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Dragons are simply one of the most common mythical creatures commonly found in fantasy literary works and video games. They are often depicted as evil creatures who covet treasures and gold, ransacking any kingdoms proven to have stored vast amounts of these. However, Dragon’s description and nature may still vary depending on sources and author. Some literary works describe few Dragons to be kindhearted, and helpful, but often than not, neutral. 

Witness some of the best Dragon names you’ll come up with through our Dragon Name Generator. Discover some of the best Dragon names to exist today so that you may no longer need to search for yourself! And learn a few tips in creating your version of unique male and female Dragon names that you can use for your next campaigns. Read on adventurer!

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Dragons: The Most Common Mythical Creature Around the World

Dragons have different origins and identities depending on sources. Surprisingly, they exist throughout the world in different countries and cultures. The term “Dragon” was first coined in the early 13th century. It came from the Latin word draconem which was a derivative of the term draco—which in turn both define a “huge serpent” or “serpent-like” creature. The origin of draco in Latin was rooted in the Greek term drakontos (δράκοντος) which still means “serpent”. Although the Greek and Latin terms do not necessarily define a Dragon as a mythical creature, but rather a normal wild serpent.

The earliest records depicting Dragons as mythological creatures can be traced back to the old Mesopotamian literature. Examples are Apep in Egyptian literature, describing the Egyptian Demon of Chaos in a form of a serpent. Vritra in Indian literature, is described as a serpent-like demon of drought. The Hebrews also have a dragon in their literature called the Leviathan, which is a serpent-like sea monster. In the following years, different Dragon versions were also found in literature outside the civilization of Mesopotamia such as in Chinese Mythology (Long – also shared by Vietnamese literature); Japanese folklore (Yamata no Orochi or “8-headed snake”, Watatsumi or “sea serpent god”, Raiju, etc.); Philippine folklore (The Bakunawa); West African (Aido Wedo, Damballa, Bida); Arabic folklore (Bahamut, Falak, Al Tinnin); Babylonian literature (Tiamat); Korean legends (Imoogi); Incan mythology (Amaru), and many more.

Despite having different versions, Dragons have common characteristics across different cultures. This includes the common serpent-like body structure, sharp fangs, four legs and feet with sharp claws, and gigantic size. Dragon’s habitat may also differ depending on the source of literature. There are written works that describe them to be living in the mountains, some in the depths of the ocean, and some in the skies. Some literature describes Dragons with wings such as a wyvern (Germanic), and others that are flightless such as a lindworm

The Top 5 Most Iconic Dragon Names of All-Time

We are sure that you have encountered some of the mentioned Dragons above. In this section, we compiled some of the most iconic Dragon names that we’re sure you’ve already met in books or video games. Keep reading!

1. Smaug (The Hobbit)

Smaug is described as the “last of the great dragons of Middle Earth”. He is a fire-breathing drake who raided the great fortress of the Dwarves in the Lonely Mountain. He destroyed the City of Dale below the mountain, and dwelled in the now-destroyed Lonely Mountain fortress, basking his body on the enormous wealth hoarded by the Dwarves within. He stayed there for 171 years, claiming all the treasures of the dwarves for himself until he was killed by Bard the Bowman. 

2. Charizard (Pokemon)

Charizard is crowned as the “Most Popular Pokemon of All Time”, garnering an average of 240,000 monthly searches in Google relating to how it can be obtained, trained, and evolve, and its available moves and specific stats. Charizard also won 4th place in the Pokemon of The Year Award in 2020 and is considered the most popular Pokemon from Gen 1. Charizard design is based on European dragons, having wings, an elongated neck, and two horns. It can also breathe fire from its mouth similar to fire drakes.

3. Shenron (Dragon Ball Z)

Shenron is the magical Dragon from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is also called the “Dragon God” and can grant any three wishes from the people who can collect the seven Dragon Balls. Shenron is more similar to the Chinese Dragon version, being wingless, having two brown antlers, red eyes, green scaly skin, and a long serpentine body. Shenron is believed to dwell in the very core of the Earth. 

4. Ender Dragon (Minecraft)

The Ender Dragon is considered the end-game mob boss of Minecraft. It is a giant and flying hostile mob that appears when you enter The End dungeon. The Ender Dragon is one of the most difficult mobs to defeat in Minecraft. Regardless, defeating this mob is rewarding, giving players an explosive 12,000 experience points, and an appearance of a dragon egg. 

5. Alduin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Alduin the World Eater is also known as the “Twilight God” and the “First Dragon”. He is the main antagonist of the Dragonborn in Skyrim. During the Merethic Era, he ruled the entire northern plains of Tamriel (now called Skyrim) and was worshipped as a god in the continent of Atmora, far north of Tamriel.  During this era, Dragons were abundant and fly freely in the skies of Atmora and Skyrim. Eventually, Atmorans reached the northern shores of Tamriel, and their Dragon priests became cruel in colonizing the early Nords (Atmorans that dwell in Tamriel, descendants of Ysgramor). The Nords instigated a series of rebellions against the Atmorans, leading to the dawn of the Dragon War. However, some of Alduin’s Dragons became weary of the war and turned against him. The rebel Dragons taught the Nords the language of the Dragons (Thu’um), allowing them to have an edge in fighting Alduin. Alduin was defeated in the Throat of the World and was sent forward in time using an Elder Scroll.

