Minecraft Name Generator and World Name Generator– A Naming Guide for Minecraft

Considered to be one of the best-selling and award-winning sandbox games of all time, Minecraft is still an ongoing game craze that millions of players still support and play. There are over hundreds of sandbox games that made their names in the international gaming community such as GTA, Mount & Blade, and Red Dead Redemption, but not as great as Minecraft who, not only captured the creativity of players but also allowed them to discover, create, and share Minecraft world to other players.

Truly, Minecraft has been a remarkable game since its official launch in 2011 and has greatly improved throughout its succeeding years. In this article, we’ll get a brief overview of Minecraft; including its history and development. We’ll tackle how your Minecraft name is influenced by usernames or Gamertags. Additionally, we’ll also cover an overview of Minecraft Name Tags and how they are used in-game. Lastly, we’ll discuss Minecraft World Names under the Single Player Mode and Minecraft Server Names in Multiplayer Mode.

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Minecraft – Where it All Started

We can never take away the name Markus Persson when it comes to Minecraft. Also known as “Notch”, he first conceptualized and created the Cave Game before Minecraft was even created. This version is based on Notch’s earlier game called RubyDung. It’s composed of Cobblestones and Grass and was made to visualize how caves are created.

Unlike Minecraft, this game is intended as a sandbox for creating landscapes from a flat surface world or exploration. It was in November 2011 that the first official Minecraft title was released in public. Minecraft was considered an unusual game at that time because most sandbox games are focused on building structures, not on gathering resources before constructing a structure or a realm.

Players of varying ages immediately got hooked by this game concept, and since then, the game has been ported to several other gaming platforms.

Minecraft: An In-Game Overview

We know you’ve heard a lot about Minecraft. When playing Minecraft, players explore a blocky 3D world with virtually infinite terrains. Here, players can discover new areas, extract materials, discover enemies, craft tools, and finally, build their structures.

The game was originally intended for players to create their Minecraft world, allowing them to build structures, land areas, landscapes, or even mining sources on random lands. After creating your cool world, you may now explore your territory and play it as you wish. However, numerous improvements were introduced in-game such as adding health bars and multiplayer options.

In 2014, Microsoft bought the Minecraft franchise for $2.5 billion. Although not all supporters and fans were in favor of this transfer, they soon enjoyed the drastic changes that kept the game to its original feel with many enjoyable contents from updates. As more updates come from the developers, Minecraft became more and more playable and entertaining. NPCs were added together with animals, hidden structures, hidden treasures, trading systems, planting, and the exciting combat system. And let’s not forget the equipment system, allowing players to equip weapons and armors including fashionable dresses, suits, and set attires.

Minecraft Names

Let’s talk about Minecraft names. After installing the game, players are required to have either a Minecraft account, Mojang account, or Microsoft account. Originally, a unique Minecraft account was first used to login into any Minecraft game. Mojang account was introduced later to provide a single account that can access all Mojang games. With Microsoft’s ownership of Minecraft, Microsoft accounts became the new account type for logins and purchase-related schemes within Minecraft. All new purchases of Minecraft are linked to a Microsoft account instead of a Mojang account after December 01, 2020 (Source here).

Upon registering accounts, players are prompted to create a username and a password that they should use in logging in to Minecraft. Take note that your usernames are also your in-game names.

Minecraft Gamertags and How to Change In-Game Name

Gamertags are only applicable for Microsoft account users. These tags are the names seen above the player’s heads in multiplayer mode in Minecraft. Ideally, these are your in-game character names (IGN). The most exciting part about the Gamertag? Changing it. Players using a Microsoft account can change their Gamertags by logging in at account.xbox.com using their Microsoft account email and password. Gamertags should be unique, always click the Check Availability button to check if your chosen Gamertag is already taken.

Take note that if your Gamertag was automatically generated, users can change it once for free. Additional Gamertag changes have costs.

For players using a Mojang account, players may change their Minecraft username by locating the Profile Name under the Minecraft service and selecting Change. Remember that changing your account username is only possible once every 30 days only. After changing your username, log in with your Mojang account and confirm by clicking Change Name. This will effectively change your in-game name when you start your game.

Minecraft Name Tags

Name Tags are in-game items that players can use to rename almost any NPC they find. These Name Tags also prevent these NPC from disappearing from your universe. Unlike most items, a Minecraft Name Tag cannot be crafted but can be acquired randomly through looting, fishing, or trading. The names provided by the player are displayed above the head of a mob or creature when you get close to them.

Using a Name Tag

For first-time players, the Name Tag should be renamed with other names or words through an anvil, which costs 1 experience level (for console editions, 5 experience levels).

To use the Name Tag, hold the Name Tag and right-click it on a mob to place the saved name from it. The new name will now be displayed above the mob’s head, same with a player’s username or Gamertag. Once a mob is granted a name, the name can never be removed.

