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Final Fantasy is known to be the largest Japanese fantasy anthologies developed and produced by Square Enix as a role-playing video game on various gaming platforms. To date, a total of 16 total main titles have been released since the first Final Fantasy in 1987. Each Final Fantasy installment is stand-alone and independent from one another in terms of story and gameplay. They have a different setting, plot, characters, but are linked to several elements such as mechanics and few in-game items, names, and concepts.

  • Kasimir Boleslava
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  • Burian Bozena
  • Vladja Zorinasch
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  • Vladja Lyubasch
ffxiv Hrothgar

This name guide will provide readers some of the best name concepts and ideas for the FFXIV Hrothgar playable character race. This article will include a brief history of the Hrothgar, their in-game statistics, naming conventions, and some Hrothgar name recommendations. For players who like to play the ferocious Hrothgar character in-game, this article is just right for you! Moving on, our FFXIV Hrothgar Name Generator will help players find the perfect name for their Hrothgar character. Try it now for free!

The Hrothgar of Ilsabard

The Hrothgar are sturdy lionlike humanoids who inhabit the distant shores of Ilsabard. The Hrothgar Ilsabard was first introduced as a debut character in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The Hrothgar was first known as Ronso during The First, one of the available races in the Final Fantasy X game. During their first encounter with other races, the Hrothgar are considered as nuisance and savages for their inability to communicate and interact with civilized races. Interactions with commoners often end up in conflicts and misunderstood fights. Through the dedication of the Hrothgar, they were able to master the Common tongue, allowing them to be understood and considered as friendly neighbors welcome in all corners of Hydaelyn.

Hrothgar Physical Appearance

FFXIV Hrothgar’s appearance is similar to the Miqo’te who displays bestial traits such as feline ears and long furry tails. What differentiates the Hrothgar is their much evident animalistic built. They have sharp claws and deadly fangs. Their body is covered with feline furs but their feet are more humanoid and not paw-like. Their face depicts a lion and their heads are covered in the mane. Hrothgar can reach a minimum height of 6’5” to a maximum height of 6’11”.

Hrothgar Clans

The Hrothgar is comprised of two distinct clans, the Helion clan identifiable by their vibrant and warm-colored furs, and the Lost clan attributed to their fine white furs.

Helions reside in the southern area of Ilsabard, contented with their traditional way of life, being devout servants of their queens. Natively speaking, the Hrothgar have no other words to describe themselves. Scholars from around the continent pertained to them as Helions after observing how their lifestyle revolves around their tribe’s queen; like depicting planets circling the sun.

The Lost Hrothgar is different in comparison to their Helion brethren. They are unbound and free of any whims from a queen. They found freedom from this monarch system and have decided to live on their own in a nomadic lifestyle. They involve themselves in a variety of trades which almost always involve traveling. They are commonly hired as seasonal laborers, mercenaries, caravan guards, or goods peddlers.

Did You Know?

The Hrothgar is one of the original wielders of the infamous gunblade. The Gunbreaker job is a common job undertaken by the Hrothgar. Originally, these Gunbreakers are hired as personal guards of Queen Gunnhildr. The weapon combines the concept of the sword and a firing mechanism, allowing the user to do melee attacks and magical ranged attacks using imbued cartridges. Feel free to visit our FFXIV Hrothgar Name Generator introduced at the top of this guide for more Hrothgar name ideas and recommendations.

FFXIV Hrothgar Quick In-Game Overview

Both Helion and Lost Hrothgar have the same starting stats with a +23 on three of its core attributes: Strength, Vitality, and Mind. With these great starting stats, Hrothgar characters are ideal tanks and melee fighters who can sustain damage and hits. Considering the Gunbreaker as a job is also a nice consideration if players want to do a tank role with Hrothgar.

As of the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, only male Hrothgar is the available playable character for this race. Hrothgar lore indicates that a female Hrothgar is very rare and few in numbers. It is said that in the future release of the Final Fantasy expansion Endwalker, female Hrothgar will be an available playable race.

With over 16 main Final Fantasy titles available since 1987, and a separate seven main series-related games, and an independent Final Fantasy Tactics franchise, and other Final Fantasy spin-off games, one can wonder how character names are even created and conceptualized by players in starting their adventures. Ready-made name generators are available online to lessen the burden on players on creating their names. Our FFXIV Hrothgar Name Generator provides possible name ideas for your Hrothgar FFXIV character.

FFXIV Hrothgar Names and Hrothgar Naming Conventions

Hrothgar naming convention is derived from old Slavic or Nordic names. Although some words are different and were changed to provide uniqueness such as the word “glory” which translates to “thgar” instead of “slav”. Also, in this name guide, we will not provide names for female Hrothgar because they are still unplayable in this version of FFXIV.

