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Dwarf Names

This DnD Dwarf name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Dwarf in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Dwarf name.
You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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About Dwarves

Most dwarves are under 5 feet tall with many of them reaching little over 4 feet in height. They tend to be broad and muscular, and despite their short stature they weigh more or less the same as a human. This is because they are quite compact and dense in comparison with humans.

Dwarven skin ranges from dark brown to pale and ruddy, depending on the subrace. Dwarves normally wear their hair long, often with many braids and decorative styles. Dwarves can have black, brown, grey and sometimes red colored hair. The beard is a point of pride for males and can be an indicator of social status. Dwarves take very special care of their beard and it can be worn even more derocatively than their hair. Women can also grew facial hair, which is unusual for humanoids. Male dwarves are often bald, which accentuates their impressive beards even further.

The lifespan of a dwarf is around 400 years, which is not as long as elves but far longer than shorter lived races like humans. This longevity gives dwarves a different perspective on the world to the likes of humans and halflings, and gives them different priorities.

Dwarves can be compared to the mountains that are so beloved to them. They tend to be against change and they respect tradition and custom above all else. Ancestry and lineage is important to them, and they tend to be steadfast in their beliefs. They are known to be stubborn but this also translates to a wonderful loyalty for those they deem worthy. They are slow to forget any perceived wrong or slight, and for this reason clan feuds are not uncommon. Even those living away from the mountain identify strongly with their clan and will take up arms against enemies of their clan.

Dwarves are renowned for their skill as miners and warriors. Outside of their mountain home, they are prized for their crafting abilities, notably in jewelry, weapons and armour. Courageous and tough, dwarves have an innate strength that makes them valuable allies and adventurers.

Dwarvish naming conventions come from the dwarven language, known to the dwarves themselves Dethek. Different dialects are spoken by the subraces, but generally it is a robust-sounding language, not as harsh as others like draconian or infernal, but not as musical as elvish.


Male Dwarf Names

A male dwarf name should carry the sense of strength and loyalty of this race. Here are some examples of male dwarf names:

  • Brum
  • Gerkolm
  • Dulrun
  • Malrum
  • Surkul

For more examples, take a look at our dwarf name generator.


Female dwarf Names

Female dwarf names, like their male counterparts, should suit the steadfast and solid nature of these people, though they should be a little softer and more feminine than the male ones. Here are some examples:

  • Almura
  • Byrlin
  • Kirla
  • Nalmere
  • Lyslin


Hill Dwarf Names

Hill dwarves are also known as gold dwarves. This subrace is confident and proud, sometimes to a fault. They are strong warriors and shrewd traders. They tend to be less agile than other dwarves and squatter, though this is made up for by their unusual strength. They have a darker coloration than mountain dwarves and are known to be materialistic and lovers of ritual and tradition. They believe that they are culturally superior to other dwarves. Here are some examples of hill dwarf names:

  • Benduhr
  • Dannis
  • Mifal
  • Tharin
  • Tomun

Mountain Dwarf Names

5e mountain dwarves are also known as shield dwarves. They are the most common dwarves and tend to be taller on average than others of the race. They have lighter skin than their hill dwarf cousins. Mountain dwarves are typically cynical and gruff. They have a tradition of adventuring, especially among the young dwarves, who undertake a life of adventuring in search of glory and gold. Like all dwarves, clans are an important part of their identity, but so too are personal accomplishments and skills. Here are some examples of mountain dwarf names:

  • Barmir
  • Duurtyn
  • Rangrim
  • Tonnur
  • Tydur

To see more ideas for mountain dwarf names, check out our dwarf name generator.


Dwarf Barbarian Names

Given their renowned strength and ability as warriors, dwarves make excellent barbarians. Their hard-headedness, love of battle and hardy constitution means that they naturally take to the life of a barbarian adventurer. A dwarf barbarian name should retain the rhythm of the dwarven language but hint at the barbarian strength of the character. Here are some examples:

  • Berk
  • Braal
  • Dundor
  • Tyrl
  • Zemhurl

Surname\Clan Names

Clans are the most important unit of society for the dwarves. A clan name should indicate a past heroic action of a forebear, or perhaps a concept the clan wants to emulate. Here are some examples:

  • Axebreaker
  • Gemstrike
  • Hardsteel
  • Sternstaff
  • Strongshield

For more examples of clan names, take a look at our dwarf last name generator on top of the page.


Funny Names

To make a funny dwarf name, it is a good idea to play with the clan name. This can be simply a funny concept like Squatbottom, or it can be an element of the character’s personality like Hardhead. It can also be an ironic name, such as Softshield, which belies the strength and resilience of dwarves. Here are our ideas for funny dwarf names:

  • Barmir Squatbottom
  • Braal Hardhead
  • Kirla Silvertongue
  • Hjulk Axeeater
  • Tomun Softshield


Top Names

For a male dwarf, our favorite name is Agland.

This means “sword” in the dwarven tongue, and it captures the strength and sharp intellect we imagine this character to have.

Our favorite female dwarf name is Findal, which means “blessed one” in dwarven and makes us think of a soft and warm character who is lucky in all of her endeavors.

For a hill dwarf, our favorite name is Zander. This means “rogueish one” in the dwarvan tongue and makes us think of a fun-loving and cheeky young character.

The top mountain dwarf name is Xunder, which means “secret keeper”. We imagine this is a dwarf who has travelled far from his mountain home, and who keeps an important secret regarding his clan.

The best barbarian dwarf name is Thuldor. The dwarven translation is “enduring one”, which we think suits a dwarf barbarian who is resilient and never gives up the battle.

Our favorite clan name is Strongshield which makes us think of a clan of armour and shield makers who are also steadfast and defensively strong in battle.

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