Players may use another Name Tag to replace the existing Name Tag of a mob.

Have you thought of what name to use on your Minecraft main character when considering changing usernames or Gamertags? How about proper names for your NPCs using a Name Tag?

Check out some Minecraft name ideas from our automated Minecraft Name Generator introduced at the start of this guide. Our generators contain a huge domain of unique and creative names that players could use in their characters and mobs for free. You may also generate names to have inspiration in creating newer ones or search for fun names that you like.

Minecraft Single Player Mode

Tired of playing with strange individuals over the internet? Try the Minecraft Single Player mode!

To start this mode, select the SinglePlayer button at the home screen when starting any Minecraft game. After clicking selecting SInglePlayer, a list of all available worlds will be displayed—or if you are new to Minecraft and haven’t created any worlds, the list should be empty.

Simply click on the Create New World button to start a fresh game. The Create New World interface will appear, where game options such as Minecraft World Name, a Game Mode, and More World Options are available.

Cheats are also allowed for Singe Player mode. To allow cheats, click the More World Options and tick the Allow Cheats button.

Single Player Game Modes

There are 5 available Game Modes in the Single Player mode as follows:

  • Survival Mode – Randomly spawns the player in a New World. Players must survive the wilderness by gathering materials, building shelter, gaining experience, and fighting hostile enemies.
  • Creative Mode – Not in the mood for an adventure? This game mode allows players access to all the blocks, items, and resources of the game. It also lets the player fly and have immunity to death. The main idea of this Game Mode is to create and design a unique world and save it for future adventures with other game modes.
  • Adventure Mode – Up for some randomly generated dungeons and surprises? This game mode lets players interact with objects and quests to complete certain adventures. Perfect for players itching with solo RPG experience.
  • Spectator Mode – The player becomes invisible and cannot interact with any blocks, creatures, or items in the world. This mode is intended for players to observe other players’ created and saved worlds in case they decide to share them online.
  • Hardcore Mode – This mode is similar to the Survival Mode, but is set to a much harder difficulty. In this game mode, players cannot respawn and their world is deleted permanently after death.

For us, the most exciting part is placing a Minecraft World Name when starting a new Single Player game. Have you thought of possible Minecraft World Names? Your world should be as interesting as its name or its surroundings should be defined by your chosen world name.

For example, you may name your world The Wetlands if you want your world to be surrounded by swamps, waters, and wet soils.

You may also consider basing world names on a set of provided names from a Minecraft World Name Generator.

Minecraft Multiplayer Mode and Minecraft World Servers

Multiplayer mode from almost any game made the gaming community united and incorporated with each other. Thankfully, Minecraft also offers a Multiplayer Mode to which players can share their world by creating Minecraft Servers.

The easiest way to participate in a Multiplayer Mode is to join existing servers. These servers are readily listed once you selected the Multiplayer game mode at the start of any Minecraft game. Players may also play with friends by creating Multiplayer lobbies by setting up a Lan server. Console versions also provide a split-screen so that two to four players can play Minecraft in a common custom-made world.

Minecraft Servers

We mentioned above that a couple of Minecraft Servers are already available once you hit the Multiplayer button—or one can create their personal Minecraft Server. Creating a fully owned server is a bit difficult, but not impossible. Besides, most famous existing servers have a set of teams to maintain the world and add more additional features in it so that players may enjoy it for free.

We are not going to discuss how to create personal Minecraft servers here, but we are here to name few famous Minecraft servers that most players enjoy playing in. From PCGames.com, they compiled their 15 best Minecraft server to date. They are as follow:

  1. MINEPLEX –Minecraft Survival Server
  2. BRAWL – Minecraft Battle Royale Server
  3. GRAND THEFT MINECRAFT – Minecraft Survival Server
  4. MINESCAPE – Minecraft RPG Server
  5. MINEWIND – Minecraft Survival Server
  6. PIXELMONCRAFT – Minecraft RPG Server
  7. AMONG US PERFORMIUM – Minecraft Among Us Server
  8. MINR – Minecraft Parkour Server
  9. PIRATECRAFT – Minecraft RPG Server
  10. HYPIXEL – Minecraft Skyblock Server
  11. DESTERIA –Minecraft Faction Server
  12. MINECRAFT MIDDLE EARTH – Minecraft RPG Server
  13. RANCH N CRAFT – Minecraft RPG Server
  14. WESTEROSCRAFT – Minecraft RPG Server
  15. THE MINING DEAD – Minecraft Survival Server

Feeling a little bit bold and decided to create your own Minecraft Server? Thankfully, creating a Minecraft server can be done by any players who wish to share their premade world. However, this step is a little bit complicated and may require additional hardware on the part of the server provider.

Part of creating your server is providing your Minecraft Server name. For easy access to possible server names, you may try our Minecraft Server Name Generator. This generator will suggest a unique and unused number of server names that any server admin can use in naming their server. Try it now for free.

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