Female Dragon Names

The majority of literary works and folklore mention female Dragons in them. Female Dragons are the great partners of the male Dragons such that they can breed and multiply in numbers. They are the ones who lay the Dragon Egg, and their youngsters are called Dragonlings. 

Tips for Creating Female Names for Dragons

In general, there is no definite Dragon naming convention. But we can draw inspiration from existing folklore and literary works on how Dragon names are made. Dragon names have rough sounds and unique pronunciations. They include syllables like ‘sh’, ‘th’, ‘x + a vowel’, and other rough-sounding syllables. Below are some examples of Female Dragon names that you may consider for your next campaign.

Dragon Name


Meaning Behind the Name



A combination of the Latin word “abscido”, which means “to separate”, and “ra”. This female Dragon name is ideal for a cruelly-hearted drake who delights in conflict and division among groups of people.



Derived from the words “Dragon” and “filia”, which means “Dragon’s Daughter”. This is a perfect name for a half-human half-dragon character.



This female Dragon name is derived from the word “Dragon” and the old Gallic term “cet” which means “wood”. This name softly translates as “Dragon Wood” or “Wood Dragon”.



A combined term of the word “verm”, meaning “worm”, and a feminine term “ora”. The name slightly translates as a “female worm” or can be used to name a female wyrm. The name also describes a flightless female Dragon due to the “worm” term.



This name is derived from the terms “dha”, which has no concrete meaning, and “leux”, an old Celtic term for “light”. The spelling and pronunciation make gives a nice impression of a female name, plus its meaning being associated with “light” makes it a good choice for a shiny Dragon. 



This name is based on the old Celtic term “isarno” which means “red” or “bloody”. The addition of the letter “a” at the end makes it more feminine and fitting for a female name for a Dragon. 



Derived from two Latin words “mors”, meaning “death”, and “ala” meaning, wings” or simply “Death Wing”. The “a” at the end of the name gives a feminine impression, making it a perfect name for a female Dragon.

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Male Dragon Names

Names for male Dragons follow the same naming conventions as female Dragons. The only difference will be the inclusion of more masculine terms or syllable like “o”, “th”, and “eh” instead of the common feminine syllable like “a” or “ia”. Below are some of our best Male Dragon names suggestions that you may use to your next game!

Dragon Name


Meaning Behind the Name



This male Dragon name is inspired by the old Latin term “exuro” which means “to incinerate”. The name is good for a fire-breathing Dragon, wyrm, or drake.



The combination of the old Latin word “infeci”, which means “poison”, and “gon”, meaning “angle”. This name is good for an infernal and foul male Basilisk Dragon.



The name Magratus is inspired from the words “magma” and “flatus” which means “breathe”. This name directly refers to a magma-breathing Dragon, dwelling in the mouths of volcanoes or craters.



Derived from the word “electric” and “hydro” to describe a name for a male Dragon that can control electricity and water. There is more rich lore that can be derived from this Dragon’s name. It can also be used to name lesser electric Dragons in your game or story.



This male Dragon’s name is a bit complex. It is derived from the word “chronos”, which means “time”, and “Xtal” which is a shortcut for the word “crystal”. We see this name as ideal for a Crystal Dragon. Also, the hidden connection of “crystals” and “time” sets an irony in the name as crystals are only formed in time.



The base term for this Dragon’s name is the word “mordre”, which means “to snap (with teeth)” or “to bite”. This name is very ideal for a male Dragon with a huge gaping jaw or a Dragon who loves to devour living creatures. 



This name is derived from the word “lingua” or “tongue”, and “largo” or “long” or “large”. To put it simply, this Dragon name means “Long Tongue” and is perfect for a huge legless Dragon that beseeches foul words of hatred and curses to its enemies.

Cool Dragon Names Suggestions

If having good male and female Dragon names isn’t enough, one may also consider cool Dragon names instead. It goes to say, how can we tell if a Dragon name is cool? First of all, cool names are unique sounding and have unique spellings. They often have minimal duplicates with other names. But what makes Dragon names cool are also the meaning or representations of the name. It is up to the name creator as to where they want to associate their Dragon name or if they want to use foreign or old languages (like our examples above) to create cool names. Below are our cool Dragon name suggestions that you may use for your game or novel. 

Cool Dragon Name

Name Meaning


“Death Bite”

Associated with death and savagery.


“Storm Dragon”
Associated with calamity and bad omen.


“Wrath of God”

Associated with “End of the World”; the “Apocalyptic” Dragon.


“Wrath Dragon”

A Dragon who is wrathful to any living creatures. This Dragon will tend to devour anything that reminds him of life and pleasantries.


“High Chieftain”

Based on the name of a High Dragon that leads his flights of Dragons in protecting their realm.



Associated with greed and self-indulgence. This Dragon covets treasures and kidnaps the beloved daughters of promising families to claim as his own. Remember the Fiona?


“Widowed Dragon”

A Dragon who devours his mating male Dragon after their mating process. Why she indulges with the flesh of her kind is unknown.


“The Shapeshifting Dragon”

A Dragon who can shapeshift between a legless wyrm, a flying drake, or a sea-dwelling hydra.


Translates as “Shadow-Dwelling Evil”

This Dragon is accustomed to the darkness of the night and is seemingly coveting the ownership of the Abyss.


The “Frost Dragon”

This is an undead Dragon who wakes from its grave in the Frozen Wastelands of the North, scorning his former master for its betrayal.

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