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This DnD Gnome name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Gnome in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right gnome name.

You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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Gnomes are a special race in the DnD world, universally known as kind-hearted and mischievous denizens of the over-world and below. Gnomes are born tricksters, running around their tightly knit communities and neighborhoods, reveling in the energy and brightness of life. The home of Gnomes are always characterized by the constant thrum of invention, creation, exploration and enjoyment as they go about their days.



  • AGE: Gnomes live, on average, from 350, up to 500 years of age. They have a similar maturing stage as
    humans do and generally are considered adults by 40 years of age.
  • SIZE: Gnomes are a size Small, averaging around 40 pounds, with a height of about 3 to 4 feet.
  • SPEED: The base walking speed of Gnomes is 25 feet.
  • LANGUAGE: Gnomes understand, write, and communicate in both Common and Gnomish. Gnomish follows the Dwarves script, and contains many volumes of technological and natural subjects.
  • PERSONALITY ALIGNMENT: Most Gnomes lean to the Good alignment of the scale. Chaotic Good leaning Gnomes tend to be in cheekier, more creative professions, such as minstrels, and wandering explorers. Lawful Good leaning Gnomes focus on research, scholarly expertise, and invention.
  • ABILITY SCORE (INCREASE): Intelligence scores increase by 2.
    • Darkvision – (Deep) Gnomes can see very well in dimly light areas – as if in bright light.
      Dark areas appear to be dimly lit to them, although colors appear as shades of grey in darkness.
    • GNOME CUNNING – Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws by Gnomes have an
      advantage against Magic.



Rock Gnome
s are a master of the forge and great inventors. Most of the gnomes present in the the universe is Rock Gnomes.
Curiosity and high intelligence are keystones of a Rock Gnome, as they go about their day tinkering, researching, and figuring how most things can be put together and pulled apart. They are well known to be jovial and jolly, mischief sandwiched in between.


Forest Gnomes
are shy, and one of the least commonly seen sub-races – even more so than the Deep Gnomes from below. They are small and reclusive.
Due to their affinity with the natural world, these Gnomes communicate to animals and nature alike, but have a special dislike for axes – as their main use is to fell trees.


Deep Gnomes
reside below the over-world lands, deep beneath the surface. As such, they are rarely seen. They are especially paranoid and suspicious of any outsiders but are kind and gentle hearted as well.
They have a special love for all things glimmering in their dark land, especially jewels. Industrious, determined and with a high work ethic, Svirfneblin are highly hard-working creatures.
So now it’s time to create a Gnome character, starting with the most important aspect of Gnome culture: Names!
Gnomes place their names in extremely high regard, and they love to accept and give one another names. Most Gnome names come from ancestral ties with slight modifications, and typically follow the name of their clan.

Create a name that fits your Gnome with the Name
on this page!


Rock Gnome
s are the epitome of fun, mischief, and light-hearted banter. Their names tend to be creative and cheeky.
Male Names :

  • Alrick
  • Briston
  • Erryn
  • Ferren
  • Gurdo
  • Ipaji
  • Panlem
  • Quober
  • Qeiver
  • Vorryn

Female Names :

  • Brina
  • Celbi
  • Elroe
  • Floris
  • Inaxi
  • Jovern
  • Lilbi
  • Quemyn
  • Veres
  • Zoraa

Last Names :

Despite the multiple names these Gnomes are known to have, Clan names are still used as a formality and clarity.

  • Alderwood
  • Alterring
  • Brightflame
  • Blacktree
  • Elkwood
  • Ferres
  • Mernet
  • Perriwink
  • Smither
  • Wolftail


Forest Gnome
s have names related to their natural home, including given names that reflect their personalities, in unique ways.
Male Names :
– Alder
– Becker
– Birch
– Cotre
– Flimp
– Jorji
– Toni
– Weese
– Yarrow
– Yew
Female Names :
– Armida
– Blueberry
– Carnation
– Charlene
– Devina
– Kemi
– Miette
– Neroli
– Periwinkle
– Quince
– Zenia

Last Names :
Most Forest Gnome last names border on nicknames – as these Gnomes prefer to use unique monikers as surnames.
– Artsy
– Bumblebottom
– Clumsytoes
– Longface
– Starpeak
– Talltree
– Tinyshrub
– Treehugger
– Whalesong
– Wiseword


Deep Gnomes
have the biggest ties to natural minerals, such as rocks, metal, jewels, due to their the profession of mining.
Male Names :
– Beniton
– Berek
– Carthamet
– Gieliddi
– Hiberkrum
– Kunzeet
– Konthink
– Schladiil
– Tugtup
– Varisce
Female Names :
– Axinni
– Bixbi
– Caramaline
– Hesson
– Kivri
– Krysomel / Krisomel
– L’Baite
– Tiimga
– Thuggarde
– Yvurrad
Last Names :
Deep Gnome last names often correspond to their trade-in jewels, mining, and the raw materials for such.
– Agatecoat
– Blackcoal
– Bronzearm
– Copperfist
– Diamondeyes
– Garnetholder
– Goldheart
– Haliteminer
– Marbleshiner
– Topazcarver

Those are but just some examples of names commonly used for Gnomes of different subraces.
Give a try to the name generator on this page to find some that would tickle your fancy!
Speaking of tickles, here are some funny names for Gnomes that would be great for any occasion,
with some last names in the mix too.
– Fizzingsprocket
– Bumblebottom
– Flimp
– Clumsytoes
– Gieliddi
– Dinky
– Dimble
– Tugtup
– Bixbi
– Artsy
Some fan-favorite male Gnome names include :

  1. Ronston : A solid name with a great ring to it. Suits a character style of a large, burly blacksmith working away in the forge.
  2. Saltor : Strong name, great for adventurers exploring the wild.
    Quorick : A name with power behind it. It’s best for Gnomes who wish to work within the fields of scholars and researchers.
  3. Dormin : Short, easily pronounceable name. A minstrel with a tune from his instrument of choice would be lovely.
  4. Tindin : A clever reference to one of the most versatile metals – Tin! Gnomes with a penchant for the metal invention would be a great fit.

Some fan favorite Female Gnome Names can include :

  1. Ventra : A short, light name that is lovely to pronounce. With the theme of exploration, it’s suited for ad-ventra-s (geddit?)
  2. Selroe : Many a well-researched scholar fits this moniker. It’s soft with an air of elegance behind it.
  3. Eneida : The spark of innovation is present in this one, a lovely fitting name for tinkerers and inventors alike.
  4. Orceli : A fine name that rolls off the tongue with ease. Great for all Gnomes.
  5. Hathalke : The name of a Warrior, or a gifted explorer, out to survey the world unknown.

DnD is a highly engaging roleplaying game – and having a great name would make the experience much more realistic and enjoyable.
Did you enjoy the post? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell us some of your favorite names and ideas in the comments – and give a try to our page name generator!

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