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This World of WarCraft Gnome name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
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About Gnomes

What’s smaller than a dwarf yet smarter than a man? Gnomes! The Gnomes of Azeroth are the epitome of an eccentric and inventive humanoid. They are the unique and brilliant race behind the technologies and machinery used by the dwarves and men during the war against the Horde. There is not much history recorded about the Gnomes before the Second War. Their intuitive minds and innovative ideas marked their place in Azeroth and they are gladly accepted by the humans and dwarves alike.

In this guide, we’ll get to know a brief history of the Gnome race and discuss their racial traits and appearance. You’ll be introduced to a list of our WOW Top Male and Female Gnome Names. Added to that, we’ll give you a bonus WOW Funny Gnome Names and a ranking of our WOW Top Gnome Name Suggestions.

We’re as excited as you! But you can take a quick detour to our WOW Gnome Name Generator for a quick Gnome name suggestion and references. Let’s get started!

The Gnomes of Gnomeregan and New Tinkertown

Gnomes are known to be great mechanics, engineers, technicians, and tool-makers. Their forward-thinking philosophy allowed them to produce inventive concepts and create new, sometimes crazy, ideas. Gnomes will most likely strive to create a next-level technology. They are obsessed with experimentation and tinkering and their tools and gadgets are their reliable friend.

Little is known about the origins and history of the early Gnomes. It was the dwarves who discovered the Gnomes centuries earlier. The dwarves were fascinated with the ingenuity and quickness of the Gnomes. The early dwarves believed that the Gnomes were also titan creations afflicted with the Curse of Flesh. They consider the Gnomes related kin of their kind. The dwarves helped the Gnomes construct their capital city, Gnomeregan, in the foothills of Dun Morogh, near the dwarves’ capital of Ironforge. Gnomeregan became an overwhelmingly prosperous techno-city with its inhabitants openly trading and sharing their creations with men, elves, and dwarves. During the early wars for Azeroth against invading Orcs, Gnomish technologies and inventions were proven useful and have provided an advantage for the Alliance.

During the Third War, the Gnomes of Gnomeregan halted their open support for the Alliance. During an excavation project of the Dwarves in the ruins of Uldaman, the Dwarves accidentally unearthed and awaken an ancient swarm of humanoid monsters. Troggs, as they call them, are brutish cave-dwelling humanoids buried within the earth and were left undisturbed for thousands of years by their titan creators. The Troggs quickly became aggressive to the excavating team and started slaughtering them one by one. The surviving dwarves fled to the Ironforge, leaving the excavation open as an entry point to the rest of the Troggs.

The dwarves thought that the swarm ceased their pursuit, but little do they know that they were tracked by the Troggs from beneath the earth itself. As the swarm of Troggs follows the fleeing dwarves, the loud and active noises from the factories of the nearby city of Gnomeregan caught their attention. The Troggs burrowed deep beneath the city and started to attack the physically smaller and weak Gnomes they encountered. The swarm quickly escalated and became a city-wide menace for the Gnomes. The Gnomes knew that their Allies are currently prioritizing the war against the Burning Legion, thus they decided to face this problem alone. Their defenses against the Troggs are starting to crumble. As a last resort, High Tinker Mekkatorque was convinced by the traitorous Sicco Termaplugg to overrun the city with lethal radiation to instantly kill off any Troggs within the city.

Eighty percent of the Gnome race inside the walls of Gnomeregan were annihilated in the process together with the infiltrating Troggs. It was already too late for the Alliance to aid the Gnomes in their problem. The siege of Gnomeregan was already seized but at the cost of its downfall. Few surviving Gnomes fled to the allied city of Ironforge and established New Tinkertown, hoping that one day they may be able to reclaim Gnomeregan once again.