Male Helion Names

  • Asmund /as-mund/ – meaning divine’s protector, or divine’s servant

This name is perfect for a Helion who lives to protect and serve his divine queen. This name is also ideal for a strong-willed character beaming with loyalty.

  • Aethelred /ay-tel-red/ – defines someone who is noble-like and with wisdom

Pick this name for a Helion character who displays an honorable feat and is full of wisdom.

  • Gustaf /gus-tav/ – meaning staff of the gods.

This name is preferable for a devoted and loyal servant of the Hrothgar queen. He swore to protect their tribe and the queen with all his might and power.

  • Hammond /ha-mond/ – meaning protection or fortification.

This is one of the ideal names for a Helion Hrothgar for they live and serve to protect their queen.

  • Arnbjorn /arn-byorn/ – meaning wild eagle or eagle and bear.

This name is a compound word combination of arnu, meaning eagle, and bjorn, meaning bear or wild animal. The eagle and bear represent strength and ferociousness that describe the person.

Male Lost Names

  • Herleifr /her-lei-for/ – this name describes someone with warrior lineage or

Choose this name for a strong Lost Hrothgar fighter or warrior. This name also fits a Hrothgar with amazing skills with weapons.

  • Einar /ey-nar/ – this name refers to a person who fights alone or a lone wolf.

Lost Hrothgars are commonly seen traveling alone, or in a group only during a mission. Pick this name for almost any kind of Lost Hrothgar for it compliments their personalities so well.

  • Asvald /as-vald/ – a name referencing to someone with god-like power, or a divine ruler.

This name is perfect for a Lone Hrothgar exhibiting formidable strength, or if not, someone who displays superior leadership.

  • Stian /sti-yan/ – meaning wanderer or a nomad.

This name is perfect for any Lost Hrothgar character. The name greatly describes the attitude of a Lost Hrothgar—their love for adventure and wanderlust.

  • Yasen /ya-sen/ – meaning bright or

Pick this name for a brilliant Lost Hrothgar capable of leading his companions into successful missions and raids.

What is a High Hrothgar?

We shouldn’t confuse ourselves with the Final Fantasy Hrothgar and TESV: Skyrim High Hrothgar. High Hrothgar in Skyrim is a famous monastery known to sit atop the so-called Seven Thousand Steps to the Throat of the World. This serves as the highest peak in all of Tamriel. In here, the ancient Graybeards, masters of the Thu’um, resides where they teach the Dragonborn (in-game protagonist) how to control the Words of Power of the Dragons.

Surely these suggested names aren’t enough and players would want to have plenty of options in their feed. Our name generator may provide you more Hrothgar name alternatives that can be freely used in your next FFXIV playthrough. Check out our FFXIV Hrothgar Name Generator introduced at the beginning of this guide.

FFXIV Hrothgar Clan Names

Helion and Lost Hrothgar have a great distinction in their clan names. Helion Hrothgar surnames are notable for the prefix ‘A’ at almost all of their names. This prefix serves as a symbol that a Helion is born with an existing queen and should live for its service. Lost Hrothgar, on the other hand, does not serve any queens. Their surnames are given the suffix “sch” to indicate that they are a Lost Hrothgar. Although their origins are directly seen from their white furs.

Please note that the suggested surnames below do not have relative meanings but are open for players for the creation of their lore.

Helion Hrothgar Surnames

  • Azkholri /az-kol-ri/
  • Amazorya /a-ma-zor-ya/
  • Astern /as-tern/
  • Azger /az-ger/
  • Audun /aw-dun/

Lost Hrothgar Surnames

  • Thruvasch /tru-vas-k/
  • Birgersch /bir-gers-k/
  • Carrsch /cars-k/
  • Endresch /en-dres-k/
  • Gunnarsch /gun-nars-k/

Top Hrothgar Name Suggestion

What is considered a big deal in having a great Hrothgar name? The answer is with the name’s phonetics and meaning. A perfect Hrothgar name is a name that depicts something strong, loyal, or independent, depending on if your character clan is Helion or Lost.

For a male Helion Hrothgar, we recommend the name Aethelred. We see this character as someone charismatic, honorable, and full of wisdom. It sounds nice when pronounced and gives a nice impression of a strong character.

For a male Lost Hrothgar character, we recommend Herleifr. This name sounds very peculiar, yet it gives an impression of a character with a strong personality. We associated this name with someone whose lineage came from a line of warriors, or someone who is skilled with weapons. Lost Hrothgar, being away from their respective tribes, will tend to have decent jobs as guards or mercenaries, which means they should be great with weapons to defend themselves against monsters or bandits.

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