened Midoriya with death threats? Katsuki Bakugo, from My Hero Academia, perfectly represents irritable and short-tempered people.

According to the series’ author, Kohei Horikoshi, he wanted Bakugo’s personality to be kind, gentle, and sensitive. He thought, however, that pairing a gentle character with someone similar (Midoriya) will make the series boring and dead end. So he decided to change Bakugo’s character into the exact opposite of Midoriya.

A lot of people can surely relate to Bakugo’s personality. He easily gets irritated, swears, and hates socializing. He kind of reminds us of a hardcore Squidward.

Tom Nook (Video Game - Animal Crossing Series)

animal crossing characters
Tom Nook is one of the many cute Animal Crossing characters in its video game series. Known in Japan as Tanukichi, Tom Nook is one of the first NPCs that players will meet in the game. Its name was based on a tanuki animal or a raccoon dog.  Tanukichi’s character is described by Nintendo’s Animal Crossing developers as the “very first boss you encounter in the game”. He bosses you around and makes you his newly hired employee. If you’re a business owner or a relative employer, you probably want to check out Tom. You’ll be able to relate well due to his personality being always worried about money, profits, and sales. He lacks personal enjoyment and leisure. Poor Tom needs a vacation too just like every boss.
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Saitama (Anime – One Punch Man)

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Who is the strongest anime character? Everybody knows it’s him. Saitama, known as the Caped Baldy, is considered by most otakus and readers as the strongest anime character aside from Kakarot, Son Goku. Created by One, One Punch Man is one of the renowned anime and manga series. Famous for its overpowered protagonist and hilarious plot twists.

While the series stands on its own for its unique approach in terms of story, did you know that Saitama is inspired by another cute anime character, the Anpanman. Anpanman is a superhero with a round head, resembling a bean-paste pastry. He protects the world and fights an evil germ named Baikinman. Sounds familiar, right? Truly One Punch Man is a great indirect upgrade for this classic anime series.

Saitama is the exact symbol of people who go beyond their limits. Those who seek continuous improvement until they reach their peak performance. That is how Saitama is described in every episode, making him the strongest man on earth. This, however, has its cost—his hair.

Yuna and Tidus (Video Game – Final Fantasy X/X-2)

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For die-hard fans of the FF series, we’ve known Yuna as a charming and selfless lady, while Tidus was the adventurous and impulsive guy. The name Yuna has its direct origin from the Okinawan word for Sea Hibiscus, thus explaining the floral hibiscus pattern in her dresses. Hibiscus is also a representation of the moon. Tidus, on the other hand, is derived from the word tida, meaning “sun”. What inspires both characters is their representation of conflict—the concept of yin and yang. 

What makes Yuna and Tidus relatable? Yuna and Tidus are the two main heroes of the game who fell in love with one another. But like yin and yang, their personalities and attitudes aren’t compatible at all. Both of them have disparities in beliefs and decision-making. Although they love each other, fate still separates them because Tidus is destined to crumble and disappear. Who can’t relate to such a tragic love story?

Other Relatable Popular Anime Characters

We’ve made quite a list of some known characters by otakus and gamers. There might be more characters out there that are most likely relatable to you. To add more to the list, take a look at some of our best hand-picked badass female anime characters that you may also relate to.

Mikasa Ackerman


From the Attack on Titan series, one of the most badass female characters around. Known for being protective of Eren, she can easily kill any threatening titan at will. Her calm and soothing personality turns the opposite during battles.



Specifically from Gin Tama, Kagura is an expert fighter and assassin. Although she won’t end well and become one of the members of Gintoki’s dumb gang.

Maki Zenin

animal crossing characters

From Jujutsu Kaisen, she is one of the Jujutsu sorcerers deprived of the ability to use or see cursed energy. Despite this limitation, she overcame these through hard work and improvising.


animal crossing characters

From the Pokemon Series, she was first introduced in Pokemon The Series: Diamond and Pearl as the previous Sinnoh region champion. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, you’ll know that she is one of the strongest female trainers in Pokemon, a great contender against Ash Ketchum.

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