WoW Gnome Appearance

Gnomes’ average height is approximately 3 feet tall. They are the shortest sentient race in Azeroth, much smaller than the dwarves. Their small size made them nimble and light on their feet. Their appearance resembles that of the dwarves, having petite bodies but large facial feature and flushed skin. Gnomes have varying colors of hair with some having pink or green hair. Unlike most humanoid races, Gnomes only have four fingers on each hand. They are often seen with their goggles, gadgets, and tool belts.

WoW Gnome Traits and Classes

There are eight (8) available classes for the Gnome race as summarized in the table below:

In-Game Role
In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Healer, Melee or Ranged Cloth DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee or Ranged Cloth DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)

The Gnome Racial Traits are summarized below:


Escape Artist


Gnomes’ small and nimble bodies allow them to free themselves from immobilizing traps.

Upon activation, escapes the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect to the Gnome.

Arcane Resistance


Gnomes have a natural resistance to arcane magic.

Reduces the chance of being hit by arcane spells from any source by 1%.

Expansive Mind


Gnomes’ natural gift of creativity and brilliance gives them a small bonus to their resource pool.

Mana, rage, energy, and runic power increased by 5%

Engineering Specialization


Gnomes are experts with technologies, gizmos, and gadgets. They have a skill bonus in engineering.

Engineering skills increased by 15.

Nimble Fingers


Gnomes’ lightweight makes them deft and nimble.

Haste increased by 1%.

Editor’s Notes: Based on the available skills and traits of the Gnomes, it is recommended for a player to have a Gnome Rogue or Gnome Hunter character. This is to take advantage of the Escape Artist and Nimble Finger skill. A Gnome Warlock or Gnome Mage is also possible due to their expanded mana, rage, energy, and runic power pool from the Expansive Mind trait. Players may also seek to create a supporting character by creating a Gnome Priest or a Gnome Monk. Moreover, it is still up to the player to pick what class will fit their playstyle.

Gnome name suggestions in the next section. Have you tried our WOW Gnome Name Generator? We have a collection of ready-made Gnome name suggestions that you can use for any of your WOW Gnome characters. The names are unique, new, and free!

Gnome Names and Family Names

Like humans and dwarves, Gnomes name their children from birth. Gnomish names have influences from the Dwarven and Human names in terms of spelling, tone, and syllable. Some names are morphed from the Common tongue into something compound, soft, or cute. Gnome surnames represent an ancestor’s achievement or renowned traits, although they only keep these last names until they reach their thirties. During this time, society expects them to have their achievements. At this age, they create their Gnome surnames to represent their accomplishments. Gnomish surnames often came from words related to technology and engineering.

Top 10 Male Gnome Names




This male Gnome name describes an active and excited character. New ideas and inventions keep him hyped and lively.



The name “Aurig” means “gold toe” when translated in the Common language. He used this name as a trademark for inventing a fancy and sleek shiny boot.



This name is for Gnome characters who like to tinker and salvage ancient devices and mechanisms. Belob desires to replicate and improve old yet magnificent technologies.



This Gnome name describes a character specializing in explosive weaponry. Grinsli pioneered the creation of flare bombs, a grenade used to temporarily blind enemies.



The name “Cobin” portrays a young and spirited Gnome. He is someone who hasn’t decided what profession to undertake, but his knowledge of engines seems promising and makes him a good candidate as an engineer.



The male Gnome name “Martil” describes a hammer-wielding Gnome. He calls his hammer Ol’Reliable and uses it for repairs and smashing Troggs.



This name describes an eccentric character who always suggests weird and out-of-this-world ideas. He proposed the idea of creating vehicles that fly, which then lead to the early designs of steam engine-based gyrocopters. 



Aerial weaponry and defense system was designed by Flako. This name describes the Gnome character who engineered the so-called “Flak Cannons”, a defensive gun that uses air pressure as bullets to fire on enemy targets.



This Gnome name suggests a character belonging to the Siege Manufacturing Division (SMD). He named himself “Tankel” due to his fondness for creating, developing, and designing war tanks.



This male Gnome name is for keen and perfectionist characters who specialize in creating pistols and rifles. The name “Bambam” is derived from the burst-fire sound of the rifle he developed. His rifle can fire two consecutive bullets in one trigger.

We have more collections of male Gnome names from our Gnome Name Generator. Try it now for free!

Top 10 Female Gnome Names




The name “Merka” represents a renowned machine designer. This female Gnome designed complex types of machinery from vehicles to robotic mounts.



Reverse engineering is the specialty of this character. Hagdi can easily reverse engineer any old machine and replicate it as if it were new.



The machine genius. This female Gnome name describes a young gnome who understands the importance of physics and mathematics in creating and designing mechadrones and mechastriders.



The name “Hamli” is derived from the Common word “hammer”. Hamli refers to a small stout hammer used by your older relatives in building engines and elevators. She inherited this name together with the stout hammer “Mi’Heart”.



This female Gnome name describes a prominent engine researcher. She invented different types of engines for different purposes. Her inventive designs allow these machines to utilize a different source of energy to function.



The enthusiastic mad inventor. This name describes a female Gnome who created mechatronic bipedal mounts. Her inventions were first intended to be used for excavations, but little do they know that you added weaponry and explosives to it in cases of emergencies, and weapons are needed.



This name suggests an expert weaponsmith who develops ranged weapons. From a tempered crossbow, a mechanical bow, to an accurate boomstick, she always has it for you.



The name “Kazza” is for a witty and sly character. Despite Gnomes being commonly good, few became too obsessed with their experiments and inventions. Kazza seemed mischievous and secretive when it comes to her designs because of her suspicion that someone might steal her ideas.



For Gnome characters characterized by their likeness in arts and crafts, this name is recommended. Tossel expresses her creativity in almost anything she does. She adds colors and iconic designs to armors, shields, and automatons.



Music and rhythm are what describe this female Gnome’s name. Ecka means “beats” in the Common tongue. She created a small music box that plays melodies when turned. It is a famous gift choice among Gnomes and Dwarves.

More female Gnome name suggestions from our WOW Gnome Name Generator. Try it now for a hassle-free name reference.

Top 10 Gnome Surname Suggestions



This Gnome clan name is known for its unique designs of handcrafted flint-locked pistols.


The Rockmodder clan is known for creating inimitable designs of rocks or stones for infrastructures and pillars.


The Gearcrafter clan uses an exclusive family technique in molding and shaping steel into gears. They know the shortest means of mass-producing gears.


Members of the Speedyleg clan are identified by their speedy walking. Despite their small legs, they can outwalk a common walking human by continuously striding whenever possible.


The Silverearner clan was established by a Gnome miner who discovered a new silver deposit mining area.


The Goldwrench clan is known for its utilization of gold ores in its creations. They are iconic for selling pure golden wrenches which serve as a common Gnome family heirloom of those who can afford it.


The Mechaclock clan is a group of Gnomes obsessed with creating machines that can stop or preserve time. So far, their most successful creation is the mini Chrono bomb that temporarily pauses the movement of any affected creature.


The Scorhedhand clan is known for its unique and self-improvised fireball spitter device. This device was first used by the Alliance and was called the Spitfire. It was later renamed Flamethrower during the Third War.


The stout and hardy clansmen of the Heavydrill clan are known for their ability to man the heavy machinery and equipment that are designed for Humans and Dwarves.


The Copperbolts clan were the first to introduce to the market the concept of using copper-made bolts for Gnomish crossbows. These bolts can penetrate plate armors and thick wood.

Funny WoW Gnome Names

We now know the tragic story of the Gnomes during the events of the Third War against the Horde. But it does not stop us from adding humor to their names. In this section, we’ll suggest a list of some hilarious names that you may consider when creating a Gnome race character. We love funny names and putting a funny name on your character is not a bad idea. Check them out below.



A known Gnome band member. He is also responsible for creating an armada of Zeppelins for the Alliance.


A Gnome Monk who uses his fists and legs when fighting enemies. Instead of constructing things, he likes beefing himself up.


A name that literally describes a Gnome.


A generic name for a Gnome, a Dwarf, a Kobold, or whatever petite creature you may think about.


A Gnome who created the very first horn. He annoys everyone by simply using it.


A Gnome who invented a fun quick game to pass time.


A Gnome who invented a more fun and longer game to pass time. His game involves a die and a character item.


A Gnome who likes tunes. She is famous for designing exotic musical instruments.


A Gnome whose reactions are so intense that he just calls his name to express it.

‘What Daheck!’


A Gnome who obtained a ring of power. Interestingly he uses the ring to run away and play pranks during his 100th birthday. Oh, wait… the wrong universe.

Top WOW Gnome Names Suggestions

As a concluding part for this guide, we’ll add a list of a ranking of our Top 10 Best WOW Gnome Names. The ranked names came from the earlier suggestions of male and female Gnome names. We based the rankings according to how relevant are the names when it comes to describing a Gnome and how good is the lore behind each name. Check them out below.



Belob Gearcrafter


The name Belob is simple, straightforward, and gnomish. We see this Gnome character as someone with an interest in ancient devices. Pairing the name to the Gearcrafter clan, your Gnome character becomes someone who can recreate these ancient devices.


Bambam Flintdesigner


You are a Gnome who specializes in creating (and using) pistols and rifles. The name was derived from a burst-fire rifle that he created. We paired this name to the Flintdesigner clan for an obvious reason: creating a ranged weapon.


Tosel Rockmodder


The Rockmodder clan is a clan of artistic Gnomes who created unique carvings and designs in stone panels and rock foundations in buildings. This perfectly fits the name Tosel because she is also artistic and pours creativity in everything she does.


Aurig Speedyleg


Why do you think Aurig created a nice and sleek shiny boot? That’s right because he belongs to the Speedyleg clan. Gnomes from this clan probably have the habit of wearing off their usual shoes because of their, you know, speedy legs. We find this combination cute and awesome and we are putting this name on the fourth spot—whether you like it or not.


Jilli Heavydrill


Jilli, the enthusiastic mad inventor, centers her lore in the creation of a bipedal mechatronic mount used for excavations. Her knowledge of creating and driving heavy-duty drills is rooted in her Heavydrill clan lineage. All in all, this name has a nice balance for the name degree and its lore.


Hamli Goldwrench


Goldwrench clan is known to pass on heirlooms to their children. Hamli is a perfect example of that. She inherited a stout hammer named Mi’Heart that her relatives used in building engines and elevators. We are including her on the list for the nice name and background story.


Grinsli Mechaclock


Grinsli’s idea of a flare bomb is but one of the many ideas he has in creating explosives. His family was well-known for creating the very first chrono bomb. Combining Grinsli’s love for grenades and the family name gives the pair a nice combination, and thus we are placing it on this list.


Tankel Scorchedhand


Tankel is a renowned Gnome who designs and creates… tanks. The Scorchedhand clan, on the other hand, is known for creating fire-related weapons. No wonder the Alliance’s mangonels are so effective in destroying peon huts and watchtowers.


Cobin Silverearner


What we like about the name Cobin is its openness and flexibility when it comes to profession. You can use this name in however way you want because it is simple and generic. We paired the Silverearner surname to add a taste of a curious attitude to the name. Discovery is the key term for a Gnome who belongs to the Silverearner clan.





Lastly for this name, we love it for its cuteness. Her lore describes her as a skilled weaponsmith, preferably ranged weapons. The Copperbolts clan, on the other hand, are those who use copper-made weapons and bolts. Pairing these two names is quite remarkable in terms of lore and name itself.

There are other race-specific name suggestions from our WOW Fantasy Name Generator. We have a huge collection of ready-made names that are suitable for any of your WOW characters. Try it now for free!

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